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Le Are De Cuisine

Cuisine Cook Off Explained

a part of “Le Are De Cuisine”, a fictional universe by CATFACEIDOL.

"This is the Era of the Chefs"

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Le Are De Cuisine”.
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Cuisine Cook Off Explained

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby CATFACEIDOL on Wed Apr 02, 2014 12:03 am

So if you have read through my overview, you should know that the Cuisine Cook Off or CCO for short will be the main aspect of combat in our role play. I know it sounds strange that you will be fighting each other by cooking by this is not very hard to learn if you read carefully and ask question if there are stuff you do not understand.

A Cook Off is pretty much Iron Chef. Your character cooks a cuisine based on the CCO's theme and rules and all completed dishes will be scored by a panel of various judges based on the factor of your cuisine.

First thing, you can very much power play or even god mod with this system. Yes, you can write up fantastical posts and stories on how you have one minute to left on the timer and somehow you cooked up 100 dishes in the span of that time or you burnt your main dishes and only with a few dabs of water you created a dish fit for the gods. I will not stop you. But at the very least try to be realistic when making your cooking posts. As long as your character is not a perfectionist or a 5-star chef, have them burn a bit of their creation, mix up salt and sugar, let them take their time "slowly" cooking. All of your character should be human and mistakes are the foundation of what makes them human. But of course writing up your cooking post is not what determines your victory in these cook off. It is through the battle system I created.

Battle System
So when your character is participating in a Culinary Cook Off, each player is given a set number of Cook Points depending on the competition. These cook points are used to allocate them to different factors outline in the cook off. Some factors that may show up during a cook off can be: Taste, Design, Ingredients, Volume, etc. Cook Points represents how much focus you have in improving that factor.

So for example, if a cook off have 100 cook points and the factors given are Taste and Design. You can choose to put 50 points into Taste and 50 points into Design. Making a very balanced dish. Or if you feel that Taste is more important you can put 100 points into your Taste and 0 points into your Design. Your dish may come out ugly looking, but the taste of it will be superb!

Choosing where you put your cook points will be important because it will affect how the judges will score you. Keep in mind that each judge will have a certain factor that they will be more focused on and if you predict the correct number of points it will take to impress them, you will get a higher score from that judge. Read closely when the judges are introduced, you will always be hinted on what each judges main factor focuses are based on their career, expertise, and personality.

Writing Your Post
There is many way to write out your post to incorporate the point allocation. You can write out your cooking processes first and in a separate section write out how much point you are putting in each factor. You can try to incorporate point placement into your role play by using brackets "()[]{}..". It is up for you to decide.

Also I kinda want role playing while participating in the CCO, meaning that you can not just say where you put your points and call it a day. Try to make a pretty story showing off your character's skill in the kitchen. Well written posts can lead to bonus points from the judges. On rare occasions that you can not think up of something due to writers block or mental constraint, I will allow it. But be prepared for a loss.

Check out the next part for an example of what a CCO should somewhat look like.

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Re: Cuisine Cook Off Explained

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby CATFACEIDOL on Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:31 am

Cheers echoed throughout King Arena when the spot lights have lit up revealing the two competitor on the Culinary Cook Off stage. "Welcome ladies and gentleman, chefs from around the world to witness another Culinary Cook Off!" The cheering continued as the announcer was hyping the crowd to the fantastic spectacle. "I will be your host and commentator today as we witness a match between two instructors of our renown academy, Iron-Fist Harvey Dobermann!..." The army-outfitted soldier was standing on the west side of the kitchen, lighting up a cigar as he let out a puff of smoke without a care in the world. Tough men who follow under his tutelage gave him a manly cheer. Girls who like his look also scream out his main. "And our very busty bookworm Peng-Gwin Sae!" "Don't make stupid comments about my chest pervert!" The men started cheering and whistling to the female instructor and the glasses wearing scientists are on her side. "Now here are the rules laid out for this match!"
Culinary Cook Off: Harvey Dobermann vs. Peng-Gwin Sae

Battle Type: Special Cuisine Showdown
Factors: Taste | Design | Ingredients
Cook Points: 150
1. Each player only have 60 minutes to prepare a dish revolving around their Special Cuisine
2. You must have at least 50 points allocated to Taste

Harvey gave a smirk as he listen to the rules of the battle. "So it is a showdown based on how well we cool our main dish. Sorry Instructor Sae, but looks like I already won this battle. My cuisine level for my dish is 135." Peng-Gwin tried to return a smirk, but she was clearly bluffing with a lack of confidence. Her sweating was a good sign of it. "Don't put your hopes to high on your prized dish Harvey. I can do a lot more with caviar than just eating it with crackers. Both instructor went to their respective kitchen zone and donned on their chef outfit. "Now before we start out match let us introduce our judge for the match!"
Judge A; Name: Cocoa Abalos
Owner of "The Spaniard Sail," 4-Star Spanish Restaurant
"I have seen many things on my travels by sea, but I am very excited to see what these two will make for me."

