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Crimson Marauders

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Crimson Marauders

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Dark_Descendant on Sun Dec 03, 2006 9:41 am

The Descendant moved swiftly through the darkening forest, structure swinging to and fro as her form lunged forwards, ducking and wheeving under low hanging branches and around a range of different trees. Her feet pounded heavily against the soil. Although she moved with elegance her structure indeed seemed to move with some sort of clumsiness; Ofcourse this would be strange, as anyone that had seen her before, anyone that had observed her in the past would have seen she had always seemed to move with such..Elegance so...Calm..

But obviously, if one were to look upon her charging structure at this particular moment they would see a change, it would indeed be so clear that it would get up and smack someone in the face upon first glance; She moved with haste, with clumsiness...With fear. Fear? She had never shown such a thing before, but now it infested her facial expression like a plague, no longer did her orbs glow with amusement or knowledge, such a plague of fear had even infested these glowing objects. They now simply gleamed as the light of the moon reflected off their crystal - like surfaces.

She continued to duck and wheeve around the trees, breathing deeply as she moved swiftly across the grassy, forest domain. Her heart seeming to pound louder with each ongoing step. What was making her panic like this? What was plagueing her with such a feeling of fear as this? - These would be the questions of anyone, anything that knew her. The only thing she feared is fear it'self - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance; What had given her this sensation of fear?!

She swiftly swung her structure around, form coming to a hault behind the concealment of a tree, she pressed her form against the tree, sweat drops running down her facial region, breathing deeply, her heart racing. She brought her hand to her mouth, trying to calm herself, trying to fix her breathing. Simply imagine one's greatest fear..One's greatest nightmare....Simply comprehend the fear inwhich your mind would encounter upon merely pondering upon such a nightmare. It seemed that her mind was indeed encountering such a thing as this 'fear'. But ofcourse, not all 'dreams' can be awoken from.

She took in a deep breathe, soon seeming to calm herself.
"Fear only makes the wolf bigger than he is" She muttered as she calmed herself, her words so silent only she could hear the words she had uttered. She frowned somewhat, now realising she had no clue where she indeed situated. Thus allowing her gaze to trace around, to the dark trees that seemed to loom around the forest, branches seeming to arch out like fingers. The vines that seemed to creep out across the dark grass as if to grab out at her.

She allowed her orbs to shift to the skies, these now infested wsith dark, gloomy clouds, the light of the moon no longer present beneath the thick clouds that had built in the dark skies. She allowed her head to soon trace away from the skies, head tilting to the side as she readyed herself to look towards the direction she had come, her head moved slightly as she peered out from behind the tree.

Seeing nothing, her orbs traced blindly through the darkness in the direction she had come, seeing nothing, she stepped out from behind the tree, fists clenching slightly. hand coming to the hilt of the daito upon her side, she took in another deep breath, exhaling lightly as she pulled the blade silently from it's hilt. Silence...

She brought the blade into an alignment infront of her, both hands clutching it's tsuba tightly, silence....She began to take steps forwards, feet silently, cautiously placed upon the grass, being careful to steer away from twigs and leaves..Silence..Her heart sunk slightly as her pace quickened somewhat. Blade remaining out, kissaki edged outwards as her structure moved forwards, blindly through the darkness.


Her eyes widened, structure halting, frozen to the spot as the sound reached her ears, she stood for a further few moments, frozen, listening frantically to the noises around her. Maybe it was just her mind playing tricks upon her..When one is scared their mind does do such things as to imagine simple noises. It may have been a bird....A squirrel. Yes..A squirrel, that it was....she moved forwards once more.


It's just a bird...Or a squirrel..Just a harmless being...You are safe now..I'm safe....It's not going to come, it's gone...I lost it...Just a squirrel...Just...A ..Squirrel...


