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Connor Inc.

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Connor Inc.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Fri Sep 30, 2005 11:08 pm

[Republic of Ireland, European Nation, Earth]

In a very beautifully decorated room, which had its back wall made of glass, showing a beautiful view of the ocean, a woman sat behind a desk, her raven hair pulled back in a pony tail which was braided. In her hand was a pen which feverously moved over a paper. After a moment, the writing stopped and the paper was removed and placed in a basket which resided on the left side of the desk. She then moved her hand to the right side of the desk where a matching basket sat. She removed a paper from it and began to write on it as she did the one before it. The room was empty except for the desk, three chairs on the other side of her, the large flat screen television which rested on the wall opposite of her; the same wall that had the large oak door, and a few pedestals with decretive vases upon them.

A loud knock filled the room, coming from the oak door. The woman lifted her emerald eyes from the paper she was writing on, to the door. In a sweet voice she spoke,
“C’min.” The door shifted open and a man, dressed in a slick black suit, with a red tie, walked in. He was around the age of forty, with a small black beard and mustache. He moved to the desk, throwing a folder on it. Once the folder slammed onto the top of the desk, the items it held inside flew out, scattering across the desk. The girl narrowed her eyes some ”What’s the meaning of this Mister McNeal?!”The large man merely nodded at her desk.

She looked down, seeing pictures of a man, his face wrapped in bandages. She looked up at him questioningly. The man smiled,
”Miss Connor, I have great news. When I saw this broadcasted on my trip to the North American Nation, seeing how it was on a non-private channel, this guy struck me as odd. When I did a background check on him, I couldn’t find anything on him. So, I went to dig a little deeper, and I found records that were suppose to be destroyed. They belonged to an Aarkon Conner. At a Mental Institution in Brazil.” The woman had jumped up, smiling at the large man.

”Do’yah mean tah seh…”

“Yes. This is your brother. Apparently, he could remember his name, and said he was in a wreck. The locals thought it was a ship wreck, since he was wet, and said he was on the beach. Your father’s plane crashed near the same beach which they said he spoke of. Since Aarkon was only four, he told them his name wrong. Instead of O, he said E. When they looked up any records on a Conner going from any Nation to Brazil on a ship, they came up with nothing.”

“Then weh mus’go righ’ now!”

“There’s a problem Miss Connor… He was taken by the Colonies soon after this broadcast as a prisoner. When I tried to call and retrieve information on him; they said they didn’t have any records on an Aarkon Conner, or Connor.”

The woman sighed and sat back at her desk, looking at the picture of her long lost brother, wondering what had happened to him… What’s happening to him right now? After all these years, why is it now that they find out that he was still alive. She pushed the others pictures into the folder and placed it in a drawer, going back to the paper she was on earlier. The man frowned some, but knew it was hard on her so turned and exited the room.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Mon Oct 03, 2005 12:25 am

[Connor Inc., Republic or Ireland, European Nation]

Devlin paced his office on the very top floor of the Conner Inc. building. It was the largest, and most elegant of all the rooms in the building; complete with a sitting area with antique leather couches, oak tables, and other expensive items. The decoration in the room was done in a white and green scheme. Instead of a door, the room had an Elevator, which was the only entry point to the room. The man walked to the back of the room, past his very large metallic desk which had a five-screen computer; all the screens connected in a movable join, and were holographic projectors. He pulled on a large string, which caused the curtains to slide apart from each other, revealing the window which also looked out on the ocean as Aislin’s did.

A ding brought the man’s attention from the window to the elevator. He moved to his desk and pushed a button, which allowed the elevator access to the room; which was only allowed to those were Key-Cards. Aislin, and himself. The elevator moved up the last few floors and opened, revealing a man with slick hair and in a black suit. He moved in, holding a large yellow envelope towards Devlin. A smirk went across his face as he stroked his beard with a gentle expectation. With a nod, he took the envelope and the man who delivered it to him left.

