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Defensive Manuevers

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Defensive Manuevers

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Oct 02, 2005 3:42 pm

Han's Leo stepped on to a catapult as he did his feet were locked into place by power clamps.

Han - Lt. Han Richards! Leo, heading out!

The G-Force from the speed of the launch pushed Han into the back of his seat. He loved that feeling. Soon his Leo was launched into space and a team of Taurus units flew past.

Eota - Ensign Eota Mars! Leo, launching!

Eota yelled out his command much like his commander did. Unlike Han, Eota was not used to the G-Force from the launch and it shook his nerves a little. His Leo went out into space much like Han's had. Engaging the thrusters, Eota brought his Leo to behind and to the right of Han's.

Base - Ensign Base Rynolds! Leo, Let's go!

Base launched out of the Colony just as the others had. The G-Force got Base's adrenaline pumping. He smiled to himself as he easily brought his Leo in the opposite side of Eota's. Base was getting better at being a pilot and would have to remind himself to pat himself on the back.

Han - Alright kids, follow me and stay alert. Who knows what we might encounter. First, to take out the Gundam gets a beer.

Eota blinked as he watched Han's Leo zoom off. Quickly, he and Base flew behind him.

Eota - But Lt. Richards, we're still not sure if they even have a Gundam, not to mention we're too young to drink...we're only 16...

Base appeared on a little screen in Eota's cockpit looking angrily at Eota.

Base - Eota! Shut up!

Han smirked and shook his head.

Han - Just cause you're both still in diapers doesn't mean I can't bend certain rules a little...

Eota - Could we even take out a Gundam if it showed up?

Han's smiling smart ass expression faded. He knew that if a Gundam did show up, then it wouldn't be no easy task to destroy it. If a Gundam did show up, he'd have to protect these kids from it.

Han - Just don't do anything stupid, like get yourself killed.

Eota and Base - Yes sir!

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sun Oct 02, 2005 7:23 pm

Han was scanning the area. The cliche thought of it being too quiet was going around through his head. Han tried to steady his nerves. If nothing happened at least the kids were able to get some zero-G flight time under their belts.

Base - The catapult was awesome! Pushed me back in my seat more than I thought it would.

Eota - It was alright...I guess it's something we have to get used to.

Han smirked to himself as he listened to his two Ensign's chattering.

Han - Hey you two! Scan the area, this is no time for idle chit-chat!

Han almost hated being the authority figure for the two boys. Just cause he was older didn't mean he didn't remember his firsts from piloting a mobile suit. First catapult launch, first major battle, and the first time he killed another pilot. Han knew these young bloods would have to face that eventually. One day they would both have to become men, not boys.

Eota and Base - Yes sir!

Base flicked a few of his controls and then turned his Leo around scanning the area. Base admired the Taurus units that flew by in their Fighter Mode. As much as he wanted to pilot one of those more powerful Mobile Suits, he was quite happy in his Leo. He had dreamed about being a mobile suit pilot since he was very little, but did not think he would ever get the chance. Now here he was in the cockpit of one, not only that but fighting along side his best friend, and under the command of a combat veteran.

Base - Doesn't look to be anything over here...I wish those guys would hurry up!

Eota shook his head as he appeared on one of Base's screens.

Eota - Don't be ridiculous. This isn't like our simulator training.

Base - Hey! I got a high score on the simulator...

Eota smirked and shook his head again.

Eota - You were no where near the score Kiyoshi made.

Base waved his hand at Eota in a defiant way.

Base - How the hell am I supposed to compete with a member of the }{G? He's been piloting for a long time...a lot longer than us!

Han - He started piloting at your age though.

Base and Eota blinked as Han broke in.

Han - I remember him. He didn't seem to remember me as well as I did him. However, when he first started out he was your age.

Base smirked to himself and slammed his fist into his open hand.

Base - Which means there's a chance we can turn out just like him!

Han - Perhaps.

Base - Ha! That would be so cool, wouldn't it, Eota?

Eota thought for a minute of being like Kiyoshi. He didn't really know him other than the many reports about him that were shown in L3 after he took power, but he seemed like a noble man.

Eota - It is a good goal to shoot for, Base.

Han - Alright you two, focus! Jeez. Can't keep from chattering for just 5 minutes...

Han tried to make it seem like he was annoyed by the two Ensign's talkative nature, but in reality he wasn't. It made him remember his youth that he felt was so far gone.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Oct 03, 2005 1:12 am

Kiyoshi sat strapped into a mobile suit simulator cockpit. Unlike the previous cockpit which was open on the sides, this was a completely closed and more realistic simulator. Kiyoshi had input some data that he had estimated would be near the capabilities of the Gundam he had hoped to eventually build. He also had cranked the difficulty up to the max.

It was dark in the cockpit as the simulation was still loading. Kiyoshi was not in a pilot suit, but a simple shirt and pants. Suddenly, the screens came to life displaying the emptiness of space in front of him. The simulator tried to simulate the launch from a catapult but did not do it accurately. Kiyoshi paid no attention to it, however. Enemies were all around him, and there was no time to worry about trivial matters such as inaccurate catapult simulation.

