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Classic Anime

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Absenthia on Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:29 pm

Okay, so I admit it... I'm old and am now finding myself searching youtube for classic anime and stuff that was on the first run/wave to the US from Cartoon Network's Toonami. (mid to late 90's)

As campy as they are, I do have a certain soft spot for anime's like Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, and Yu Yu Hakusho. I'm now finding out that these are considered cool and classics, which to me is surprising because when I was watching them the first time around, it wasn't the "cool" thing to do. Sure afternoons were filled with the occasional episode of Dragon Ball Z, or Yu Gi Oh, but anything past that and you were a major dork/dweeb.

So I've gotta ask since I've seen quite a few people here who enjoy anime, what's been your experience with some of the animes that are now considered classics?

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Re: Classic Anime

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby zody on Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:06 am

I don't know if it's considered a classic, but the one anime I remember the most from around the time I first started watching was actually FLCL. Interesting 'plot', and it was an enjoyable ride for me- the extra fan theories made the experience better as well. Sadly, I can't remember when I first saw it, but it wasn't my first anime despite being one of my most beloved.
The sheer 'what the hell' factor of the show is easily what made it for me. What a ride.

I'll admit, though, my first experience was actually with Naruto when it aired on Cartoon Network over here in Australia. I remember freaking out around 6pm every day because that's when Naruto was on and I was, like, 9 at the time? I remember watching all the way until the final battle between angry fox boy and angrier emo dude and that's when I stopped. It makes me cringe now, but back in then? #sasukefanboy.

I also have vague memories of the original YuGiOh series and thinking Bakura was the most badass of badasses ever, but I dropped that off eventually too- never saw GX or any of the other series. However.. card games on motorcycles!

One Piece and Bleach, I got into much later on, but the one I liked the most was actually One Piece. The fact that every single character was capable of both being legitimately serious and also comic relief really made me warm up to those guys. It also totally turned my into a pirate fanboy for a couple months. It's also the only one I started thinking about rewatching recently.
Bleach, eh, I don't have many memories of it aside from Yoruichi's human form being revealed and some guy with a badass bow that absolutely floored Ichigo.

Talking DB/Z, I've never actually seen either- I have seen some clips (like the Buu fights and the Cell games) and I actually got into the games rather than the anime- I consider myself more of a casual fan since I don't know too much in-detail stuff.

Now, Neon Genesis Evangelion.. Oh boy. I've been meaning to watch this bad boy for years, ever since I saw FLCL. They're both Gainax productions, so that's how they got linked. Also, Evangelion's intro, my lord, it's stuck in my head to this day. FLCL's intro, too, but to a lesser extent (this is a bald-faced lie!) than the Evangelion intro.

Not particularly a classic anime, but Gainax also released Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. It's.. not a childrens show, just like Neon Genesis and FLCL aren't, but.. well, just look up the synopsis and you'll see.

Gosh, I haven't gushed this hard about anime in years, and this huge post must've been a buildup up my nerdy side or something.
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Why the hell are there so many Zody's?!"

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Re: Classic Anime

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SamanthaKeeler on Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:45 pm

I suppose I'm kinda too young to talk about 'classics', though maybe GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) could be considered one? I simply loved it, the characters, plot and the critics (though I only came to truly understand them later on). For some reason, I just wanted to be that epic teacher/martial artist/ex-gangster that could tackle any problem head-on.

Other than that, the original Hunter x Hunter (not the remake) made me so frustrated when it ended and I was like "Wait, what?" It was my first experience with an anime with no real ending to the plot... I also loved Killua. Anyway, glad it got that remake.

Pokemon was my first anime, though. At the time I was a bit young and didn't quite appreciate some of the movies, but I never really expected it to grow like it did. Or maybe it was always big and I just didn't notice it.

Dragon Ball was another popular anime at the time I used to watch TV, and I really liked it too. Unfortunately I was one of the major dweeb outcasts since I actually liked some other anime a bit more... like Yu Yu Hakusho... and maybe a few others.

That aside, I have not really understood Serial Experiments Lain to this day. Now that I can actually kinda get what they're talking about I see they had quite the foresight on what the internet could become, but it's a weird anime and my brain just melts trying to unfold everything.

I also liked the first season of Naruto but then I just drifted off and went to other anime. Kinda like I did with Bleach.

Oh, but I really, really liked Shaman King, though I don't quite remember most of the story these days.

I suppose for the classics that's all I have experienced, haha!

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