Devlin moved to his desk, opening the large package, dumping its contents into his hand. A small microchip. Inserting the microchip into the appropriate slot, the holo-screens flashed to life, showing the information on the chip. Moving his fingers over the hologram in front of him, he selected the items he wanted, revealing a satellite photo of the Lake Victoria Base moments after its destruction. Pressing on a certain spot, the pictures zoomed, and expanded. After a few moments of random selections, Devlin found what he was searching for. He stood and retrieved the chip, the screens fading, leaving nothing but air between the two poles which projected the images between them.

He moved his hand to his phone, pressing a button and listened as it began to ring. After a few rings, a voice appeared on the other side.

“’ello’, Aislin Conner speaking.”

“Well hello Aislin Conner, I was calling to confirm your order of Adult Toys from Fantasy Lovers. We have you down for seventeen plastic di—“

“VEREH Funneh, Devlin! Wha’cha need?”

“I need you to call the Shuttle personnel; we’re going on a little trip.”

“Tah were?”

“Oh, a little place called South America.”

“… An’ wuh would cha’beh need'an tah beh go’an thar for?”

“To pick up your brother of course.”

“… Beh readeh in five.”

There was a cloud click followed by a beep. She had hung up, no doubt already speaking with the pilots and fuelists. The seasoned man smirked and took a lean into his chair before spinning it to look out at the ocean; it would seem after all these years, Devlin would retrieve the rightful heir to Connor Inc. Not that Aislin wasn’t a good CEO; in fact, she revolutionized Conner Inc, and made it one of the leading manufactures of clothing, and technology.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Mon Oct 03, 2005 1:10 am

[Shuttle, Route to Lake Victoria Military Base, African Nation]

Devlin sat across from Aislin on the private travel shuttle which had departed around ten minutes ago; and had a good two hour trip before it would reach their destination. His brown eyes rested on the young woman who looked out the tiny circular window at the ocean below them. She smiled, but her eyes were filled with many emotions, all of which was about to make the girl cry. Devlin smiled to himself. She was more excited than she wanted to let on. During all of her youth, and even to now, she was the only one who never gave up hope on Aarkon, never believed that he was dead, and would one day meet her older brother.

[Ten Years ago]

A young girl sat on a large black rock which protruded out of the thick white sand of the beach; the water gently lapping against it’s base, a small amount of spray washing over her. The setting sun lit up the area around her, making the droplets that shot around her sparkle a magnificent gold and pink, offsetting her already beautiful features. She took a delicate hand and ran it through her long, raven hair while throwing her head back, getting it out of her face and back behind her head so it fell neatly against her back. Her attention was drawn from the water to a man who stood not too far from her, leaning against a matching rock, his hands in his brown leather coat which fit smugly around his large farm. His head was tilted down, and his eyes were close. His hair was neatly brushed, and he had a small form of a goatee.

She gave a smile and looked back to the ocean.

“Did Motha’ sen’yah ta’ find meh again?”

“Nope, I just like the beach.”

“Oh, you’re full o’it.”

She let out a deep sigh; not one of frustration, but of a gentle release, as if she had just had a very large, and very good dinner. A thoughtful sigh. Her eyes closed, and her head tilted down some. The man who was leaning against the rock pushed off of it and walked towards the young girl, pulling a hand out of his coat once he reached her, and placed it gently upon her slender shoulder. She opened her eyes once more and looked at the man.

”Every year, you come out here on this date, and you stare into the ocean. The same place where your Mother sat as she watched your Father fly off, with your brother… The last time they would ever leave the island. You sit here until I come and get you… Why is this?”

The girl gave a bright smile and looked out back over the ocean, moving one of her hands to place it on top of the man’s.

“Because, aye kno’ tha’ some’ere, ova’thart ocean, muh brotha’ is alive, an’ he’s look’an out ova’ here also, wonder’an where he came from, an’ if his family has forgotten him. Meh, I haven’. Aye neva’ met him, he didn’ even kno’ aye was go’an tah beh born, Fatha’. Aye didn’ kno’ muh fatha’s love. Aye heard he was’a great man… An’ aye kno’ thart Aarkon is out thar, beh’an a great man too. He’s tha’ closest aye’ll eva’ get’ta muh fatha’.”

