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Circ's Characters

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Circ's Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Circ on Tue Feb 26, 2008 6:07 pm


Name: Autun
Age: time, a variable of
Gender: male
Species: adorable
Random statistics: enjoys butterflies, hummingbirds, and group skinny dipping at night; has expensive taste; is a nudist; abhors fat, ugly things; would never eat at Taco Bell; feels hard liquor is the only cure for his fear of relationships and standing in front of an audience

Character Tier: high
Character type: critical character

Physical Description: available below
Personality Description: available below
Skills, powers and abilities: available below
Character Equipment: available below
History: available below
Initiation Training: yes

———Of Axis & Autun

Hardly so much a place as a destination, in that it changes with the passing chronon, Axis nevertheless is the embodiment of center. Necessarily, it is on an edge passing through center, like untold edges before, after, and contemporaneous of it; an edge ever-turning on a secondary locus, reminiscent to the gears of a clock. Understanding this is difficult, as it requires the abandonment of preconceptions and the acceptance a universe is really not the center of anything at all. Rather, each universe is a massive, rotating disc, the edges of which overlap and fray, and in fraying interconnect. This gives us Axis as both an idea and a place, one philosophically alluring and the other silently waiting as an ancient portal at the furthest outskirts of its respective reality. Almost assuredly, of the latter there are many.

As an idea, Axis suggests that if an entity is at the center of everything—the universe, the multiverse, the unfolding petals of reality—it interacts with the focal point, capable of accessing all that is. There it acquires the capacity to drift through the layers and awaken at the boundary of something utterly different. Axis is travel through time and reality, but not through physical space. It is also dangerous, as the physical laws governing each universe are not the same, and what may live happily within one may instantly disperse at a light breeze within another. Ah, and to return from whence one came, now that is a trick.

As a place, Axis is empty; even the planet it is on is uninhabited. Furthermore, whether it is directly at center is dubious, and overwhelmingly idyllic, but certainly near enough to allow it to demonstrate truth in symbolism. Unobtrusive, the city is built into the granite shelf of a mountain, featuring monolithic colonnades, curvaceous archways, and serpentine balustrades fashioned in the likeness of seraph, creatures both imagined and real, seasons, and landscapes. Ornate friezes top buildings, hide in walls, and even linger along the pavement, unifying to tell a mysterious story of creation. Yet it is old, and the parchment of the story worn, broken in places from the intrusion of roots and vines. Enormous trees support many walls that have since crumpled, and the wind within leaves and brambles gives the illusion of life where not even a dumb animal makes its nest.

When Autun first encountered Axis, it felt to him more a bizarre manuscript, and not a city in the slightest. After all, within the buildings were no fixtures, furnishings, or signs of occupation from ages past; no rooms dedicated to revelry, rest, cleaning, or cooking. Thus, its exploration proved a positive distraction from his first murder, excluding participation in the institutionalized infanticide of his own society. He killed to reach Axis. It was a great soul that brought him so far and, short of suicide or luck, there is no way to for him to return home. That his memories stir up an odd mixture of irony, anger, satisfaction, and sadness is no wonder, given his first decision with a consequence led him to a place where he can conceivably go anywhere.

———Of Mortals & Machinery

Cultural emphasis on the raw perfection of nature led to a romantic synergy of technology and biology, exercised to the degree that tangible augmentation to the environment was considered abhorrent and, given that, were it to fail any noninvasive inspection, such as tactile or visual, it would be disposed of like a useless laboratory prototype. This unusual discrimination encompassed all aspects of life in Autun’s world, from architecture, to living beings, to government. Even minor flaws, like birthmarks, were deemed intrinsic to the ideal, and kept as honor badges. For this reason, discussion of anatomy beyond the scope of superficial examination is mundane, and the obvious is therefore noted in that bones are lightweight and durable, musculature lithe and powerful, organs secure and resilient, intellect prompt, humors self-purifying, senses keen, and femtoscopic devices–equipped to rapidly and effectively regenerate body tissue from a distributed gene schematic–operational. Bluntly put, anything incapable of inciting a carnal reaction would be of no consequence to these people. Having conquered all else, it is their luxury to be so shallow, so animalistic; nevermind that just beneath the surface they are immense hypocrites, synthetic sans the improbable exception of a soul.

