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Creepypasta Theory: Dimensions and Societies

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Creepypasta Theory: Dimensions and Societies

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby AmericanaPsycho on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:23 pm

I see too much of a typical creepy pasta roleplay. Now, you may be wondering what that may be but let me explain:

It usually starts out with a person's OC running in the woods and finding the mansion and some of the other people's OCs live there already. Then, they live in Slender's big happy serial killer mansion that has electricity, plumbing, internet, and cable despite the fact that they don't pay any bills and they're a bunch of serial killers and monsters pretty much hiding from the government and actual normal people.

It's pretty obvious where the holes in this are, but it's even worse when I bring it down to this:

So, despite these people having bad mental illnesses and violent tendencies, they act normal in front of each other, can feel love, and all have the same basic personality slate and morals but yet if there's a human nearby they're useless and not important and get slain in a matter of two seconds or a poorly written long sequence in which they show how their character terribly kills this person like an edgy teen.

Also, they will easily fall in love. They also have the promise of a warm bed and special room.

I hate all this so much, so I made my own theory:

To add a better explanation to the plot for the whole fandom when roleplaying, I have made a deep theory. My theory centers around the idea that there are many dimensions in which creatures may come from and why things are the way they are. To begin the Dimensional theory, There are the few dimensions that have been discovered within this Universe. There are possibly way more dimensions that haven't been discovered or documented by beings that have even slight access to this uncharted territory.
Some may be dangerous spaces, others may be complete safe spaces and others may not be accessible at all, people just don't know. The few that have been accessed, are probably less complex than any other dimensions unknown.
The first dimension people mostly all know about is the most obvious, the human dimension. It's hard for it to be complex. It's mostly built upon powerless beings but powerful things do dwell there. These powerful things would consist of supernatural beings or any type of other dimensional beings that step foot there.
There are things beyond all of our imaginations within this theory - it widens the fandom from just little girls that killed their parents because they were abused and bullied. But basically, the human world is mostly blinded from the things beyond them. People from other dimensions try their best to cover it up. Since humans are so complex with emotions that range with every single human and they all have different thought processes, it would be very dangerous if they knew about these things. They might try to destroy the things they don't understand or go off trying to figure out things themselves when they don't need to, it's because of fear that could drive them and they think they're superior to everything else.
But even so, there are humans that know and persue these things. They understand the deep trouble they'd be in if it wasn't kept quiet and some families have supernatural blood buried deep within them. So, when people die they get the choice to stay trapped in the human realm, move on to a realm of nothingness that never keeps track of time or anything at all that's only ever dark, serve for Zalgo, or depending on their Skills or if they have killed in their lifetimes they can go on to become a creepypasta. Supernatural blood within them can also influence give them a choice to be a creepypasta.
The next dimension is one that I have mentioned before, the dimension of complete darkness. It's not just darkness though, it can create the world's worst monsters from the isolation and toxicness within it. Although it's a dark place, you can see in front of yourself so if someone walked really really close to your face, you could see them slightly and you could see particles flying in front of your face. If people have chosen this place thinking it's a place of peace, they begin walking in their normal human form and as they walk they turn into a ghostly being and slowly lose themselves moving forward.
The most obvious dimension is the Creepypasta dimension. This dimension is a bit like a distorted version of the human world made for monsters. Now, humans in the human world will have mental illness or other factors making them different in these ways. This can make them a creepypasta after death unless a specific reason that's necessary for them to be taken into the pasta dimension while living.
The pasta dimension is a dimension that has basic colors much like our world does. Grass is red, the sky is a light gray in the morning and a dark grey at night, clouds are black, the most unatural common color sometimes seen in the colors of flowers. The world seems to exist to sorta mock the human world with how it looks.
A way to get into the pasta world is to choose to go there after death. Another way would be automatically going there depending on the genes in your family, if you've ever killed, how many lives you've ruined, a portal, or some other strange characteristic or power you may have been born with.
