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Cratos Novadian

a topic in Futuristic Roleplay, a part of the RPG forum.

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Cratos Novadian

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Gundam Gears on Thu Nov 16, 2006 5:46 pm

(A beggining to a book I am writing, please, help me make it more interestin so others may read the book, and find out RP is fun.)

Chapter One-The Intro-
Darkness. It covored the vast piece of dirt once called Earth.Left in the shadows of infinity, filled with life and lushesness beauty, now covored with death and hateful dispose of it's past. Tree's burnt down to ash, buildings fell to rubble. The greatest countries, the strongest countries, all destroyed..United States of America, China, Israel, Great Brittan, all destroyed with ease.

This is what was left of the planet Earth. Many ages have passed. The age of destruction errupted, the final day of Earth was left by one last soldier, May 28, 2381. This was Earths fall. Their hatred to each other was their own death. But why couldn't a planet of the same organisms live in peace? Why couldn't they be brothers in unity. It was their simple mind.

Ages have passed since this destruction. Many years, of about seven score. You could look at Earth from space and call it Mars. Everything this planet had was taken for granted. They showed no love. No care, no peace. It was all about the power and money.

The name that was given to this was called "Day of Destruction" but also known as "Cratos Novadian." Which in another language was "The fall for our Tansgressions." This day will be remembered by all planets in the Milky Way.

Now, you shall find out the story. The bloodshed, the death, the payback that was given to all Humans. This is the story of the "Cratos Novadian."

Chapter Two-Money for Power-
A tall man, of a light brown colour stepped forward, wearing a black suit, black silk tie hanging from his neck and a pair of black dress shoes. His face was kept clean, having a Go-T and a philly fade, he lifted up his right hand and placed a suit case onto a table surrounded by three different leaders of different countries.

"I have brought the money as you have asked, but I must ask to see the documents and signatures of the offer." The light brown man asked.

Another man, of a Chinese decents, standing about 5'4" stepped to the table wearing a white suit and holding a small white brief case onto the table. He showed the light skinned man the papers. Being skimmed over, he sighed a bit as he asked..

"General Crimson, why do you need proof of our loyalty? Is it the fact that you may not trust us? Or, is it you don't want us to cheat you out? MY loyalty is yours to keep."

General Crimson stood there keeping his hand on the money as he skimmed the papers. His hazel eye's looked up and stared at the chinese man with greediness in his eye's. He slightly smirked a bit as he began to speak.

"Emporer Shinataku, why would I have any reason to doubt your loyalty? All I requested is for you to show me the papers of your country. IS there something you are hiding from me?
Would you mind signing this piece of paper so I can compare the signature. If you don't mind." Crimson asked with a sense of untrustworthiness..

Emporer Shinataku agreed, but shaking a bit. He grabbed a black ink pen from his right pocket on the inside of his jacket and began to sign the piece of paper, shaking a bit. This man was surely nervous. But what would be the cause of his nervousness? He quickly finished his signature and showed it to General Crimson. A small bit of rage appeared in the mans eye's as he compared the two signatures.

"Shinataku, do I look like a fool to you?! Do I? YOu thought you could give me a fake signature? You fucking piece of shit. You are surely not the brightest one in your country. If I wanted a fake signature, I would have not asked you to sign it." A angered sound was heard from Crimson as this was said.

Crimson reached in his left pants pocket and pulled out a crome butterfly knife and flicked it open. The blade shined in the light as it shot down into the left hand of Shinataku. Blood spewed a bit, till it sliwly just drained away onto the table from the wound.

"Now, Shinataku, sign this correctly or I will give you the worst torture that is known to you. And I will double it for the count."Crimson said to Shinataku with a calm voice.

The small chinese man jumped back in fear as he quickly lifted his pen up and began to sign his signature onto the document. He then slowly lifted up his left hand and placed it onto the lower left corner of the paper, so then he could not be lying.

Crimson spoke very little to Shinataku after this," Thank you Shinataku, That is all I need. Now, Who is up next?

A man, standing about 6'9" stepped up, being of Russian decent. He looked a bit roughm having a thick beard and a muscular body. He slowly stuck out his right hand as if to shake the hand of Crimson. This was the biggest man here, but the least dressed. He wore a
white T-Shirt, and a pair of black Cargo pants.He held a red brief case in his left hand.

Crimson shook the hand of the Russian man and laughed a bit at his size." You are bigger than I expected Shulaive. Way bigger. So, I see you have brought the papers. May I see them?"