"Well without further ado. Let the cooking... BEGIN!"

Once the alarm rang, Harvey immediately got cracking onto his dish. The audience was astonished at the speed he was prepping his dishes. The ingredients were being pulled out of the fridge as if he knew exactly where each of the main ingredients were ahead of time. "A kitchen is very much like a battlefield. You need to go quick and fast in order to win this war!" Grade A white eggs, very lean ground beef, freshly toasted bread crumbs, baby tomatoes, and fresh herbs. "All the ingredients are present and attended for. Good." (Ingredients:50) These were the foundation in creating the Dobermann Special, a meatloaf passed down through generations of Dobermann. Not only that but when he was on duty in the military, his meatloaf was the key to keep his men morale high. Even his enemies spies had defected to his army for only a slice of the delicate and tender dinner. Without a doubt, the Dobermann Special was a well received piece of cuisine. One where he can be proud of. Every ingredient used was measure in perfect precision, any slight difference in ingredient will surely offset the desired taste. The eggs, meat, diced tomatoes, and herbs had gone into one mixture. Once beaten properly, he tucked it neatly onto a baking sheet, molding it neatly and into a perfect rectangle. "I think I can cut a bit of the look. Taste is very much important in this match." (Design:0) The oven had already been pre-heated before mixing so placing the dish into the oven was the only thing left. Once the timer had hit exactly 25 minute, he took out hot steaming cooked meatloaf. The aroma was reaching the front audience and middle, Harvey can hear the "mmms" and awes. "However, there is one last step to make this weapon explode. Gun powder." He took out a jar packed inside an army backpack. "Never leave home without this bad boy." Using a brush, he gave one sweep of sauce over the meat and all of a sudden the bland looking meat loaf looked ravishing with the gloss top. (Design:10) The hot steaming meat brick was complete and without needing a taste, he knew this was a shoe in for his victory. (Taste: 90) He took out his famed kitchen knife in the shape of an army knife to cut a hefty chunk for the judge. The end of round bell rang and the finished dish had been placed out on the waiter platter to be judged. It was all left to the judges decision.

There was no time to think once the round began, it had been a long time since she gotten herself in a Culinary Cook Off and the pressure of time was making her head swirl. But this was no time for her to throw in the towel yet. She wanted to win this match for her pride as an academy instructor. If she lost this match, she would not hear the end of Harvey's teasing. "Alright Peng-Gwin, you can do it. Just take it slow and steady and I should be able to get something done." She took a deep breath and begun working. Her main ingredient was large sturgeon that was brought from her own farm. Audience members were amazed at the size of the creature, even the judge had a clear view and gave a clap at the spectacle. Peng-Gwin started cutting the creatures belly, trying to get a good precision on where the eggs were. But due to the audience loud cries, she made a bit of a miscut. It was not enough to stop her though so she was able to get a clear view of the inside. A camera started to zoom in on the image and the big screen televised the large quantity of eggs in full view. People knew how much caviar costs but are simple astonished at the large amount one adult fish can carry. It would surprise Peng-Gwin every now and then every time. Once she got a good scoopful of fresh eggs, it was ready to be prepped. She washed the eggs and seasoned it with sea salt and what she had was a full cup of tasty eggs ready to eat. But she knew this was not enough to impress the judge. She needed something more and time was clearly running out. "Oh no that miscut really made me lost a bit of time. Think Peng-Win, what can I do?" She looked over the opponents stadium and noticed the empty egg carton there. The sight of it instantly gave her an idea. She was down to ten minutes and she knew it was enough for her to work on the dish. She had in mind. She cracked an egg and placed it in a small porcelain cup, she placed it very neatly in a pot just about the right size to put in the cup without water spilling into it. The egg white was starting to get its opaque colour but the yolk was yet to fully cool and that was what she needed. A syringe filled with caviar was prepared and with a quick stab into the yolk she had injected a full spoonful of caviar into the yolk. "Perfect!" She carefully removed the cup from the boiling hot water and placed it on top of the waiter platter. After sprinkling a bit of season on it, her dish was complete. Despite a very simple dish, she was able to make the use of her culinary skill in molecular gastronomy to get the perfectly cooked egg and work the caviar into the yolk.
Code: Select all
Taste: 50 | Design: 80 | Ingredients: 20

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Re: Cuisine Cook Off Explained

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby CATFACEIDOL on Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:31 am

[Saved for Later]
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Re: Cuisine Cook Off Explained

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby CATFACEIDOL on Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:40 am

So how judging work is pretty much based on how much you had attracted each judges. As written earlier, each judge have a certain factor they focus more on. If you put in more Cook Points in that factor, the higher your score will be from the judge.

