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Leave of the King


a part of “Leave of the King”, a fictional universe by mjolnir.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Leave of the King”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby mjolnir on Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:24 pm

The warrior puts a lot of their focus on strength and physical combat. They usually wield melee weapons with a short range, i.e. swords, axes, war hammer, flails, etc. Warriors excel in close quarters combat. Their strength allows them to fight in heavy combat, take a hit, while being able to move in heavier armor. It is one of the more basic classes, but a majority of the people in the world are trained in the warrior class.

Knight warriors tend to fight more defensively than offensively. Generally their attacks are slower, but more powerful. Knights are supportive fighters, often taunting enemies away from allies or coming to an allies aid. Knights will defend others, while also using strong counter attacks to off balance their opponent. They are known to be brave and chivalrous, their fighting instinct out of protectiveness not self survival.

Swashbucklers are the more rogue-like of the warrior classes. They often wear light to no armor, preferring to be agile, cunning and daring, rather than using brute force. But unlike rogues, they are not stealthy or subtle, instead they tend to be flamboyant in their mannerisms and fighting. Skill and stealth play little to no role in their style. Swashbucklers tend to fight for self preservation, rarely going out of their way to aid or defend others.

The barbarian warrior is the pure offensive fighter. They focus on damage rather than defense. They have a higher physical defense in comparison to other warriors, but magic tends to affect them more. They can also go into a more berserker rage while in combat, increasing their damage output. Barbarians often wear less armor than a knight, but more than a swashbuckler. They also aren't the most civil, a bit rough around the edges, stubborn, with a fiery temper.

Rogues are a diverse class that contains a bit of everything. They tend to have little to no regard for the law, often working for gold or personal gain. Rogues are quick and agile, wearing little to no armor. They are fragile and can't sustain heavy damage like a warrior. Their speed helps them dodge attacks while also making offensive moves. They tend to be flakey, untrustworthy and loners.

Thieves have light fingers, taking what they want from others. They use their stealth to move unnoticed, pickpocketing, picking locks and whatever else to make their pockets heavy. They deal lower damage than some of the other rogues. Thieves prefer setting traps for their enemies rather than fighting. But when it comes to combat, they are stronger in close quarters with light weight melee weapons.

The more offensive of the rogues, assassins skills are focused more on stealth and killing ability. They tend to be masters of a varying weapons, particularly ranged weaponry, while also knowledgeable of various poisons. Assassins are chameleons, they blend in almost anywhere and can hide in plain sight. As skilled escapologists, they are able to get in and out of most situations.

Bandits are the only rogues where their stealth skills are nearly nonexistent. They are the more flamboyant of the rogues, instead of using stealth for their skills, they would rather do it in the open. Loud and proud. Bandits opt for intimidation, they would rather kick in a door and look you in the eye as they steal from you.

Scouts are the most common rogues. There are usually several under employment of any noble or ruler. They are the spies. The eyes and ears of the realms. They use their high agility with superior sensory and information-gathering skills, along with their strength in stealth. But their combat skills are more along the lines of the thief rather than the assassin or bandit.

The mages use primarily, if not exclusively, magic. Although some mages can use their abilities without some sort of conduit, most opt for a staff of some kind with enchanting to help strengthen their magic of choice. Mages are quite fragile, not often getting into the heat of battle, but rather focusing on ranged attacks. They usually wear little to no armor, similar to rogues, relying on their magic for defense. Mages tend to be highly intelligent, narcissistic and withdrawn.

Healers use their magic almost solely for the aid and support of their companions. They hang back during fights, healing wounds and boosting the fighters that are in the middle of combat. Healers are often the friendlier of the mages, and have basic combat skill.

Necromancers are rooted in dark magics, specifically blood and death magic. They are one of the more common forms of battle mage. Necromancers can call the undead or ghosts to come to their aid in battle. They have a wide range of black magic at their fingertips, and tend to be antagonistic.

These mages wield the power of the natural world. Elementals maybe be able to control all elements, or specialize in a particular one. Some possess the ability to control animals, but this is more rare. More often, they focus their magic into mastering of a singular element (i.e. air, water, fire, earth, light and dark), or, on rare occasions, time magic.

Conjurers are mages that focus their magic in the creation of minions, weapons or other objects from nothing. This particular magic takes a great deal of focus and power. Conjurers are also illusionists, capable of placing images, sounds or thoughts into another's head. This takes uninterrupted concentration, and only the strongest conjurers can master this.

battle mage
A battle mage is a sub classification for magic users. They have a mastery in one of the above magics, but use their abilities almost solely for combat purposes. Some enhance their staffs with a blade, or learn the skill of a melee weapon to use along with their magic.

These classes are more rare and don't tend to fall under the more common archetypes of warrior, rogue and mage. There is always a possibility for more classes not mentioned, but those would have to be discussed with Scar.- before going on to create said character.

An alchemist combines items, magic or otherwise, to create potions or bombs to use in battle. These could be mixed during battle, or pre-made and carried until the appropriate moment. Most tend to excel at throwing, needing to hit the target just right with the projectile. Alchemist tend to be highly intelligent, but fairly useless in combat.

Beastmasters specialize in controlling a powerful "pet" that is used as aid on the front line in combats or for any other skill the animal may possess. These are particularly rare because most extraordinary creatures have long been extinct. Not only that, but wild beasts are very temperamental. Some elemental mages can control them for a time, but only beastmasters can create an unbreakable bond and mental connection with the animals.

Ranger's are skilled huntsman, with a great knowledge of survival in most environments. They have extensive knowledge about terrains, animals and plants for the maximum chance of survival. They are fair fighters, but their skills are best used when trapping or facing beasts. Ranger's tend to be nomads, traveling alone and keeping to themselves.

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