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A Tale of Seven Children

Demons: Rankings, Types, and the most Wanted

a part of “A Tale of Seven Children”, a fictional universe by zody.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “A Tale of Seven Children”.
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Demons: Rankings, Types, and the most Wanted

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby zody on Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:38 pm

Here is where the Information about Demon's that we've collected goes, PM me with the Info and I'll put it all into a super-long Post, or maybe a few posts, but if you really feel the need to, you can post in here yourself. Just make sure it's got a nice amount of info for a nice long post, and eventually we'll end up with a rather large index about those hilariously unnatural residents of Hell. (Note, special thanks to The_Great_Thundorz, who helped give descriptions of the Ghosts, Zombies, Werewolves, Aliens, Kraken and Dragon Youkai! He also linked me to info on Marionettes, so give him a round of applause guys!)

First off, the Ranks:

Demon Kings and Demon Queens have Ranks, and I'll go over these now.

Basically, the Demons are ranked on power, and whenever one is killed or banished, another takes their place. From the way Brenhin and Loki are, in comparison to Illusion, they'd probably be, in the WDL's Ranking System, fairly close to the middle, if not being just above them. From lowest to highest:

E Demons: The weakest and are usually just pawns for higher up Demons. These are the lackeys, btw.
D Demons: Fairly Powerful, and usually capable of independent thought, but they're usually still forced to serve a higher power.
C Demons: Demons that are almost able to be Demon Kings, but they either have a major weakness, or they're just not strong enough. Still kinda lackeys.
B Demons: These would be the weaker Demon Kings and the Children, until they unlock their full potential, of course, then they'd probably go up to A Rank or such, maybe even S Rank.
A Demons: These are the majority of the Demon Kings and Queens. Mostly fairly powerful, but can still be killed fairly easily. Brenhin could go here, but he might also be an S Demon.
S Demons: Stronger Demon Kings that the WDL knows are a massive threat, such as Loki and Crisis (possibly?). The Council are still a ton stronger than an S Rank, so they're still able to order the rest of Hell around.
SS Demons: Yep, the Council, such as Illusion. Also, the Horsemen are here too, except they're disguising themselves as weaker for now.
X Demons: Demons that the WDL know are the most dangerous beings ever to grace the mortal realm, and we all know who this is. There's only usually ever one X Demon, just like the Archknight, and it's obviously the Devil this time around.

Types of Demons:

There's a ton of different types of Demons, ranging from Fire Demons, to (funnily enough) Light Demons, although there's a much larger variety of Demon than most people seem to think there are. Ranging from Yuki-Onna, or 'Snow Maiden', as they are sometimes called, to the tremendously rowdy and powerful Oni, there are many types of Demon that are flicked off as if they are simply old wives tales and superstition. I'll go over these here, and I'll try and explain in detail each type of Demon you may or may not encounter. Also to note, not all Demons are bloodthirsty killers, and most have integrated themselves into Human society quite nicely, not simply limited to Hell now that they're free to raom the Earth.

Elemental Demons:

There are many elements in both this plane of existence, and the next. As such, there are many elemental Demons, Demons who have abilities linked with, or are able to embody, the elements, both natural and man made. These Demons are weak to a corresponding element, and so those who have become familiar with them have been smart enough to acquire weapons that have an elemental affinity that can repel, or even destroy their opponents with few hits. Here's the list, with a tidbit of information of each type as they're listed. Also to note, not all of these demons are capable of rational thought or emotion, so should you come across one, ask it if it knows what you are, and if it replies agressively or doesn't reply at all, feel free to blast it into the next generation!

Fire Demons: These Demons are hot! Mostly in just the 'Ouch that burned me' sense, but sometimes in the other senses too. On a more serious note, these demons have the ability to manipulate, create, dissipate and rarely devour fire and it's sub-types. They mostly require no sustenance aside from being near to a living, burning flame for a few hours each month, or the can even hide in them and become a flame. They usually use the 'flame fusion' trick to surprise their prey, jumping out at the covered in blazing cinders, and rendering them to ashes. They are weak to water, water Demons and anything that could snuff out their flames.

