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Dante Kurasaki

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Dante Kurasaki

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yoshida on Mon Jul 02, 2007 1:10 am

Name: Dante Kurasaki
Theme:Monster Magnet-Space Lord
Second Theme:Adema-Immortal
Third Theme:Rain
Sex: Male

Class:Swordsman (Warrior) Image

Genetic: An 'Original' Vampire (see explanation at bottom) a.k.a Shinso


Chapter 1.Birth-Beginning of the End

Chapter 2.Childhood-Foundation for Violence

Chapter 3.Adolesence-Cold Steel, Cut a Path Paved With Blood

Chapter 4.Adulthood-A Monster Escapes

Chapter 5.Unbirth-The Deal

Chapter 6.Unlife-Insanity and Hope
-Birth-Beginning of the End-
"His name is Dante Kurasaki, and he is your Grandson!"-Dante's Father

Born from the forbidden love of his parents, Takashi Kurasaki and the daughter of a Noble man, Lynn Subaru. Dante's short life was already in jeapordy when his father, a ronin who was under the employment of the Subaru Family eloped with their daughter and bore a son without consent or notice. Days before delievery it was obviouse that Lady Lynn was pregnant, her father enraged with the very thought of a man even laying hands upon her daughter then set out to find the man responsible...of course it really wasnt difficult to figure out due to the fact that her bodyguard, the ronin, was present almost 24/7.
It was a day like any other in the sleepy mountain town of Miharu, their unique location bore winter snows year round as the ground lay thick and abundant of the frozen waters that desceanded from the tree covered sky...from within the depths of the small castle was a racket that awoke all nearby as guard after guard were struck down by a stern and focused warrior. The ronin's blade severed limbs and cut through flesh as if it were butter, their screams echoeing throughout the castle walls. Lady Lynn stood behind the warrior with a hand over the rather large bulge in her infant soon ready to be born.The father ready to escape this hell hole of a town before Lynn's own father caught up to them. "We should stand trial Takashi!" Lynn pleaded, her hormones and protective nature finally taking hold as her child came ever closer to Death's grasp. "No, you know your father would never approve." Standing his ground, Takashi quickly parryed a thrust, knocking the sword out of a young warrior's hands before being struck down. "He is a dark man Lynn, he'd kill all three of us" Attempting to calm his woman down, Takashi's free hand met hers over the stomache. "We have to be free" Smiling feintly, The Ronin's attention had been thrown off whilst he conversed with his soon to be wife...the consequence of his carelessness flying through the air in the form of an arrow...piercing its target dead on as his spirit was escourted by Lynn's screams.


Days later she awoke with Dante in her arms...cradeling the baby boy gently. Though she lay happily within her bedroom chambers, a sadness quietly crept over her face...the fireplace only a few feet away dimly illuminating the room as Lynn recalled what her father had warned. "When the boy can walk, I'm selling him have a basterd grandson is unacceptable of a nobleman such as myself. You have severly dissapointed me Lynn."

-Childhood-Foundation for Violence-
"Be strong Dante! Don't you give up, be strong!"-Lynn Subaru

At age 5, Dante's Grandfather had finall decided to follow through with his grim promise/threat over his short life when a group of slavers looking for fresh meat stopped by Miharu village to pay the Noble lord a.k.a Lynn's Father a visit. For months they'd been communicating via mail over any new shipments that might be available for their 'training' program which consisted of taking young boys and breaking them to create and mold Gladiators out of them for the ring. A money abundent industry for all those who ran the show, its only downfall was the constant need for fighters who might actually put up a good show rather than be slaughtered right off the bat.
Once again the snow didnt let up, it had been 5 years on the day since Takashi Kurasaki's death, and no one aside from Lynn dared to mourn the ronin who lost his life. No funeral service, simply a body to be used as an example to all who thought of revolting against the Lord's iron fist of a rule. The slavers at the time were enjoying what little Miharu had to offer woman and alcohol wise...only beginning to quinch their thirst when the raping and pilaging began. All allowed under Lynn's father's rule...any who stood against them were to be decapitated publicly, for it was they who brought in the money that kept this forsaken place running. Houses away, Dante wasnt playing around in the snow as usual...instead clinging to his mother's leg as she quietly shed tears of sadness. He too began to bawl, clinging tighter as a feeling in his gut wispered of change and pain...not that the child would fully understand, the worst he'd endured was riticual from the parents of other children. Wispers of being a 'basterd' child, wisperes of a man named Takashi. Slowly Lynn stroked her son's short hair, crouching down to meet eye to eye with Dante before giving her final words to her baby boy. "Be strong Dante! Don't you give up, be strong!" Breaking out in tears she grasped Dante and pulled her boy close, gently resting her head against his as he attempted to understand what was going on...but meanwhile those words burned deep within his soul, a flare in his crystal blue eyes that would never cease to exisist.

