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The Knights of Artorias

Creation Rules

a part of “The Knights of Artorias”, a fictional universe by Revali.

All they wanted was a second chance to change their lives... but fate had other designs

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The Knights of Artorias”.
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Creation Rules

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Revali on Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:52 pm

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control,
shift your energy to what you can create.”


First off, welcome to the Character Creation tab! Here, I will explain all of the rules and what I expect of you and your character. I promise it is not as bad as it seems. I just want to make sure you understand what is going on, and if something is confusing, I want you to notify me so I can explain it! This roleplay is important to me: it's been in the works since early 2018, and as you can see, we're already in the middle of 2019.

Rule one: If you haven't noticed, I am NOT accepting any sort of anime face claims whatsoever. All art should be fantasy in nature, and something that remotely looks similar in fashion. I will be extremely lenient on this because I know it can be difficult to find matching artwork. And it should be artwork. I'll even allow artwork of game characters (face claim wise) and of people from shows like Game of Thrones, however; their clothing should remotely fit the theme of the roleplay: medieval fantasy-like. For example, for one of my characters, I'm using Cirilla from the Witcher. This is, of course, if you choose to use the character sheet with images. There is a basic character sheet without images, however; if you choose to use the one without images, I still require you to use an image for an icon. All characters MUST have an icon of your character, or the closest image that resembles your character.

Rule two: You may choose to play as any of the races that have been provided to you: human, orc, ljósálfar, dwarf, dragon, or dökkálfar. If you so desire, your character can be a mix of the races, but please keep it to at least two. Dwarf/human, orc/dökkálfar, you get the picture. Please read the culture section of the races before you do, though. Now, there IS one exception to this rule. If there is a particular race that you have in mind, or wish to create, please PM me so we can hash out the details. You will be required to write a little backstory to your created race, though. That way it can be added to the culture tab.

Rule three: The other exception to rule two is that if you want your character to be a dragon, you MUST PM me about it, first. If you read the lore, you will know that dragons are very, very rare--extinct, even. Because of their rarity, I'll allow at least two characters to be dragons. Again, you must PM me about it if you desire to create one, however; I will automatically deny a dragon halfling. Dragons no longer exist, however; I will accept if the character has dragon heritage. For example, one of my character's has dragonblood heritage, but the blood has mostly been bred out. They're human at this point but retain some of the magical aspects of dragonsblood.

Rule four: Character limits. What I am looking for are characters who will be a part of the Knights of Artorias, however; I am allowing the creation of two characters. If you have an idea for another character, other than the one who must be part of the organization, you are free to make that character. Be aware, however, that your second character will likely not show up until the second arc. Just PM me if you have ideas for a second character and are not sure of where to put them. I will help out as much as I can. I'd like it if genders were even, but let's face it... that doesn't always happen, so I'll take what I can get.

Rule Five: Names are important, sort of. Please name characters according to their race, and the setting of this roleplay. It can be difficult, but I trust you all to be creative enough to find something. Nothing too modernized, though. That's just... it ruins the aspects of the RP. Also, characters must be over the age of twenty. That is the youngest I will accept a character at. Anything above twenty is fair game, though, especially since some of the other races do have longer lifespans. This ties into the cultural references and tabs, so make sure you check those out before deciding on an age for your character. [x] <-- this is a decent site. This RP is inspired by Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Dark Souls, Legend of Zelda, and Dragon Age. If you can find names that fit those particular games/books/show, feel free to use them if it is easier. Be creative, though, when choosing. Cannon names from either of those are going to be heavily frowned upon, but won't interfere with your acceptance.

Rule six: Character side-quests are as important to the story as the story itself. It's a way for characters to grow, to showcase their growth, and deal with their inner demons, so to speak. I ask that you PM me a suggestion of a side-quest of some sort for your character, however; do not feel obligated to do so right away. If something comes up, and you want your character to be the head person for a personal quest, let me know. Remember, this story is about all of the characters, and focused on all of them. Not just one. There is a small section dedicated to a potential side-quest for your character at the end of the character sheets: feel free to use those.

Rule seven: As you'll notice, in the character sheet there is an area in the Proficiency part where you are required to fill out the statistics of your character. Each abbreviation stands for something, however; keep in mind that your character will not be maxed out in any of those attributes. Please distribute the attributes according to your characters specific profile. For example, if your character is not that physically strong, then their strength bar will not pass three bars. Each statistic has ten bars, so think of it as strength being 3 out of 10. They can make it up in other areas, though, like in their dexterity or speed. If you have questions about it, please ask. In the basic character sheet, you can just fill in a number from 1 to 10.

STR = Strength = How strong is your character? [ in terms of strength, each species will have their own physical limitations. pick the proper ones per species ]
CON = Constitution = How strong is your character's endurance/health?
DEX = Dexterity = How good is your character with their hands and their evasiveness?
WIL = Willpower = Basically your characters Will and spirit.
CNG = Cunning = How devious and cunning is your character?
RES = Resistance = How good is your characters' defense?
ARC = Arcane = Is your character capable of magic? If they are, how good are they at it?
CHA = Charisma = How charismatic is your character?
SKL = Skill = How skilled is your character? Weapons, ect.,?
SPD = Speed = How fast is your character?

Rule eight: I think that's about it as far as character creation goes. If you have any questions, please, I implore you to ask them. Ask. It never hurt anyone in the history of asking questions... except that one guy, maybe. Also, you are free to decorate the character sheet(s) however you'd like as long as they have they appropriate information!

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