One hell of a squirrel, thats no squirrel! It's them!! A sound reached her ears, she wanted to run, but of course, her structure was frozen, frozen in mere fear as her gaze traced blindly around. The sound has sounded so close...Behind her maybe..It dawned upon The Descendant that she would indeed have to turn around, to simply..Merely check..To show that she was indeed safe. Of course she was safe, all she had to do was turn around.
Of course, she had no need to turn around, because as her structure swung around swiftly as to face the darkness, as to prove to herself. Her question was answered....Her structure flung backwards, she had turned around only to come face to face with her fear...Everyone's fear...She had turned around to face it, it had been right by her face, almost touching her face, almost being in contact with her skin.
Her structure flung backwards, tripping, falling into the base of a tree, she stayed there, as if stunned, eyes widened in horror as she stared at the sight before her, a creature seeming to materialise out of the darkness. Head slipping from the darkness first. Bandages seemed to string around it's head, yellow orbs piercing. It's structure seemed to arch over, as if hunching. arms curled down, it's very lower arms and hands seeming to be blades..Rusty blood covered blades that gleamed ever so slightly as it moved.

It's long legs grey wrinkled skin, seemed to be covered in metal and pins. It roared deeply, jawline dropping as it did this, seeming to click out of place, mouth falling ajar as it's overly large mouth opened, bellowing out a low growl as it did this. Seeming to suck in the darkness as it's mouth closed once more. It was indeed a gruesome sight, one that filled The Descendant with an unredeemed dreariness which no groading of her imagination..Could ever utter into aught of the sublime.

She stood slowly, pulling her structure up the surface of the tree as the eyes of the best boared into her cranium, causing a sickening. Her arms came up, as if to steady herself as she stared wideyed towards the demon. Her blade coming out, kissaki of the daito pointing towards the chest of the demon. She stumbled forwards. as if knowing her attack would have no effect upon the beast but doing so anyway.

Her blade came outwards, lashing into the chest of her foe, arm twisting lightly as she lashed the blade outwards towards the demonic foe, hoping to the impale the blade within the depths of the demon's chest. A look of mere annoyance in her eyes as she stumbled forwards into the attack.

For a moment, it had looked as if the blade had impaled the foe, however upon closer examination the chest around the attacking sword had seemed to implode, causing a whole to have formed around the targetted area of the foe. a clean hole right through the beast. She growled, as if knowing this would have happened. Pulling her blade backwards and watching as the stomach seemed to reform.

She frowned slightly, arms falling idely at her sides as more of the 'demons' seemed to slink from the darkness, surrounding her, and as she gazed upon the trees and upon the shadows around them she could see many eyes...Many demons within the depths of darkness.

There's no way I can take on such beasts...My magic...My atatcks...Have no effect upon such beasts..I stand more chance with others than on my own...

She growled somewhat, feet coming into an alignment, beaten structure standing wearily as she watched the beasts that had persued her moments ago. Ignoring the blood that had began to trail down her face, down her arms, down her mouth..She merely stood, halted, determined.

'And as we blemish the earth..they send them to pay us our deeds,,,To give us our end...I merely hope that we arrive at the gates half an hour before they realise us dead.' She uttered to herself.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Chaca on Fri Dec 08, 2006 9:11 pm

*Piercing emerald eyes gaze downward from the silencing darkness of the night; the silhouette of the creature waiting in the canopy of leaves above; claws digging into the hard wood of the branch he perched upon. A low growl rumbled from the throat of the mysterious onlooker as eyes lock upon the woman running in terror below. Pearly teeth shimmer slightly as lips pull back, seeming hostility and primal aggression taking shape as he watched. As the woman passed, the creature took to movement, and with a few leaps, the being follows her through the thick dark forest; his own form keeping up with ease and agility as he winds through the maze of branches.*

*The being of mystery freezes, simultaneous to her own lock of motion; golden bristles of hair falling over one shimmering emerald eye as he looks downward from the branches. Pointed ears twitch to the sound of a click, his own heart seeming to skip a beat as a familiar click echoed through the forest; recognized by this mostly-feral resident.*

*His body too froze in fear as the beings make their way from the shadows that once concealed them; fight-or-flight instincts kicking in as the creatures begin to surround the woman below. He merely watched as the woman suddenly attacked with terror-driven desperation; though the onslaught of swings seemed mostly futile against these demonic creatures that lurked about.*

