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Throughout the years, our members have written hundreds of millions of words in worlds beyond imagination. Here we feature just a few of our word-wielding wizards, commemorating their achievements. The writer's journey can be hard, but it can also be rewarding...

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  • member for 8 years

    has written 138,914 words

    (~1.74 full-length novels)


    I don't want to Live on this planet anymore.

  • member for 8 years

    has written 210,141 words

    (~2.63 full-length novels)


    Bit of a starving artist, I'm trying to keep food on the table and brakes on my car, so that means a boring job while I try and get noticed. Oh well.

  • member for 10 years

    has written 353,598 words

    (~4.42 full-length novels)


    Ex-mod lead, ex-RPG Royalty, just here to hang and write.

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