A dark violet leather-bound tome. Locked with clockwork.

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A dark violet leather-bound tome. Locked with clockwork.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Celaradith on Sun Dec 23, 2012 3:41 am

30th Winnas

Well, what a delightful birthday present to myself! It is amazing what people will gamble when they run out of coin, and this little diary seems to be worth a nice amount indeed. The leather is thick, soft and a lovely shade of deep violet. The clockwork that binds it closed is not only amazing to look at, it's not easy to unlock. It took me a few hours to figure out how to open the damned thing!

Pretty sure I'll figure out the combination sooner rather than later!

For now, I've got chores to do and a violin to restring!

12th Sprinnas

I may or may not have misplaced my journal for a time. That, coupled with us being awfully busy made it hard for me to search for it.

I've felt restless lately, not even trips to Westergaard for the market or supplies are sating this... sudden need to get out. Too bad I'm stuck here, serving this family. Thankfully they're quite nice, so existence here isn't as bad as some of the horror stories I've been told.

I'm wondering if this wanderlust is the thing my Grandmother used to tell me when I was a child, about how she could never stay in one place for too long and would travel Celaradith. It also just could be my imagination.

53rd Summas

Alares must have been at work here tonight, there was a fire just after the mid of night; and the family perished. Myself, and the others all fled. We're no heroes, and we're also not stupid.

We'd be blamed for this.

I'm not even sure where I am, I think I'm still in Somoria. I took a horse, and whatever I could carry in saddlebags. The violin came with me, I've grown quite attached to it over the years. Right now, it's dusk and I've been riding for most of the day. This poor horse needs rest, and so do I. My arse is so numb I'm not even sure it's there anymore!

I found a clearing off the road where I can tie the gelding so we can both rest. I can't stay in Somoria, I'm a deserter now. But I know their Laws don't pass over the border. So when I wake up tomorrow, that's where I'll head!

One more thing I must remember, a new name for myself before I get there. My real name will only get me more trouble than I'd like.

10th Auttus

I've been travelling almost non-stop since my last entry, and the border is in sight. I settled on the name Axael Solitaire. It's much better than the old one!

Once I cross into Islithika, I'll be a free man. A lost man, but free nontheless. I don't really know much about this part of the world, so for now I'll stop at the first city I find and try to get some information there.

21st Auttus

I came upon a large city today, apparently it's called Daedalus and they seem to be neutral. No Islithikan, or Somorian flags fly their streets. There's all sorts of people that live here, and they've got a lot of Steamtech as well. I haven't done a lot of exploring, I'm exhausted and this inn's room is pretty comfortable!

22nd Auttus

It seems bringing the violin was a perfect thing to do, after asking around; I found out that this city allows street performers! It's not much, but I earned enough for food and board for another night. It's strange, being free; although there's that lingering worry.

How ever am I going to get away with this?

46th Auttus

It's time for me to leave Daedalus, I worry that people are starting to figure out I'm not Vaalir. I'll leave tonight after dusk.

50th Auttus

I'm lost. I headed east of Daedalus, but to be safe I left the road. I probably shouldn't have done that. I had to sell the horse I stole to buy supplies, at least I've got two good paws to get me to... wherever I'm going.

I guess I'll try and keep going east, I'm bound to find someplace sooner or later

55th Auttus

Tonight, I came across a Jalvati campsite. At first they were pretty wary of me, as to be expected; but they offered me dinner and even a place to stay for the night. Apparently they travel all over Celaradith, holding shows and faires in towns wherever they go.

Sounds like fun! Maybe I'll see if they'll let me stay with them for a few days.

63rd Auttus

I fit in here, and I love it! The next step will apparently be some kind of tests to prove my worth to the Jal.

We've traveled across to Yah'sjir, the Capital of Islithika. This city is almost as big as Westergaard. According to Par'vanis, the leader of the Jalvati; this is where my test will take place

65th Auttus

That wasn't what I expected to have to do, but I pulled it off perfectly!


Almost perfectly.

It doesn't matter, because now I have a new family who don't care about what I am or where I came from.

Pretty sure this is the best day of my life.

74th Auttus

It's been a week since I was accepted into the Jalvati, life has flown by amazingly! Freedom is something I've missed! Sure I'm expected to help out around the campsite, but apart from that; my will is my own.

This life is glorious.

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