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[Kelante] Darren Ark

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Gabriel Faile on Wed Feb 14, 2007 1:55 am

Name: Darren Ark AKA Darren the Swift

Age: 753

Height: 5'7"

Physical Apperance:Darren

Weapons: His custom forged staff dubbed Swift Owl that enhances the powers his personal Elemental gives him and a belt of throwing knives beneith his cloak.

Abilities: Wind Elemental. His familliar, an embodied owl named Charles. The favoured spell of this particular elemental is something called Lift. Darren can move light objects around him using the air near them. He can also use all the basic Wind Elemental abilities; flying, suffocation, air dispursion, wind push, etc.

Personality: Darren is a generally up beat guy. He's never had anything in his life to complain about, plus his best friend Chuck is always with him.

Background: Darren discovered his elemental and his pal Charles at the same point in life. When he was sixty years old he was climbing a tree. When he was nearly twenty feet in the air a small owl jumped out from behind a branch and screetched loudly at Darren. This startled him and caused him to let go of the trunk. He fell fifteen feet before haulting suddenly and slowly drifting to the ground. Ever since he has been enrolled in the Sorcerer's guild. He trained with his best friend Charles everyday.

Today, Darren is the apprentice to the High Wind Sorcerer Keegan. He and Charles are regarded as one of the top Wind sorcerer's.

He got his nickname Darren the Swift, by raising so fast through the Guild and with his accuracy and speed with a throwing knife.

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