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Infinit World

Combat Rules (Dungeon Only)

a part of “Infinit World”, a fictional universe by Sonicx00.

A brand new patch for "Infinit World" has just been released bring new content to the game yet also many dark truths behind it. Follow the story and help save you and the subscribers among you...

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Infinit World”.
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Combat Rules (Dungeon Only)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sonicx00 on Mon Sep 23, 2013 5:35 am

This mainly applies only dungeon combat. PvP against un-gm'd monsters/players are all up to you guys. Just remember to be fair.

First I'd like to explain that your speed represents actions.

To physically attack takes 1 action

To use an ability is 2 actions

If you or a creature ever has more P.DEF/M.DEF then P.ATK/M.ATK. To determine how much he/she/it takes will be done by a D12 roll. The damage done is that much and it can crit.

In combat this is where Dexterity (Melee/Range) and Mind (Spell) really comes in handy.

Melee/Range Attacks

Roll 2-10 = 1.5 Critical attack
Roll 1 = 2x Brutal Critical Attack
Roll 65-99 = Miss
Roll 100 = Critical Miss

For every Accuracy add 1 to the characters Minimal dodge and add 1 to the characters maximum Critical chance.

For those confused to put it simply and as example. Let's use Strasza, If we were to add 20/20 Dex, she'd have 5 Accuracy.

When i go to roll for actions in for her attacks and defense her roll chart personally will change!

Roll 2-15 = 1.5 Critical attack
Roll 1 = 2x Brutal Critical Attack
Roll 70-99 = Miss
Roll 100 = Critical Miss

This means I can roll up to a 15 to crit and to miss I suddenly have to roll a 90 to miss.

For those who dual-wield, this simply means you can use two normal attacks in 1 action. I still have to roll my die for both.

Spells (Helpful/Attack)

Roll 2-6 = 1.5 Critical burst.
Roll 1 = 2x Brutal burst
Roll 85-99 = Resisted
Roll 100 = Critical Resist + Disaster

For every 5 Mind add 1 to the characters Minimal Resists and add 1 to the characters maximum Critical chance.

Once again we'll use Strasza maxing her MND which would be 12

Roll 2-8 = 1.5 Critical burst.
Roll 1 = 2x Brutal burst
Roll 87-99 = Resisted
Roll 100 = Critical Resist + Disaster

This suddenly means I can roll up to 86 to hit and 8 to crit.

Do know there will be some moments that the character will have a better chance but theres no way I'm telling you guys what will affect the opponents.

So yes like i said be sure to pay attention…

So Combat talk…

remember we're going by real combat so everything you're doing is going to be an attempt nothing is going to auto-hit especially with my chart. After you do your attempt and attacks in my next post I'll be sure to explain what effects went through so you guys know what happened to your characters when they did this. (I won't go into too much details with your characters, mainly if you attacked - I'll tell you the outcome.)

Most physical attacks need to be explained as if they're attempting to hit something and how they're doing it. Don't just do.

"Name attacks".

Do something like "Rhorn takes his mace charging forward as quick as he can. He then raises his right hand up with the blunt weapon in his hand as his left hand is slightly out. He then attempts to make a diagonal slash down once he reaches the target, Name B grunting as he does so."

Of course I'm sure you can add some RP to it as well but you get what i mean.

For spells.. you know you have a casting time. Which is basically your post and then when you finally cast it will be the end of your post. You'll find the descriptive outcome of your post the beginning of the next round (my post)

And this is how this will pull through.. So example when i said disasters can happen for failures!!!

So for physical its not too bad but it will be bad…

So say on my post I scored a 100 with Alsa when she attacked… Basically I may have done something like… Had the goobbue get a free counter attack right then hitting her for a free hit while mid air without a miss roll.. Or possibly had her been retaliated and stunned against the wall damaged for a minimal damage.

NOW for spells its a bit more fun… and a bit dangerous to everyone…

So if you were a mage and i rolled 100…

Lets put this as an example… You may accidentally cast the ability but suddenly you lost control of the elemental and it may just blast upon your team mate or… say you're in a near a house… you cast a fire ability.

"You see that house?"


"BOOOOOOMMM!!!! The house explodes there was alcohol and explosives…. causing it to expand towards everyone in this radius. They all take x Damage…" That damage isn't going to be nice either especially if someone is in the house which therefore may even kill them lol.

Now a Brutal hit…

Thats like you hit the best spot possible or your character… and for Brutal burst you did something perfectly where your spell just did a great nuking power/heal.

Pet combat

Now the way combat works for pets... If you can ride them and you're a character with a range weapon, you can sit on its back and use it. However if you are hit by anything... You WILL fall off and take 2x that damage (3x if in the air)with no armor reductions and in addition to taking damage you will be stunned for a turn. This doesn't mean skip your post, basically its to recollect yourself in what just happened. Your pet on the other hand will take 4x the damage...

When it comes to attacking with a pet… It will only have 1 action. The pet will run off the physical chart.

If your pet HP reaches 0... It will not die... It just will not be able to be used for the rest of the battle... Your pet HP regenerates by 20% each Non combat round. Unless it's 50%+ you can't ride it... Unless it's 75% you can't fly it...

In combat, you can only fly the pet for 4 post and then it will descend. Granted this is only for the dragon type. I have not decided whether I'll let you get back into the air because I don't want this to make you godly.

In PVP fights, you can't ride your mount... they can aid you in battle but just not in mounting. Assistance wise, Pets can block attacks for you IF the post makes sense. If your pet is on the other side of the monster... no where near your character... and clearly unable to block the attack – don't even attempt it... I will call you out and say its wrong and even then blocking for the player uses an attack action.

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