“You don’t really think he’s alive?”

“Di’ya find his bodeh?”

“No, but it was probably taken by wild animals…”

“Ya’re so foolish. Muh brotha’ is alive… An’ one day, aye’ll meet him. One day aye’ll look inta’ his match’an eyes an’ aye’ll embrace him, an’ weh’ll beh’a family…”

The man looked out at the see and smiled, turning his hand to hold the girls, squeezing it gently. He hoped the same thing.

[Present Time]

Devlin moved out of his seat and moved to the one directly beside Aislin and placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked at it, then to Devlin and smiled, placing her hands on his. He turned his hand and took hers into his, giving it a gentle squeeze.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Fri Oct 07, 2005 6:58 am

Aarkon now sat in a clean pair of clothing; a dark blue shirt, and blue jeans. His booted feet tap as he sat there, his eye moving around nervously; his face still covered in bandages. It had been three days since he met his sister… Sister… He’d never get used to that, but there it was. He sat in the large building known as Connor Inc., waiting for his Sister and Devlin to return with the papers. The papers that would determine if Aarkon was really who they thought; though an orphaned boy in Brazil named Aarkon Conner was very convenient. He tilted his body forward and placed his elbows on his knees and buried his face into his hands. If it was true that he was the long lost son of Mr. Connor, Aarkon would inherit the Company and all its assets. He took in a deep breath then let it out. He didn’t care about this, in fact, he didn’t want it. It was just the feeling he got around his sister. He had never known her; she wasn’t even born… But their mother, Aislin looked almost like a clone of the woman.

Flashes of her face… His mother. He had seen her in his dreams, in his nightmares. He saw his father, and he saw the crash. A shiver ran down his spine. It was so simple back when he was a Shadow Lander, no pasts, just a future. A future of killing. Aarkon stood and moved to the desk which was across the long room and picked up the phone. No, he couldn’t call Crimson and check on Pink, not on this phone… Too traceable. What if Aislin found out? How could he disappoint her, those sweet, large emerald eyes? How could he look into them, and tell her. Tell her about his past, about all the bad things he has done. Even the moment before they met he had killed six people and ignited a tent in the middle of a camp beyond a destroyed base which he was involved in. Well, not willingly. Still, how could he come around to telling his baby sister that he was... He was…
”A killer…”

“What’s that?”

Aarkon spun around, pressing his back against the desk, looking at the door which Aislin and Devlin stood. Aarkon looked to the side and down some, his hands behind him, pressed on the surface of the oak desk. Aislin moved to Aarkon and planted a kiss on his wrapped cheek. If the bandages weren’t there, the blush of Aarkon’s face could have been fully seen… Maybe they were, because Aislin gave a small giggle.

“Well, we have the papers.”

“Did you…”

“ “Look in ‘em?”

Aarkon gave a small nod. He loved her Irish accent, he wondered why he never had one, must’ve not learned enough Irish speech to be stuck with one it seems. Aislin held the large package out to Aarkon; the seal unbroken. His brow lifted as he moved a hand to the large white envelope… They were trembling. TREMBLING?! Aarkon has never trembled from fear in his life. Fear… Blah! He snatched the papers and ripped the top off, removing the contents and scanning it. He flipped through some of the pages which were stapled together at the top corner, then stopped at one in the middle. His eye was opened wide, shimmering… Quivering along with his hands. Aislin frowned and slowly took the papers from Aarkon, afraid of what they said now. Her eyes moved down, looking upon the papers. Silences filled the room… Until Aislin let out a squeal and pounced on Aarkon, making him fall on to the desk, Aislin hugging him so tightly that he had trouble breathing. Devlin stood next to the door still, laughing.

