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Dark Tale: Mature Dark Fantasy - Need White Order Players!

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A Dark Tale


As soon as you finish reading this, reserve, reserve, reserve!

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there existed a realm by the name of Fantasia. The forests were green, the rivers were crystal, and all sorts of flora and fauna lived in harmony. There were creatures one might have dreamt of or read about in storybooks; and in this land, no tale was ever wrong. In this land, fairytales were real.

There were princes and angel-haired damsels, trolls, goblins, ogres, and demons—fairies, dwarves, and talking animals and trees. They all existed here. But alas as most tales go, the stories are not always peaceful.

One day, the king and queen of Fantasia discovered a complication. The queen was sterile and the king desired a heir. Although loving his wife more than anything, he was slowly giving in to the suggestions from his adviser to divorce her. A maidservant happened to overhear the discussion amongst the king and his adviser and quickly relayed the news to the queen. Fearful and distraught, the queen called for the most powerful being in all the land unaware that her wish would change Fantasia for several years.

A witch came to the queen with the solution she sought. In a vial, the witch carried a bloody serum that within it held a black seed. She said to the queen that the seed would give her a child and that her king would love her again, but unknowingly to her, the seed was far from normal. Desperately, the queen took the vial and sent the witch away. In just a few days, the queen became round and plump with a child. The king was overjoyed and all of Fantasia celebrated.

As days passed into weeks, to the king’s horror, the queen would not stop growing and soon was crazed and bedridden. The queens condition was kept in tight secrecy from the rest of the kingdom, and any that dare speak of the situation were either killed or disappeared.

One night, the queen was found dead, her belly torn open as though something had clawed its way out. The king was found murdered, and striding back into the castle was the witch, taking the throne of Fantasia as queen. All the creatures of the land were left in ignorance to what had happened that night. Rumors say the queen gave birth to a monster that was now controlled by the new queen. Whatever the story be, Fantasia was no longer the same again.

There was a new monarch that cast her dark hand across the kingdom, destroying or enslaving those who wished to oppose her. Fantasia quickly morphed from a land of milk and honey to a land corrupted by sin.

The Main Plot – The Run Down

There are two main factions that exist in this role play: The White Order a.k.a. The Rebellion and The Dark Court a.k.a. The Queen's Legion. You will plot your character’s story around those factions. As for neutrals, I am only allowing three neutral slots in order to avoid there being more neutral characters than there are characters in either faction. So the three neutral slots are first-come first-serve and the characters that wish to be neutral must have profiles that pass the profile process. If they don’t, then the slots will be open.

In this RP, players will be secretly plotting against other players. Depending on how sides team up against each other will determine if this RP has a “happily ever after” or not. So understand that your characters are capable of making serious mistakes that can lead to the advantage of the other team. Understand that this is just a game, and you shouldn't hate the players that are against you. We're all here to have fun.


The only kinds of characters permitted in this game are characters from: Grimm Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen, and Nursery Rhymes. No other characters are allowed. You can Google these fairytales to get ideas for a character that is not currently listed. The characters listed below must be role played as their gender. I will not allow for there to be a male red riding hood. If they were female in the fairy tales, then they must be female. If they were male in the fairy tales, then they must be male. If the character's sex is undetermined, then choose a gender for him or her. Some of the characters below have set jobs and positions already, so any characters that aren’t listed below that you decide to make, you must run their job by me.

You are allowed to portray the characters however way you like. Characters that are animals do not have to appear anthropomorphic or straight up quadruped. They can be human with animal features. Go crazy with the background history, but to enhance interaction, try to form histories around enemies or other characters. Please avoid dictating another character’s life. If you Rp a character that originally was paired in a fairy tale with another, if a player ever decides to join as that character, I doubt he or she will want to RP what you dictated happened to them. So please write a history focused ONLY on the character you’re playing. That way if another character joins that is related to the fairytale your character is from, THEN you can rewrite the background to fit them in.

Yes, you are allowed to role play a character that will eventually become good or a character that will eventually become bad.

If someone chooses the role that you wanted, you are allowed to compete against them for the slot. If you post a much more creative profile than the person who currently plays the role you desire, then chances are you'll get that role.