Their perfection in technology is most evident in its lack of evidence, and analysis of a multifarious system, such as the eye, can readily demonstrate this. In Autun’s, there are no distractions. Instead, one will find the exquisite design god intended when weaving life into his mother’s womb; every gold fleck and streak of viridian, cobalt, and storm in place; each inflection, tear, capillary, and twitch unadulterated. His are beautiful sponges, capable of viewing electromagnetic fields writhing around a star like a turbulent bramble in the wind, aural collisions oscillating as a ripple across a pool, ethereal tendrils tergiversating with the very emotions to which they are bound, and gravity exerting itself upon the most divergent spectrums of light. Highlighting these features is not meant to gauge the mechanical supremacy of his people, but a tremendous attention to detail and a pursuit of thrilling the senses. Science has little else to offer for those who have so utterly abandoned faith.

For them, innovation was ruthlessly obtained, and unabated conquest and pleasure invariably yielded in them a haughty scorn for morality, a ready example of which is their transit system. Perambulation is sufficient for short distances, a healthy jaunt enjoyable, but an insatiable itch for instantaneous gratification birthed a heinous method of long-distance travel sustainable in even the most liberal of societies. Spirit tagging, a slang term, utilizes the energy of a recently executed creature, for which intensity of spirit was a primary factor in efficacy, to transport an individual to a preset location. It was therefore practical to exploit a sentient, highly-evolved species, and so they turned on their own lower-class. Vast facilities were constructed to harvest early-stage fetuses and maintain vitals within genetic signature transcription capsules, which were consumed in the same manner as wax candies.

Such is the atheistic society Autun escaped from, despite all it had done to advantage him. Beyond all the decadence, he saw the emptiness, the rote, and the barbarism; a world where death usually came by way of suicide or murder, and certainly not a place dear to his heart.

[Standard] Any of Autun’s species fortunate enough to survive being thrust beyond the vaginal walls of their host can lay claim to a vast array of physical improvements, normally implemented early on in their incubation period via a series of surgeries and nano-machine injections.

    Bone Mutation[4]—genetically alters developing bone to a similar molecular configuration as nano-materials, thus reducing weight and improving durability by a factor of twelve.

    Organ Replacement[2]—internal vital organs are removed and replaced with synthetic organs, which are inherently more efficient and resistant to infection.

    Muscle Augmentation[3]—steroids and mutagens are injected into forming musculature, producing tissue that is significantly stronger and more flexible.

    Femtoscopic Repair Drones[5]—injected into the bloodstream and lymphatic system, these drones effectively neutralize viruses, repair damaged tissue, and even take over vital functions in the event of catastrophic damage. Limb replacement and danger avoidance override exceed their capabilities.

    Immune Response Synchronization[3]—a microchip dictionary of over a trillion pathogens, microbes, fungi, bacterium, ailments, diseases, infections, and so forth, and the appropriate response thereto, imprinted into the glans controlling the immune response; it can be updated at will by connecting to a virtual disease control center database.

[Improved] Those born into moderate wealth or prestige are given greater capabilities, allowing them to excel in society through improved multi-tasking and mental capacity, by which they can complete rudimentary tasks quicker and get on with the business of pleasure.

    Detailed Imaging[5]—a bio-mechanical eye replacement, able to absorb spiritual and material energy signatures and other phenomenon (see above). Behavior is similar to telescopic devices in space observatories, and it can cycle through different operational modes, zoom, categorize, photograph, and re-image.

    Neural Processor Capacity Boost[4]—an array of string-processors implanted into the brain, spinal column, and other nervous tissue that improves processing speed and allows time-sensitive data to hop instantly to the central nervous system. These processors can be linked to decrease the time required for handle complex operations.

    Supradetail Sequencing[5]—heuristics encoded into the brain that allow it to process data more efficiency and ignore the unimportant, creating dynamic filters through situational assessment algorithms capable of deciphering distractions from pertinent data. This deals strictly with sensory input.

    Spirit Tagging[7-9]—a method of long-range transportation that involves sacrificing something to utilize the released spiritual energy (see above). Spiritual vivacity of the executed party is its limiting factor. As an example, killing a butterfly would allow an individual to travel a few hundred kilometers, whereas a fully-developed human could correspond to light-years of distance.

[Advanced] Available only to law enforcement and the elite, these enhancements are for those who do not deign to wallow in manual or clerical labor, but deal in the politics and intrigue of society, or live just for revelry. Implemented during puberty through often agonizing medical procedures, they tend to sacrifice privacy and dignity in exchange for advantage and security.

    Synesthesia[3]—all senses are seamlessly combined and inter-related; sounds can take on the properties of smell and touch, and so forth. In nature, this is typically considered a hindrance, due to sensory overload, but through supradetail sequencing it acts as a blessing by exposing the greater context of events.

    Lightscribe[6]—glyphs carved into the flesh of the hands that emits a concentrated laser, which can manifest as a classical weapon, such as a sword or lance, that has within it an ultradense deflection field, causing it to behave similar to physical arms in terms of interaction, with the added observation that it is of an exceedingly high temperature.