*As their forms closed in on her; the other creature above that gazed upon her suddenly made his own move, leaping from the branch that once sheltered his presence. Ripping sounds could be heard as he barreled through the canopy of leaves. The shadows, within moments, no longer concealed him, his young form landing squarely next to her, the dim light that shone through the dark forest illuminating the strange creature. He partially crouched beside her, his body tense as he prepared for an attack.*

*Blue skin glistened in the partial light, fiery markings covering his upper body; these markings as ivory as dried animal bone. Piercing emerald eyes stare menacingly at the demons, the boy’s wings spread wide as his mouth opens; his teeth almost human in appearance; aside from his long sharp incisors. Thick golden hair spread wildly over his head, his ears long and sensitive; almost Elvin in appearance. His fingertips were razor sharp at the tips; Talons natural to shredding those that would risk harm upon him. His feet were long, agile; talons upon the tips of his toes as well; giving him an advantage in the treetops. The boy was completely naked; as though he were born into a feral life in these wild forests… and one could only guess if he too were of demonic heritage. His wings were expansive and bat-like, powerful enough to carry such a creature through the skies above.*

*The young creature stood beside the woman, his mouth opening wide as he snarled wildly at the demons. His heart pounded in his chest as his form lowers slightly, as though he were coiling back like a snake, ready to strike. One could only guess why this strange creature was helping the woman; perhaps ‘an enemy of my enemy is my friend’ ?*


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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Dark_Descendant on Sat Dec 09, 2006 5:15 am

She stood, piercing orbs still remaining upon the forms of the beasts before her, her feet seemed to come into some sort of alignment as she remained halted, eyes never falling from the structures of the beasts.

To those that had even come in contact with her before she would have seemed like a mad woman, a maniac that loved fighting and would always 'inspect' her enemies dead or alive. She would always try to decipher how large the slices were or how swift she could impale it into the chest of her foe.

She had not changed much, indeed she still loved to revel in a fight or have a match to the death with any of her opponents. She would not be put off by such beings...Even if they would not be harmed...

A sound had reached her ears, causing her gaze to shift immediately upwards, towards the treelines above. She inclined a brow as the sound of rustling, of tearing, filled the air, a beast seeming to be falling, descending from the trees. She watched on in mere bewilderment as a structure began to fall towards her.

She had half a mind to jump aside but this would only mean jumping into the jaws of the beasts to her side and she was not one to commit 'suicide'. So instead she merely stood watching like the beasts around her.

A few moments later and the beast had landed beside her, sending waves of leavs outwards as it's structure impacted the forest bed. She adverted her gaze to the beast beside her, Allowing her orbs to shift up and down the frame, taking in each tiny detail.

At first she noticed his talons, long, sharp and the detail that had struck her curiosity first, then it was his locks, Golden like the moon upon a summer's night.She seemed to zone out for a moment as she watched his structure, taking in each small feature.

As if remembering the predicament she was pulled back into the state of what some would call 'reality' Her orbs falling back upon the structures of the beasts before her. Thinking for a moment.

Her palms came up sheathing her blade once more she smirked towards the beings before her, Palms coming to her sides, clenching tightly before slowly rising to her face, she took in a deep breathe before moving forwards, Her structure moved swiftly forwards, onwards towards the beasts

She brought her fist backwards, left fist lashing out into the cranium of her foe, smirk playing upon her lips as her powerful blow impacted the cranium of the demon, it stumbling backwards, head jerking backwards in an awkward whiplash motion.

She then spun around, spinning in a clockwise axis she leapt up, lashing out her fist into the head of her foe, she then brought her hand to her blade as she spun, unsheathing it in a swift motion and dragging it around, seeming to slice right through the forms of the surrounding demons.

She moved forwards, foot coming back and then out into the stomach of another Crimson Marauder as she seemed to leap up it's strucuture, releasing a flury of powerful kicks as she seemed to climb it's form, back flipping next to the form of the demon like being that had dropped from the trees above.

