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Chi and the Four Kingdoms Reloaded

Chi and the Four Kingdoms (Remake)

a part of “Chi and the Four Kingdoms Reloaded”, a fictional universe by Jaybt9.

In 6th Century China, Four Kingdoms (formerly 5) were battling each other ever since their ancestors split the kingdom into many, only to unite China as one. Their heated battles, however, were interrupted by a stronger and unknown force: the Chi.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Chi and the Four Kingdoms Reloaded”.
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[OOC] Chi and the Four Kingdoms (Remake)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jaybt9 on Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:03 am


Chi and the Four Kingdoms

In the 3rd Century, ancestors of royalty, and civilians originally allied with each other in one war against one superior Dynasty; the Jin. Jin was created by a treacherous strategist, leading his army with his children, and supporters. Even though Jin had it's trustworthy warriors, and intelligent strategists, some were treacherous, shifting to the alliance, called the Rebellion. The Rebellion was organized by one leader (Emperor Zhang Hu), and was assisted by many warlords (Wong Long, He ChuanLi, Nu Da, Jiang Shao, Zhou Peishi, among others), and their armies. After their areas were conquered by Jin Dynasty, they had no choice but to fight together, and overthrow Jin Dynasty.

The very end of the 3rd century was when Jin was eventually destroyed by the Rebellion, but at that same year, Emperor Zhang Hu died of illness, making the throne to his ruthless heir, Zhang Niu. The warlords, however, had a negative reception to Zhang Niu, unlike they did with his predecessor. After easily winning against Zhang Niu and the army (some were the warlords), the Zhang royal family was executed by Wong Long's son, Warlord Wong (his given name was anonymous to history). The victor, however, had a motive of his own, choosing to become emperor of the newly created Huang Dynasty, in honor of his ancestors. The other surviving warlords, however, did not approve of this. In response, they split into their own kingdoms, and later downsizing Huang Dynasty into a Kingdom as well.

Three centuries later was the 6th Century. One of the earliest times in Chinese history. The kingdoms of four (formerly five), much like their descendants of the past warlords from the divided coalition, were pitted against each other in one large war, battles to battles, deaths to deaths, years after years, just to unite the country as one. Many have tried, yet they've succeeded, or failed. Emperors have stepped down to let their heirs take the throne.

However, another invasion will make matters worse in this dangerous state of war.

Out of the clouds emerged another unit with the most unfamiliar appearances; the Chi. They stood at the highest mountains of China, all in one group. How they appeared? People don't know. The Ruler of the Chi stood with a wicked smile on his face, standing the tallest of the his empire.


“Slaughter them all, taste their blood, and bring the Emperors' heads to me.”

The army runs wild all over China.

They have the same focus at ruling the other kingdoms and uniting the country. Their army even surpasses each kingdom, so the others have no choice, but to put things aside between each other, and fight this large onyx-suited army.


Ning Kingdom-The Western Kingdom of the cold-suited Tibetans and Chinese alike. It resides on top of the mountains now called "the Himalayas. Their symbolic animal is the Polar Bear.
Huang Kingdom-The southern kingdom of red and gold illustrations. Their proclaimed as the richest kingdom of all kingdoms. Their symbolic animals are the Dragon (male representative) and the Phoenix (female representative)
Qing Kingdom- The northern kingdom, hidden by the environment. Their air and water is pure, and the civilians grow their own food. Their symbolic animal is the serpent.
Zi Kingdom-The southwestern kingdom, where the sun sets best. It has been known that many plum blossoms grow there during the Spring. This kingdom, however, was overthrown by the Huang Dynasty.
Kong Kingdom-The eastern kingdom, where the clear blue water falls. The citizens are productive and brave in military matters. Their symbolic animal is a pair of fish. Kong Kingdom shares a marriage alliance with Qing Kingdom.

Someone can create 1 more kingdom that shares a marriage alliance with the Qing Kingdom. Description is all up to them. They just have to put down the name of the kingdom, name of the ruling family, the location, the appearance of the civilians, and their symbolic animal (or flower), but it must be an animal or flower that resides in China. You can also add extra things.

People can also create smaller groups that go by either indigenous people, or location. Same rule applies as well.

The last group are the Antagonists of the story; the Chi. All dress in black, while their skin is as pale as flour. The people range in size, sex, and weapons. I'm not sure if they will be NPC, or I will let others play a role in that group.

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Re: [OOC] Chi and the Four Kingdoms (Remake)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jaybt9 on Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:27 pm

I think the focus is more on the characters. Even though they have Chinese names, the highlight should be the nicknames they get. For example, the Wu Tang Clan had members like "Method Man", "RZA", "Ol' Dirty Bastard", "Ghostface Killah", etc.

Do they fight? Well, they all do in different fighting/weapon styles (They have to be Chinese by the way). Roleplayers can even create their own style, and they can also have diverse ones (fighting in a wheelbarrow, fighting with a pipa, fighting with a cane, etc.)

Here are my examples of films/fight scenes just to give roleplayers a feel of it.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Fight

Another Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Fight

My Favorite Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Fight

The Forbidden Kingdom (Jet Li vs. Jackie Chan)

Drunken Jackie Chan

Iron Monkey Fight

Another Iron Monkey Fight

Beautiful Fight Scene from Hero

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