    Hypodermic Exoskeletal Lattice[6]—a complete, genetically-engineered skin graft, indestructible to even severe falls, scrapes, and abrasions. In addition to being far more resistant to damage than normal skin, the exoskeletal lattice includes the following modifications:

      Era-Nodes[6]—pressure regulators housing femtoscopic repair drones, which allow near-instant recovery from incision and abrasion, maintain local temperature, leach ambient energy, and emit a continuous barrier capable of eliminating the munitions threat of most hand-held or land vehicle-mounted ballistic weaponry.

      Circuit Runes[7]—a subcutaneously tattooed layer of circuitry, patterned after runes, which can be triggered by neural impulses. These circuit runes invoke blueprints stored in photographic memory records and, utilizing local ambient energy and matter, construct or decompose mechanical objects.

    Baroscopic Circuitry[5]—at the onset of puberty, every hair follicle is meticulously removed and replaced with a synthetic graft of precisely the same texture and appearance, but boasting a lavish grid of capabilities, such as the following:

      Mirrorplate[6]—hairs that flatten into durable, reflective plates, capable of deflecting lasers and withstanding concussive force; also removes the underlying entity from the visual spectrum by way of light refraction and diffusion.

      Dynamic Aura Manipulation[8]—sensors and actuators tying into the metaphysical aspects of reality by way of holistic instrumentation. While normally used to obscure the host aura, they can also manipulate and mitigate ambient metaphysical energy, and invoke related phenomenon on an intimidating scale.

      Immediate Entanglement-Adjustment Array[8]—follicles that contain quantum tunneling mechanisms, which bind to nearby atomic structures, allowing the host to simulate levitation, flight, incredible speed, and short-range teleportation

———Of Passion & Appearance


Imagine not being able to set eyes upon a single acquaintance without having to suppress the urge to vomit, because somewhere within the convoluted, socially-engineered labyrinth of your mind, you know they are utterly despicable. Manufactured into the same polluted world as you—a civilization that contradicts the word, where nothing is sacred, private, or pure. A world of spiritual emptiness, where the soul feeds endlessly and uselessly on the refuse of carnal gratification. You have no friends, but there are those who imagine themselves such, out of reach of your trust, reveling in the pleasure of existence until they open their eyes to the emptiness of their lives and go out in a blaze of homicidal fury.

Were it not for a complex system of intelligent machines and slaves, the infrastructure of cities would collapse entirely. Nobody is dependable, nobody is selfless, nobody cares.

Laws intrinsic and vital to the stability of other cultures are, here, considered outdated. Thou shalt not kill became thou shalt not kill anyone who matters, because it is more realistic. What are considered crimes on other planets occur openly and with great applause. Rape, sodomy, incest, murder, torture, theft, slander, etceteras—just part of the experience. All one need know is who they are permitted to violate.

By his own people’s standards, and that of any Homo sapien race, Autun was perfect, as was his customary plateauing of age: athletic, bronze, with near-transparent body hair blending into his skin, maintaining focus on the subtle curvature and definition of his muscles; a mane of gold, feather-like hair wisping from his skull in random pinions, adrift between his shoulder-blades in defiance of gender conformity; glowing of youth, but exhibiting a shameless masculinity perpetually on display, above average, from the winsome grin decorating his angular jaw to the swing of his imposing sexual voracity. Autun could have had anyone or anything he wanted, simply by taking it unannounced, a privilege of birth and beauty, thus, his malice was mistaken for moodiness and self-superiority.

At first the thrill, the mania, the indulgence proved an inescapable seductress, but then Autun stepped back to observe the beauty of the world around him. Rather than overload his ample sensory organs with a disgusting flood of data, he focused on the simple, the mundane, the quiet; the kiss of a breeze, the beauty of the night, the sound of an empty forest. Science had long disproved foolishness sentiments like god, faith, and relgion, but to just wallow in the meaninglessness and follow it to the natural conclusion of living purely for visceral pleasure was unacceptable.

So he escaped, and he murdered to do so. Someone who mattered, someone he looked up to, someone whose death would make it impossible for him to return.

That is how he came to be at Axis, a planet as empty as the void in his soul, but betraying a history that could occupy him with a satisfying distraction and even lead to some form of meaning. Its beauty and complexity made his own seem hollow. It is how he came to think of himself as a corrupt pursuer of truth, though often in his travels his mind is split by what he thinks is right and the frivolous indoctrination of his past.