Shulaive placed his case on the table and opened it up. It showed the document, Signed and having a bloody hand print in the lower left corner of the document. This was a man of his word.

"Shulaiv, thank you. I respect you for doing the extra, when all that was needed was a signature. You sir, no matter how well you dress, have gained my respect." Crimson stated.

Soon after the Russian man stepped back, a middle eastern man stepped up, not showing much, just wearing a black cloth and a black turban. But this was their royal colours of cloth now. This man did not do much, he just placed his suit case on the table between the russians and the chinese mens. Rigt after the middle eastern man stepped back, the next man stepped forward. He looked just like Crimson, but was the leader of Syria. He wore the exact same thing, and placed his platinum case on the table and pulled out the paper work and showed it to Crimson, and stood their firm and unwavering.

"Thank you, Shinataku, Shulaive, Laden, and Ceaser. Thank you very much. Here is what you asked for inturn for the leadership and union of your countries." Crimson spoke softly and then lifted his right hand into the air and dropped to the ground. "Now."

After Crimson dropped to the ground with the paperwork and his empty brief case, seven soldiers, dressed in blue body armor, similar to the Japanese Samurai's jumper out of the shadows hoding AK-47's and quickly shot the four men. Bullets clicking, one after another, shells hitting the ground as smoke rose from the rifle barrels. Blood spewing from the four men, as Crimson sat their on the ground laughing.

The bullets stopped. A dead silence was heard for a moment, till a loud thundering sound was heard from the outside of the private room. It was the carrier ship meant to take crimson and his soldiers out of the area.Smoke exited the building like wind from a fan. It was numerous. The carriership landed, the pilots signaling to get in quick as spiralling lights ontop of cars were seen coming around corners everywhere. Police had now reached the sight of the deal. Within seconds, the men were aboard the ship and miles from the old rendezvous spot.

"Sir, they got away. It must have been big, there are four men on the ground dead, covored in blood and the ship that we were chasing took off quick. We need to get someone to come out and inspect this." The cop spoke into his communicator.

"We got that, we have sent two people, they should be there right about now. Let's just figure out what happened and figure out who is behind all of this trouble." The commanding officer spoke back."

Within seconds of that message, two Ferrari Spiders pulled up into the scene and began to check the area, but all they found was dead bodies and empty brief cases.

"Commander, all we found was four dead bodies. Be have identified them, but you will not like it. Especially this being on U.S. soil. We have the bodies of Shulaiv, the leader of Russia. Laden, the president of Iraq, Jaquiane, the leader of Syria.. And the worst one for us.. Emporer Shinataku." The inspectors spoke to the commanding officers.

"God damn it. This is not good for us.. We need to cover this somehow. Get the bodies down to Mexico or something quick.. Before word gets around." The commander spoke, with fear of what may happen.

The inspectors quickly put the four bodies into body bags and began to drive them down to MExico, heading straight for Mexico City to place the bodies. They soon reached the city and placed the bodies in a hotel room. Placing drugs on them, and soon left to make it look like drug deal.

Would this workout?

Chapter Two-Nightmare or Dream?-
Crimson soon landed, his ship was hidden by a cloak as he went to his car, in the garage about two blocks from the landing sight. He walked shaking his head and laughing a bit. "How could they be such fools?" He headed to his car, reaching in his right pocket pulling out his keys to his black SUV, fitted out with 24" inch rims and dark tint. He got about ten feet to his vehicle and raised his head up and looked at his SUV. He jumped back about three feet as he saw a man. This man wore a long black leather jacket that had a hood covering his head and covoering all his upped body and almost all of his legs. He wore black cargo pants and a pair of black combat boots. He slowly lifted his head up, looking at Crimson, this man was wearing a black porcelain mask, covoreing his face.

"Your days are numbered Crimson. And so is this planets. So you had better hurry with what you are doing so you may enjoy it for a little bit." The cloaked man said.

"Who the hell are you? Do I know you? and what do you mean my days are numbered and so are the days of this planet?" Crimson said to the man. But before he could finish, the cloaked being in black dissapeared without a tace. Crimson looked around a bit, and shook his head, thinking he was seeing things. He then jumped into his SUV and took off, heading to a nearby mansion he owned to place the Documents in a safe, so they would not get ruined.

