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"Demagiel" Torqueo Dominus Adnihilo

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"Demagiel" Torqueo Dominus Adnihilo

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Azmodai2 on Sun Apr 15, 2007 3:11 am

True Name: Torqueo Dominus Adnihilo

Common Name: Demagiel

Age: 2,647 years old from last death.

Race: Angel-Daemon hybrid.

Appearance: Demagiel stands about 6 ft. tall with long flowing platinum-white hair down to his shoulders. He has a sinuous, muscular frame. His eyes are a dark red color and his expression is always calm and serene. He wears loose black cotton pants and a matching black cotton t-shirt. Underneath his shirt a tattoo covers his entire torso in a thorn vine pattern., which all culminate in the center of his back to form a Rose. When he assumes his angelic form magnificent white wings burst forth from his back but within minutes of them appearing the great feathers fade to black as a sign of his heritage.

Abilities: Of his many abilities and talents the most obvious stem from his bloodlines. He may fly upon his great wings and the strange mixture of Celestial and Infernal blood renders him immune to fire and ice and resistant (but not immune) to conventional weapons. He can sense other beings of power within a twenty mile radius but only those of pure Angelic or Daemonic blood will be positively identified, all others appear as simple power signatures with perhaps a slight clue as to their nature. His offensive abilities are fearsome and well-developed over his lifetime of combat. He is an expert swordsman and his divine blood grants him incredible speed and strength. At any time he may summon to his hand his sword Dvininus Aequitas (meaning Divine Justice). However he rarely relies on his martial ability to win his battles. Demagiel can heal himself or others at will, however the strength of the healing spell is dependent upon the time of day and is most effective at Noon and virtually useless at midnight. Conversely he can create balls of Hellfire laced with a slight essence of death itself, this ability is also dependent upon the hour of the day and is most effective at Midnight and useless at noon. Demagiel also has the ability to manipulate matter a la telekinesis. His relative strength while using this power is approximately one and a half times his real physical strength. However this is not conferred through power of thought and therefore an assault upon his mind would not nullify the ability. His supreme destructive ability is that he can revert to a terrible daemonic form if the battle is intense enough, unfortunately in this form Demagiel loses all knowledge of alliances or friendships and anyone unlucky enough to be on the battlefield at the time will be attacked. He has several other matter manipulation abilities however these are generally whimsical and mostly for show or entertainment.

History: Demagiel's conception was an unholy sight to witness and the abomination that was his birth bore him many enemies from the start of his life. His mother was a Seraphim in the service of Heaven's armies when she was captured during an ill-fated assault on a Daemonic stronghold in the plane of Gehenna. Taken into the depths of the stronghold's dungeons she was tortured by The Lord Torturer of Gehenna in an attempt to glean some of Heaven's secrets. After having torn her wings from her back he raped her then set her broken body loose in the blistering and ash covered wastes around the citadel.

However, luck was on her side and his mother was rescued by a vanguard and taken to the Holy Fortress to heal. It was there that she was discovered to be pregnant, with a greater daemon's child, no less. The elders of Heaven debated many long hours and listened to her pleas that the child be saved before finally allowing her to keep him.

Unfortunately the stress of his birth was too great for the weakened angel and she died soon after he was born. Demagiel was put in the care of Heaven's custodians and he was brought up to serve in its armies. He developed to be among the foremost of the battle angels, however, his inherent destructive ability through his Daemonic blood often gave him trouble.

It was because of this that Demagiel came to his first life on Earth. During a battle against the denizens of Hell Demagiel became enraged as the stresses of combat took their toll on him and eventually he snapped. His daemonic bloodline surged to the surface during the middle of the conflict and he changed rapidly, suddenly and hideously. His body became wracked and tormented with pain as huge spikes began to burst from his spine and shoulders and large curved horns sprouted from his forehead. His complexion became copper colored and he had formed a large spiked tail, the feathers of his wings fell off revealing enormous black bat wings. He was destruction incarnate and the slaughter that followed his transformation was glorious and hellish. By the time the bloodbath ended he had slain all of the daemons but also had turned on his angelic allies, killing several of them. His allies hastily retreated with their dead and left him stranded in the desolation of the battle ground.

When he finally came to the realization he was alone he painfully reverted back to his normal form and collapsed, weeping and exhausted. He lost consciousness soon thereafter and it wasn't until waking that he heard the voice of the High Heavens again. He had been cast out of its ranks and in penance for his transgression he would be condemned to walk the Earth until he had earned his place in Heaven again.

Demagiel wandered the Earth for 2,646 years, watching civilizations rise and fall. The creation of religions, the rise of new peoples and petty wars that humanity produced. He waged his own private war on the denizens of Lower Planes and it was in one fateful day that he met his first death. It was in Gehenna, where he sought to confront his father. Demagiel gleaned no such chance, and instead the Grand Custodian of the fortress met him in single combat. Of course the battle was furious and bloody but in the end Demagiel was on the losing side. He did not have the millennia of experience the Greater Daemon had and he fell to his unholy blade.

It was in Purgatory that he was next reborn and there he sat in Judgment. The Angel of Judgment, however, decreed that two and half thousand years on Earth was not enough penance for the crime he had committed against heaven and gave him a new sentence. He is currently living on earth and shares companionship with a female half-angel named Evangeline.


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