Water Demons: Water demons are the polar opposite of Fire Demons, usually residing in tranquil, cool and usually peaceful locations. They are usually one of the smartest and humane forms of Demon, being able to clamly put together situations and speak as a human. Althought most Demons are able to speak, Water Demons prefer to use their head instead of their fists, although if they're provoked enough, they won't hesitate to crush their foes with tsunami's and whirlpools. Their weakness is ice, or anything that can stop, or freeze, their water or them.

Ice Demons: Ice Demons live up to their name, being cold and hard as ice, and in some cases are actually formed out of it. They can freeze their opponents and can usually manipulate ice to their own whims and likes, and are a lot like the Water Demons personality wise, aside from their cold and aloof demeanor and the fact that they are easier to anger than Water Demons. They're usually found in colder climates, as opposed to the Fire demons living in hot climates and actual fire. They're weak to fire and heat, or anything that could melt them.

Electricity Demons: Electricity Demons are the most volatile of the Elemental Demons, being able to conduct, manipulate, generate, fuse with and travel along, electricity. They can drain their power from electrical items such as computers, and thusly, are extremely dangerous and should always be handled with caution, considering how much electricity is used to power things in modern times. They are both weak against, and powerful against, water. Water heightens their abilities, just like dropping a power cord into water as it's turned on, but if enough water is applied, they can usualyl be shortcircuited or depowered. Another weakness they have is earth, since their power is drawn to it, like lightning, and will diver any and all attacks, sometimes even absorbing them.

Wind Demons: Wind Demons are the calmest of the elemental demons, almost rivalling the Oni in their ability to take it easy and just not care about their opponents. They're also renowned for their laid-back personalities and their ability to power up almost anywhere and everywhere. As long as there's oxygen, they're fine. That said, they're able to effectively be the most powerful of the elemental Demons, since they can summon gale-force winds from out of, literal, thin air. They are weak to fire, since it consumes oxygen in order to burn, therefore erasing them from our realm.

Earth Demons: Earth Demons. The behemoths of the Elemental Demons, and usualyl the most physically capable. The most capable in, oh I dunno, maybe crushing you with their feet? Earth Demons are generally the largest, and the slowest, of the Elemental Demons. They draw upon the natural powers of the world around them, and the life that exists on Earth. They can manipulate the earth and it's aspects, ranging from flowers to stone, and can use them to form barriers and encase themselves in armour, but mostly they use this power to crush their foes, sometimes literally. Wind blows them away fairly easily, although some are resistant to this.

Darkness Demons: Darkness Demons are the most cunning, evil and deceptive Demons you'll ever meet. They hunt under the cloak of night, ambushing their prey with fear and shadows, before engaging in banter before chowing down. Usually, Darkness Demons are hideous creatures, but on occasion they are able to take more tempting forms, such as Children or attractive humans, though this is fairly rare. Darkness Demons grow weaker in the day, and they usually form a bubble of impenetrable darkness around themselves to stop the light from reaching in. Unfortunately, they have a habit of keeping this field up, even at night, which means that they are incapable of proper sight too far in front of them, and they are prone to flying, walking or running into things, because of this. They are weak against Light Demons.

Light Demons: Light Demons, the ones that are usually considered as 'Gods' and worshipped, although they do not accept such praise due to their modest personality and charms. They refuse to fight, instead always settling things with words and charms, due to the fact that they can't attack. The reason behind this is because all of their power goes into utilising barriers and shields, as opposed to the Dark Demons only being able to attack and not block. They counter the Darkness Demons, but can also be harmed by them, which is why they tend to be hermits and live alone, or surrounded by other Light Demons.

Magma Demons: Magma Demons are the brutes of the elementals, being nothing but dumb, and burning, muscle, they have no thought capabilities, and very little vocal skills to boot, meaning that they're always ignored or killed. The main reason that they're so dangerous is because they're made of magma, and constantly let off superheated steam, and the occasional burst of magma, which generally allows them to only exist inside volcanoes. They can control a magma, and the more skilled ones have a small amount of control over fire as well. Think of them as an upgraded Fire Demon, combined with an upgraded Earth Demon.