"Come boy, time to leave!" An unfocused, rhaspy voice commanded...the smell of cheap booze following as the bandit like men suddenly broke the two apart with force, "Shut up ya bitch!" One shouted, slapping Lynn to the ground when she attempted to take back her baby boy...her screams once again heared throughout Miharu.

The boy had fallen unconciense under the sudden stress, awakening some time later at a camp far from home. "Where....wheres mommy!"Dante questioned his capters, teary eyed and bound by rope. "Ah shut it kid, your never gonna see 'mommy' again" A slaver laughed, his buckteeth and odd sense of fashion only making him look more like a creature or some hic rather than a man. "Thats right, your gona do what we say from now on...Grandpa done sold you out boy" Another confirmed, all of em reaking of cheap booze and whores. Dante normally would have burst into tears, but his mother's words seemed to echoe throughout his being...the thought of her voice alone soothing the small child as he took his first step into a world worse than hell.

-Adolesence-Cold Steel, Cut a Path Paved With Blood-
"No Mercy, No weakness, They all deserve to die"-Dante Kurasaki

Ten horrible years had passed for Dante, being thrown into a pit daily to fight other children to the death for food. He'd grown from a scared little boy into a brainwashed brutal teenager who cared only for himself...and thought of death as a more common thing than drinking water. Again and again he'd come out alive from the pits, his slaver masters quite proud of the monster they had created. However they failed to relieze the consequences of their actions, to create a monster and believe it will always obey was foolish indeed.

Standing within the center of a make-shift ring, Dante stood triumphant over his battered and beaten opponent. Both 15 years of age, each shared their number of physical and emotional scars. Each had their losses and their victorys, but today was Dante's day. Today he'd nearly killed his rival in training, as a small boy he'd suffered several beatings from his peer...and now the tables were turned. Thunder roared throughout the skys, a light rain desceanded on the two...mixing with the dirt and blood that covered the battleground. "You've grown weak" Dante said disapointingly, pacing about his foe's severly torn body. Spitting blood to the side, Dante smirked as he wiped away a trickle of it from his mouth, purposefully smeering it across his cheek like a sign of victory and strength. From the sidelines his masters could already see the money their new champion would bring in, greedy basterds with a penchant for all things evil and easy to take, Dante only shook his head before finishing off the boy with the rusty piece of steel that lay firmly in his grasp, piercing his throat with a slight chuckle...a gasp, then nothing...a silence interupted by the corrupt men who watched from afar. "Very good Dante, three years and you'll be at full strength!" Smiling wickedly like the snakes they were, Kurasaki ignored them. "Give me someone worth fighting" He said bluntly, turning to face his most hated enemy with a look parralell to the fiercest of demon lords. Taken back by the statement, the slavers reliezed just how cocky their weapon had become...with a snap of their fingers came a 7 foot tall giant like man with a shaved head and more battle scars than Dante could count. With only a loin cloth covering him, it reached for a weapon...pulling out a barbaric axe perportionate to his size. "Challenge" Its voice boomed, followed with a demonic cackle that would have intimitated even the most hardened war veterain. Needless to say, Dante Kurasaki had been given a challenge...and after the initial shock put on a satisfied smile. "Bout time" He replyed, readying his makeshift weapon before charging the giant head on with a battlecry, the fire in his crystal blue eyes burning like an inferno of hatred. Such a bold move was courages at most, yet too headstrong to be effective. Like a fly he was swat down by the handle of the giant's axe. His laughter booming throughout Dante's eardrums whilst he struggled to stand from the blow. "Little boy like to act tough" Taunting Kurasaki verbally, the barbaric man reached down to snap the boy's neck with one hand...only to end up missing two fingers when Dante lept from the ground in a blind rage, yelling a bloodcurling scream that knocked the giant off guard. Aiming for the neck, the teenager first had to dodge the oncoming chunck of sharp metal that was his axe...the sheer force of the swing creating a gust of wind that almost knocked Dante down. "No mercy" He uttered underneath his breath, slicing the giant's achilles tendon...the man then falling to the ground in pain. "No weakness" Severing his axe hand without another moment's notice, Dante finished the man's life after forcing the bloody piece of metal in hand through his esophagus, a sickening gurgle sound following afterwards as he chocked on his own blood. "They all deserve to die" Breathing heavily, Dante dragged himself off the blood covered arena ground to rest.

