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Appearance and Anatomy: While Colossus is not visible within real space time if one enters into the fabricated dimension created by Idea they would find that Colossus is approximately 5 times the size of Jupiter. The atmosphere is covered in a thick layer of smog that is a collective of space dust, harmful gaseous substances over otherworldy material, and dispersed charges of bio-force resonating within the atmosphere. Once one would enter through the atmosphere it becomes an extremely perilous journey, the atmospheric smog is so thick that it obstructs the views of any of the numerous Behemoths that are set upon the planet, and one false move and an entering ship could be instantaneously annihilated by the dense draedite branches that interlock across parts of the planet. Once through the atmospheric canopy, you would reach a level of breathable oxygen and nitrogen that any human could walk upon without aid of a respirator or suit, the surface world of Colossus, however is not so forgiving, the constant absorption of bio-particles causes constant atmospheric fluxes and distortions resulting in areas of the planet to have never-ending storms. The surface is composed of an organic crust many miles deep. The 'sons of idea' under normal circumstances burrow through this fleshy layer to get to the inner-rings of Colossus.

There are five layers of Colossus, with the surface being the outermost layer. From there underneath the surface one would reach a layer of Colossus known as "The Spawning Pool" the Spawning pool is a completely gelatinous layer that is structurally the most unstable layer within Colossus, the roots of Behemoth project vital bio-force that is converted into a more corporeal source of energy, this allows any of the Sons of idea to essentially impregnate Colossus to create an offspring SoI. With this turnout, it is known that Colossus is the only female subordinate to Idea, and the most important of them all. The gestation period of Colossus is normally 2-3 months for a Dreadnaught, 4 months for a Leviathan, and 6 months for a Sentinel. As a result of the gestation period being so critically timed, every Herd that goes on pilgramige on their return reproduces to create new herds to make a complete cycle. Within the Spawning pool an SoI will normally start out as a single-cellular organism whereas it will evolve as it is nurtured, eventually when the creature reaches sexual maturity it will be capable of burrowing out to the surface and fully capable of flight. The only SoI, asides from Colossus, herself, that does not sexually reproduce is Behemoth which asexually reproduces via seedlings that are released from draedite pores.

Going down another layer into Colossus will bring one to the outer ring, the outer ring is completely solid and allows allows ethereal elements to pierce through the draedamantium layer through a complex particle diffusion system and filter system. The outer ring is used as a divider for SoI and any possible units that have managed to break the surface and travel through the Spawning Pool, uneaten. Draedamantium is capable of being pierce by certain concentrations of bio-force, but the spawning pool layer diffuses bioforce to the point where it would dilute the bioforce like sugar in water and simply diffuse the bioforce through the draedamantium allowing colossus to feed upon it.

Other than acting as a filtering conduit for bio-force, very little passes through the third layer of Colossus, the inner ring of Colossus is a plasmid, or a radiation that is in a constant phase-changing state, depending on the level of bio-force it will physically transmute the bioforce to a solid state the more there is, if there is just enough bioforce within this layer it will resemble a liquid, and if there is too little bioforce this ring will be in a gaseous state. No matter the state, however, the draedamantium only diffuses bioforce in one direction, therefore stray particles of bioforce is incapable of passing back into the spawning pool. The inner ring resembles plasma in the intense heat that is located there, and is self governed on how the bio-particles are assembled, the inner ring is like the battery of Colossus - it's where all the juice's at.

The center of Colossus and heart, where not even collected bio-force is located is the the core of the planet. Within this mysterious and uncharted layer is the sentiences that is Colossus, and rumored upon the val'gara, Idea itself, though unconfirmed as the rumor may be. Only the most refined of bio-force is allowed within the core, and it is only enough to allow Colossus to maintain its existence. So long as the core of the planet survives, if every other layer is destroyed, the core can absorb pure bio-force itself, although the radiation is harmful if in excess and there is no filter system, it is rumored that the core has magnificent healing capabilities, and even if massive chunks of the layers are taken out all the way even to the core, within a week the entire missing layer of mass will be regenerated.

Orbital Characteristics: Colossus has 2 moons and absorbs energy from the self-created sun Sal'chazzar. Among the orbit of Colossus it has a ring that circumvents the entirety of the planet, this ring is a terrifying aspect of the planet, because it is not created of space dust and debris, but it is manufactured by the Behemoths. The ring is known and feared as The Collective.

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