The Queen’s Legion - The Dark Court
Roles with stars next to them are very important roles that the game can't start without.
???????? [GM-Run] – The Queen’s mysterious secret weapon. It is the monster that had been born from the previous queen.
***The Wicked Queen (The Witch) – Taken – Leader – the queen is wise in the art of potions and spells. Magic is her forte as well as her best weapon. She is a clever and devious leader who is not to be taken lightly even by her own subjects. A player wishing to take on this role must be confident in his or her ability to play an evil ruler and LEAD. This role is very important. [Co-GM - by choosing this role the player becomes a Co-GM in this game.]
***The Wolf a.k.a. The Big Bad Wolf – Open – Role Determined by Player – The Master of Disguise.
GoldilocksTakenElite – Mistress and enslaver of all talking animals. She hates bears especially.
The Frog Prince - Taken - Elite - One of the Dark Elite, he is a foul-smelling champion, and one of the Queen's most dangerous knights. You do not want to be on this villain's menu.
Death - Taken - Servant/Commander - Commander of Goldilocks's talking animal army. She leads campaigns to acquire more servants for her Mistress.

These are just a list of characters you can choose from out-right. There are still many characters you can think up to be either apart of the Dark Court or the White Order.

NPC Evil Subjects

The Three Little Pigs – Three piggy lords that run a smuggling business. They live in a grand mansion in Brogdin where they plot the next trade. They are fat and wealthy piglets that love to make money and also love to roll in their greed. They are pigs after all. They work under The Wolf.
The Muffin Man – The Muffin Man? Who lives on Dreary Lane? Yes, The Muffin Man. He assists the evil queen by baking her giant Gingerbread Men or otherwise known as Golems. They range in sizes from giant to tiny, ginger dolls. These creations are only out for one thing: blood.
Matilda – The queen’s cousin. Hansel and Gretel would remember her best. She is the old woman that lives in a house of desirable sweets. You don’t want to eat her desserts or you’ll never be able to stop. She loves rounding up fat little boys and girls to bake into delicious cookies. She is a cannibal. Don’t let her sweet and frail nature fool you, she is quite lethal and very frightening. Thought to had been killed long ago, the witch has returned thanks to her cousin’s rise to power.
Trolls, Goblins, Gargoyles, Demons and Gnomes – They are the typical henchmen of the queen. They can be found as soldiers, scouts, guards, etc.

The Rebellion - The White Order
Roles with stars next to them are very important roles that the game can't start without.
***Little Red Riding HoodTakenLeader – Perhaps no longer “little.” She is the creator and leader of The White Order. A once innocent little girl gone dangerous, she swears revenge on The Wolf. A player choosing to RP this character must be confident in their ability to lead. This is a very important role. [Co-GM - by choosing this role the player becomes a Co-GM in this game.]
Baby Bear – Open – Role Determined by Player - One of the three bears, whatever happened to his parents? Far from “little” the bear has grown up and swears revenge on Goldielocks.
HanselTakenWarrior - A long time ago, he and his sister escaped the clutches of Matilda. It was thanks to his sister that he wasn’t trapped under her spell.
GretelReserved – Role Determined by Player – A long time ago, she and her brother escaped the clutches of Matilda. She freed her brother from Matilda’s clutches and swore they had killed her long ago.
Puss in Boots – Open – Strategist – He’s not just your average cat.
The Gingerbread Man - Taken - Interrogator - An escaped, failed experiment of the dreaded Muffin Man.
This list can grow if players come up with new characters. This is the case for the Dark Court and The White Order

NPC Allies of the Rebellions

Talking Animals – These fable creatures are usually enslaved. Animals used to talk, but ever since the rise of the new queen, they have become afraid to. The animals aren’t stupid. They are smart and hear better than you think.
More can be added as the story progresses

[only three characters allowed here]
Snow White - Open - Boss Woman - She is the leader of the band of murderers known as Seven. She is a tough woman and quite the dangerous dealer.
Little Mermaid - Taken - A mysterious flower girl in Brogdin with the power to heal wounds with her tears.

