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Tips: 0.25 INK Postby TheEmoKidNextDoor on Sat Jun 16, 2018 8:25 pm

a tale for the weak

Walking down the alley way, I felt a strange cold felling behind me. I spun around but there was no one there. Oddly there was snow, but in the summer, snow. "What the hell! Why freaking snow, in the middle of f-ing summer. Summer, f-ing summer!" I thought. I ran up the alley way. I felt the same freaking cold felling was chasing me. I saw a little girl, around the age 6 or 7. She was petrified of ether me or the thing behind me. I saw in her teary-eyed mess a walking snow man. Now, you might be thinking that I was high or drunk or something, but I was 14. My name is Sarah Candice Morgan, now I'm 17 and the #1 reject in my school. Now, we caught up, good. That scared the shit out of me, so I ran home and never saw it again until last month. I was decorating the Christmas palm tree. I looked out the bay window and I say him. Now mind you, I live in California. So snow isn't a thing here alright. And I saw snow, yes you read me right, f-ing snow! "What snow?" Oh I know it was the walking snow man. "Damn she's high," you're probably thinking right. No, I'm scared of a snowman. Don't laugh at me because I saw him take off his mask. He looked like Eye-less Jack but whiter than a dead person. "Bitch what?" you're thinking. I know, it blew my freaking mind but I did the research in history books and I found out a shit ton about him, and yes it was a him. Why me though, because I'm the reject or because I'm the looser. I don't know, but what ever it is I'm scared.

According to the history books, he's not that uncommon. But in fact, he is a black-eyed demon. Wait, now that I look back at it he kind of looks like a black-eyed kid. If you don't know what black-eyed kids are here's a picture. Terrifying right, yes, f-ing terrifying. That's just one of the pictures from one the year books. I read in an article that he might be the leader of the black-eyed kids. "a-ha, a-ha right..." Yes I know I sound crazy but I'm not insane, trust me. I felt like he needed a name and I found out that people call him Frostbite. I don't know if that's true, but that's what I'm calling him alright. So Frostbite has been now staring at me for ten minutes now and I'm terrified. Seriously, I tried to move and I couldn't. I couldn't move at all. Why couldn't I move, oh well the f-ing snowman, Frostbite. So, the reason that they call him Frostbite is when ever you shake his hand you get frostbite in your blood cells. Then, some of the frost-bitten blood cells travel to your brain and your brain freezes. In later years of your life you'll have brain damage. And eventually you will die in a tragic accident like a car crash or something. I never would touch him, even when I was a kid like around the ages of 7 or 8. I guess that was good. I mean I have seen many weird "creepy pastas" in my life. Jeff the killer was my ex-boyfriend, before he went psycho. Jane, his neighbor, was my best friend. I used to play the game that Ben drowned was on. I don't know, maybe I'm their main target. What ever, let's just focus on the one targeting me again. If I could ask him one question it would be "why me?" That's weird that he would choose me. Maybe I did something to make a demon get pissed at me. The Ouija board, shit. I did an Ouija board when I was 6. Is that why it's always me?

Oh shit, now I'm terrified because that same damn cold sensation is behind be. What's there? Like over in the darkest area in the room. There's something over their, I can feel it. I'm going closer to it. I see blood falling from something black. I'm hearing footsteps. I can't breathe anymore. Why can't I breathe anymore? Something's choking me, I see dots every were. There Frostbite was staring into my eyes, terrified. Why the hell was he terrified? Then I saw in his teary-eyed eyes The thing I saw under the suite getting choked. It was me. I was the thing everybody was scared of. I couldn't be Frostbite. I could not be Frostbite. That's why the little girl was terrified. That's why all the creepy-pastas were following me. Someone has had to pass it onto me. I shook his hand once. That's when it happened. But why pass it to me? Why not pass it to someone normal? Is it for revenge? For justice? Well I don't know, but be terrified. 'Cause I'm here and real in the flesh and in the blood. I'm real, I'm alive. I'd be terrified if I were you. Sweet dreams little one I hope to see you there...
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