-Adulthood-A Monster Escapes-
"I came to finish what you started old man"-Dante Kurasaki

Upon his 18th birthday, Dante's captors decieded to enter their prize into the Gladiator ring with full confidence that their 'hard' work would finally pay off in material wealth. However Dante had no intention of fighting for them at all, in fact that very night he decieded that he'd escape and kill the basterds once and for all who did this to him. But this did not only pertain to the visit to Miharu Village was in order.

Nightfall loomed overhead as the camp fires of the slaver's burned brightly underneath the veil of the surrounding trees and extensive forest. Nature's creatures watched from the shadows, the intruders who'd taken the land to call their own. From a cage lay Dante, his now fully built body and adult features had settled in...his bezerker like nature only worsening with each passing year. Although his captors were quiet the idiots for creating him, they weren't stuiped enough to just leave the keys around. But tonight's situation was a bit diffrent....Blinded by the wealth almost in grasp, an extra quantity of alcohol and women were ordered to keep them company for the night...a scoundrel's party to best describe it. Dante's guard had passed out close to his cell, and the keys were always in plain sight to taunt him with thoughts of freedom. However this would be their downfall. Quickly snatching freedom from the pockets of the basterd, Kurasaki snatched a dagger from his possesions. "Its over" Wispering to himself, the monster was now free and proceeded to kill off everyone in their sleep. Slitting throats and occasionaly waking one or two up so that they could see the steel that would take their life. But more so to stare in horror at the monster they stare into his crystal blue eyes so full of darkness and twisted hatred. The night did not go well for those who opposed Dante Kurasaki...for by morning every single soul in the vicinity had been reaped by Death Incarnate a.k.a. Dante.

Soon enough the now free man found his way back to the mountain side where Miharu awaited without a clue as to what was coming their way. Months on foot it took for him to make it back, and an extra week to scout out the town itself before finally decieding how everyone should die by his hand.

On a particulerly snowy day, a wanderer entered Miharu, cloaked by dark cloth and strangely silent. The people of the village watched from their houses intently, their Lord notified of an unknown ronin who entered town only moments after he arrived. Three swordsman approached the wanderer as he made his way into the tavern to grab a drink, a blizzard outside forcing everyone indoors as the Lord's scouts attempted to identify the man. "You there! What buisness do you have in Miharu?" One asked, his kimono somewhat covered in snow whilst he stepped inside. "..." There was no reply, the wanderer insisted on keeping his looks to himself whilst he sipped on the sake in hand. "I was TALKING TO Y..." Before the swordsman could finish, Dante threw off his cloak and decapitated the scout without warning...sheathing his blade after finished off the other two. "This town disgusts me" Smirking devilishly, Dante Kurasaki began to burn down the town house by house before the Lord arrived personally with his small army of hired warriors. On horseback they rushed into town, only to be meet by a lone warrior with a bloody sword in hand, an inferno burning behind him as the winds only continued to worsen as the blizzard foretold of Dante's return. "WHO ARE YOU!" The Lord demanded an answer, raising a hand in the air to order his bowmen to ready their arrows. "Look at my face" Removing the cloak from his head, the Lord staggered back. "Takashi? impossible your dead!" He shouted in disbelief, in complete horror as Dante only chuckled. "Do we really look so much alike? No, I'm Lynn's boy" Kurasaki replyed, popping his neck before spitting to the side. "My dead daughter's basterd boy has returned then..." Looking downwards on his grandson with hatred, he rode off after giving his small army the order to kill him, the arrows previously strung now flew outwards like they did against his father before him..."You cant run"

Galloping back into his now unmaned castle, The Lord awaited news within his bedroom chamber. Fiddling with his fingers, sweat began to trickle down his sluggish had been two hours now. "what good are hired soldiers if they take they dont obey orders" He scouled, taking a sip from his wine as lone footsteps could be heared approaching from withing the castle. "Good, they must be back" The Lord's words contradicted what his gut told him, from within he could see that somehow his grandson was coming to kill him.