The Character Code
Code: Select all
[b]Alias[/b]: (as in what fairy tale character)
[b]Age[/b]:  (if applicable)
[b]Basic Appearance[/b]: (pic and brief description if pic doesn't summarize)
[b]Psychological Disorder(s)[/b]: (any quirks or disorders go here)
[b]Background[/b]: (I expect a brief dark story here lol)
[b]Partner[/b]: (if your character comes from a story where he or she is usually with another or whoever you choose as a partner can go here. If no one, then no one.)
[b]Current Story[/b]: (What is he or she doing now or where is he or she?)
[b]Weaponry[/b]: (If he or she carries anything and it can also be natural weaponry such as teeth or claws)
[b]Powers[/b] (I’ll be checking these. I want everyone to at least be sensible with their powers. You can have as many as you think is logical for your character.)


1. OOC will remain in the OOC thread. That is what the OOC is made for so please do not post OOC bubbles in the IC. If you’re going somewhere or are trying to talk to someone specifically, PM them or use the OOC thread. Thanks.
2. Do not auto-hit another player’s character. There is a correct way to attack the character of another player and that is to write the action as an intention. Meaning it hasn’t happened yet, but depending on the other players response, it can happen. Example: Bob swings his fist at Jay’s jaw. In that statement, the action was never confirmed to have happened. The intention is just there.
3. What I say goes. I try to be as fair as possible, if you’re trying to ask a favor of me that I say “No” to, then please respect that it’s no. Do not argue with me. No is no.
4. Interaction. Do not join this RP if you do not plan on interacting with other players. I will not allow tea parties. Tea parties are when two players constantly post to one another and ignore everyone else. This RP kind of makes interaction very impossible. I don’t see why a tea party would start up when your characters are all working together. If your characters are separated from the group, then that is fine. I’m sure you know what I mean by tea parties anyway, so I’m not going to drawl this explanation on.
5. Do not control another player’s character.
6. Post at least 200 words. This isn’t a lot. I just do not like one-lining. So please try and meet the 200 words minimum.
7. Communication. This is what makes RPs last a long time. If you disappear please be courteous to let us know in the OOC. I can make adjustments to the RP this way. If you quit, then please say you’re leaving. But once you quit, please refrain from talking in the OOC. Once you are gone, you are gone. The OOC is for players involved in this storyline. If you plan to go away for long periods such as vacation, funeral, etc. You don't have to tell me exactly what's going on because that's you're business, but let me know how long you're going to be gone.
8. Have fun. Please write enough so that we can appreciate your character. I am very lenient with this RP, but please don’t give me a reason to be strict. Use spell check, read over your posts, and don’t post for the hell of it. If no one has posted yet, then don’t just post to post because it makes you feel accomplished. That is clutter. Do not clutter up the RP. At the end of the day, when people get out of classes or off work, they want to come online and find something worth reading. Just go find something to do until someone posts a reply.

Active Characters
Frosch - The Frog Prince/The Dark Court - Sonata
Red - Red Riding Hood/The White Order - HitoriRaven
Goldilocks - Goldilocks/The Dark Court - Saken
The Snow Queen - The Wicked Queen/The Dark Court - omigosh01
Hansel - Hansel/The White Order - showers in april
Death - Talking Animal/The Dark Court - tornadofan2
Princess Pearl - Little Mermaid/Neutral - spirit_is_shining
The Gingerbread Man - The Gingerbread Man/The White Order - Sonata

Inactive Characters
In this thread are characters who have been dropped from the game for whatever reasons IRL or game wise.
Beauty - Beauty & The Beast/The Dark Court - Prose
Arianwyn - Sleeping Beauty/The White Order - Wudgeous


Dark Tale Character Thread


The Queen's Castle

Rebellion HQ

Common questions that were asked by players will be listed here.

3/8/2012: Prince Charming - If you RP a handsome prince, then chances are he's a Prince Charming. Prince Charming couldn't be denoted as one character to embody them all because many stories have them. A Prince Charming is a handsome prince, whose bad-assery is powerful enough to compete with the Wicked Queen. Thus, she may have several plots cooked up to assassinate/be-rid of all the handsome princes in Fantasia. There won't be too many Prince Charmings since we need to get the main roles filled, but if you desire to play one, let me know from what story.

