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Complete Chat RP's.

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I like to flesh out my characters through RPing.
I also want to be able to have those RP's I did, or at least segments of them, to go on my character profiles, as references, examples to help elaborate my point.
But I can't clip them directly onto my profiles. It looks stupid and bulky. So I thought, "Hell, maybe I'm not the only one having this problem. Why not make a thread for completed chat RP's, so people can show off their characters, and have something to reference to in profiles?"
So I made this.
The url in the url bar after you're redirected after posting is the address you need to link directly to your post and RP. Add a * with the url inside after the attribute or tendency you're referencing, to cut down on bulk.

Game Master (GM) says:
This domed room is brightly lit by the moonlight shining through the glass domed top. There are four 100 feet long tables littered with food and decoration. At the end of the third a band plays eerie, dark music.
[W] Ariel
slowly walks to the center of the dance floor, eyes closed as she casts down her swords, utterly peaceful in the embrace of the slow, somber music echoing throughout the room.
[W] Ariel
, now unburdened, begins to sway from side to side, absently humming along with the music as she curls her arms around an imaginary partner. Her bare feet make no sound as she begins to waltz in earnest, stepping, twirling, walking, and bending in a solo dance, her eyes closed all the while.
[W] Ariel
's movements slow as the music quiets, and a sharp pat stands out from the music. The orchestra melds into a sweet, soft ballad, and her eyes begin to stream steadily, lip quivering as she continues her dance.
[W] Ariel
falls to the floor like a puppet with cut strings as the music stops, sobbing heavily into the ground for several minutes, her moans of anguish reverberating throughout the hall.
[W] Ariel
picks herself up clumsily, blinking eyes as red around the rims as they are within the irises themselves, and slumps over to her swords.
[W] Ariel
picks them up and slings them over her back carelessly, already walking as they click into their magnetic slots. Pausing at the doorway, she looks back at the ballroom, and sighs.
[W] Ariel says:
"A girl who can love and cry, but can't bear a child or know a man. God, scientists have some sick senses of humor."
[W] Ariel
rips the 20-foot door from it's hinges and flings it at the band, crushing them, before walking out and away.

I can smile.
I am human.

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