The demons that had been sliced seemed to fall backwards, only to be replaced by others, more and more seeming to crowd around their two structures. She shook her head somewhat before glancing towards the beast to her side.

"Any ideas would indeed be greatly appreciated." She muttered towards him, tone hushed as if only for him to hear. Her orbs remaining upon the beasts before them.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Chaca on Tue Dec 12, 2006 1:48 pm

*Emerald eyes too take in what there was to study about the lone woman in the forest as the boy’s gaze glided smoothly over her. He was, after all, seemingly not a foe at the moment, but not necessarily a friend yet either. Her kind was never one to be all that affectionate toward the demon-like child; after all.. It only seemed that those classified as ‘human’ would reject and hate that which they didn’t understand. This caused him to keep a certain amount of caution reserved for this woman. She did, though, battle these wicked demons that haunted these woods; so in some aspect they had something in common.. A common enemy. Perhaps that could be a bridge enough to build a stronger friendship between the boy, and the woman.. Should they both live to tell this most twisted of tales.*

*He watched her launch into action first, as if having another upon her side of the battle was enough to breath a second wind into the fighter. His emerald orbs watch, his gaze slightly wide with awe as she moved with an agility that he hadn’t often seen of her species. After all; from something like him.. With wings and the body-structure to be so, one would expect certain agility. In Tyde’s experience with humans though, it was his experience mostly that often they were slow, malnourished slobs. That, at least, was the impression he received from those of the local village when he would visit after nightfall to steal food and other necessities.*

*The demon-child didn’t have long to reflect upon the goings-on with the female’s side of the battle zone, suddenly snapped back to a state of alertness as a splay of claws was suddenly raked down the side of his face. The boy screamed in pain, his pearly teeth showing once more as he leapt back, a deep moaning growl from the demon that inflicted the wound upon him as it continued to approach the boy, it’s own comrades close behind. *


*The boy growled himself with a feral tone, his emerald eyes seeming to disappear as the entire structure of his eyes began to shimmer and glow white with aggression. His eyes took to a strong glow, almost like miniature headlights within the child’s skull, his wings spreading wide as he prepared for the attack. There was only a few beings in the lore-books that held this mythological (or so thought) glowing-eye feature. The one most closely matching this boy’s description; a gargoyle. One certainly had to ponder; but dare then not ponder long, lest the demons eat them alive in their complacence.*

*His form suddenly sprung, his powerful wings beating only once, the gust of wind causing the young male’s shimmering blue form to become airborne. The gust of wind was powerful, actually pushing back a few of the demons slightly; they stumbled, though it caused not one to actually fall as leaves seemed to fly from the ground in all directions. One or two more beats of his powerful wings, and the boy was high enough to launch his assault; his wings suddenly taking an upright position as the boy began to fall with incredible speed toward the earth, the talons on his feet extended threateningly. His wings were pointed in such a way to make the blue being almost appear as though he were a dart of sorts, his intended target soon finding out the deadly accuracy of his attack as the boy‘s talons rip into the creatures skull, slamming the demon to the ground with the incredible force-of-impact. The boy snarled; the sound demonic in itself as he sprung forward, his hands reaching out to grapple into the next demonic victim like a set of hooks. The boy‘s speed was somewhat incredible.. Bowling the demon backward. His form rolled, back across the ground as the motion of the attack continued, his hook-like talons releasing the demon and launching the body of the creature into a formation of it‘s companions. Nothing like bowling-for-demons.*

*The child wasn‘t incredibly strong; though his movements were quick-and agile like a true hunter of the forest, and he was soon back upon his feet as they began to surround him once more. He leapt back, his bare chest rising and falling quickly as he looked around, the woman ending up beside him. His gaze still glowed intensely as he looked to her as she spoke.*

t-too many..