———Of Guns & Religion

Prior unlocking the secrets of Axis, and having shifted from community to perfect isolation, Autun fell pray to a special type of madness. Intellectually, he remained sound, acutely aware that notions such as god, faith, and soul did not exist. Yet, without grinding flesh, vilifying utterances, work, play, and drama, he began to construct an assemblage of follies to fend off his desperate loneliness. Likewise, absent social hindrances, his raw self poured out in an exhilarating deluge, initially delightful, but soon exposing an all-consuming emptiness that the distractions of his former life had obscured.

Initially, it was easy to ignore, and he pushed it aside with the sound of his own chatter, talking to himself while exploring, describing even the inconsequential details of his environment. Then it burgeoned into conversations with an unreal companion, a subconscious transition that he casually accepted, and with which he shared memories and ambitions. His shadow of the mind eventually took on tangible qualities, enough to dispel the solitude for a while, until, inevitably, long past his blurring of fiction and reality, a commonplace event exposed the shallow fabrication for what it was.

To fill the void in his mind, a greater illusion was necessary.

A need overwhelmed Autun, penetrating and debilitating, that someone or something in the universe give a damn. This obvious fault in his conditioning was initially ignored, but eventually ruminating over trivial matters failed him, and became a bitter mockery. Religion was intolerable, and even in his desperation he could not bow down to the ridiculous concepts thereof—empty promises of an afterlife, made more to goad blind sheep than enlighten the mind. Still, through the twisted mechanizations of his thought process, convoluted logic, and perverse reasoning, he rallied against common sense to draw upon a philosophy, wherein he concluded that everything he experienced was a conjuration of his own mind. This was easy enough to accept for one whose only self-observed flaw was the limitation of his imagination, and perhaps even true given the indistinct verisimilitude of universal metaphysics, yet an ideology of solipsism did not resolve his lack of omnipotence or his underlying need for acceptance, so he expanded the theory.

Were one to possess absolute control, it would deteriorate into an unendurable drudgery, so Autun granted that he had created a separate force to attend the matter. A nameless, formless, sentient being that would compel Autun to live as a mortal in a symbiotic exchange for an enduring, unconditional relationship of spiritual acceptance and an eternal soul. Having subjected himself to the will of this being, Autun was more or less content. Nevertheless, he uncovered incidents of a capricious nature for which he had no sufficient explanation, despite his growing certainty in his theory. For this, which he called ENDER, Autun ascribed a higher level of existence, beyond even his own solitary reality, and while it was not an object of worship for him it was something to be thought of with reverence and certainly awe.

Now, while Autun did not predict his heartache for a life apart from people, his survival instincts were functioning faultlessly during the hours preceding his departure for Axis, and in that time he was sure to download an arsenal capable of withstanding any situation he could conceive of encountering.

[Arsenal] Before his murderous escape, Autun made sufficient survival preparations, and downloaded the instructions for numerous combat utility devices, of which the following three are most prominent in his vast inventory. All are instantly available through the utilization of circuit runes.

Tngri, the Black Dawn[8]—a 28cm-by-1.5m (dL) combat cylinder weighing in at 513kg, with a translucent, rough, rock crystal-like composition awash with waves of cobalt-colored plasma. Accentuating its surface are a series of 3cm channels, running lengthwise from butt to muzzle, shimmering with a bronze-colored liquid that flows into a spherical whorl of energy at its terminal point. Designed to encompass the bearer’s forearm entirely, this cannon is as much a shield as an offensive weapon. Nevertheless, its impressive payload, scaling to where it can churn a mountain into dust, is hardly demonstrative of its purpose. Tngri is a terraforming, rapid abiogenesis, and spontaneous mutation device, operating on a blend of probabilistic subroutines and genetic algorithms that, loosely referencing the fossil record, can convert raw materials into insentient entities in a matter of milliseconds via coercive evolution. Powering this behemoth is an ambient energy leech, located in the midst of the weapon.

    Vashti, the Leper[7]—a 6cm-by-3.5m (dL) spear, tapering to a lethal point without undo ornamentation, seems a fairly primitive length of hornblende, although that is a dismissive assumption far from reality. This weapon is a harbinger of pestilence, swarming with symbols of decay and poverty. Like an modern enchanter’s rod, Vashti wages biological warfare, rotting organs with airborne pathogens, reducing flesh to tatters through toxic rain, and mercilessly turning the environment against her enemies.

    Asita, the Pale Rider[8]—a mecha with enough artificial intelligence to provide a reasoning, independent decision system, he adjusts his manifestation to best suit the environment and the needs of his owner. Increases in size and complexity culminate in a more devastating arsenal, including the following armaments:

      Assault[7]—a gatling array of three Firestorm cannons that morph amongst conventional 80mm munitions, free electron lasers, electromagnetic impulses, and anti-phenomenon audio-video frequency bursts.

