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Throughout the years, our members have written hundreds of millions of words in worlds beyond imagination. Here we feature just a few of our word-wielding wizards, commemorating their achievements. The writer's journey can be hard, but it can also be rewarding...

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  • member for 5 years

    has written 274,203 words

    (~3.43 full-length novels)


    I'm just another nerdy gay guy, nothin special.

  • member for 7 years

    has written 221,627 words

    (~2.77 full-length novels)


    I got into this stuff by accident. No regrets. Ever.

  • member for 7 years

    has written 713,707 words

    (~8.92 full-length novels)


    Well I'm a big fan of gaming, comics and film so more than a tad nerdy. Plus I'm a regular at the Renaissance Faire mainly due to my love of story, mead and giant turkey legs. I try and offset my geeky tendency's with overtly manly activities like hiking and a passion for knives.

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