The three sat now around a table, a cup of steaming tea in front of each. Aarkon’s hands were wrapped around his, but he did nothing but stare into the brown liquid. No one spoke for a while, until Aarkon decided to,
”I don’t want it…” The other two looked at the man in startle, but could say nothing. Aarkon continued, “I don’t deserve it. All that Father, Mother… You… Build. I am not fit to run the legacy of people so great. I’ve seen… I’ve DONE… Terrible things. Things that would cause you, my own blood, to caste me away if I spoke of them…” Aarkon’s eye narrowed some and his hands tightened around his glass, “I am a horrible person, and my destiny if lined with blood. I am a killer, and nothing more. You should have never come for me. To be honest, the only reason I left with you was to get out of that Nation, to be somewhere unknown… Unwanted. I would have never dreamed you would really have been my sister. But… Such things do not matter. I am not the brother you want, and I am not the kid you knew, I am a shell. A blood stained body of one you wants knew, or wish to know. I am not Father, and I can not be him, no matter how much you want it.” His eye lifted up and looked to Aislin, who now had silent tears streaming down her cheeks. Aarkon, too, began to wet his face-wrappings with tears.

Aislin stood and walked to Aarkon, who looked up at her, only to have his head moved to the side by a firm slap of her palm. Aarkon’s eye flared open in wonder. Devlin had stood once the blow had been delivered, his chair being flung back from his quick movement. Aarkon slowly turned his head to face Aislin who now took his face with both hands, and looked into his matching eye,
“I do not care who you think you are. You are a Connor, no longer a killer.”

“No… Death will always follow me.”

“But now I follow you! And so does Devlin. We are your family; you are not the person we found in the forest… Your eyes, they’ve changed since then. They’ve grown softer every moment you were with me… They match mine… They match Mother’s.” Aislin’s Irish accent was clearly heard as she spoke, which made her delicate and sweet voice even more so. Aarkon closed his eye and smiled, placing his wrapped hands over his sisters. A hand was firmly placed on his shoulder. Aarkon opened his eye and looked, to find Devlin standing their, looking at him.

“She is wrong… Your eyes are different from your sister’s and your mother’s… Because they are your father’s. Your eyes hold the spirit, the dream, that your belated father’s held. The same desire that brought this place to where it was now, that made him a well respected man. You are now Mr. Connor.” Aarkon sighed and nodded some.

“I still don’t want to run the place. Can’t you put me in the technology section? I was a Mobile Suit pilot for many years, I know computers and mechanics.” Devlin smirked.

“We have the perfect place for you. Around the year you were born, the blue-prints made by OZ were formed for a more… Human-like battle vehicle. This became known at the Leo-Prototype… The Tallgeese. Your father helped design the Tallgeese; which is the reason his carrier was shot down. I must show you something.” Aarkon and Devlin left Aislin as they traveled down a few secret elevators, and now were underground. They exited into a large hanger with only a few people; maybe ten, worked. Aarkon and Devlin were greeted by a frizzy-haired woman, “Aarkon, this is Doctor Leslie. She was a student of a famous scientist who designed one of the Gundams in the war of One-Nine-Five. I’m sure you remember them. Well, we’ve had her designing a Mobile Suit like the Gundams since a little after their arrival, just incase we needed to defend ourselves from them. After peace was declared, the production ceased until the invasion of One-Nine-Six. We’ve been upgrading and expanding the Mobile Suit since then.” The three walked to a larger area, the lights all focusing on a large Mobile Suit, crouched on one knee, his body black and green, “This is the Mobile Suit Shamrock.” Aarkon gave a small hint of disgust with the name.

“A Mobile Suit after the Gundams’ design, huh? Do you mind if I take over this project… With Leslie’s help of course.”

“… I don’t mind. Doctor Leslie?”

“The more the merrier!”

“Then it’s settled… From this day, we shall begin the construction of Gundam Néit.”

