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Infection: Earthfall

CyberTech Technology [GMS ONLY]

a part of “Infection: Earthfall”, a fictional universe by R.T.M.X..

In the months following a devastating viral outbreak on a global scale and a new offensive under preparations to reclaim humanity's former glory, a team of operatives have been deployed to investigate the sudden disappearance of an important asset. REBOOT

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Infection: Earthfall”.
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CyberTech Technology [GMS ONLY]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby R.T.M.X. on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:48 pm

Technology in 2066 hasn't changed much, aside from the minor (and major)improvements in efficiency. There are still no flying cars, there are still no soldiers wearing "true" power armor (even though the idea is being heavily researched into and has already progressed into multiple prototype stages). Hell, there still aren't any robots fighting our enemies in our place.

The future lied to all of us.

Oh, wait.

We're part of CyberTech Security (more specifically, the Special Activities Division). Being part of a privately owned Research and Development company, that holds contracts with DARPA and the CDC (or what's left of both organizations), designing military-grade weapons and equipment (such as power armor, perhaps?). While our tech can be considered military grade on par with terminology, being part of FIRST ECHO certainly has its perks: We get access to the latest AEGIS armor(personal modifications included, provided that Corporate gives us the green light on what we can mod), whatever fuckin' weapons we can hold in our two hands, and certainly operate whatever fuckin' vehicles we can climb into...

...Provided we stay and work together.

Here's a list of the list of "shit" CyberTech has to offer to us (special people).

AEGIS Advanced Armor Defense System MkIII
Credits go to StTheo for the image
The AEGIS AADS is self-contained and capable of withstanding most elements and hazardous conditions, created by CyberTech Corporation as a modular means of defense against the infection, the best variations exclusive to the members of the 102nd Special Activities Division. The suit's tactical helmet sports limited air supply and air filters, and completely encases the operative's head and face. Sensors built into the helmet allow them to also see in infra-red and night-vision, crucial should the lights go out. A comm system is build into the face-mask, including a broadcast speaker. The AEGIS is equipped with a emergency life support system to keep the operative alive, ever so slightly, as a safety precaution should the operative go down in combat.

Compared to previous incarnations, the largest design change is the formfitting, vacuum-enabled, nanoalloy undersuit. The MkIII boasts a more compact design, with modular hardpoints that allow compatible cermet plating to be attached with more versatility and increased customization options.

The radiation-hardened armor enhances the speed and power of the wearer, a sharp contrast to previous versions which required powered motors to allow the users mobility. Because of this advancement, the design more closely resembles an actual suit of armor, as opposed to a powered exoskeleton.

Variants -
AEGIS-MP (Military Police)
With military and law enforcement in mind, the MP variant is a shared asset between the government customers of CyberTech; as such, designed with upgraded sensors and additional hardpoint plating. As one of the most common variants for the AEGIS line, its users are often regarded as "Diamondbacks" or "Pyramid Heads" by both military and PMC forces due to its pyramid-shaped helmet structure and external visor.
AEGIS-SA (Special Activity)
The SA variant is standard issue for CyberTech's internal security force. Largely similar to the MP variant in many ways, the most noticable difference is the visor and helmet design. Despite seeming to be less armored compared to the MP line, the nanoalloy undersuit makes up for the visual difference, as its undersuit is designed with increased protection from small and medium firearms while maintaining maneuverability equal to its MP sibling.
AEGIS-CT (CyberTech)
While not a true variation of the AADS, the CT variant is a "stripped down" variation of the AEGIS-SA, however it still provides more than adequate protection compared to non-AADS body armor. Standard issue for CyberTech's external security force, they utilize a different visual design, in order to differentiate between the two forces. Despite this, they share similarities with the AADS variant, such as the vacuum-enabled undersuit and self-contained helmet systems.
AEGIS-HC (Hazard Control)
The AADS-HC is a relatively new design, specifically created to be used alongside the AFT 2L Flamer unit. Aside from the heavier plating and heat resistant internal systems, the HC variant sports interlocking fuel tank support and an AFT 2L Interface hardlink and counterbalance system.
AEGIS-SR (Scout Recon)
The SR variant is designed explicitly with covert marksmen in mind, using advanced materials to provide stealth-capable properties such as a reduced IR signature and allowing the user to become invisible on the visual spectrum with use of the covert marksman's optical cloaking system.