3/8/2012: The Four Elite Generals of the Dark Court - There exist four elite generals of the Dark Court: The Wolf, The Frog Prince, Goldilocks, and blank. The generals are very powerful and not to be taken alone, so be mindful when confronting them.


3/18/2012: Nursery Rhyme Characters - I've learned that not many people know anything about Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson besides Disney, so I'm allowing characters from Nursery Rhymes.
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To give an example how reservations go:

I'm reserving the Frog Prince for The Dark Court.

I'm being for real. Frog Prince son!
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I'd like to play a Neutral character who goes by the name of Snow White.

That is all.
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thanks for sending me the link.
this looks super interesting!
i would like to reserve Hansel for The White Order.
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The Frog Prince


Name: Frosch (Prince Emmanuel Beyer)
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 7'3" (6’2”)
Weight: 535 lbs. (175lbs.)
Personality: The prince has grown bitter and wicked since the day he was transformed into a monster. Before, he used to weep when people would run from him frightened. He still clung to his humanity. On the inside, he was still a prince! After spending years as a monstrosity, the names people would call him, the way people would treat him, what was left of the prince within him was rotting away. His conscience was beginning to warp, becoming what everyone said he was: a monster. He was becoming what his reflection in the lake always portrayed him to be. And now that is who he is.

Emmanuel is now a walking nightmare. When Fantasia fell into darkness, he was the monster devouring those who had once despised him. He has long lost his appreciation for human food. When he gazes at fine wine and roast, he doesn’t smell or see anything desirable as he once did, but flesh is another thing. As a frog, he not only just enjoys the slurp and crunch of insects and vermin, but the chomp and chew of human meat.

Frogs follow him around and bask in his presence for the prince has become their prince. He is the frog prince! The amphibians watch as he devours humans left and right, humans that once fried, boiled, and ate them as fancy dishes. The prince adored the appreciation of his amphibious subjects, plummeting further from humanity until he no longer thought he was ever a man. He had forgotten who he was.

Though now a monster, the prince's self-conceited attitude still lingers. He is arrogant and cocky, willing to take any job for nothing seems too difficult to him. He feels invincible as long as his frog subjects keep praising him. He has become numb to insults though flattery is something he takes to heart; and if pissed off, he won't hesitate to lick the face from a person's skull.

Likes: Women, eating others, amphibians, bugs, ponds, and flattery.
Dislikes: Peasants, insults, frog legs or frog dishes, and people who murder his frog subjects.
Psychological Disorder(s): Trust issues, pride, self-loathing, and superiority complex. The prince often listens to his frog subjects. They have become his manipulative family and know how to pull the prince's strings. He is afraid that they may abandon him if he doesn't listen to them for they regarded him as a prince and not a monster.
Background: Once upon a time, there lived a prince in a glorious castle. He was handsome and wealthy, and felt that he could have anything he so desired: the hearts of women, riches, and endless pleasantries. One day, a dark woman floated through his bedroom window. She glowed like the moon and had wings as black as night. She told him that if he slept with her and was able to please her, then she would bestow upon him great power. The prince was unconvinced at first, feeling cautious of the fairy, but she wasn't only beautiful but clever. She had learned of the prince's behavior one night when she attended one of his formal parties in disguise. She knew he was arrogant, and so told him that if he didn't think he was good enough, then she would leave. The prince annoyed with the fairy and eager to prove her wrong, took her into his bed.

The prince knowing he had beaten her at her own game demanded that she give him the great power she had promised, but the fairy was sour. No human had ever won. Instead of giving the prince great power, she instead left him with a curse. She told the prince that he would soon see what she had given him and left.

The next few days, the prince began to notice his changes. No longer could he taste his fine food and his skin was beginning to turn green. Growing fearful of his new disease, he cancelled his parties, meetings, and hid away in his room, continuing to transform and grow until he was no longer a human. The prince had become a monster. His servants no longer recognized him and refusing to believe he was the prince, he was chased from his kingdom. The world around him saw him only as a monster; and over the years, the prince had become exactly that. It was when the new queen had taken the throne that the prince unleashed his anger and went on a rampage, devouring humans left and right. Frogs began to praise him and follow him around, calling him their prince. The prince soon grew drunk with the power that was given to him by the fairy, and thanks to his amphibious subjects, they had told him of her whereabouts. The prince found the fairy in the castle of another prince and snatched her from him with his tongue. The frog prince fled into the night having eaten the fairy and satisfied his revenge.

