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Children of the Hidden Moon (Character Profiles): NPCs

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Post all character profiles here.

Children of the Hidden Moon (Character Profiles): NPCs

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Catacomb on Sun May 24, 2009 6:42 pm

Children of the Hidden Moon - Character Profiles

Accepted Characters and NPCs will have their Profiles listed here. Some information will be intentionally withheld from the profiles so the players may experience the knowledge first hand through the story itself.

Hidden Moon Links
Submission & Rules
Summary: Coming Soon
IC Thread
OOC Thread

Name: Caleb Wolfe Image
Nickname: Wolf
NPC Player: Catacomb
Age: 42
Gender: Male

Appearance: Caleb stands at an impressive six feet four inches and weighs in at 200lbs. He's put on a little extra padding recently, but has the broad frame to carry it. His beard and hair have shown signs of his aging for a while now, with gray hair mixing in with the dark brown. Hazel eyes seem as warm and inviting as the smile that crosses his face. Dressing as the occasion dictates, Caleb may be seen in a tuxedo with tails, or a simple pair of washed out jeans and a tee shirt.

Personality: Going by the nickname "Wolf' more often than not, Caleb serves as a father figure to most of the children in the home. He comes across as easy going with a warm spot of advice or friendly conversational banter ready at any given moment. Make no mistake though, he can be firm handed when someone needs a help back 'into line'. Caleb believes in firm discipline without physical punishment, saving the latter for any who would dare threaten one of his 'children'. He strives to teach those under his care to watch out for each other, be respectful to others, and self control of their powers and their emotions.

Quirks/Flaws: Likes to have things neat and orderly in the home. Rubs at his beard when something is troubling him.

Name: Foster Croft Image
Nickname: None
NPC Player: Catacomb
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Foster is only five foot six, 140lbs. He tends to keep his hair long on top, shorter on the sides. In the summer, he will sometimes just shave it short leaving a little ‘peach fuzz’. He has one of those baby faces that just doesn't seem to show his true age. Foster can usually be seen dressed in jeans and an oversized tee-shirt. He has green eyes that will look at people with initial distrust, but when he genuinely laughs, you can see the merriment reflected there.

Personality: Foster knows what he likes and doesn't like and he's fairly set in his ways. When something or someone comes along and attempts to force him into doing or saying something he normally wouldn't, his temper comes into play. Foster also has a very strong sense of who he is inside. He isn't going to fit into some mold anyone tries to shape him into. He also isn't going to sit back quietly and not speak his mind if he has something to say. Doesn't matter if it is good or bad, or if it would get him into a heck of a lot of trouble, if he wants to say something, he will.

Quirks/Flaws: Foster has a match book temper, quick to light and it burns hot and fast. Hates bullies to the point of putting himself in physical danger to save the underdog.

Name: Alyce Good Image
Nickname: None
NPC Player: Catacomb
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: Alyce is a petite five foot two and on the thin side at 105lbs. Her brown hair appears lighter in the sun, darker in the shade, but it's thin and hangs to the middle of her back. Her face twists with sudden, abrupt emotion without warning and green eyes mirror a sadness deep within. She doesn't seem to pay attention to her state of dress, or her appearance. Her hair will become tangled, but not to the point of being matted. Her clothing is worn, hand me downs from a Salvation Army, usually too large for her thin frame. It's a gamble if she has shoes and socks or has gone barefoot again.

Personality: Alyce is fractured inside and it shows in the short, quirky movements her body will make. She is prone to sudden bursts of crying, weeping, panic and other assorted emotions, all at the drop of an invisible hat. When she laughs though, it is as if there is nothing wrong with her. The smile lights up her face and for those few moments, the real Alyce shines through. For all her apparent weaknesses, Alyce comes across as having a strong will to survive, at any cost.

Quirks/Flaws: Alyce will not sleep in a room that doesn't have a mirror, but it must be covered up at night. She will not let someone else sleep closer to the mirror than she is.

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Children of the Hidden Moon: Rokeris MacKay

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Perilute on Sun May 24, 2009 8:51 pm

Name: Rokeris MacKay
Nickname: Roke or Rusty (Firecrotch if you want to get mauled)
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Appearance: Roke is tall. Really tall. At 6’1” she tends to tower over most people, and can often be quite intimidating, especially when her height is combined with her wider shoulders. Most of her length is in the legs, and though she looks like she’s trip over her own feet at any given moment, Rokeris actually quite graceful. She is athletic, and keeps herself in shape by running through the nearest available park. Her skin is usually a lighter tone, but tans nicely in the summer.

She has a rather square jaw, and a straight, regal nose. Her eyes, though a pretty shade of gray, usually have dark lines under them due to a constant combination of sleep deprivation and drugs. She tends to stare, and can make people uneasy just by looking at them. Her hair is a deep, natural red and curls into ringlets on it’s own. She doesn't wear it down too often, but when she does, it is very similar to a lion's mane. She looks like a feminine version of her father, and takes after her mother in no way, shape or form. She couldn’t be called dropped dead beautiful, but is most often described as “striking”.

She dresses casually, with black jeans and brightly coloured converse sneakers, plaid shirts and a torn and beaten up army surplus jackets. She seems to store and indeterminate amount of items within the pockets of the coat. She is rarely seen without a number of necklaces, one of which is the bronze cast of a bird’s skull. She also likes bandannas and leather belts. Her ears are pierced in many places.

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Re: Children of the Hidden Moon (Character Profiles): Bernard L.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Desire on Mon May 25, 2009 4:56 pm

Name: Bernard “Bernie” LouiseImage
Nickname: Spectrum
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Bernie is a great many things, and ugly sure as hell isn't one of them. Strong-faced and lean, his firm cheek bones are paired evenly with a set of grey eyes. He is tallish, and slightly grungy, brown tresses usually cropped short, albeit messily. His body is lean and taut with a runner's build and a sprinter's gait. Bernard has a propensity toward older clothing, but in light of the cost and impracticality of such attire, he has opted instead to own the latest in Goodwill couture. Flannel and denim seem to make frequent guest appearances in his wardrobe. He wields the grace of a tightrope walker and the finesse of a sword swallower, even his body language betraying the performing in his blood.
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I twisted you under and under to break you
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