His heart began to race like a stallion galloping from danger, the steps drew ever closer until the chamber doors bursted open to reviel Dante Kurasaki covered in blood. "I've come for you Granpa" Dante calls out in laughter, slowly advancing into the room as the lord coward in fear. "Cant we negotiate?!" He shouts vainly, only to fall upon deaf ears. "I came to finish what you started old man" Wiping the blood from his blade, Dante was but a few feet away from the Lord as he wispered in his ear. "This will be a painful death, one that will never amount to the pain and suffering you caused me and my the way...its okay to squeel now"

The screams could be heared far and wide, the torture the Lord was put under was both inhuman and sick...the dreams that Dante cobbled together in his dreams had finally come to fruitation, the Monster had escaped and devoured its enemy whole while every soul in Miharu was slain, and the town purified by fire.
-Unbirth-The Deal-
"To thee i offer the world and all its fortunes..."- Mr.Z

From afar, a necromancer of unknown origins watched the chaos that befell Miharu unfold...a wide smile spread across the older man's face, "I believe i've found a candidate"

Emerging from the inferno, Dante set up camp not far from what was left of his hometown...the years he spent unattached to family served him well after hearing news of his mother's death under unknown circumstances, not that he'd believe his grandfather's lieing ass anyhow. Whilst feasting on what he caught in the forest, the slight shuffle of feet could be heared from the distance. Drawing the sword from his side, Dante stood with the blade pointed in the mysteriouse observer's direction. Knowing someone was watching, "Come out, or else I'll come find you" He warned bluntly, the dark circles underneath his eyes slowly betraying him as rest subtly persuaded him to calm down. Luckly the man showed himself immiedatly. "Yes yes, forgive my intrusion of privacy" Taking a seat on a log nearby, Dante sat as well...eyeing his strange guest. "What do you want old man" He asked uncaringly, obviously not the social type. "I've come to you with a gift only those...with certain qualities can ever possibly attain."

Suddenly the blizzard had come to a halt, and the world seemed to quieten down so that Dante could better hear what the man was saying. "You mean killing? I'm not the only one." Kurasaki said dismissivly, already forming a negative opinion on the fellow. "One aspect yes...but you are a driven man yes? One who seeks power, one whose been robbed of their happyness?" Dante felt like cutting the man down right there and then, however something the necromancer was saying seemed oddly intruiging. "Go on" "To thee i offer the world and all its me Mr.Z"

A lengthy conversation continued from there, one in which Mr.Z explained his proffesion and mastery of the dark arts of the undead. To borrow powerful magicks that could completely alter a person, make him immortal, make him powerful, make him a god among mortals. Dante saw this as a perfect oppertunity to one day rule the entire planet himself, to create a unified empire in which he the Emperior became all knowing and powerful. Such delusions of grandure would become the young man's downfall however, as the ritual took place within Mr.Z's homestead in nearby caves.

"To make one so powerful, you must kill, you must sacrifice, and the blood of others will sustain you forever." Drawing a large star underneath Dante's feet with the blood of nature's animals, he now stood within a large pit dug underground from the caverns...markings of unknown origin lay spread across the walls like art as a new factor was thrown into the mix. A young woman bound by rope and chain was thrown down with Dante. "What the hell am i supposed to do?" He shouted upwards, the reply being a dagger tossed from above. The young maiden looked at Dante in horror of what was to come, her golden like hair ruffled and slightly covered in dirt...her clothes ripped, scratches and the like covered her smooth skin. A look in her eyes begged for life, whilst Kurasaki's lay emotionless as he ended her life with a quick flick of the dagger at her throat, the markings across the room dimly lighting up as dark energy flowed into his being instantously...summoning a demon's gaze to complete the transformation as all of Dante's past deeds were collected and thrust back in the form of a curse that both killed and revived Dante...his own screams filling the cavern halls while Mr.Z watched the rare ritual actually work.