He was now Frosch, The Frog Prince, unaware that his loyal servant Heinrich was searching for him with the intention to cure him.

Frosch's Appearance: Frosch is about the height of a door and his warty skin is smooth, slick, and rippling with muscles. Veins run across his arms as he stands slightly hunched over. His massive fists have sharp, protruding nails with webbing between each of his fingers. His chest and upper abdominal muscles are solid but his stomach is globular and bloated, hanging over his black, shredded trousers. His mouth is wide with a few canines poking out like an ogre. The large, black warts that cake his back, calves, and arms are tough enough to stop a blade if ever he is attacked from behind and secrete a mucus that can be sticky as well as poisonous if touched. The length of Frosch's tongue can reach extraordinary lengths. His longest is five yards. Frosch carries a foul odor that isn't pleasant around others, but he could care less.

Partner: Heinrich – NPC – Emmanuel’s servant that is searching for him. He sympathizes with the prince and has his cure.
Weaponry: Tongue, venom, appetite, strength and frog servants.


Devour - as a frog, the prince can devour almost anything. People, weapons, magic, if it goes into his mouth, chances are, it won’t be seen again.
Venom – A disgusting sludge the frog will spew from his mouth to coat anything in its path and reduce it to nothing.
Mucus Guard – The frog can secrete a sticky film that covers his body and acts like a glue to cling to several things.
Tongue Lash – The frog’s tongue is dangerous. It is what he uses to snatch up food.
Vocal Shield – The frog’s vocal sac swells and deflates when he is croaking, but it can also swell to become a shield against frontal attacks.
Leap, Climb, & Cling – The frog can leap great distances and cling to large buildings.
Frog Form - The prince can take on the form of a common frog.
Water Absorption – When in frog form, the prince can reach colossal heights if exposed to a body of water. His body absorbs the water and thus increases his size, but when not around water for too long, he’ll shrink back into a dinky frog.
Night Vision - Self-explanatory.
Breathe Underwater - His gills are in the pits of his arms.
Inhuman Strength - About as strong as an ogre. One does not want to get punched by this guy.

Passive traits: The frog carries a foul odor and frogs migrate wherever he goes. He is a prince after all. One may notice the plague of small frogs entering a town or city before they see the beast that’s following.

Frog Form Written Appearance: The frog is small (can be enormous), warty, and one can smell the beast from miles away. He smells like a bog, and it’s even worse when he’s in close proximity. When he’s a tiny frog, it’s not as awful. The frog’s skin is thick with protective black warts and sticky with mucus. The frog is fat and round with a short, tadpole-like tail.


If the prince ever becomes a prince again, well, then this profile will read a bit differently, but for now, he’s this way for whatever events take place IC.
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Aiiiieeeeeeee, this looks exciting and beautiful and holyshitIshouldbedoingsomethingelse BUT BY JOVE I will attempt to make someone for this. Interested in the bad wolf, pied piper, or else a legit princess character who is defined more by duty than title. Willing to compete for the very last one if there's going to be a limit on princesses.

Yeah, I think I'm going to need to reserve a sleeping beauty - White Order, seeing as the other side already has royalty. Willing to double up if necessary to get the story a-trekkin'.
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We'll see if we get anymore people. But welcome to have you aboard! I hope to get more enthusiasts. =D
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[Relocated to the character thread.]
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" You find that, as you grow older, you realize there's no axeman, no fairy god-mother, no miracle -- it's just you and what you can do with your own hands. "


Age: Twenty Five
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 180 lbs

Basic Appearance: I have a long scar running from my left shoulder blade down to my hip; I can't even remember where it came from. Sometimes the nightmares tell me how it happened, but I always wake up never remembering what I dream, only knowing that it was something that made a person squirm in fear. The picture isn't all too different from how I usually look. An addict to smoking, I usually have a cigarette in my mouth unless there's some important reason for me not to.