*The words were basic; but they were words nonetheless. One only had to wonder just how much of the human language this forest creature knew. It seemed as though the young male was implying that the demons may have too great of an upper-hand in numbers*

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Dark_Descendant on Tue Dec 12, 2006 2:50 pm

Her medium heighted form stood halted by the side of the demon-like being, leaves and twigs continuing to whirl around their standing frames as they remained still, watched the beings before them. She took in a deep breathe, pondering for a moment, her mind at this precise moment seeming to be in utter chaos. She was attempting so dearly to find a way out of this predicament and yet, as always, refused to merely flee from the fight.

Her fists clenched momentarily at her sides, robes clinging loosely upon her hips, seeming to be worn and battered. Dusty from the many travels and fights she had embarked upon and encountered in the past. Although, ofcourse, upon this night there seemed to be a fresh substance upon her tattered robes. A dark substance that seemed to be splattered all across her dusty robes, it was quite easy to see what such a substance was, an onlooker upon first glance would with no doubt be able to decipher what the stain was.

It was blood...and of course, unfortunately, although the Descendant would have gladly come up with the idea that it was that of her enemy, it was not, the truth was that she had not yet seen her enemies bleed enough to even have an internal wound. She had lashed out with every ounce of strength and wit that had made her provail in the past, and yet no real blood had been shed by her opponents.

Although, ofcourse, she would wish that this substance now staining her robes was that of the demons before her, she would moments later have to fall back upon the unsatisfactory fact that it was her own 'sweat' as she called it, her own crimson blood that was no running down her cranium, trickling from her mouth and gurgling from deep wounds all across her body.

The thought of such a thing, the thought that although she had launched her best assaults and dealt her best defenses she had and continued to be at the butt of each attack, she merely ended up being the one that got injured, the very thought filled her with a sinking - A sinkening of the heart - An unredeemed dreariness which no groading of the imagination can utter into aught of the sublime..

The truth was plain, she loved the pain of a battle but the fact that she had not launched a single successful attack, that her defenses had been cut down so many times in this fight, seemed to fill her with a disappointment. In her mind, the fact that she was oddly out numbered did not matter, the fact that she had been stupid enough to let her guard down enpugh to be attacked was what clearly disappointed her, and therefore caused a sickening of her heart.

Her mind now remained in chaos simply because she could not pull herself from this state of self disappointment, of the sickening, of this dreariness. So now she stood, pondering, contemplating upon what her next assault would be, it'd better be a damn good one as if to even stand a chance of surviving for mere moments in the fight.

It had seemed like she had remained in this state of contemplation for minutes when it had actually only been a few minor seconds. After this she was pulled out of the trace of thought by the words of the mysterious demon - like being to her side. His words reached her ears like whispers in the wind and seemed to imprint themselves in her thoughts.

'Too many' He had proclaimed and the words remained, twirling around in her mind for a further few moments. Her eyes had widened slightly as her orbs had traced to the forms of the approaching demons before her. It was as if a viel had been lifted. No longer was she in a state of bewilderment, of disappointment.

She had finally climbed over that lapse of her pondering as if his words had somehow dropped off the hideous viel so that one could step out of thought and into what people would call 'reality'. She now stood, a slight flicker seeming to come from her orbs as she watched the beasts continuing to approach, circling their structures.

Her actions may have seemed quite abnormal to the one beside her as she now seemed to lower her blade, injured form merely stepping forwards, cranium coming up, gaze locking upon the beasts before her eyes closed once more. Her palms had come aimlessly to her sides, tsuba of her blade in one palm, other empty. They both rose slightly at her sides.

'Too many mind...Too many mind...Too many mind....Too many mind!' She muttered to herself, her uttered words seeming to flow through the air, as if travelling with the forrestry winds themselves. She continued to repeat this phrase, tone seeming to become more determined, volume rising as she repeated.

The most abnormal part was what had come next. The beasts around their forms seemed to have slowed, their structures moving with a very slowed pace, as if somehow put into slow motion. The area around them seemed to whirl around their slowly moving structures, the sound of the raindrops upon leaves seemed to have been hightened, echoing throughout the area.