The people who rule the pasta world, are of high importance, or are popular, have places in government and create missions to try to avoid too much chaos -- but just enough. They want to be able to do little things to entertain themselves and it's usually evil and towards humans that are completely mortal. They like to mess with humans and fuck their lives up a bit, but they cannot be discovered or it would be dangerous, so they keep things on down low. It's things like spreading popular stories to catch targets or spreading viruses and making the world a little worse. They do this because it gives creepypastas power and life, it's their purpose and if they didn't, their world would fall apart. They have a sort of culture that's mostly mysterious origins and being evil.
So, a person of higher standing or wealth would be Slender man. Another might be older stories that terribly scared younger children and very, very, dangerous historical figures. One of these being Hitler. Hitler in the creepypasta world is like a Hitler that hates humans instead of religion -- just mortal humans or even slight disgust for half breed pastas or the half alive human half pasta.
Hitler is more of a figure there for Comedic relief but he does have importance. Most higher standing beings provide lower level pastas with tasks and jobs and homes. Some don't provide homes, but others do. Some will have apartment buildings and their own portals into other important dimensions, these being the inbetween -- this is dangerous -- the underworld, and the human world of course.
Slender man groups up people in cabins depending on their past lives, power, and other factors. For example, one cabin may include an unstable serial killer, a person who had power, a half breed, and a wiser older pasta. This is to even each other out. Now, most mentally ill people obviously will still have it, but they are given medication from the very high ups to calm them down.
They have a system, There are levels in their society but they get together to discuss things and figure out what might work best. some pastas get normal jobs in the society, not just dangerous jobs. There are jobs similar to human jobs but not as wide ranged and excessive. It's more so printing, food, cashier, pasta services, and things like that. These jobs are usually given to weak pastas.
As for the stronger ones, of course they have the choice on who to join job wise. There's slender, Hitler, and other large urban legends. There are also gangs of supernatural creatures that band together to help each other out and usually choose a higher-up to work for. The black-eyed children have always chosen to work for Slender, they don't really have separate groups besides the other two, they're more so a giant community of children. The vampires usually choose their own packs much like werewolves. They choose whoever they please, there is one gang of vampires and one gang of werewolves that work for slender, everyone else chose other high-ups.
The gangs aren't usually in the pasta dimension, they usually stay in the human world and travel fast. Others will travel fast to an area, split up in twos or just go alone, then all meet back up in designated spots and travel to other places. Some will dwell in the same human towns and never leave for years, this is not uncommon for vampires and werewolves to do in certain towns. They choose a place they like because they have power. Or they stay nicely low but still get kills.
There is an asylum and hospital in the pasta dimension, doctors, and nurses. The asylum is for pastas who refuse to take their medications and are caught for doing it. Some don't spend long there, but others will continually refuse. They have to take the medication because seeing how chaotic they all really are, they try really hard to keep peace to live as organized as possible.
The asylums have powerful workers there, and they get paid good money. This is in order to control the patients. There are rebels who run off, make gangs, or make their own tasks themselves in order to take down the pasta government.
The insane pastas aren't just always calm because of the pill, they have moments but they are dulled down and controlled due to the pill. There is also a fear of the higher-ups with keeps people loyal. The dimension itself can make a person feel a bit insane, that's normal there, but they do their bests to complete tasks to continue living.
There are apartments build for pastas who have other jobs and some other high-ups make their workers live in apartments just for them. Slender has cabins for workers more on the go, and they are in a certain area of his forest and he owns many portals. He does have a building much like a college campus. It's a house, but he also trains newcomers there and his workers go there to get posted on tasks and choose them. His most prized workers get tasks from him directly though.
He has proxies that are human, they have never stepped foot in the pasta dimension though, but they camp out in forests in the human dimension, because they are human, and he gets them supplies mysteriously and they are being controlled by him due to fear and paranoia and general brainwashing. He speaks to them telepathically sometimes as well.
Zalgo is more brutal in the underworld than the pasta world. Any dead person strong enough to join him, if he wants them he will steal their souls and use them. He also kidnaps pastas and brainwashes them and abuses them. This causes conflict between the underworld and the pasta world.
The pastas are mostly given tasks after him or to save stolen pastas. Other pastas are given tasks or breaks where they are allowed to station themselves for a period of time and kill for fun in an area. They are also given tasks to search and kill people who want to expose them, or find humans with pasta genes in them to take back.
If there are any questions on this, feel free to ask. It's very long and complicated but important nonetheless. It can totally change roleplays and make them a lot more fun by giving people a wider spectrum of things to roleplay, and more organization!

