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Talmora: Kingdom of Magic


a part of “Talmora: Kingdom of Magic”, a fictional universe by Fishbucket.

War, Death, Despair. Of these, nothing good can be born. This was the belief held by all until the founding of Talmora. A single man, made a monster for war, made a choice to grow from the suffering, and spare all others from it.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Fishbucket on Sat Nov 27, 2021 1:06 am

How combat functions

Combat is not something I expect there to be a lot of in this game, however in the hopes of mitigating powergaming and other stupid stuff, I'm going to establish here some rules regarding combat and it's function, that everyone who plays in this setting will be expected to adhere to.

[b][u][size=200]The Combat Round

First and foremost, the main thing to note is that in the combat round, all player actions happen at the same time. A round starts with the DM (Me or another person denoted as a DM) Putting forward a post detailing all the important stats for each character engaged in combat, including HP, AP, any active effects on them, and whether or not they're unconscious.

At that point, all players engaged in combat will put together a post detailing what actions they take in each phase of combat. The phases, and actions available in those phases, are detailed below.

While all players are taking action at the same time, there is a natural flow to those action's, indicated by the Phase of combat they take place in.

[b][u][size=200]Phase 1: Preparation

In this phase, players activate any actions or abilities they have that are specifically activated in the preparation phase. This will usually be things like drinking a potion, calling out for help, issuing a rally cry, using grounding, etc.

Preparation actions are to be put at the top of of the post to ensure everyone can see what's occurring first and foremost.

[b][u][size=200]Phase 2: First Attack phase

Some people strike faster than others, and those that can do so will attack in this phase. Remember that in combat, you apply your ATK to your target's DEF, and the remainder is applied as damage to your target's HP. If their DEF is higher than your ATK, they take no damage.

T2 spells will be cast here.

[b][u][size=200]Phase 3: Defense Phase

Any and all defensive actions, including moving and running away, take place here. Now we don't have a combat grid for play by post stuff, so instead I'll have to ask everyone to use their imagination and reasoning to determine distances and positioning. To assist with that, please be as descriptive and specific as possible with this part of your post when talking about where your moving to, if your moving at all.

If your just defending, then that will also be something you'll put in here. Make sure to be very specific about what your doing and how your doing it. Any defensive abilities you may have will also be activated on this phase.

[b][u][size=200]Phase 4: Second Attack Phase

Big and heavy weapons like great swords, powerful abilities like cleaving blows, or T3 spells will be cast on this part of the combat phase.

After this phase, combat moves to the next round, which is indicated by the DM posting the Combat Round Post, detailing the results of the last combat round, and giving everyone an overview of the current state of events.

[b][u][size=200]Abilities and AP

As stated already, combat isn't expected in this setting, but in preparation for the eventuality, I put forward this system of catagorizing any action players may take as part of an Ability system.

All abilities will cost AP, how much AP they cost is dependant on the specific ability. AP, or Ability Points, is earned through combat.

Every three rounds in combat, your character's gain 1 AP. You can only have 3 AP at a time. Some abilities can apply an effect that increases the rate at which you gain AP, and other effects can reduce that rate.

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The best stories do not have just one or two characters, but all sorts of characters. You might not see them that often or know them that well, but the fact that they were there is what makes the story seem real.

After all, Life is full of characters, is it not?
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