A formless being arose from the star of blood, the demon looked upon Dante with a curiouse expression. "Very interesting" The grunts and dark booming voice was only gibberish to Kurasaki's ears, however the necromancer above perfectly understood the dialect of such a monster. Its now forming clawed hand reached inside Dante like a piercing mist, "As a mortal your not worth my interest, as a creature of darkness one day i'll call for you." Chuckling demonically, the creature faded away after one final explosion of crimson energy that filled the cavern halls. Permantly changing Dante as his physical appearnce drastically shaped into something else. Pale skin, extended canines, the once crystal blue eyes that belonged to his father's bloodline was now a menacingly scarlet red, pupils barely noticable.


Dante awoke not long afterwards outside the cavern, day had fallen, night rising in its place while he effortlessly stood. Power and a blinding thirst was all that mattered at the moment. His sight saw through the night easier than day itself, if it werent for the moon then he'd most surely mistake his surroundings for daylight. "Where is he?" Kursaki suddenly asked, Mr.Z no where to be found whilst he traversed the forest grounds before coming upon a lone wanderer. Humming a little tune to himself, the man with his traveling stick followed a road almost completely reclaimed by the forest. Only feet away a predator with crimson eyes watched intently, the heartbeat was what called to him like a homing becon...the thought of blood was all that drove him, nay, blood at this moment was his very life's purpose! Carefully Dante followed, licking his dry lips until he was certain that the prey had no chance of escape. Now! Leaping like a starved animal, Dante tackled the unsuspecting man with the wildest of smiles automatically going for the throat. Blood, the life essence of all seeped into his mouth instanously. Like a person who'd been denyed water in a desert for days did he drink, and only after being sucked dry did Dante cease his blood thirst. Smeering what little had trickled from his mouth across the cheek, Kurasaki finally came to his senses of what just transpired. Only then did he relieze that the monster on the inside had finally been born on the outside.

-Unlife-Insanity and Hope-
"I can hear it, like a subtle thump my very being is drawn to them...I can't stop"-Dante

The taste of blood became addicting, for decades Kurasaki indulged himself in the blood of both the guilty and innocent. For years he would asume the role of a traveling swordsman...killing all who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. And for years did he attempt to rid himself of the thirst, all in vain of course. The hunger for blood became too strong, the price of eternal youth and strength was the pain and suffering of all others. It was when Dante reliezed this that he 'exiled' himself from society, already one who never belonged with civilized people...the lone warrior hid admist the vast forests of the planet. Feeding off of nature's animals and the like. It was here that he began to lose his sanity, dreams of the dead and Mr.Z haunted Dante during the day. Only to awake at nightfall to the sounds of the demon lord who casted the curse upon his very soul so many years ago. It was here that Dante Kurasaki heared a child calling out for help, calling out for a knight in shining armor to save her from whatever was hunting her down. A knight wouldnt answer the call, but instead the nearly broken vampire of the woods.

Her racing heartbeat was enough to follow, Dante's agility far surpassing that of any little girl, the vampire was fairly certain that bandits were on her tail. Their heavy breathing and poisened blood was an obviouse giveaway. Under the shadows of the trees Dante followed closely, the girl remarkebly simliar to the one he'd killed many years ago in the caverns. Golden hair, nightgown dress, the girl's panicked eleven year old features told the entire story. More than likely her home had been sacked and raided by the basterds, and if there was one thing Dante couldnt was the sum who ruined his very own life many many years ago. "We have ya now" One laughed, the small band of scoundrels following closely finally caught up to the young girl. She screamed, only to be outscreamed suddenly from someone nearby. The group turned to face Dante, holding the decapitated head of one of the rouges. Drinking from the neck as he threw the head towards them, advancing quickly to once again indulge himself on blood. The little girl dared to not look, huddled in a ball close to a nearby tree as it was all over only minutes later. Standing over the dismembered bodies, Dante turned to face the girl...the thought of killing her arose automatically...but what little good remained inside finally had enough. Fighting the urge, Kurasaki took three more steps in her direction before holding out a hand. "I...I'll take you home."