The creepypasta society mostly begins with the higher-ups. They are given power in the government due to their positions, popularity, and wealth. They have an organization of people who have their places in the government and who attends the meetings.
While this dimension may seem like it is controlled well, some people do decide to kill others and do experiments. There are buildings outside of the town scattered everywhere and it's where most of the land is taken up. There are places that are mostly secret where they take patients too insane. They do various experiments on them and also take captured humans there in order to create more an army of the mutated. Some experiments are testing pills on what might calm down the insane workers the best so that they can safely force medication on the more crazy fighters. Other pills not yet released to the public are ones to advance skills or even give people different powers such as telepathy, strength, and other elemental powers.
But outside of these fucked up buildings, the original pastas do have a place. I feel like it's really in the decision of the roleplay as to where to put them, but if they want to be lazy and just go with a classic roleplay here's where I might put them.
I would place some of them in different groups to camp out in cabins. The cabins aren't really isolated, but they are spread out slightly in Slender's woods. They do go outside to go into portals, walk to the campus, or talk to other groups. Sometimes groups are given a task in which they will need to team up. Other times Slender moves his best workers to different positions in other groups or on campus.
And for another theory, they teach training at the campus. (Ben might teach technology, Jeff might teach battle skills or how to preserve dead bodies, basic serial killer shit) What they teach is really up to the people roleplaying and so is everything thing else. Masky, hoodie, and Toby are human proxies so they live in the human world and I imagine them to be controlled and paranoid like in Marble Hornets.
Some pastas do have social lives, it really depends on the pasta and how new they are. Due to this, some pastas may work their way up in their society. They might be a pretty popular, well known pasta that works their way into the government after hard work and experience. Some pastas may be children of government officials and are immediately promised a position unless they are given a choice by the parent to turn it down.
Now, the people with mental disorders are not just plainly sent off to an institution. Only ones who are out of control and can't stop themselves after committing offenses to many times. Of course there are people with mental disorders, but if they are still very good workers but sometimes the disorder gets in the way of doing their job, depending on their boss, they will be given medication that has been tested. The medication usually calms down insane/violent people.
Slender doesn't really like to lose workers so he usually lets them be or just simply gives them medication. Sometimes if something goes down there, he will make sure everyone keeps quiet about it because workers are important and have places in groups.
If it's entirely necessary and they attack everyone, he will pull them out of the group and send them off. If they are doing fine once back, they will be put back into a different or new group.
As for zalgo, when he takes a person there are usually ways to know. The person will be getting dreams, very sickening dreams or ones that play with your mind. They may become ill or more pale. They will probably black out at times and sleepwalk. They will switch their personalities often and they won't be acting very normal.
Sometimes when he takes them, they will walk off into the night one last time to never return and his workers usually take part in getting them to the underworld. Zalgo usually controls all his minions into doing things for him and doesn't do much. He will sit back and watch and give orders. But, if ever necessary, he visits the creepypasta dimension and raises a little hell. If the others find out about Zalgo trying to take them, they immediately begin a sort of ritual to cleanse the pasta of connection to Zalgo.
Zalgo's society isn't all just mere slaves, some may actually want to go with him and work for him. He also has higher ups that are his best workers that stand by him. His purpose and the purpose of his whole dimension is similar to the creepypasta world. He gets more powerful with more workers, but instead of only terrorizing the human world, he wants to destroy the Pasta dimension, and the human dimension. He wants to be the biggest ruler of all and have more people bow down to him as a god.
This is why there are chosen pastas. There is one human, and sometimes one pasta, that must destroy Zalgo into going dormant for another year so he cannot go through with it. He corrupts humans into terrifying beasts, and can even corrupt the animals. They're already dead when he's wormed his way into controlling them because they are mortal creatures and it's too much for them. The corrupt creatures are hard to kill because they can heal very fast, you have to cut off their heads.