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Thu Oct 13, 2005 12:34 pm

Aarkon’s hand moved back and forth as he turned the wrench, the bolt on which is was latched tightening the more he turned. He took a moment to run the back of his other hand, which was covered in grease like most of his body at this point, across his forehead, removing sweet. With a peaceful sigh, Aarkon when back to tightening the bolt. A loud ding filled the large garage-like area as the elevator doors to Aarkon’s left opened and revealed a beautiful woman with raven hair. His sister, Aislin. She was wearing a blue shirt which didn’t cover her back or sides, and was held on by strings which tied around the back of her neck, and short-shorts. She moved into the garage, her flip-flops giving their name justice, echoed through the room as they slapped against the hard concrete floor. Aarkon’s eyes shifted from his work and to his sister, in which he frowned. She saw this and frowned too, while lifting a brow. She moved next to him and took a lean on the table he was working on, placing her left elbow on its surface, then placing her cheek and chin into her palm, which caused her lips to puff outwards some, “What’s THAT look for?”

“What look would you be talking about?” He didn’t look at her; he was back to his work.

“You didn’t look very happy to see me, Elder Brother.”

“I’m always happy to see you, Aislin, I’m just not happy to see what you’re in.”

“… What’s wrong with my outfit?”

“Nothing. But does Devlin know you’re wearing it?”

“Of course, he helped me pick it out after our shower this morning.” She gave a small giggle. Aarkon’s brow furrowed as she said this.

“… Okay, let’s keep the details to a minimal. The point is, it’s not safe in this word for a girl to be dressed like that. You know how the Humans are down here, they take what they want by force, and women are no exception. Especially one who could attract many eyes.”

“Is that your special way of calling me beautiful? And besides, why do you call the people of Earth, ‘Humans Down Here’? I’m from down here. So are you. Why not just call them PEOPLE. And yes, some people are like that, but I have enough trust in humanity to allow myself to walk down the street, and not be in constant fear of what I wear, because some pervert might get to zealous. YOU need to lighten up.” Aarkon stopped tightening the bolt, and moved the wrench away, pointing it at Aislin, it touching the very tip of her nose.

“I call them that, because I lived among them. I know the nature of people, but it seems those in the Colonies want nothing more to defend themselves. And even as a Hater of Peace, I respect them. All of them. Some more than others…” His thoughts trailed to the one who beat him in battle with the Golden and Black Leo, “And some, I just wanna’ slap around with the butt of my pistol.” Zhelir and Sin flashed in his mind; though Sin was just a black figure to him, having never seen the man before, only his voice stayed with Aarkon, “But I guess you’re right. There might be some exceptions to the humanity in all people. The leader of the Colonies did use me as a human bomb on a country that had done nothing. If it was the North American Nation, then I would have understood, and in fact, I would have enjoyed the ride. Sin is a man of hateful intent, a man I share interests with, but at the same time despise. Especially now that I have you, and Devlin, I lay away at night, wondering if this will be the neck place for a random assault. Would we be so lucky? No, we didn’t have the defenses that the Base had. That is why Néit is being made. Not as a Destroyer of Peace, or a Reaper of Souls like Shadow was going to be… He’s here for the sake of humanity.” He removed the wrench from her nose and set it down, placing a greased hand on Aislin’s shoulder, but it was mostly dry, and didn’t leave much of a mark, “Because when I see you, and Devlin, and the people here at Connor Inc., Like Doctor Leslie… I see hope. I see why idealists dream of peace, because when I kill, I don’t kill those of you who sit here, and watch… Not intentionally. I kill those who crave blood, who are like me. I kill myself.” He removed his hand from her shoulder and grabbed the item he was bolting together and carried it towards the stairs. Aislin followed closely, not wanting the break the silence that befell the walk. Aarkon placed the item on a larger metallic item and then began to work on it some more, “… Aislin.”