One thing the simulation got right was the near unpredictability of enemy pilots. The enemy simulation was mostly based on data from hundreds of pilots as well as data from mobile dolls.

Kiyoshi moved in precise, simple movements. Surging forward one moment and attacking, then quickly heading in a reversed direction. His goal was to keep moving and take down each enemy unit with as little effort as possible. The less time he focused on one enemy, the quicker he could move on to the next. After taking out several, Leo, Taurus, and even Virgo mobile suits, the simulator brought in an enemy Kiyoshi was not expecting.

A warning ripped through the simulator cockpit and Kiyoshi quickly pushed the controls to fly to the left dodging a large blast.


Kiyoshi narrowed his eyes as the shape of the Wing Zero Custom flew towards him. The angel like wings stretched out behind the Gundam as it drew it's beam saber. Kiyoshi smirked and drew his own beam saber as he brought up the shield just slightly. He thrust forward towards the Wing Zero.

The two of them clashed several times in several fly by's. Sweat began to run down, Kiyoshi's face. With teeth gritted, and eyes constantly moving, yet focused on the battle, he tried to find an opening. Kiyoshi roared as he pushed the simulator into the red flying towards the Wing Zero Custom as he again drew his beam rifle.

In what would have been a loud crash if it wasn't a simulator and not in space, Kiyoshi slammed his Gundam into the Wing Zero Custom burying his beam rifle as far into the cockpit area of the Gundam as he could. Kiyoshi pulled the trigger and smirked to himself.

"You have been Destroyed", read the three screens in the simulator cockpit. Kiyoshi shook his head and wiped the sweat from his forehead as he reviewed the data from the battle. When Kiyoshi slammed into Wing Zero Custom it had pierced through Kiyoshi's suit in a vital location.

The hatch opened and Stacy Matta was in front of him.

Stacy - Very Impressive, Mr. Kazami.

Kiyoshi shook his head.

I'm more rusty than I thought.

Stacy looked surprised.

Stacy - No one has survived that long in the hardest difficulty setting on the simulators, nor has anyone been able to destroy the Wing Zero Custom...

Kiyoshi stepped out of the simulator and pushed his hair back.

I got myself killed. It would have been a waste.

Stacy - Well, whatever data you put in to be used as the simulator's mobile suit seemed impressive.

I wanted to see how it might perform before I make any final judgment on if I'm going to have it built or not. Furthermore, I had to test my "warrior spirit".

Stacy looked confused since she had not heard the conversation between Han and Kiyoshi earlier.

You should return to your home. If there is an attack, they may target our factories.

Stacy crossed her arms as she glared slightly at Kiyoshi.

Stacy - I'm a strong girl, I'm not just going to run away and hide when there's danger. Plus, I have worked to do.

Kiyoshi shook his head and then began to walk off.

No use in arguing then, but do take care, Ms. Matta.

Stacy - I will, Mr. Kazami!

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Oct 03, 2005 6:24 pm

It had been a few long hours, and Han and his team could feel it. Han realized the kids were getting restless. Base more than Eota, but even Eota was getting bored. Han had become used to this kind of work years ago, but even he was itching to do something.

Han - Alright Kids, listen up! We're going to do a little look-see over the entire colony. Make sure to watch your flight path and don't cross into any other team's paths.

Eota and Base - Yes, sir, Lt. Richards!

Han turned his Leo 180 degrees and took off slowly. His eyes scanned over his three monitors watching for anything suspicious.

Han - If those Earth bastards are planning something, they're taking their sweet time...

Base - Heh, maybe they're scared of us...

Eota - You're kidding?

Base - Think about it, the ship we located tried to throw us off by acting like they were a bunch of drunk college kids. They were trying to throw us off so we wouldn't attack, right?

Han narrowed his eyes as he listened to Base.

Han - I don't know, Ensign. That is one possibility. Perhaps their ship was damaged. The report we got prior to heading out said that the information on the ship's registry came from a hacker. A hacker can do a lot of damage to a ship's systems. So, maybe they were afraid of an attack, IF they couldn't defend against one.

Han stressed the word "if". Eota and Base flew behind them as the slowly circled back under the colony.

Han - Another possibility is that they were stalling...for something.

Eota - The attack, sir?

Han nodded his head in response Eota.

Base - But they haven't attacked yet....

Base's eyes suddenly widened as he thought of something.

Base - Wait! Weren't we letting in ships into the ports, because of the computer errors.

Eota then jumped in his seat.

Eota - That's right! Before we launched out before we went and gathered data from that ship, I over heard that we were trying to get information from the different Captain's...

Han again narrowed his eyes.

Han - Then that means the enemy could have already gained access into L3 Prime! Eota, Base...we're going in...

Han switched his communications to a direct channel to the command center within L3 Prime.

Han - This is Lt. Han Richards...I think we might have a problem...

Comm. Technician - This is L3 Defense Force Command Center, come again, Leutinent...

Han - I think those Earth bastards might have slipped in! If they're going to attack with a Gundam, it might be in one of the ports!