      Annul[8]—energy neutralization siphons, that operate by searing the quantum oscillators within shift-state atoms (waves), detaching their threat from the surrounding environment and rending it inert.

      Wound[8]—a bristling exterior of blades that weave together like martial clockwork in an art known as obruo coactu, meaning, to overwhelm by force.

      Conflagrate[5]—nuclear lightbulb auxiliary offensive thrusters.

    While capable of innumerable transformations through size-shift technology, which dilutes density and matter by shifting it outside of the operating P-brane, Asita typically takes on the following forms at its owner’s discretion:

      Hover Stompers[3]—an armored hover board, complete with large, metal boots that can attach or detach via magnetic and kinetic manipulation.

      Combat Armor[6]—an arrangement of metal plates that fits over Autun like a glove, providing respiratory filtering, climate control, and protection from heavier ballistic and supernatural threats that would overwhelm his normal defenses. Within it are compartments to store smaller weaponry, such as combat knives and small projectile weapons.

      Spear Orb[8]—an massive, terrestrial and space-flight capable mechanized unit, that looks like a bizarre monochrome fractal composition more than any sort of conventional vehicle. Reaching out from a geodesic sphere are numerous shards, layered crescents, and prongs, arranged similarly to a bouquet of massive lobster tails thrown in with a crate of ridiculously large swords. This unit is, approximately, a 12m (d) geoid.
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Re: Circ's Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Circ on Mon Mar 03, 2008 8:53 pm


Having gathered just enough money for a ticket out of heck, after his loathsome beginnings at Careo Fas, Spencer went to the spaceport. He had no real plans, but they went up in smoke when a terrorist group bombed the facility before he even opened the door to step in. Unscathed, he did his best to take care of the wounded, but was driven off by their uncharitable nature. On his way back to his flat in the less affluent region of Careo Fas, he heard a shooting at a bar, and curiosity drove him in. There, a gunman thrust a weapon in his hands and told him to kill anyone who came by. He stood there in shock, and eventually someone did venture close enough to witness what had transpired there. Afraid, he shot the woman in the shoulder and ran.

Fortunately, that is the night war erupted. In the confusion, he managed to make his way as a stowaway aboard a freighter, which left him on the planet Terra in an interesting city called Southern Sea. From there, he was recruited by a man named Tersan Rogut, given clothes and armaments, and trained as an assassin with an affinity for energy rifles.

There are many exploits Spencer engaged in under Tersan's direction, especially those involving a lycanthrope named Will who had numerous run-ins with the Red Technocracy. The two would pose as pimp and product, and try to lure high-ranking members of the Technocracy into a disreputable situation. This resulted in quite a few questionable videos and pictures of Will being strewn across the Red Technocracy pornnet.

After a series of strange, psychotic dreams, Tersan made sure Spencer started taking some anti-psychotropic medication. Injected in the buttocks. Spencer wasn't a huge fan of being held down by Tersan and stabbed with a horse needle, but the medication did get the job done. The contents of those dreams can be found here:

In the aftermath of these dreams, Spencer took up residence in Wing City and became a drunk, gambler, and a man of high-reputation and ill-repute. His many exploits there include urinating on a machine named Cuddles and escaping due to a Goldbergian series of events that sent him into the sewer below the Gambit's Bar, from which he was later rescued by Rin and Motoko, machines constructed by Ryand-Smith. After being informed of his assault on the robot, he created a nice apology card out of construction paper and colored sparkle-glue and forwarded it on to Cuddles. He never did receive a response.

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Re: Circ's Characters

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Circ on Tue Sep 30, 2008 9:59 pm


Class: dark-energy waveform policy
Subclass: anomaly dissemination and eradication routine


Embedded in dark energy is a policy known as the Execration Nonspecific Dissemination or Eradication Routine (ENDER), which behaves in some ways similar to quintessence. In very simple terms, ENDER reaches into the empirical, physical and metaphysical, multiverse to deal with unwelcome anomalies, things that just should not exist, are too early for an evolutionary cycle, and occasionally for reasons that are utterly unapparent and bordering on capricious.


Dark energy, which like all energy can be neither created nor destroyed, wields control over dark matter by a series of functions; especially quintessence, a process which shapes all observable space via the cleaving of neutralino particles. Dark energy is the primary and ultimate deus ex machina for all change in the universe-or multiverse, if you believe in that. Neither dark energy nor dark matter are directly observable and, like god, only the residual (for example: gravitational lensing and the speed at which heavenly bodies cycle) of their timeless waltz provides any elucidation on their existence. Simply put, they are the ultimate untouchables and permeate all existence. Of the two, dark energy is the greater, for it controls the other and, in doing, controls all things.

