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Deep in the Carpathian Mountains...

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Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Deep in the Carpathian Mountains...

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Sat Sep 03, 2005 8:27 am

OOC: I was typing this all out when the power surge hit. I lost a lot of unsaved data, but this is what I remember.

Master felt the icy wind that roared through the small valley that lay before him before he heard the clap of rolling thunder from behind him. These mountains held many secrets, and they were never going to reveal them to anyone. That was why he liked this place so much. Anything could be hidden here, and it would be near impossible for someone to find it.

He took a deep breath inward through his nose, the cool air pouring into his lungs through his nostrils. He took a moment to relish the fact that this might be the last time that he would enjoy that smell for a long time, for he knew that he had much work to do. With the small village of Miklósvár a good distance west of here, he considered making another trip to town, but decided that it would be best to lay low until he had completed the tasks at which he had decided to begin, due to the announcement of the facts that he had known for nearly a year now.

When he once more looked down into the valley with which he had grown so fond of, he realized that it was time to consolidate his assets and begin a new chapter in his life. This one, he realized, may be his final. He smiled at the idea, and jumped down from the rock outcropping on which he had been standing. As he feel the distance, he tucked into a swan dive, and finally, as the first tree zips past him, he tucks into a beautiful shoulder roll down the slope, and kicked off the ground with the massive amount of momentum that he still had from the drop.

Leaning forward as he soared once more into the air, this time, just below the treetops. As he came to the apex of his jump, he looked forward and down to see his destination. As he began to come down from that brief moment of weightlessness, he extended his legs, and landed on the branch of the tree for which he had aimed. Turning to the right, he moved off into a thicker part of the canopy.

Glancing around, he grabbed a couple tools from his stash, looked up to the darkening sky as the clouds began to come in overhead, to the stars beyond, and spoke quietly, partially to the surroundings, partially to himself, and partially to those who he had not yet given back what he had owed.

"I will return soon."

Leaning backwards, he began to fall, still looking up towards the distant stars, and rapidly approached the forest floor.

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