A Pause...

The girl at first wouldnt dare trust such a monster, one who drank the blood of others couldn't possibly be telling the truth. She only wimpered and attempted to scoot further away from Dante out of sheer fear for her life. "You don't have to trust me, its just that this forest is vast and difficult to navigate...the things that lurk here are far worse than me." Taking a step further, he held out his hand. "My name is Dante" After careful consideration, the girl looked around her surroundings...reliezing that she didnt want to be left out here in the dark by herself, that perhaps not all monsters were out to get her. "Yumi" pointing to herself, she finally accepted the offer. And by the end of the trip back to her home, she had fallen asleep in his arms. Dante had carryed the traumatized child the rest of the way, leaving her beside the local well to be found before dissapearing back into the night. Smiling at the thought of some possible hope for himself.

Appearance: Crimson red eyes that pierce into the soul of any who falls under their gaze, Black hair with silver strands that fall down to his shoulder waves about cooly against the soft breeze...almost too gracefully does Dante's six foot tall body stand out underneath what moonlight that pierces through the planets extensive forests, perfectly illuminating his fine muscle tone and overall attractive features. But even at a glance its easy to tell that Dante's form may be that of a human, however what lays underneath is something unnatural. Like a god of war, to be bathed in blood looks natural. A certain mysteriouse quality that echoes with every footstep demands the respect and acknowledgement of all who witness his passing. A dark wanderer whose scarrless body only wispers hints of the truth. A truth thats blinded by light and emerges from the shadows of nightfall.

Casual Attire (Fantasy): Simple, Kurasaki prefers to keep his clothing at a bare minimum while remaning somewhat in style with his black and white kimono that fits snug against his pale vampiric body. The kimono itself is mostly black with traces of white silk running throughout the fabric to suggest Dante isnt a beggar, however its truly for combat purposes. Allowing maximum freedom with the least restrictions, he further extends this to excluding shoes. Though he's never explained that one, alot of theorys have been cobbeled together. Once again the word simple comes to mind, simple yet so very effective. Truly worthy of wanderer status.

Vampire Worthy Attire(Real World):Many say that the clothes make the man, in Dante's case its mearly a reflection of his inner self. With jet black leather as the material for this masterpiece, it completely covers Kurasaki's body aside from the head in a ninja inspired fashion that easly cloaks its master during the night. Not that he'd need any assistence anyhow, the suit has been tailored to the shape of Kurasaki's muscle structure and general frame...making it a tight, yet oddly comfratable fit . At the hip is a chain like belt that wraps around to keep the two-piece suit together along with the countless straps, buckles, and zippers that practically decorate the outfit for him. Finishing at the hands a few fingers lay uncovered by the material purposefully so that Dante can still feel any of his weapons in hand, while his feet are protected by black leather boots with their own arsenal of buckles and zippers. Thankfully its been designed so that every movement doesnt make his fashion statement of a suit jingle like its the holidays, however the boots themselves tend to be a dead giveaway to all closeby. Course whose to say Dante doesnt like playing with his enemy before killing them?
Personality: An observer in every sense of the word, Dante is certainly not one you'd catch at the local tavern with friends. Though he has been known for speaking with both fools and wisemen, his 'tastes' keep most bystanders out of his way. A quick evaluation would reach to the conclusion that this 'unique' vampire is simply a blood sucker with a penchant for death, destruction, and the occasional note worthy fight. However this only scratches the tip of Dante Kurasaki's emotionally twisted iceberg of desceat and suffering. In truth he wishes that he'd never taken immortality, and finds the mortality of humans to be beutifal if not entrancing. Not that he'd say any of this outloud, Individualism and Lone Wolf status appear to be more appealing to his darker nature, a person whose past haunts his dreams in the form of nightmares raining fountains of be guilty of crimes that surpass the realm of mortal men if not all of the Dark Forest. Sure he feels bad about it, sure he feels he doesnt deserve the company of happy people, but nontheless he continues to exist, unsure of his destiny or fate. You could say that the cold killer persona on the outside is only a cover for the emotionally scarred man on the inside...

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