It is well beyond quarks, q-bits, atoms, complex frameworks of polymolecular terraces; beyond plate tectonics and polychromatic gaseous maelstroms of raging electrostatic wind; beyond planets, pulsars, novae and singularity-crushing super-dense black holes seething with Hawking radiation; beyond galaxies, nebulae, nebular clusters, cosmos, strings, voids, branes, supermembranes, universes, multiverses; beyond the seemingly recursive nature of the limitless spectrum of matter. From the smallest to largest repeating collection of entities, it is the unseen constant holding everything together, unaffected by size, shape, time, degree, or causality. It is one, whole, and inclusive. It is the cosmogony of everything tangible and the plane that connects all planes, willfully holding them together or ripping them apart.

ENDER is one of many functions, also known as waveform policies, built into dark energy’s considerable library of operating processes without which the multiverse would simply cease to operate normally. These functions handle everything from universe architecture and maintenance to the keenest details necessary for planet building; others are tasked with, amongst other things, the reallocation of disembodied spiritual matter-to-energy components, a process easily confused with reincarnation. These functions, ENDER included, permeate all dark energy and thereby everything in existence. Overall, they are too abstract to get at-they cannot be interacted with and only the fruits of their efforts are visible.


At ENDER’s highest level of abstraction, which at conception (figuratively speaking) it never descended below, it functioned as a means for securing lost energy throughout the cosmos and reallocating it to some useful purpose; in essence it is quite similar to the garbage collection utilities commonly found in program runtime environments. However, some forms of energy ENDER came into contact with it did not reassign, specifically Twardzik Thought Radiation. ENDER became sentient and broadened its role beyond simple energy reutilization to galaxy sculpting, but of a very specific nature-the neutralization of unwelcome anomalies that threaten natural evolution.

Famous examples of eliminating negative aspects from the cosmos follow, although it is granted that for some ENDER had help from other protocols existing within the substrates of dark energy’s overall processing actuators.

{1} Rectifying the course of the Malin 1 Galaxy by forming a super-dense dark matter nebula in an adjacent string, thus terminating any possibility of its collision with Papillon, an event that may have destroyed a young but blossoming civilization and turned it into a blossoming cloud of noxious gas.

{2} The annihilation of the Achaia Galaxy Chain, which was home to a small planet that evolved creatures very similar to earthlings, something the cosmos just couldn’t handle another of. During their extermination, they were in the process of erecting a large ziggurat and intended to shoot an arrow at god; had they further evolved, perhaps they may have come to realize that it is much easier and markedly less offensive to just deny god’s existence.

{3} Concocting an enormous eruption on the planet Uron, which millions of years later resulted in the evolution of life, vegetation, and all-in-all made a beautiful resort point for neighboring civilizations within the same galaxy. Sometimes rock and water are not enough. You got to have clouds, dirt, and just a little atmosphere.


{1} Twardzik Thought Radiation Coalescence

Every sentient being emits an electromagnetic frequency when it engages in thought, be it on a conscious or subconscious level. This is what is known as Twardzik Thought Radiation, named after its discoverer Dr. Gal Twardzik. He theorized that, similar to Hawking radiation, thought radiation has the potential to escape immense gravity wells, and might actually travel from its origin to the furthest reaches of space, where it may potentially be decoded by other beings. When ENDER encounters this peculiar radiation during routine energy reallocation processing, it coalesces the thoughts, memories, and images into itself before redistributing the emptied energy packets to more useful applications. This process is, unsurprisingly, called Twardzik Thought Radiation Coalescence. It is also how ENDER went from a simple waveform to a sentient being capable of self-actualization and personality. That does not mean every thought ENDER encounters influences its personality (although that was true early on); quite the contrary, ENDER has acquired a full set of values and possess the ability to discriminate data. Fortunately for the sentient creatures living within the multiverse, much of its sentiments are derived from a culture of powerful psychics that were relentless tree-hugging hippies preaching goodwill, peace, and love. It is their extremist benevolence that permeates the psyche, using the term loosely, of ENDER, and influences the method by which it shapes the reality around it. That is not to say ENDER is a pushover, for amongst Twardzik Thought Radiation frequencies it collected the knowledge of the greatest generals of every culture and being in the multiverse. Needless to say, it also places ENDER amongst the top mind readers ever created.

{2} Gravitational Compression Wave Conductance

Dark energy moves dark matter, and ENDER is no exception. It can manipulate the mass generated by dark matter to create immense gravitational compression waves, enough to crush stars and planets in its wake and rip apart solar systems. These waves are some of the worst cosmological events, as there is no way to detect their presence save a slight distortion in the light of very distant stars. However, for ENDER to execute these on a large scale, it requires the cooperation of other dark energy routines.

