dedicated partners wanted!

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dedicated partners wanted!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby barnes on Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:18 am

hi everyone! :>

as the subject already suggests, i'm looking for partners that are dedicated to exploring plots with me, and would be interested in gaining a RP partner and (hopefully) friend in myself! here's some info about myself:
  • you can call me Julie, J, Barnes, whatever strikes your fancy
  • i'm currently unemployed (which may change in the near future), so while i'm probably bothered over college applications and such, i'll have a good amount of time to plot, if not actually write, with my partners
  • i like to think i'm extremely understandable about real life demands - i don't mind waiting on my partners to post. personally i can do a minimum of one post a week, up to three a week if we're really active
  • my posts rarely, if ever, go below 500 words. depending on the number of characters i'm playing and the amount of action, i can go up to 1000 words
  • i prefer to play multiple characters/relationships at once, and have had experience doing 2-4 characters at any one time
  • i prefer using real people as faceclaims (although i'd avoid using underage/deceased people)
  • genres i love: (low) fantasy, horror, mystery, action, superhero

what i'm looking for in a partner:
  • posts of a reasonable length - the occasional short post is fine, but preferably you can write at least 400 words most posts
  • i don't tend to dictate the gender of characters played against mine, but i'd prefer a partner who's flexible with playing different genders
  • please be willing to communicate and talk to me! there's nothing i love more than exploring the RP with my partner, whether it's talking about our characters over discord, or setting up pinterest boards, or putting together playlists for relationships
  • i won't police the quality of posts too much, but i ask that you please bring a certain standard of grammar and creativity to the game. be able to form coherent sentences that are interesting to read, and don't expect to be led by the hand into every action

that being said, here are a couple of plots that i'd love to work on! i'll try to keep these plots updated as more come to me.
  • [ inspired by Christopher J. Yates's Black Chalk ]
    a group of friends in college come together to play a Game of dares and humiliation, gathering weekly to play a round consisting of a series of games like monopoly, risk, and so on - producing one or more losers every round. the losers will then choose a dare at random from a set of previously agreed-upon dares designed to humiliate or challenge the loser. as time passes by rifts and alliances develop within the group, and the Game devolves from good-natured fun to outright backstabbing and degradation, perhaps even utilising players' own pasts and fears against them. who will come out on top? who will see the Game through? who will reach their limit?
    (this plot will require about six main characters, so we'll definitely have to double up!)

  • [ inspired by a pure love for Korean drama fun ]
    character A is a youngish girl who's on the run, let's say from creditors or maybe gang members. character B is an immortal/mythical being of some sort running from celestial trouble too (i based my idea of B very heavily off Gong Yoo's character in Goblin), and as fate has it somehow A and B get stuck with each other, and end up having some kind of adventure together, maybe a road trip or whatever. but it could be played out really comedic and wild, like they've both got clashing personalities and keep running into trouble but ultimately B falls in love with A's wildness, and A finds B's dependability reassuring.
    (i'd really rather play A in this plot, thanks!)

let me finish this post with a huge word bank of my fandoms and general interests:
hannibal ; marvel cinematic universe ; over the garden wall ; stranger things ; supernatural ; american elsewhere ; broken monsters ; american gods ; neverwhere ; it ; picnic on hanging rock ; the call ; the thirteenth tale
superheroes / superpowers ; worldbuilding ; villains ; supernatural monsters ; gods ; angels ; horror ; survival ; dark academia ; dares ; magic ; schools ; normalcy in crazy / difficult situations ; romance ; mystery ; murder ; angst ; secret agents ; betrayal ; enemies to friends / friends to lovers ; hardasses softening ; unexpected relationships / pairings ; fairy courts ; abduction ; good people forced into bad situations ; monsters ; unrequited love ; mythology ; creepy rituals ; cyberpunk ; underworld ; genius loci ; mafia ; bodyguards ; complicated plots ; small cities ; creepy settings ; urban fantasy ; road trips​

this was a real ride, thanks for reading through! if you're interested in RPing with me, feel free to respond to this thread or drop me a PM. thanks!

EDIT: this has been crossposted to the Interest Checks forum, sorry everyone.

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Re: dedicated partners wanted!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Oborosen on Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:54 pm

I will send a pm soon. Merely posting here to help keep the thread bumped for the time being.

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