Han flew towards the closest port with Eota and Base right behind him. His hands were tight on the controls of his Leo as his eyes remained in a constant focused state. Fighting in a port or dock on L3 wasn't what he wanted to do, especially with his two young Ensign's right behind him. If an attack did ensue, he would have to try and lead the Gundam either inside or outside the colony. Since he guessed whoever would be piloting the Gundam's primary objective would be to rescue L3's prisoner, getting it outside the colony would prove difficult. He would just have to wait and see what happens.

Han - Eota, kids don't die out here!

Base - Not a chance! I'm not going to be killed today!

Eota - We'll do our best, Lieutenant!

Han smiled to himself.

Han - Hmph...youth.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Oct 03, 2005 8:44 pm

Han hit the controls in his cockpit. His team along with others had searched the ports and found nothing. No ships carrying a Gundam, no suspicious behavior. It was a false alarm. Luckily, everyone was on edge, so he and his team wouldn't be disciplined severely. Han landed his Leo in front of one of bases in L3 Prime. Soon, Eota and Base landed beside him. Their cockpits opened with a slight hiss as the pilots unstrapped themselves from their cockpits. Kiyoshi had walked out to greet them.

That was some scare you put us through...

Han rode his zip line and grumbled. " we're gonna get it...", he thought as he landed on the ground. Han saluted Kiyoshi as Eota and Base ran over. Quickly the two young ensign's realized who stood before them and saluted.

Han - I'm sorry just seemed logical at the time.

Don't worry about it. The ports and docks needed to be checked anyway. It just kept me from issuing orders, nothing to complain about.

Han had already lowered his hand, but Eota and Base stood still saluting. Kiyoshi looked at them.

At east, soldiers...

Eota smiled as Base let out his breath that he was holding.

So, these are the kids that they put under your command?

Han - Yes, sir. Ensign Eota Mars and Ensign Base Rynolds sir.

Kiyoshi looks at them and sighed.

Kids being sent out in battle, it's not the way things should be.

Base - Hey! Lt. Richards said that you were our age when you started piloting! So how can you talk about us!

Kiyoshi took off his sunglasses and looked at Eota and Base.

War changes you. If you're not careful, it won't be for the better.

Kiyoshi's cold eyes struck the two young men hard. For a minute Kiyoshi seemed like an easy going kind of guy, but now they could tell that at the core he was a man who was troubled by war. Kiyoshi put back on his sunglasses and looked at the kids.

It is true, I was your age when I started. I only hope you deal with this war differently than I dealt with the previous.

Stacy - Mr. Kazami!

Kiyoshi, Han, Eota, and Base all turned in the direction of Stacy's voice. Base smiled real big and then nudges Eota with his shoulder while they watched her run towards them.

Base - Wow! Look at her, isn't she a hotty!

Eota blushed as Stacy stopped to catch her breath. She held up a print out to Kiyoshi.

Stacy -'s from when you destroyed the Wing Zero Custom in the simulation.

Base and Eota's eyes widened in disbelief as they watched Kiyoshi take the print out from Stacy.

Thank you, Ms. Matta.

Base - You beat Wing Zero! No Way!

I was destroyed in the battle as well. It's not very impressive.

Kiyoshi held out the print out to Base who grabbed it and read through it. Han moved in and took Stacy's hand and kissed it.

Han - Hello, my dear lady! Might I introduce myself, I am Lt. Han Richards...

Stacy grabbed her hand back and looked at Han in disgust.

Stacy - I don't like dirty old men...

Han nearly fell over in embarrassment. He didn't need to be told he was too old for this young girl, he was just trying to be polite.

Han - I was just trying to be polite! These are my two Ensign's...Eota Mars and Base Rynolds.

Stacy looked at the two of them. She had seen these two in the colony before.

Base - He had it on the highest difficulty setting too! Wow amazing!

Eota hit Base upside the back of his head. Base turned glaring at Eota and raising his fist.

Base - Why'd you do that for!

Eota nodded towards Stacy who started giggling at the both of them. Base blushed then handed Kiyoshi back his print out.

Base - Oh.

Eota - I must apologize for the foolishness of my friend here...

Kiyoshi and Han shook their heads at each other. Han was older than Kiyoshi, but standing with these kids made Kiyoshi feel a lot older.

You all should be getting back to your posts...

Han - Yes sir! Alright Kid's back into your mobile suits, lets get back into space.

Eota and Base - Yes, sir, Lieutenant!

Base smiled at Stacy as Eota and Han ran off to their Leo's.

Base - Maybe I'll be seeing you later?

Stacy - Maybe...

Han - Ensign Rynolds! Hurry it up!

Base - Yes sir!

Stacy watched Base run off to his Leo and then watched them take off. Kiyoshi stood beside her watching the Leo's fly off making their way to outside the colony.

You know, you shouldn't fall for a pilot...they're trouble...

Stacy - You have no right to talk!

Yes, I do. I don't try to deny that I'm trouble...why do you think I stay so distant from people?

Kiyoshi smirked as he walked off towards a car. Stacy watched him in confusion. Kiyoshi sat in the backseat of his limo.

Driver, take him to the Facility where the prisoner is being held.

Driver - Yes sir.

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