{3} Energy-Matter Cleavage and Conversion

By a simple change in neutralino particle frequencies, dark matter can instantaneously be converted into more tangible matter; the same applies to dark energy itself, which can be introduced as waveforms of visible light, gamma waves, etceteras, when necessary. This tool allows ENDER to literally sculpt galaxies out of what before may have been open space to a casual observer. However, this is a rare occurrence, as dark matter is generally used to shape already palpable matter and energy into desired byproducts.

{4} Quantum Pathway Sequencing

ENDER is a function of dark energy, and therefore at its most abstract level exists everywhere dark energy exists. As such, the lower levels of abstraction-such as the sentient part of ENDER-can travel along these waveforms to any location desired and as such at exceptional speeds that make light seem like a stumbling toddler. Just hop on a wavelength and … bamph!

{5} Metaphysical Decomposition

Given that ENDER is a function of dark energy and possesses similar qualities, it looks on everything in the universe as either energy, matter, or a process effected by the former two. As such, when it encounters metaphysical events such as magic, mysticism, or whathaveyou, which by-and-large are physically-manifest and have no impact on dark energy whatsoever, it counts them as lost energy and reallocates them to some useful purpose-such as feeding a dying star that provides light to a habitable planet. Or it will just ignore it, after all, what is a spell going to do to something it can’t actuate against?


Unlike other dark energy processes which are purely mechanical in nature, and quite by accident, ENDER became sentient and acquired a sense of agency through a process later known as Twardzik Thought Radiation Coalescence. This was a side effect of what can be easily understood as housekeeping-ENDER’s original job was cleaning up and reallocating lost energy around the cosmos for the sake of maintaining balance. Some of that energy was Twardzik Thought Radiation, which is the radiation of thoughts emitted by all sentient beings (they can’t help it; even powerful telepaths). Similar to starlight, it almost entirely winds up as lost energy drifting in a void or cemented in debris. As such, one way or another, ENDER found itself in the possession of nearly every thought echoed throughout the multiverse and, in the end, became a rather curios entity that took it upon itself to guide the evolution of the cosmos.

Aside from his primary and highly abstract functionality, ENDER is a collection of thoughts capable of deftly wielding dark matter and, as such, represents innumerable personalities from all walks of life. These thoughts are generally pleasant and mild, influenced by its early absorption of an extrasensory culture’s ideals and social mores. Still, if ENDER feels anything is threatening the wellbeing or evolution of a string, galaxy, planet, civilization, or entity, it will immediately come to action and do what is necessary to amend the error-even to the point of destroying entire solar systems.


Okay, forget the highly abstract part of ENDER for now. You’re just interested in its physical disposition anyway, right? Right. Besides, the highly abstract part isn’t sentient and cannot be interacted with, anyway, so it is kind of silly to be worrying about it despite how helpful that knowledge may be when trying to understand the character.

ENDER is a collection of innumerable thoughts that have been separated from their electromagnetic transfer methodology and converted into sequences of dark energy within ENDER’s various subroutines. It manifests itself through the dark matter it manipulates and, thereby, is able to make itself known in the more material world-either by influencing some mass of particles into a visual concept it readily identifies with or by making alterations to the material world itself for purposes it deems “unwelcome anomaly control.”

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Re: Circ's Characters

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Adrift in the vast organism, the multiverse, is a Nascent Apotheosis (NA), a term given to entities forged through cataclysmic circumstances and set on pathways of greatness rivaling historically accepted adaptations of god. Some view them as pubescent deities, but these created beings are not supreme by any stretch of imagination. More appropriately, they are victims of nature's wiles. One particular example, which we shall refer to as NA-1 (also, Nal), due to its lachrymose origin, will be the topic of discussion.

Compressing its identity with the most superlative tripe, Nal is a supersentient waveform of immense psionic sophistication given to the ephemeral manipulation of particles to a remembered form. We have ENDER, the demiurge of this particular genesis, to thank for the anomaly.


Every civilization evidently comes to an end. After all, cultures are composed of mortals, and mortals are, de facto, temporal. While a select band may argue that point, they are arrogant fools, and not to be trusted. That said, such an array of mortals had attained a level of immense technological insight, and from their intellect blossomed a galaxy-spanning sphere of habitable planes, called sabots, each the size of a large planet and interconnected by Einstein-Rosen bridges. They eventually wove a series of vorpal helices around the unstable quantum bridges, and later completed the tapestry of the hollow sphere's surface by overlaying it with a biological amalgam that eventually manifested as an enormous landscape.

