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The Multiverse


a part of “The Multiverse”, a fictional universe by Remæus.

Where legends collide, warriors rise, and titans fall. This is a massive open world that you are free to explore and interact with; a sandbox for your characters.

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Where legends collide, warriors rise and titans fall. This is the general in character world, where your creations can rise to fame driven only by your imagination - this is the persistent world in which all characters exist. This whole forum is one big roleplay, with no specific rules or guidelines. If you want to create a roleplay in a single thread, this probably isn't where it needs to be.

Remember - this whole forum is one persistent world - your characters are free to move from topic to topic here with no restrictions.


Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Leon Gray on Sat Oct 28, 2006 3:56 pm

Leon Gray walks to the high stand in the middle of the square. Amazingly, it had not been attacked yet, and still stood. First aid wa sbeing given to survivors, men polishing their rifles. To his right stood Ryand Smith, His new ally in the resistance.

The speakers crackled slightly as he grabbed them, blowing in the wind. They worked, still, yet another miracle in the aftermath.

"Citizens of Wing City!"

His frame stood upright, cobalt hair blowing in the wind. his voice, deep, grabbing, yearning to release the passionate anger he held

"Citizens! Today....a man in Luxembourg wrote a letter. Treize may know him. He ultimately says he is in the aid of our city, but you hear him wrong!

In his own letter he blindly shot down Wing City and all it's citizens. In his own words he threw down the resistance, to tell us to 'stop fighting.' Don't you understand? He believes that if we fall peacefully, good will come to him. But hear me now, what about his op that said the bombing was justified? Is it right to kill 5 men for one of ours? For 10,000 men, 2 million shall fall? I think not! We must make this point clear!

Trieze's time in Luxembourg has corrupted him! Take orders only from the ones that truly wish you no harm!

Fight until we fall, then rise, AND FIGHT AGAIN!"

In a huff he put the micrphone down, frowning. He was not happy that not even the superior forces, that could easily take down the entire terrorist group, did not support the resistance, W.I.N.G.E.D. Of course, Trieze's speech may sound like it means better, but Leon knew to look deeper. He knew, his faction will prevail
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SinfulSoul on Sun Oct 29, 2006 4:16 am

Remy LeBeau
Gambit stood among the many in the crowd in the middle of Town Square. He propped up the collars on his trench coat to cover as much of his face as he could, just in case there were any dissenters about. The W.I.N.G.E.D member spoke, and he was thankful that there were people who knew Treize was a tyrannical leader. Gambit yearned to take part in the effort and to voice his support, but he had a family, and he had two kids now to look after. He could not afford to make himself visible in the public eye and his long time personal vendetta against Treize would have to remain a secret. For now, he would have to support the cause in his own secretive ways. His only worry was that these members of the resistance would mistaken him for being a terrorist against Wing City, instead of a terrorist against Treize.

Gambit slid the Ace of Spades out into his right hand. He then expertly flicked the card towards the stand with such precision that it slid right into the small crevice between Leon's foot and the floor itself. Gambit quickly turned, crouching his body slightly to hide himself in the trench coat and mingle through the crowd, eventually trying to disappear.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Sun Oct 29, 2006 10:32 am

Jacon was in the crowd, looking at the other leaders of the resistance. Knowing that the path to war would be temporally unavailable to them, he decided to go to the other path, the path of a political demagogue, to start to stir the people’s opinionated persuasions Jacon had his speech in hand, and decided to read it on the stage, hoping that his voice would carry over the rable. Jacon seemed shaken, the piece of paper where the speech was on a old, yellowing piece of paper, but he had a sort of light in his eyes, the kind of fire when man finds a goal

"People of the city of Luxembourg, I have a proposal for you. I a long time a go, a man called Thomas Loche proposed several theorems on democracy. One of his elements of his so called “Social Contract” was that people had the right too live in a secure place, and that Leaders must protect the people from harm. Trieze has broken his part of the Social contract between people and their government, and therefore does not deserve to rule. He must abdicate so that we can have a special election on the issue, because if he would let one cit fall, how long until this almighty city of Luxemburg falls? I say that he is a queslening with the invaders, and simply wants to use their resources! Never again! Remember Wing City!"

Jacon stepped off the stage, hoping that his speech had done some damage; but he knew that being a demagogue was not a smart idea in some situations,,,

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Leon Gray on Sun Oct 29, 2006 10:37 am

Leon felt a sudden jolt under his boot, and tilted his head toward the floor. His brow furrowed as he eyed the Ace of Spades, struck perfectly between imself and the ground.

He heard things of the sort happening before. An Ace of Spades can mean life or death to someone in Wing City. The last one was found at the wreckage of the bombed building.

So was this contact? Leon was a smart man, and knew things never happened on coincidence. He turned to his right and spoke with Jacon. It was someone in the crowd that threw it, but he was gone now.

Jacon's speech was very powerful, but he was not to be outdone. He smiled and followed Jacon down off of the highpoint in Luxembourg. Ah, at least they we're in a secure city. Or was it?

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Gundam Gears on Fri Nov 03, 2006 12:58 am

A gundam of great size and power would lower himself to the ground, his black armor, with red outlining would glisten in the moon as it looked upon the city with anger. The Gundams eye's show a bright red, glowing as a fist was clenched in it's right sector. A voice from the Gundam would be heard as following.

"Do not fear what has fallen upon you. The Dark Zero Empire has come to your need. We are offering weapons of all sorts and housing. We trully will help you destroy Treize if that is what needed."

A man then would hop from the back of this Gundams skull and look upon the city with own eye's. His black cothing also glistening in the moon as he removed his helmet showing a face with Deep blue eye's , clean cut as he shook his head and a tear from his eye's. Clenching both of his fists in anger he shook the gently. He then spoke out as follows.

"I am Gundam Gears and I lead the Dark Zero Empire. I have seen destruction like this before by Luxenbourg, they destroyed my home planet. So I will aid you. And Treize, you will fall like everyone else who messes with the peace."

Gears stood there, not budging as he stared into the city for hours on end. Listening to the wind and watching people do what they have to.
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