Advanced Lifeform Interface for Combat Environments
ALICE is an operative's semi-intelligence system. Also known as their best friend. Programmed into each operative's suit, ALICE will provide basic information regarding its user, such as both mental and physical conditions, as well as information relating to other members of the operative's team via voice commands. It will also provide both basic and tactical information about the user's environment, such as temperature and infection levels, and is capable of providing the general location of other users (including those with advanced stealth technology).

Blast-Field Gun
Also known as the BFG, most operatives jokingly named it the "Big Fucking Gun", as it would normally take two men to carry the weapon and ammo supply. Plasma-based firepower for taking on large crowds, or to take on very large motherfuckers. Those who have opted in for Heavy Ordinance are instructed in its use, and how to minimize accidental injury when reloading plasma charges, as they're the specialists who get to wear the armor that allows them to carry such a weapon onto deployments.

Multipurpose Rocket Launcher
A Demolitions expert's best friend. Vastly improved from its much earlier predecessors, the MRL is compact and built as a modular addition to a Demolitions expert's AEGIS suit. By standard, it has enough supplies for 1 Miniature Multiple Independently targetable Reentry Vehicle (MMIRV), 3 High Explosive Anti Tank rounds, 2 Electro-Magnetic Pulse Missiles, and with enough room for 6 rounds of variable 40mm grenades. While it does take some time for an operative to switch from mode to mode, it is a valuable asset nonetheless.

X8-2M6 Bio-Organic Healing Agent
Also known as Medifoam and Biogel, it is an invaluable asset for CyberTech medical staff deployed on field operations. It is a gel-like substance that is stored in glass tubes and applied through what looks like a small glue gun. The press of the applicator's trigger squeezes the gel out, where it morphs into a foamy blue substance when Oxygen is introduced to the mixture, then hardens into a thick yet pliable solid that conforms to the shape of a wound, acting as a reinforcing coagulant, anti-bacterial gauze, and pain reliever to the victim.

Mono-molecular Wire Shot
Experimental weapon in testing stage, designed by a certain Operative Dimitry. The MWS is a special round that is built with a variable setting distance/time-released, computer chip powered system that allows the round to "explode" in midair. When detonated, the armor penetrating mono-molecular shards explode outward not unlike a shotgun pellet, with a radius allowing it to hit the majority of targets within the zone, making it easier for the sniper to take down moving targets. Even if the target is not critically hit, the shards were designed to carry an electrical current that would stun what was caught within the blast radius.

"Apatosaurus" All Purpose All Terrain Armored Personal Carrier, Codename: Valkyrie
Credits go to unknown artist for the image
CyberTech's top engineers were approached to help with the design of an APC (armored personnel carrier) specifically for the SAD teams. A specialized transport vehicle would allow for a lot more difficult missions to be attempted, and could improve the effectiveness of all missions.

Thus, the APATAPC (all purpose all terrain APC) was born. Nicknamed "Apatosaurus", a member of the SAD's Delta Squad officially codenamed the vehicle Valkyrie.

SAD teams are registered to their own vehicles. When an operative enters the vicinity of the assigned vehicle, their AEGIS will synchronize with the Valkyrie. While the vehicle does have manual control, it also has a very advanced autopilot. Of course, as a fail-safe, the transition between computer and driver for control of the vehicle is quick and easy to achieve. A voice command from a crew member in the cockpit will trigger an instantaneous transition via ALICE being just one means of transferring control. Though more often than not, ALICE is left to take care of the driving.

Other than the fireteam of bad asses within, the APC comes with a roof-mounted turret for protection. The turret swivels 360 degrees, the barrels can be adjusted to aim down, or up as mush as almost completely vertical. The high-powered, dual-barreled cannon fires specialized anti-personnel and materiel, incendiary, and fragmentation rounds. This allows for added functionality. If a mobile team needs to remove something in the way, walls, tree, people, the vehicle is up to the task without even needing to completely stop.

And before anybody asks, yes, it has a bubblegum dispenser, and yes, it comes in black.
This is simply a list of [known] technology that FIRST ECHO is known to use. The list isn't all they use, however, as each member of FIRST ECHO is presented a chance to add onto this list. (For those that wish to do this, please PM me with a general description of a personalized piece of equipment that your character would be known for)
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