Her blade seemed to have dispersed, as if slipping into the depths of her wrist as her arms extended out at her sides, the tips of her fingernails seeming to discolour, vines of a dark, dark pigment seeming to slowly creep up her fingers, to her hands,a cross her palms, slowly trailing up her arms, the air around their structures continuing to whirl and swirl around their standing forms.

The demons had slowed to an almost complete halt, the area around her structure seeming to be like water once a colourant is added to it, Dark curls seeming to spread around the air around her standing form. She continued to repeat the phrase as she did this, eyes remaining fixed closed. Eyelids not even moving as her form stood, completely halted.

'Too many ming...Too many mind...Kohras lien mactos, Tria pou fe, kohras lien machter tria poure me fa, Kohras lien mactos..' Her words seeming to become swifter, repeating over and over, seeming to echo loudly around their structures and throughout the. Her tone rushed seeming to bemore swiftly spoken than a predator upon a prey. The words continued to creep out, seeming to be in sort of native tongue.

Her arms slowly came together, palms cupped, the air around her palms swirling vigirously, swiftly, curls of darkness seeming to whip out in all angles. Then came the sound, a large buzzing noise that started almost silently before hightening to an earsplitting buzz. A light seeming to form, to whirl aroung in her arms, dark, crimson, violet swirls spinning around in her palms as the buzzing emmitted.

The ball of dark mass grew in her palms, the light seeming grow brighter and brighter until one could not possible look at the object, it grew in size, spreading out, engulfing her palms as she continued to mutter the foreign tongue. The mass grew to a large blinding light within her palms, glowing brightly, continuing to emmit a loud, earsplitting buzz from it's depths.

Her eyes finally seemed to lash open, eyelids swiftly coming up as her arms moved around swiftly, seeming to come around her frame, bringing the large ball of mass with her before lashing her palms outwards into the soil, a earsplitting screech emmitting from the ground as she pushed her palms swiftly into the soil, arms seeming to be a mere blur as she performed this hand motion.

The large mass of light seemed to crash into the ground, emmitting the screech and mere moments later the ground began to shake vigiruosly, seeming to crack in all angles, as if the very plates were splitting. This happened mere moments after her palms impacted the soil and swiftly she rose gripping hold of the talon of the beast beside her she swiftly leapt over the beasts infront of her with him.

She darted forwards as her form landed, rolling slightly across the soil, the forrestry beginning to shake vigiruously and the beasts that had approached them mere moments ago seeming to be engulfed in some sort of strange light, their forms seeming to deterialate within mere moments, being sucked into what seemed to have become a barathrum.

The ground had opened, the dark mass swirling and whirling and demolishing all the beasts in it's path, the beasts screeched in agony as their structures seemed to be pulled into the depths of the barahtrum, the bright light spreading swiftly across the area of the forrestry, following swiftly behind her and the demons form as it spreaded. The dark vines that had spread acorss her arms mere moments ago seeming to have vanished as she moves swiftly. Dashing swiftly.

She allows her grip to be released from the talon of the demon-like being as if realising she had saved him momentarily from the barathrum, although ofcourse he had dropped down to help her moments ago so in some ways this would be seen as them now being 'quits.' She leaped over a low hanging branch, glanving back towards the beast. Talking swiftly, not really knowing if the beast would understand her tongue.

'You will have to run, the mass will disappear once it has done it's job but I will not help you if you are caught within it's grasp, there will be more of those things coming back once they find what has been done, you are not safe to stay here, neither am I. My best suggestion is for you to run and pretend you were never present, Although I am thankful for your help earlier.'

She grimaces somewhat, as if the words of appreciation seemed to cause her much pain. She was not really one to say thank you to creatures or beings for helping her but she in some ways thought the mysterious beast had earned it. She bowed her head swiftly, grimacing once more upon feeling the aching of the wounds across her body.

She allowed her orbs to shift back to the growing barathrum that continued to sweep up the Crimson Marauders, each being letting out a shriek of agony as it's structures' pulled into the depths of the mass. She grimaced once more, turning towards the beast once more. Her tone remaining a harsh, cold one.

"I do not suggest we stay any longer."

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