Crystallised Demons: Crystallised Demons are made of pure crystal, being capable of both extremely powerful offensive attacks, and extremely durable defensive maneuvers, these guys are incredibly powerful and pretty darn intelligent to boot. They usually reside in one place, and can seem completely human in appearance aside from a small gem on their body somewhere, usually their forehead. They are usually the only Demons allowed to integrate into Human society, due to their ability to pass themselves off as Human. A contributing factor to this is the fact that they're usually the only kind who try to. Their Homes are usually made of nothing but crystallis and shards, but if they live with humans, only their Basement is like this. The rest of the house in normal. They don't age, but they can still be killed, although they've been rumored to live for milennia if undisturbed and in their natural crystal homes.

Zephyr Demons: Upgraded Wind and Electricity Demons, they can control Wind and Lightning, so they're fairly powerful by themselves, but paired with a Magma Demon, they can deal massive damage with their combined Fire-Wind attacks, and can devastate their opponents with their electrified bolts of energy. They're also nicknamed the 'Storm Demons', because of the fact that they usually only appear during stormy seasons or in stormy areas. They have the laidback attitude of a Wind Demon, combined with the manic energy of an Electricity Demon, which can lead to some awkward situations.

Creation Demons: Hybrids of Light and Dark, these Demons can blind their foes with light, and impale them with spears of Darkness. They cloak in the shadows, and feast in the light. They usually appear as double sided, one being the beautiful holy vision of the Light Elementals, but when angered or provoked, they transform into the nightmarish visage of the Darkness Demons. They're usually calm and etiqueted, but are prone to fits of anger and bloodlust. They are a very rarely seen Elemental, and therefore there isn't much information on them aside from the previously stated.

Rot Demons: Rot Demons are summoned by Jiang-Shi when the Jiang-Shi in turn are summoned, and they are undyingly loyal to their masters. Not that they have a choice, being essential zombies and all. they have nothing inside them except bile, which attracts other Rot Demons when it is 'bled'. They aren't technically an elemental, but they can be considered one.


Those are the currently recognised elemental Demons. Ones that have been sighted or killed, and had been reported to the WDL. These all have a glaring weakness that can be explioted, aside from the Light and Darkness Demons, although they're usually never harmful to Humans in the first place. Now, onto the next form of Demons:

Eastern Folklore Demons:

These are the Demons that are commonly featured in Asian mythos, such as the long-nosed and speedy Tengu, or the scarily powerful Oni. From the Kappa to the unknown Youkai, they shall be listed here as the WDL gains reports of them. Currently reported "EFD"'s are listed here. Also to note, they are also called 'Youkai':

Oni: Oni have a reputation for being the strongest of the Eastern Demons, posessing extremely superior physical and magic strength. They are usually portrayed as bloodthirsty and extremely dangerous, although the majority of people who have shown them as such have either found a dark Oni, or simply pissed them off. Most Oni only live to enjoy the feeling of life whilst they can, and they always, always, challenge their peers to fights or challenges, and love to win. They don't fear losing, and in fact like it when they lose sometimes, as it reaffirms their thoughts about not being the true strongest, but being close. They usually form friendships with those whom beat them, and become ferociously loyal and caring companions, but they dislike cowardice, evil and weakness. They enjoy causing a ruckus and love to celebrate. They are usually described as having horns, and sometimes sharp teeth as well. They can cause Earthquakes when they're angry, and like being around strong people and the Earth.