“… Go change your cloths.”
Aislin narrowed her eyes and slapped Aarkon in the back of his head, causing him to drop the tool he was using on his foot. Aarkon sucked in air through his teeth, making a loud noise, then turned and looked at Aislin, one eye closed tightly as he clenched his teeth together, “Much better. Anyways, YOU need to change YOUR clothing. We’re going to the beach in an hour. So go wash up, grab some bathing shorts, and then meet me and Devi in the lobby. Maybe we can find you a girlfriend and you won’t spend all your time with a machine.” Before Aarkon could respond, she grabbed his cheeks then planted a large kiss on his forehead, leaving lips there and rushed back out to the elevator. Aarkon sighed and picked up his tool, looking at it. The Beach? Why go to the beach… “To spend time with her I guess.” He set the tool gently down on the piece he was working on and began to walk up the stairs then turned and faced the large, man-like mechanical war-suit behind him, “Don’t worry, Néit, I will be back to finish you soon… But are you a Reaper of Souls? Only time will tell.” He turned and finished walking up the stairs, then moved to the secondary elevator, and pressed the floor which his room was on. Aarkon placed his head against the sea-green tile as the warm water ran down his neck and back. Steam filled the room, mystifying everything within a few moments of the hot water’s escape through the facet. Oil and grim swirled at the drain in the center of the large shadow with the water, as it was removed from his body. Aarkon watched as it circled many times before disappearing, “… Oh how peace can be related to dirt off my body. Only to last before being washed down… It circles, and holds on for as long as it can, but it’s inevitable…” The oil finally stopped, only water moving down the drain, “… Peace can not be retained. Chaos is Mankind’s only frolic. It’s in our blood, and nature. As long as man is around, war will follow.” Aarkon let out a deep sigh and then finished washing himself. After he was done, he moved to his room to find a blue pair of swimming-shorts laid out on his bed, with sandals beside it. Aarkon shook his head, but couldn’t help smiling. Soon after dressing, Aarkon moved out into the lobby, wearing a skin-tight white t-shirt along with the provided shorts and sandals. Aislin waved to Aarkon wildly to get his attention, even though he saw her as soon as he stepped off the elevator.

“You ready, Elder Brother?”

“As ready as I need to be.”

“Don’t be like that, Aarkon.” Devlin clapped his hand onto his shoulder, causing Aarkon to buckle somewhat under the weight and force. The three soon left, riding in one of Aislin’s jeeps, to the beach. Upon getting there, Aislin removed her clothing; now wearing a green bikini, and laid out on her towel, making Devlin rub sun block on her, which he didn’t seem to mind. Aarkon sat on a large rock near Aislin and looked out over the ocean, his knees up high from resting on the rock, and his arms across them. Devlin laid down his towel next to Aislin, which was next to the rock, and looked up at Aarkon after removing his shirt, “You need some sun block, Mr. Connor?” Aarkon looked down at him with a lifted brow.

“Aarkon is fine, and no, you can have your enjoyment by rubbing on my sister, but I suggest you keep it JUST to her.” Devlin gave a loud chuckle and shook his head, lying back on the towel. Unlike Aarkon and Aislin, Devlin was well tanned. As Aarkon sat there on the rock, now looking back over the ocean, he let his fingers run over his arms, feeling the many scars running down them. His thoughts were interrupted by a scream. Looking over, along with Devlin and Aislin, Aarkon saw a man running towards his direction, clutching a purse in his arms. A woman behind him was screaming for help, but no one did anything but watch, some even moved out of the way. Aarkon instinctively stuck his arm out, the man being closed-lined by it, doing a flip, and landing on his back, coughing for air. Aarkon looked down at him, then back to the see as Devlin took the purse from the man, and held him down with his massive foot, while Aislin called the police. The woman finally caught up and began to feverously thank Devlin, after kicking the man in the head. She then turned to Aarkon and smiled, “And you sir, are a Hero!” Aarkon didn’t look to her, but silently stared at the sea. After a moment of waiting, the police came, arrested the man, and thanked Devlin, Aislin, and Aarkon. Soon after, they left.

Aarkon was in the back of the jeep, his long black hair flailing around behind him from the gust of wind. Aislin looked in her rearview mirror at Aarkon, “Why so glum, Hero?” Aarkon looked at her and frowned.

Why am I a hero? Because I used an act of violence to stop a man from getting away with someone’s personal belonging? Being a hero is to sacrifice your life by pushing someone else out of the way. I merely struck a man down. Hero is very over-used nowadays.” .
Aislin frowned, as did Devlin, but no one commented. They road back to Connor Inc. in silence

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