How we determine the final score is a GM kept secret. But it will involve math that will fairly judge the players allocation and properly reward those who place their points correctly.

From the example above, it would be obvious that the judge is looking for more points in the Design factor. Because of Dobermann focused on taste and he ended up losing out on design, he ended up only getting a score of 7.5 from the judge. On the other hand Peng-Gwin who came up with surprisingly complex imagery with an egg in an egg greatly impressed the judge giving her a whopping score of 9.5 . So Peng-Gwin will be very happy for a while at beating her fellow co-worker.

More About the CCO
Battle Type: Here is the explained type of challenges your character may face in a Culinary Cook Off:
Special Cuisine Showdown: A battle focus on your character creating their most favourite/famed dish
Secret Ingredient: Using one or multiple ingredients that will be the center point of a dish.
Theme Battle: Create a dish that will revolve around a specific theme or dish.
Course Challenge: Create a full course menu based on how much number of dishes needed.
Skill Test: A battle of a chef's skill.

Factors: These are the current list of factors that a judge are looking for in a dish: Taste, Design, Ingredients, Uniqueness, Volume, and Recipe.

Judges: Judges are the key in determining who will come out victorious in a CCO. Each CCO can only be judged by an odd number of judges to a maximum of 7 at a time.

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Re: Cuisine Cook Off Explained

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby CATFACEIDOL on Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:43 am

Some Questions
A. How many posts do I need to make for a Culinary Cook Off?
Just one for most occasions. It really depends on what sort of cook off challenge entails. If the cook off requires the character to make multiple dishes than it would be some time necessary to make multiple posts.

B.What happens if I break a CCO rule?
Most of the rule is usually just in-character specific and most likely affect them unless it really matters. If there ever comes a time where you did break rule, a GM will help fix/remedy the problem.

C. My CCO opponent is taking way too long to respond or disappeared.
It was in the rule that once a CCO happens, it should be completed before the participant disappears. If they are absent for at least three days without reason or notification, after noticing, then it would be considered as a forfeit on their half and the active player gains the winner. On the occasion that both players are gone. Then the match is null and their records will not be affected.

D. Is there any way to get more Cook Points for a CCO?
I have some sort of plan for that, but it is being properly thought out first.

E. Is there a way to obtain inside information on judges of CCO?
Some day, I will have a huge collection of random judges and they will soon make constant returns to the CCO stage. There will be a directory available once enough judges have been discovered and their focus having been figure out over time.

F. Do I have to write out CCO battles like how the example laid out?
No, you have all freedom of how you write out your cooking story. The only thing I ask of you is make sure to properly display where you allocate your points. Also remember that I do not want posts where you just type out just the point allocation. I don't mind if you even just make it two sentences long.

G. What happens if we both come up with the same point allocation for our dishes?
You may think that the match would end with a draw if you both ended up with the same allocation, but the one who posts first will lead victorious because his/her will be the first dish to be compared to by the judges. So don't think it would be a smart strategy to copy dish factor points.

H. I really can not think of a good CCO post? My brain hurts and I am tired.
Soon it will get repetitive and troublesome to make a fancy, well written post. So I will give everyone at least three free passes but only after contacting a GM. But you can not use these pass for your first two CCO posts.

I. Where are we posting the CCO matches?
There will be a location made.

J. When and How can I start a CCO? And can I make the rules for our CCO?
If you wish to challenge someone to a Culinary Cook Off outside a main story premise, make sure to contact your desired opponent through Out of Character discussion or In-Character and make sure they accept. Once both party have decided we will work together to create a fair challenge honouring bother parties.

K.Does our culinary specialty and cuisine level have anything to do with the CCO?
Yes but not directly affecting the match. Culinary Specialties is more of an aesthetic and will give the GM an easier visual when reading through relative cooking posts. Cuisine Level for dishes will be determined post match and will help rank your characters in the long run as students of the academy.

L. Can I challenge someone outside of the academy to CCO?
Yes, but not at the current moment.

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