Personality: Selfish. Obsessed. Cruel. Reckless. Short-tempered.

All of these words have no meaning to me.

The only thing that matters is Gretel.

Stick up my ass? Sure, no problem. I get that a lot. People think I have no sense of humor, no sense of desire, and in some ways, I suppose it's true. My personality means nothing to me; it is no permanent. I change on a whim for my sister; if she needs me or wants me to be cruel and wicked or kind and generous, it's done. I care nothing for me or my identity or who I am. Others are searching for themselves, for who they truly are, as they travel the lands and the four corners of the earth.

What does that have to do with me?

I found myself in Gretel. She's all I need. She's all I'll ever want. I'll never desire anything but her happiness; I'll never want anything but her beside me. What defines me is my sister, my obsession, my love, my need to protect her. My personality warps for her, so there is no set characteristic that I can call mine. Maybe my lack of social abilities?

No, even that aspect of me is for Gretel.

His only sibling
His little sister

Smoking withdrawals
Gretel's boyfriends
Gretel's boy friends

Psychological Disorder(s): People say I've got a sister complex -- I don't have a sister complex. As any good brother would, I love my sister. To death. I'd do anything for her; all she needs to do is ask and it is done. If she wants me to become the Prince Charming that would sweep her off her feet, I'd take her to a castle always in bloom, to a land where she'd never have to worry about witches and war and bloodshed. If she needed a villain, I'd take up arms for her, killing the innocent and slaughtering the young; I'd happily accompany Despair and Grief on their journeys with no mercy and no remorse.

All she has to do is ask it of me and I will give it to her, whether it is someone else's death or my own.

Incest? Obsession? Is there a word that could possibly describe what we have, what I feel for her, how much I need her? I don't care about the labels; I don't care about what people have to say. Unhealthy? Destructive? What the hell do they know? They don't know the shit we've been through, what we had to do to survive. They didn't have the world turn their back on them, don't understand what it was like when all you've got, all you can trust, all you know, is the one that's been with you since before the dawn of time.

Background: As a child, my love for my sister wasn't different as it is now -- maybe not as intense, because it grew with time, but even then, she was the light of my world. We lived near a forest, right outside town, and due to our location, I normally only had Gretel for company. She was the most important person to me; it didn't matter that we were poor and we barely scraped by. As long as she had something to eat each day, as long as she wasn't out starving on the streets, then I felt content.

Our mother did love us as much as our father did; that fact never bothered me one bit. I was always looking out for my sister. Anyone else was trivial, useless, trash. Our mother especially. She was a decent woman during the times we actually had a good amount of food on the table each meal, but when things got even just a little bit difficult, when she couldn't have her four servings per meal, Mother began to craftily scheme plans to get rid of Gretel and me.

She thought she was so clever.

Often, I would overhear her whispering to Father, tantalizing him with stories of full bellies and happier days. I always thought that we'd be better off if she stopped eating everyone's weight combined, but what did I know? I was merely a child, eavesdropping on adult conversations that I couldn't understand. What I did comprehend, though, was that every time we seemed to be in a dark tunnel with no miracle on the way, Mother wanted us out of the picture. Father, despite his "immense" and "genuine" love for us, was a stupid man. He fell for her tricks and words each and every time, never suspecting the fact that maybe, just maybe, she was a ridiculous woman who deserved to be raped by several horses at a time and then hanged for her greediness and cruelty.

That morning, Gretel and I followed Father into the woods, an excitement because he normally never took us along. While Gretel was pleased with the surprise, I fell behind several steps, throwing pebbles on the ground so that we could find our way back. Even as a child, I understood the times when Mother started to plot our death -- those were the nights were I would lay awake, listening to their plans and trying to scheme up a counter method that would ensure our survival.

The second time around, I used bread crumbs. Smart as I was, that wasn't the brightest idea I could've had, because by the time we had to find our way back, the crumbs had been eaten by the damn birds.

Trying to find our way back despite the plan's failure, Gretel and I ended up lost in the forest, hungry and confused and irritated -- well, at least I was. Then, as though a miracle from the devil himself, the evil witch Matilda made her appearance. She lured us in with fancy treats and sickly sweet promises; we, starving and young, unfortunately believed her. It wasn't long until we realized our mistake.