Kappa: Kappa are a reclusive race, hiding away up in the mountains, although this is a fairly silly thing to do, since the majority of them have Humans as their main food source. They can survive without food, of course, and some have become purely reliant on cucumbers to sustain themselves, but there are still the Kappa that like the taste of blood, and they go down to the closest village every now and then and kidnap a Human, or if they accidentally kidnap a Crystal Demon, they're returned the next day. Those that have turned 'Vegetarian' are usually less brutish than their meat eating counterparts, and for some reason they have a major interest in technology. The Kappa are extremely imaginitive, and they have been rumored to have created Technology that is far superior to our own, and happens to be eco-friendly too. Not many people see Kappa, but when they do they usually run, or in a humorous turn of events, the Kappa itself flees due to their shyness. They always wear something on their head, whether it be a hat, or a beanie, it must keep the pool of water on top of their head there at all times, or they will be forced to serve the next person they see. They can also manipulate Water and condensation.

Tengu: Fast. Tengu are fast, and by fast I mean they pride themselves on being the fastest Youkai in the world. Screw figher-jets, these guys break the sound barrier daily, and on purpose as well. There are two types of Tengu. The hermit's that cause harm to Humans and destroy villages, kidnap women and have their way with them, and then there's the ever curious, ever jubilent version, which is very popular with Newspaper companies due to their speed and observation skills. Like most Youkai, they eat humans, although like the Kappa, they've been able to find alternate food sources that they can sustain themselves on. They make excellent reporters and track racers, and they can fly faster than most aircraft. They're also good drinkers, being rivaled by only the Oni, who are just as party loving and easy going as they are. Tengu's admire speed, and they make good friends as long as you don't backstab them. They can also manipulate wind. There are many different types of Tengu, some built for flight, other built for land travel. Examples are Crow Tengu and Wolf Tengu, in order.

Yuki-Onna: Yuki-Onna only appear during the cold seasons, and sometimes in the time just after or before as a warning that it's going to be extremely frosty outside. They have slightly stuck up attitudes, but they are truly kind at heart, their hearts being as warm as the fire in your house, which could consequently melt them, although some are immune to this. Yuki-Onna are refined, and generally like other refined people, they dislike Oni because of their loud, annoying behaviour, and they barely drink or celebrate much, since they think that parties are 'uncouth' and 'primitive'. When Winter ends, they usually disappear until the next one, although they have been known to hide in people's freezers and surprise them when they go to get their frozen goods. They can manipulate Winter, the cold, and obviously, Ice.

Nekomata: CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!~ (Ran-sama!~) Heh, yeah. Nekomata are Cats that have lived a long time, long enough to become Youkai and have their tails split into two, and then into three, and then into four, etc. The amount of taisl they have designates how strong they have, much like a Kistune, although there's only one Nekomata that's been proven to have lived for over 600 years, and it has six tails. It probably won't be dyin any time soon either. Nekomata are like weaker versions of the Kasha, but they lack the 'Nekoromancer'-type abilities of the latter. (Get it? 'Neko' as in Cat? Like Necromancer, but Cats? Hah!) And yes, Nekomata can have Human forms as well, except they cannot shift between them freely, therefore they are stuck as either a cat or a Human with cat tails. (Also, if you got the joke at the start, I love you!~ =D)

Hakutaku or Were-Hakutaku (Half-beasts): Hakutaku are some of the most intelligent Youkai ever in existence, and they have a habit of recording history and events that occur. They are also usually depicted as having one or two horns, and sometimes even have multiple eyes on their body. Every thousand years, a Hakutaku will visit the most intelligent and ambitious person in the country, whether they be an Emperor or a simple Farmer, and will bestow upon them knowledge of events that will happen, that have happened and that are happening now. A good example of this was when a Hakutaku granted a certain Emperor the knowledge of the amount of Youkai in the world, and how to escape or defeat them.

Night Sparrows: Night Sparrows are renowned for their amazingly beautiful voices, much like Sirens except on land instead of the ocean. Their vocal abilities allow them to sing anything from beautiful ballads, to heavy metal, with a clear, amazing voice. They pride themselves on this fact, and are usually egotistical, since a lot of them are famous singers due to their talents. If you can match a Night Sparrow in a vocal match, they will let you past without causing you night-blindness, which is a very bad thing to have. Even if you're not Human-eyed, the Night Sparrow can blind you in darkness for the rest of the night. They also have sharp talons that extend from their fingers at will, and love to eat Humans. They have elfish ears, but with a birdlike quality to them and like the Crow Tengu, they have wings. They are usually depicted as Sparrows that transform into Human Girls when approached, and will almost always be slightly birdbrained, like the majority of Hell Ravens are. They can manipulate sound waves for different effects.

