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Dances with the Night Sky

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Dances with the Night Sky

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby somberone on Mon Aug 06, 2007 6:55 pm

ooc: Completely open rp, only ask for you to not murder pc's without permission and no god-moding. Thanks for joining. I will be roleplaying the character Catori, if you so wish to play Toran feel free. We are headed to the town Tranquility. Enjoy :)

The wind bustled itself through the trees. Fall was approaching she thought, as the wind blew harsh, she flew higher, the white clouds brushing by her beak, and the warm sun making her midnight wings glimmer in its rays. Below the land flew by her small violet eyes. The day was comming to a close, below she could see her friend, making his way through the enormous fields below. Floating down to his level, she sat perched on his shoulder, beyond the hills the sun closed down upon the day.

Toran had already begun to set up camp for the night, the fire lit, and clothes were laid across a log that sat before. While I, Catori, flew to the ground, preparing for the change. With the sun gone, and the fire dancing, I began to morph into my human form. My raven feet turned into legs, my wings, into arms, my feathers to skin, and my beak and eyes, into a face. Finally when it was all over I stood, My hair dark as night, and my still violet eyes, danced in tune with the fire. Gracefully I pulled my clothes over to cover my skin. Sitting by the fire, I conversed with Toran, speaking of the days travels, what I had seen, what he had done. It was as much the same as the first day. Ever since I was cursed, he has been my protector. It was as though a routine anymore, the change from human to raven and raven to human, barely phased me. Each sun rise and sunset, I would change, never to know the trueness, and peacefulness my life once was.

On my hands and knees I crawl to Toran, and place my head upon his knee, as I have for many nights, and close my eyes to dream, of the days when I was human, and in love with a life I will never lead again.

"Come On Vixen..." she pushes her horse to its limits, as she feels dread over come her. Comming up on the woods, the smoke can be seen rising above the trees..approaching the cottage where she lived, heat flows over her, like a flood, anger and fear, at the fire blazing, and the screams...Her family.

She rushed trying to look for survivors but all she found were charcoal remains. She made her way wearily back to her horse, Vixen was no where to be seen..

"Vixen...Vixen..." she stammered, almost in tears..Out of the brush stepped a man, very large in stature, and one she knew very well. "What do you want." she spoke.."I know what you've done." She turned to run, but her body wouldn't move.

He looked down on her. "Become my wife..." He knew with out asking what her reaction would be..He motioned behind him and yet another man came out, in his arms, her lover, tied from behind, and pushed to his knees. The man looked at her, and then at her lover. "Everyone else is dead. Become my wife or he dies too." She attempted to pleed with him, but nothing worked. She lunged forward to grab her lover, but before she reached him his throat, blood splattered against her face.

"You can not force me to be with you..if you try, I will kill myself. I will never willingly submit to you!"

The words seemed to anger him even more. "We shall see who submits to whom." He raised his hand toward the sky, a bolt of lightening came crashing down upon her, he spoke a mumble of words she never understood, and she screamed in pure agony, as her body for the first time morphed into a raven. But it was all too soon cut short, as a dagger had been thrown in the distance slicing its way through his hand stopping whatever magic he was dispelling.

"Ah, good enough.." he proclaimed. "You will never be what you were again, until the time comes when you realize your wrong, and submit to my desires." With that he and his band disapeared in a mist, as everything grew dark.

Catori woke with a start, beads of sweat had formed on her face and chest, her body was trembling, she had never known such a great fear as she had that day. She looked toward the horizon, swiping her sleeve acrossed her face, morning was soon to be. It wouldn't be long before she would fly once again. She removed her clothing and placed the gently next to Toran, as the sun peaked over the hills she began to change.

Glancing about the scenery, she looked east, thats where I need to go today. Flying off in the direction of the sun..She noticed a small town, set aside a river bank..dropping down for some cool water, she thought Tranquility.
if tears were wings, oh, how i would fly

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