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Creepypasta RP Forum (Literate)(Accepting applications)(WIP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Snowy_love on Mon Dec 24, 2018 10:03 pm

OOC: Let me make this very clear: This is in no way an intention of violating the terms of service as violence is not allowed. This forum is for Creepypasta enthusiasts to create new characters and utilize their creations to socialize with other members of the fandom. This forum is used to show the more "casual" side of Creepypasta OCs. Roleplay as a fully-trained Creepypasta, a Proxy, or both!

- Follow all rules of the site.
- You can play more than one character, but no more than four.
- Be respectful.
- Please put 'read' at the end of your application so I know you read and understand the rules.

Application form (Fully trained Pasta) -

Name (Of character):
Age(Of character):
Backstory (optional, keep it clean and appropriate):
Proxy (If any):

Application form (Proxies) -

Backstory (optional, keep clean and appropriate):

Example -
Name: Snowy
Age: 16 years
Looks: Snowy has blue/grey skin, round sky-blue eyes, long white hair styled in waves that reaches to her waist. She is five foot three inches tall and thin, but robust.
Personality: Snowy is very timid an easily frightened. She has a difficult time trusting people, but if you gain her trust she can be very kind and sweet. She may also become attached to people, following them around as though she were a lost puppy. She is highly sensitive and reacts negatively to being yelled at or any aggressive nature aimed at her or others she cares about. However, sometimes she can become incredibly enraged in which case she may disappear from the Creepypasta Mansion for a few days time.
Backstory: Snowy - born with the name Willow - was playing outside in the snow one day as a means of becoming connected with her younger self. When she returned to the house, she found that the front door was locked. Though she attempted to breach the household in every way possible but was unsuccessful. As a result, she passed due to hypothermia and shock. She was found and rescued by some creepypasta proxies, and thanks to unknown means she was brought back to a state of living-dead. Having not known who barricaded her from her home, Willow didn't know who she could trust or who to be angry at, and so she trusted nobody and was angry with the world. She agreed to become a proxy, and as a symbol of her new life she cast aside her birth name and replaced it with Snowy, which was symbolic to what had brought her to this point.
Proxy: None
Other: Her bones and skin are forever frozen stiff, which keeps her body preserved in its original condition. She is always cold and if she is touched then the cold of her skin is felt by those who touch her. There is no way to rewarm her (no matter how long you hold her hand, it will remain cold to the touch) but she uses certain methods to keep herself mildly comfortable, such as wearing long clothes (hoodies, sweatpants, etc.). She is always shaking; either from cold, fear or both. She talks in a whisper-like tone on a normal basis.

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