Four long weeks I was locked inside some dark room with the bones of its former owners, as though showing me a glimpse of the doom I was to face. Each day, Matilda with reach into a small hole to feel if my finger was fat enough to devour, but I always slid a bony skeleton finger to her, taking advantage of her terrible sight. That managed to buy us several weeks, but even as all that time had passed, I could not think of any way to save my sister and me. Trapped inside a room with no way out and no means of communication to Gretel, I was at a lost at what to do and could only hope that the current plan to buy time would continue to work until an epiphany slammed into my head.

In the end, it was my sister that thought up a foolproof plan and killed Matilda. I was humiliated that I could not protect her, that I was the one who had gotten caught and needed to be rescued, but I was -- am -- grateful to my resourceful sister. No Cinderella locked in the basement, I can depend on Gretel to watch my back as I watch hers, because even though we had gotten rid of the cannibal witch, our troubles were no over.

This isn't a fairytale, after all.

Partner: Gretel

Current Story: To hell with the kingdom.

I couldn't give a flying fadoodle about it. I don't care what the Witch Queen did to usurp the throne, I don't care what happened to the previous king and queen, and I sure as hell don't care about those suffering under her reign. It can all crash and burn around me and I wouldn't lift a finger to do a thing.

You know what I do care about? My sister. Whatever she is passionate about, I'm passionate about as well. If she wants to save the kingdom, I'll do it. If she wants the queen off the throne, I'll chop her head off personally. If she wants the moon in the palm of her hands, I'll find a damn long ladder and steal that ball right out the sky -- however, that's not the reason why I joined the White Order. I didn't do it because my sister persuaded me.

As my Gretel and I were staying in this one small village, I heard rumors about a demon, a monster that had once haunted my nightmares. There were stories about an evil witch that ate little boys and girls, that spared no thought of the fact that they were essentially one and the same, her and the people, and ate their children. My sister had rid of this creature a long time ago when she plagued our family, but it turns out she's back in the flesh and wreaking havoc in the name of the Witch Queen.

I won't rest until I run her through and rip out her heart.

Weaponry: The only thing I carry on my person are packs of cigarettes and a lighter that never dies. Maybe I can burn someone for torture or something.

Powers: Oddly enough, the white stones that had once saved our lives became a dominant ability of mine that continues to serve me and protect Gretel. I manipulate the earth with ease. With a swift of my wrist, dirt compacts into large boulders; with a twirl of my finger, rocks slam into my target. It's not difficult to do; I've never had to learn any techniques. One day I woke up and it was like breathing to me.

Dead bones, rocks, soil, sand, and dust -- all under my control. Some I manipulate better than others, mainly because I use them more and am surrounded by them more often, like rocks and soil. The others I have some difficult getting them to do what I want to do. They're all servants of Mother Nature, and I only borrow her slaves temporarily; they're normally very docile and willing, but things like sand have a bit of a temper.
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showers in april
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This seems very interesting and exciting!
I'd like to make a reservation for The Dark Court as The Owl from the Grimm tales.
I'm working on the basics of the profile until I hear 'Yay' or 'nay'. XD
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Yeah, go ahead and work on it. lol The story for it sounds so simple. I just might have to read it to see what the synopsis doesn't say.
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(May I join?)
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Sure. Who would you like to reserve?
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(May I be a talking animal?)
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If you want to be that then I recommend you check out the tale, "Puss in Boots." ;)
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(I love Puss in Boots. )
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You're welcome to make a profile for him. Just use the character sheet in the "code" above.

I will say after this though...

The characters I hope to get players for just to get them out of the way:

The Wicked Queen (very huge, important, LEADER role, that a gifted writer should take on)
Red Riding Hood (very huge, important, LEADER role, that a gifted writer should take on)
The Wolf
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Saveing the spot of Goldilocks. <3 Kthx. Will have my character sheet up by the weekend, most likely.
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Targeted at Newbies, but for everyone!

I see you...
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(I can play The Wolf if you want, not to good at leaders but the wolf should be alright, want to me to play the wolf?)
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Sure. Go for whatever you position you want.
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