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Courage,Metal and Magic:Origins of War (Presequel)

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Courage,Metal and Magic:Origins of War (Presequel)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Pantsmaster on Thu Sep 20, 2007 4:43 pm

(This Rp take place 100 years before Never Ending War.)
The peaceful planet Emula, A planet that uses sword s and magic to maintain peace. And The Planet Techz, A technologically advanced planet that is run by corrupt democrats. Ever since the two planets first interacted. They have been at consent war. But, There is a tale to how it all started. The Techz had been able to see Emula for the longest of ages. They now have advanced deep space flight and decided that it would be a good idea to have a second planet....

In the after noon of an average day on Emula. A forest was thick and echoing with life. A Young elf girl was running throughout the wood She had long yellow hair and was wearing a blue dress. Then an odd humming noise filled the air.
Elf Girl: Huh? What that funny noise? (She ran over to a clearing. She looked up to the sky. Multiple large grey rectangular objects where speeding out of the sky.) What are those!?!? They are not dragons or shooting stars.( Then one of the large grey ships slowed down and landed in the clearing in the forest a few hundred yards away from he. A odd hissing noise arose and a large gangway opened out of the ship. The gangway hit the ground with a thud. A Women in her 30s stepped onto the top of the gangway. She was wearing white robes and hand black glasses on, She had long brown hair that was done into a pony tail.
Women: Wow! I cant wait to be the first person from Techz to step on to this planet! (She was about to step out when a arm dated out behind her and moved in front of her. There stood a figure wearing silver armor on its arms, legs and chest. Under that was black cloth. Its helmet had a black glass visor and some kind odd shape over the area where the mouth would be.
Women: What is the big idea?
Armored figure: (Sounds like a man voice in his early 20s )This planet may be hostile! For all you know that ground right there could collapse and lead into some kinda den where local predators live. What if there is some big aggressive monster sitting right outside in a patch of bushes?
Women: Fine then! Have it your way.
Armored Figure: Thank you Miss Rivet
Dr. Rivet: Dont get eaten by something.
Armored Figure: haha very funny. (The armored figure stepped out and looked around. He steped around and walked around the ship and came back to the gangway.) Looks okay to me, you may advance.
Dr. Rivet: Why thank you (takes a step.)
Armored Person: No! Not you! I was talking about my personal attack squad.
Dr. Rivet: Commander Feailds! This is outrages. There is not a sign of any danger and you call out a attack squad? I know you think your so good because you made the highest score on the battle simulation and got promoted two ranks But I am a high class science officer. You take orders from me. And plus this is your first real mission!
((Note to any who rp in Courage, Metal and Magic: Old War ,New Battle.This rp takes place 100 years before that rp. Commander Feailds is an older gruff @$$ hole who survived 20 wars. Now he is who is on his first mission. They are the same. Dun Dun Dun Plot foreshadowing for a different Rp! I shall be the first person ever to have two rps going at once where both of them reveal things about the other! Mhahaha!))
Commander Feailds: Sorry Lady, Orders are im am to secure a landing area, and in my word, this area is not secure untill I get my personal attack unit out here now. And plus I am the only one who has scored 100 on that machine.
(Four Other troopers ran out. One was carrying a long laser rifle like Feailds. Another one was holding two laser pistols, The next two energy blades and the last one had a missile launcher. The ones with the rifle and two pistols where female. In the Techz army, they make different chest armor for females to allow more breathing room around the chest. The crew ran over to feailds.)
Feailds: Now lets take another look around the ship.
Troops: Yes Sir! (The troops run around the ship checking for signs of hostile life.)
Feailds: Its all clear Dr. Rivet
Dr. Rivet: About time. (She walks off an looks around. She spots a colorful bush growing red berries left to the ship.) I cant wait to start studying this new ecosystem! ( Walks over to the bush and looks over it.)

Commander Feailds: Yeah.. And I cant wait to start killing and kicking @$$.
( The troops break out laughing.)
Female Troop: A double on that. (The troops keep laughing. Rivet looks cross and keeps looking over the bush trying to ignore them. Meanwhile South of where the ships land, a small village filled with people native to Emula are getting ready to hold a festival that night. The house are small and made out of wood and stone. People of different races where running around. Men where raising stands for there Mayer to stand on when giving his speech.. Women where baking. The mayor, Who was short and bent over with thick curly hair. A brawny man walked up to him.
Brawny Man: Hello Mayor! The local Militia law enforcement is ready
Mayor: as our tradition, The local militia goes into Mes Woods and hunts down some big tasty animals and brings them back to the village so we can have a great feast.
Brawny Guy: Are all officers going? Then who will protect the town?
Mayor: Who dose anything to disrupt the peace?
Brawny Guy: Well that is true....
(A elf man with long green robes that looks like the mayors cloths.)
Elf: Hello you two.
Mayor: Ah Evaen, How are you, Being the town mage sent all the way from the big cities, I bet you are busy.
Evaen: yes..yes...But..Have you two seen my daughter?
Mayor:..hmmm come to think about it no.
Brawny Guy: Um.. I think she ran into the woods.
Evaen: But there are monsters in there!
Mayor: You worry to much. They really come out and most of that time is at night.
Evaen: Still.. I say we should find her
No god mode...Even in this rp.
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And that is pretty much it. You can have as many chars as you want, just make sure you can handle it.
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