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Throughout the years, our members have written hundreds of millions of words in worlds beyond imagination. Here we feature just a few of our word-wielding wizards, commemorating their achievements. The writer's journey can be hard, but it can also be rewarding...

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  • member for 7 years

    has written 625,362 words

    (~7.82 full-length novels)


    Let's see... I'm an introvert who loves nothing more than being in my room. Others say that I'm benevolent, trustworthy, and cute [>//< woo~]. I love writing but sadly I'm too lazy to ever finish what I start so... on fanfiction I currently have three stories on hold since early last year. My head is always filled with scenarios, ideas, and yaoi. Yes I said it. I love yaoi. [More To Come]

  • member for 9 years

    has written 140,700 words

    (~1.76 full-length novels)


    hey, guys I'm a girl incase you haven't guessed my big plan is to be a Para educator. Working on getting fit. I love acting and dancing.especially Hamilton I am also Wiccan which is not witchcraft. I love Broadway and dancing. I am also single working on finding a boy-friend.

  • member for 9 years

    has written 424,869 words

    (~5.31 full-length novels)


    I draw. Sometimes I roleplay. Mostly reading and playing video games these days though..

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