Jiang-Shi: Jiang-Shi. God, they're like zombies but worse. They can think, speak and even eat, but cannot comprehend pain. They are usually brought around by having a dead person resurrected to serve another, but they can be defeated by stealing the seal off of them. Usually the seal is attached to their face, between the eyebrows, hanging down over the nose. Jiang-Shi are immortal until their seal is taken off of them, and they are also forced into servitude of the person who used the seal. They can recover from any wound given to them as long as they are 'reattached', so to speak. They have sharpened nails and fangs to eat their chosen victims with, and their arms are permanently stuck out in front of them like a classical zombie. They hate the majority of Humans, although they can get along with some if they need to. They Envy the fact that Humasn are living and they're dead. They can manipulate rot and usually have a tendancy to dress up fashionably and complain about their arms being stuck.


Those are all for now.

Western Folklore Demons:

These are the demons and monsters that commonly appear in stories that are created or read by the denizens of the western parts of the Earth. Examples of these include the charismatic and bloosucking vampires, although not all of them share this trait, all the way to the cheeky little Fairies that have the ability to control a specific element, or more. The Demons that are listed here are ones that the WDL is aware of existing, and they have been reported in to them:

Vampires, type A: These Vampires are the classical Vamps. Old, dusty bastards that hate garlic and dissolve in sunlight. They need an active source of blood to drain, and they're always horribly ugly or disfigured somehow. They're terribly allergic to garlic and sunlight destroys every single cell in their body, killing them for sure. Stakes to the heart also do this. They usually are fairly charismatic, but it's pretty darn hard to get past their massive nails and blackened teeth, and their usually nightmarish figures. They smell of dead and corpses, and they usually are such, and have a craving for flesh and blood.

Vampires, type B: the distant relatives of Type A's, the type B Vampire are drastically different. They possess uncanny charisma, charms and beauty, and they can control themselves to drink onto small amounts of blood so they may return to the same host repeatedly. They are refined and social creatures, with wit and intellect, but they have the same abilities as their cousins. Superspeed and strength just below that of an Oni, combine with a powerful healing factor and shapeshifting abilities and advanced reflexes make the type B Vampire more dangerous than any other of it's kind. The sunlight doesn't kill them, only weaknes them and garlic is a fair food as long as it's with something edible. Stakes never even get close most of the time, although they are usually never even needed. These are the most humane of the Western's, and the most befriendable.

Werewolves: Two types of werewolves have been sighted. The first is the classic, the human turned werewolf. By being scratched or bitten, upon every full moon the human will turn into a humanoid wolf form and gain unimaginable power and speed. They are tough to take down, silver being the only known thing that can take them down for good. The other types are huge wolves who are usually responsible for creating the other type. They are more savage, but more stronger, faster, and even tougher to take down. Silver has been known to be either greatly effective or less effective.

Zombies: The Undead brought back to life by some sort of method. Whether this be Necromancy, or some other matter. They are slow, dumb, souless, and are rotting corpses. They are easy to destroy, shooting them in the head or destroying them completely. Stronger zombies are rare to encounter, leaving it mostly unknown what they can do or how they act. They differ from Jiang-Shi because they are usually decayed and have no speech capabilities, and the only things their brain does is control limbs.

Ghosts, Poltergeists and the sort: Spirits who have unfinished business in this world and continue to roam it. Ghosts are most well recongized by a blue see-through form, having no legs, and having the power to pass through solid objects. The weak are easily exposed to possession, which a ghost can temporarily use. Ghosts also can become invisible. More advanced ghosts have been known for retaining a see-through person like form, although it varies what more advanced ghosts can do. Poltergiests, as opposed to normal Ghosts, are born from emotional trauma and a failure to prevent that. They can also be a rampaging Ghost or Spirit. They can physically interact with thr Human World and are a mjor threat to whoever provoked or created them.

