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Democratic State of Elexia, Fall of Eagles NRP

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Democratic State of Elexia, Fall of Eagles NRP

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Elixia on Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:14 am

Table of Content

--------------------------------Quick Reference Sheet--------------------------------


Nation Name: Elexia, Democratic State of Elexia

Location and Controlled Landmass:


Government: Unitary Democratic Republic

Major Gentellic: Welrian, Belkanian

Major Exports: coal, aluminum alloys, aircraft, tungsten ore, precision machinery, firearms

Currency: wolfram

Currency in Comparison to the UGC: 1:1

Nation Population: 53,000,000

Language(s) Spoken: Welric, Lexian-Belkanian

National Color: Carbon Blue

National Pride: the workmanship of their goods, their engineering tradition, legalization of prostitution

Important Locations:

Elrich - The capital of Elixia, & former capital of the medieval Kindgom of Welria. It is full of history and the government puts much effort into protecting its ancient architectural beauty. The city's firms and workshops are renown for producing quality precision instruments like timepieces and tools.
Volkberg - Once a small town settled by Belkan marauders, Volksberg is the largest city in Elixia and heavy with medieval Belkan influence. It was capital of the short-lived Belkan kingdom that toppled the indigenous Welrian court. Today, it is the main port serving the country and the hub of Elixian coal and manufacturing industry.
Gervona - Not only situated in the agricultural heartland of Elixia, Gervona is also the major center of the Elixian aircraft industry. Lexaire Industries and Gervon Aerospace are several major aircraft manufacturers based here.

Dramatis Personæ: Chancellor Hilric Isen - A former air force colonel and son of an ambassador, Chancellor Isen is the elected head of state of Elixia. Chancellor Isen is passive in his foreign policy and wishes to maintain Elixia's neutrality in the event of another global conflict. He is more interested in expanding the nation's market share in the aircraft industry and will kiss whatever shoe to help secure foreign government contracts and R&D projects. He believes Elixia can maintain its neutrality indefinitely, and benefit by selling to both sides should war erupt.

Chairman of Defense, Welrin Vortimer - Consider a legend in the military, Welrin Vortimer raised from the ranks as a young lieutenant to become the godfather figure of the Elexian Armed Forces. With the country comfortable in its neutrality, The EAF suffered constant cutbacks to its funding and recruitment strength over the long post-war period. The state of the military was that of sub-standard training and obsolete equipment in all areas of the armed forces. Appalled by this, Vortimer joined the election race with his former subordinate Colonel Hilric Isen and got the position as Secretary of Defense. He implored Isen to redirect funding to the EAF, convincing him that a viable military will better protect the country's neutrality. Vortimer reorganized the military, overhauled its equipment & training, and initiated a recruitment campaign to improve the standing of the military. As of now, his priority is to expand the airpower of the EAF. Unlike the Chancellor, he doesn't believe Elixia can stay neutral forever. Sooner or later the country will be force to choose a side and a prepared military will be needed then. Section Echo was created by him as an in-house special operation unit.

Military Deployment: A small naval force patrols the south-eastern coast with the help of air force elements. A dozen air bases are scattered south and east of the country. The majority of ground forces is based near the south, with major cities containing small State Militia Guard units.

Ground Forces
5 Light Infantry Divisions (~50,000 infantry personnel)
1 Armor Division (~ 200 tanks, ~ 100 IFVs, ~ 2,000 infantry personnel)
2 Engineer Specialist Regiments (~4000 infantry/specialists personnel, ~500 support vehicles, ~50 assault guns)
3 Mechanized Infantry Divisions (~600 IFVs, ~900 APCs, ~21,000 infantry personnel)
12 Artillery Batteries (~150 artillery guns of mixed caliber, ~ 2400 infantry/artillery personnel)
2 Air Arms Regiment (~80 utility aircraft, ~50 ground attack aircraft)

~ 88,000 personnel - Total

Air Force
~800 fighter aircraft, ~100 utility/transport aircraft, ~120 attack helicopters, ~20 bomber aircraft, ~50,000 personnel

5 destroyers, 12 frigates, 30 patrol boats, 12 ASM helicopters, ~5,500 crew/support personnel

Military Divisions:

Elexian Armed Forces >>> Elexian Ground Forces, Elexian Air Force, Elexian Naval Taskforce, Military Intelligence Division, Section Echo

Elexian State Guard >>> State Militia Guard, State Air Guard, Militia Naval Charter

Military Readiness: 5

Military Population: Total active personnel: ~144,000 Total reserve/paramilitary personnel: ~20,000
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Fall of Eagles NRP - Democratic State of Elexia Factbook

"If we get a looksie at another of their home hives, say, and they don't know it... Well, let's just say Battle Fleet would drop in one afternoon without calling ahead for reservations." - Rear Admiral Andrew Prescott, The Shiva Option

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Elixia on Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:51 am

---Military of Elexia---


Regular Forces
The Democratic State of Elexia has a selective-service volunteer force organized into the combined Elexian Armed Force, or EAF. The EAF is represented by a moderate sized army, a small navy, and an expanded air force. Administration comes under the Office of Defense, headed by a Secretary of Defense. The minimum age for military service is 18, and there is a rule requiring recruits to have their secondary school certification to enter. While Elexia has a long military history dating back to antiquity, the country has not seen military action since 1873.

Militia Forces
The regular forces are augmented by units of the State Guard Charter, a long-running militia tradition that dates back to the medieval era. King Lexus Belarix set down a formal provision that allowed the raising of citizen militias for local defense; the Charter survived much of the monarchy period intact, and was reformed after Elexia became a democracy. The modern Charter is much more imposed, with training, organization and recruitment coming under the standards of the Militia Charter Committee. The MCC is made out of high ranking State Guard stewards and members of the Office of Defense, and together they overseer the activities of various State Guard units and keep them "combat-capable". Members of State Guard Charters are given rank and must follow regulations of the Office of Defense; while they are not liable to military law or discipline, members can be tried by civilian court for breach of their membership contract and other offenses that might fall under civilian law. However, these situation rarely occur as State Guard membership is consider an exclusive privilege for a private citizen to defend their home and country. In times of war or national emergency, State Guard units are expected to assist the military in defense or relief efforts. As current, there are 56 State Guard Charters in sixteen municipalities with over 20,000 members spread over the country, complete with ground, sea, and air assets.

Weapons and Equipment

EAR-244 Assault Rifle---

Standard-issue infantry rifle. The EAR-244 "Schlaggewehr" is a gas operated assault rifle firing a 6.2mm intermediate cartridge. It was designed by Welrenwaffe, the largest small arm supplier in Elexia, and replaced the 8.5mm R33 Battle Rifle as the standard infantry weapon for the Elixian military.

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