The chosen one will develop skills and it's usually because of their genes, it can skip a generation or many generations, then finally find it's place into the person. They get forced into a world of training and horrors. Zalgo also tries to control them.
There are also tasks assigned to groups to spy on zalgo in his dimension for long periods of time. They have to keep camp there and relay on any information.
Some workers who often go into the human world will need to test different skills. They need to mask their appearance to seem more human and find portals. Some workers are given devices that have been created with parts from the human world. Some bosses don't take their time to spend money on them, but others are more wealthy and will invest in them.
Slender buys them for his workers who go out, and they are portal trackers. They don't only find portals near by, they can find powerful beings too. It's actually a phone, but it's designed like a flip phone. The phone has the ability to give a map of the area and find the portals, but they way it does so is to find sources of power. So it can also find other pastas and monsters.
And if you some how place a tracker on your target with the device, like a powerful scent on them that can only show up on the phone, you'll know where these people are at all times. The scent is also placed on human born pastas so you can find your partners. The pastas already give off power so it's unnecessary for them.
To look more human, when you become a pasta you can develop skills whether you already have it within you, need pills to get there, or can develop them, pastas can all mask themselves as human. Once you enter the dimension or are born there, you have this skill within you. Some obviously don't need to because they already look human, but others are disfigured.
It's not permanently changing your appearance itself, it's having the ability to mess with human minds and it's an illusion. Other pastas can obviously see through it, but there are some pastas already born with this ability. The ones born with it have it so strong even pastas may not be able to see through it. If they are born with it, they usually use it to mess with people's heads and suddenly change into the monster in a second that a human turns to look at them then change back very fast to scare the person, this will make them believe they are going insane.
An average pasta can look like anything. A lot of them look like monsters or any other horrifying creature, or they can look like humans. They can range to look like anything. Pastas do also have emotions, this is unless they were born differently and don't have them, have a certain mental disorder where they can't feel any or don't feel love (sociopath), and just generally depends on the roleplay and the person.
Psychology should be put more into roleplays and stories. They have a big part and is why certain people do certain things. It makes things make more sense. Some people will be fucked up if they have seen fucked up things, they may be fucked up if they have to do fucked up things, it depends on the person and the story and we need more creativity.
There are beauty standards for pastas believe it or not. Young pastas want to look a certain way and so do some older pastas. They want to look the most horrifying, or dead. Paleness is a sign of beauty and so is darker color schemes in clothing. Sometimes some people do not care if the person is wearing paler clothing colors, but really dark themes are considered a thing of beauty. They are a bunch of people who kill, have seen fucked up shit, live in the dark, and love being creepy and scaring humans. I don't mean they're a bunch of emos and scene kids, they're quite the opposite, they aren't cutesy weaklings. Well, some are weak, but they are not cutesy and don't do things to look extremely emo, they just enjoy looking dead and creepy, it's something normal in their society.
There are also the pasta animals or at least less human beasts. Seed eater, for example. They can be bought and sold and anyone can purchase them. There are actually places that sell beasts and tame or control them. They can be for protection or to battle. Slender does buy them and he usually keeps them locked up in another part of the school where they keep them all and they are taken care of and sometimes used for teaching pastas things and training them.
Slender does have them in some groups where pastas need them, request them, or have another pasta who works with animals.

You see, there is so much more we could do with the entire fandom and better characters when using this, and putting a lot of research into characters rather than just doing what you think looks the most bad ass, pretty, or edgy.

Developed by: AmericanaPsycho on Quotev, Wattpad, and Deviantart
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