Aliens (Yes, Aliens): Believed to be creatures from outer space from other worlds. While some of these might be possible, others have turned out before to be just angels or demons teleporting. The few aliens that do exist are usually humanoid, the most common form being the gray heads, tiny little gray humanoid creatures. Other types of aliens are believed to be humanoids based on animals, plants, and other types of life found on earth.

Fairies: There are many types and forms of Faries, mostly being the Elemental Faries. Ice Fairies, Fire Faries and Water Fairies are the most commonly seen, although many different types and subtypes exist within Fairy culture and lifestyle. They're usually half the size of a Human, although the more evolved and powerful Fairies are usually slightly taller than the average sized Human. Elemental Fairies have command over the element that they embody, and can live for hundreds of years on end, but can still be killed. A lot of Fairies are pretty damn stupid until they grow up, and there is a well-known powerful Ice Fairy that is a complete idiot, which stops her from being her full potential. The 'High Fairies', as they're called by the normal Fairies, are also known as the 'Fae', and are extremely curious and playful creatures, and there has been many a wedding between a Fae and a Human, oddly enough. It all depends if you're into that type of thing though. (At least it isn't a Jiang-Shi, Mom!)

Sirens: Major rivals to the Night Sparrows, the Sirens also possess amazing vocal talents, although they mostly rely on hypnitism instead of the Night Sparrows' singing contests. Also in differentiation to the Night Sparrows, who are usually found in dense forests and the like, the Sirens are exclusively Sea-faring, which for you not-so-bright people, means they live in the Ocean. Almost as snobby as the Yuki-Onna, and violent as the type A Vampire, woe unto the poor soul who is entrapped by their bull-shitting songs and voices. Nobody knows what they do when then catch you, but it's been narrowed down to either being drowned and eaten, or just plain darn eaten.

'Men': Yes. 'Men'. Ever heard of the abominable snow 'man'? Well there's more than just one. Commonly called 'bigfoot' or 'massive men', these mutated people are the failed results of intercourse between two Demons, and are therefore throw away as if they are nothing but trash. They have no magical abilities, and they are very secluded, but their physical strength is like that of an Oni, although they aren't as civilised or humane, almost like a rabid animal, and they have no concept of bravery. These are failed Demons, reduced to nothing but their base instincts. Truly an abomination.

Witches: Witches are MONSTERS!? Nope, but most of the time they have Youkai or Demon blood flowing through their veins to make themselves stronger, and thusly the WDL thinks of them as a threat. They range from simple wiches to the more powerful Witches of the Mirage Orchestra, Witches renowned for their powers and abilties, and even the WDL is hesitant to approach them with weapon in hand. They usually stay among themselves, although they say that one of the more powerful Sorceress' left the safety of their Sanctum and now lives somewhere in the Human World, trying to find her one true love. Witches are powerful, at any rate, and will live for as long as they aren't purposefully killed. MO Witches have even gained the secret to Phoenikoi Immortality, due to their ties with them, which are usually good and strong. Some Witches though, belong to the Animalia Sanctaris, and openly practice operations on these creatures to try and find out what makes them tick. The Phoenikoi, Nue, Kasha and Yatagarasu all hate AS Witches with a passion, but they highly respect the MO Witches for their power and devotion to the Arts.


And now, we have the most dangerous group of Youkai, Monsters and general Demons combined. Here, we have:

The Rogue Demons:

These Demons are rarely ever affiliated with any type or form of group, but if they are, they are usually a very powerful asset or ally, but be warned. They are extremely unpredictable and will not hesitate to kill or scare things that cross their path. Nue's for example are prone to, and extremely fond of, frightening people to death, but that doesn't mean that they aren't without their own physical abilities.