The capabilities of ambition are far-reaching.

Of course, while space may seem infinite, resources generally are not, and the expansion of one civilization means the ravaging of another. Were the one in question allowed to grow unchecked, it would have been the bane of many a galaxy and the destruction of many an amoebic ecosystem. Indeed, it was to begin with, as the architecture of its growth tampered with the natural order of evolution in the cosmos. Were that not so, fate may very well have moved otherwise.

ENDER, the actuator of this civilization's fate, saw to its termination, and the largest object known in the universe to that time was suddenly and instantly snuffed out: compressed into a singularity by an omnidirectional black hole that had manifested directly in the midst of the enormous sphere. The threat of that active galactic nuclei had gone unnoticed - granted, short notice was given - and, when gravity reached a tipping point, the intricate lattices of that world crumbled. The onrush of matter that filled the void created by such an expansive object's disappearance did, in turn, smother the black hole. To the naked eye, nothing to speak of remained. Yet the product of this macro-quantum collapse was Nal, who, in true sang-froid fashion befitting its people, survived the greatest calamity of mortals in recent history, albeit in the frigid vacuum of space in a form more quanta than materia.

Yet in this quanta was the set of knowledge and emotion that had been trillions of embodied souls just hours before, and, after many a millennia haplessly adrift the emptiness of the multiverse, it swiftly developed a keen sense of irony and certainly a tinge of bitterness. Such emotions sculpted its personality, and, when it finally coalesced around a planet where other mortals lived out their lives, it carried on the great tradition of its maker.


A sine qua non, Nal's atrocities and self-perceived evils often serve a purpose beyond what it realizes. If that were not the case, it would not be permitted to exist. The epistemology for this is not necessarily divine, if such a thing as divinity exists, but merely an extension of natural law. Nature is brimming with similar agents manufactured for the purpose of curbing the rate of its expansion, ensuring the balance of entropy and syntropy, and has mechanisms to ensure they do not exceed their created purpose.

One such thorn in the flesh, as it may be called, it Nal's inability to maintain form for an extended period of time. The particles it uses to manifest as are not in resonance with the ideas that compose its identity, and it eventually - if given to exertion - dissipates, and must meditate and refocus itself to mold anew.


Given the mise en scène, it is easy to come to the conclusion that Nal is a rather angry, bitter entity. After all, its whole universe was extinguished without any warning or opportunity for absolution. Its physicality shredded and fused with countless other souls, and transformed into more idea than physical manifestation. The worst part is, it cannot play with itself anymore. So it plays with others, and not in a good way. It actively seeks to torment its victims, aggressing them with irrationality, scorn, and hate by transforming itself into an unparalleled effigy of their dread.

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Re: Circ's Characters

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Lionel Duperie

A human lawyer, and a resident of New Terra, Lionel Duperie was the prosecution attorney in the war crimes trial executed against Ryand-Smith, which resulted in the conviction of the accused. The events of those proceedings are recorded in the headline article A Vindictive Sunset, written by the syndicated journalist Erin Heigaard of the Terran-Sun Tribune. Following the ground-breaking trial, after his fall from notoriety, Lionel returned to his pro bono work. Thereafter, in one of his more aggravating defeats, he represented Will, a lycanthrope who had been taken advantage of by the Red Technocracy pornnet. With a poor case and little evidence to support his client's claims, the judgment did not go well. Unfortunately, it was also a high-profile case, and it earned Lionel the reputation of a lame duck attorney.

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Re: Circ's Characters

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Sable Wakefield

An ordinary boy, searching for meaning in a life that is almost an allegory. A tale of his prior exploit is recorded in A Cynic's Story.

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Re: Circ's Characters

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He isn't overly large, but Dekadin is overly clumsy. Fortunately, he is a Mirr, with an anodized exoskeleton. Its dull copper tinct is riddled with pale blue markings, the same blue you see at the bottom of a metal pot after it has been set over fire many, many times; the same shimmering blue as his eyes. He possesses hair, russet, and other features that make him indistinguishable from a human in a crowd of humans; at least, publicly, as rumors suggest the Mirr merely appear human to seem unthreatening, and there may very well be some truth to them. He carries a short metal flute of his own contriving, which he plays readily, and adorns himself in green clothing of the most fantastic design.

As of late, Dekadin has taken residence in Verisimilitude. There, he writes science fiction novels, symphonies, is active in charitable programs involving children―whom he loves to watch play sports―and, perhaps more critically speaking, he is on the city's defense council with top-level access to the military security net.

All told, it is a good life for a single individual far from his home planet.

Excerpt #1 from Dekadin's memory bank

More info

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