Dark Times {Marble Hornets/Jam/PAFP}

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Dark Times {Marble Hornets/Jam/PAFP}

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Plot; okay, so I've been needing to do a JayxTim/Jam roleplay. And here is what I came up with! Let's assume that somewhere in the series, Jay and Tim find that their dislike for one another is slowly fading. And meet up, having to spend a cold night somewhere while hiding. And decide to snuggle up. Confessing their love. They go through all the hard crap that they haven't experienced before. Especially when getting towards the end of the series.

Please write a paragraph or more. I need info, I crave to see what's going on behind your characters eyes!
Please be active. And I don't like loosing a roleplay, especially if I get attached to it.
Make sure to have watched marble hornets! If not, go do it! It's good .v.

The heat was beating down, and it was starting to get to Jay. He hated going out on a day like this. He wasn't even sure why he wore his hood and jeans. He took off his hat and fanned himself, trying to cool off and keep from having a heat stroke. He looked back towards Tim. "Damn it Tim, you should have told me that it was going to be hot today. I would have been more prepared than I am now," he whined pathetically. Walking along the forest, holding his camera in one hand, and the hat that he was fanning himself with in the other. He made sure not to trip over his own feet or do anything incredibly stupid. But how can you not do anything stupid while heat was just shooting you down?

Jay flashed his camera around, before looking back once more at Tim, who seemed to be the only one prepared. "So, where are we even going?" He asked. He wasn't sure at all why he was in front if he didn't know where he was going. So he must stopped and waited for Tim to catch up to him. Once he was beside the other, he started to walk once more. "I mean, you can't expect me to do anything if I don't know where we're even going," he said. Rolling his eyes to the side as he continued to walk.

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