Soon after, Crimson headed to a nearby club. Club 666 was the hottest spot for gang members, drug dealers and your everyday, pimps. He reached it unhurt and headed a room upstairs about seven stories. It was a long walk. But he finally reached it, and entered into it, sitting on a red leather couch and starring at the two men that were also in the room.

The two men spoke,"Did you get them? We do not have much time."
Crimson laughed a bit at the question.,"Did I get them? Of course I got them. They are safe. We will begin the project tomorrow. I pray it shall be interesting. And the profit and stregnth.. all the fear.. we shall no longer just be the Leaders of the Mafia Project, but we shall be the leaders of making SuperSoldiers. I already have the flights and reservations ready. And for the count, we are now the official leaders of Iraq, China, Russia, and Syria."

They all soon began to laugh as they reached into a bowl and grabbed a small white pill that had a blue dolphin on it. they popped two each. This was Extacy. They soon began to overheat, but drank lots of water as they went to the floor and began to speak to the females. This would be the avergae day at Club 666. The men got a few ladies and took them up to their room, and began to do what they do. And enjoy themself, so they could have a prospourous day with their project tommorow. It should prove to be very interesting.
Though my right hand is made of metals, I am still a normal man.. For the normality is always there, you just don't know it..(I build Gundams)

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Gundam Gears on Fri Nov 17, 2006 7:07 pm

Chapter Three-The Beggining of the Fall-
The day was September 13, 2379, a Tuesday. This day would prove to be a fatal day for

some. And a powerful day for others.. What would be the choice of the world? And How would

they take it upon them.

A voice was heard from across the room, Crimson still laying on the couch with the female

he met last night.."Hey, kid, you awake? It's the big day. We gotta go and get to China

and pick up the people as the supplies are sent, They are supposed to be there around 7:00

a.m.. Get ready quick mother fucker."

Crimson jumped up and looked at his friend as he was buttoning his shirt and tightening

his tie. "Damn, last night was awesome. Let that be the least of the pleasures we get. Let

this project be the biggestthing known to mankind ever."

Now all three men were dressed, still tired, but ready to do what they planned. The three,

now headed for Crimsons SUV. The three reached the SUV and jumped into their seats,

Crimson in the driver, and the other two in the back seats. Crimson tiwsted the key into

the ignition, the vehicle reving loudly as it was turned on. Soon pulling out of the club

parking lot, they were gone, on the way to the airport. They had a rather large private

jet waiting on them for their quest for power.

They soon reached the airport, looking around till they found their escort to their jet.

Crimson laughing a bit as he walked to the escort, their feet clicking on the ground while

all the females in the building looked at the three men, all dressed up an sharp. Now

standing infront of the escort, the escort began to ask a few questions..

"Passports, I.D.'s and Tickets, I need these three to show you to your jet. The three men

I am looking for are as followed: Shaun, Crimson, Micheal. The three owners of Club 666."

Each man pulled out their I.D.'s, Passports and Tickets, handing them to the escort, as

they walked towards their private jet. The men noticed the jet, large with a grey color,

but a very luxurious interior. At the top of the stairs, there was a few women waiting at

the top to welcome the men. Each man began to step up the stairs, towards the women as

they carried a few brief cases in each hand, each covored in chrome, and a voice digital

activated lock, that would secure their securacy.

The men reached the top as they walked past the women and sat down in the red leather

couches, placed on a black shag carpet, and a 86" T.V. with a chrome tabel in the middle

of the area. Shaun, Micheal and Crimson placed their cases on the tabel and opened them as

they said a few words, "Genesis, Revelation, Exodus." As they said those words, the cases

opened, showing one-hundred stacks of $1,000 each, being ten million dollars a piece in

each case. Below the money, their was blood contracts showing that the men now ran the

countries China, Syria, Russia, and Iraq and was able to use their resources at their


The engines fired up, flames bursting from the rear thrusters and the captain flipping a

few switches at the private jet shot of into the sky, and headed straight for the deserts

of Iraq, where they had a base right below the oil fields. This would be their new home

for a bit while the projects began.

"We have taken off, we will be landing in six hours at 5:15 a.m. so enjoy yourself, and

let the women help. We want you to have the most comfortable ride possible. IF you need

anything, ask the females, they will retrieve it for you, no matter what it is." The

captain of the jet said as they reached the peak of their flight in the air.

=This would be the begining of the end for the world, and many would not recognize, the four emporers dieng and the men starting something called "The Projects" in the desert,

the main things being Genesis, Exodus and Revelation projects.. This is the biggest thing

recorded ever in their time.=

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