Yatagarasu (Hell Raven): Hell Ravens, the darker cousions of the Phoenikoi, they are large, majestic creatures all the same. They are capable of controlling almost any energy, although they usually control deriverants of Fire and it's brothers. They usually only reside in the hotter regions of Hell, although few have ventured above ground to find a place for themselves there. They get along with Kasha and Phoenikoi well, as well as Kitsune and Dragon Youkai. They have the ability to transform themselves to and from Raven form at will, whereas Phoenikoi are limited to Human form with Wings and a Tail. They're sometimes pretty darn birdbrained, since they started off as, well, Birds, but a few have taken time out to gain intellect and they rarely match even the Hakutaku in intellectual prowess.

Phoenikoi (Phoenix): Phoenikoi are powerful. Scarily powerful, due to their abilities and the fact that they never truly die. They've been fear for milennia, even longer than the Nue have, and that's been a long time, although in recent years the very few Phoenikoi have taken on Human forms and lived amongst society. One can be born as a Phoenikoi, or can be turned into one, and the process is extremely agonising and only the most ambitious and driven people usually survive. They are usually focused on revenge for some prior misdeed, or seek redemption for a past sin, but one thing is for certain. Wherever Phoenikoi go, they leave nothing but ashes behind. Not much more is known about Phoenikoi.

Nue: Nue are a complete mystery, in fact, their powers come from this anonymity, as they wield the power of the Unknown, which they use to transform both themselves and other beings or objects, into things that Humans fear. There are only very few Nue living at the same time, since they cannot procreate unless they find someone who both knows their true form, and can match them in power in all of their forms. They usually target Phoenikoi and Lunar Rabbits for this, although the rare Hell Raven or other powerful Youkai will do sometimes. They always appear different to people, meaning that when people try and describe them, they end up with completely different descriptions. They can also have any of the other powers, ranging from Power mimicry, to the ability to kill their opponents by thinking of their death clearly and chanting a certain phrase. Nue all have one weakness though, and that is identity. They thrive off of keeping themselves 'unknown', since their power is practically all gone if they are discovered, and they will go to any lengths to stop their real forms being revealed, although some of the smarter Nue are able to allow people to see their true form, but keep them thinking that it's just another facade, although this stops them from being able to communicate and socialise with other Youkai and Demons. Their true forms are usually extremely Human, maybe with odd wings or a the features of an animal, like a person with a lizards tail and cat's ears. Their voice, to those who don't know it for what it really is, becomes a mix of numerous sounds, such as an infant crying, a woman screaming and an old man mumbling to himself, although you can tell what they're saying easily. Nue pride themselves on being able to hide and scare Humans with extreme ease due to their powers, but this also means that they are almost always hunted and killed due to the fear they bring, and they have a general distrust of Humans, since the Humans have a habit of locking them away once they discover their true forms. Most Nue are, apparently, female, although Male Nue have been shown to exist and can also coexist just as their female counterparts can. The majority of this is just based from assumption, though, and could easily be false.

Kitsune: Kitsune are a relative of Nekomata and the Kasha, being able to transform into a Humanoid form from the form of a Fox, although they keep their features such as their ears and tails. Kitsuen can grow nine tails, nine being the maximum number and the highest power level a Kitsune can get to, although they are usually extremely rare and hard to locate. They are extremely loyal to their friends and masters, often being the doctor or carer in the reltionship or place of employment, and they make excellent Shikigami due to their power and loyalty. Not much more is known about Kitsune, other than the fact that they love playing mind games and shogi.

Shinigami: Ah, the Death Gods. Fallen angels sent to earth that have decided to take the souls of the dearly, or not so dearly, departed to the Judges in Purgatory, where they will then be sent to their respective destination, such as Hell or Heaven, or just reborn. They are both genders, and usually offer guidance to the Humans that they like, or enjoy the company of. They have a love of sweets and apples, and on rare occasions, if their companion hands them an apple, they will return them to life, but will expect this debt to be paid upon the final death.

Dragon Youkai: Dragons who vary greatly amongest each other. Humanoid Dragons are Dragon Youkai who have the power to shift into a human form, and sometimes even have an inbetween form. The other types do not have a human form, but have great intelligence and wisdom. All Dragon Youkai have elemental breath, this is not to be confused with elementals, for it only applies to their breath. Dragons have been known to have a weakness for treasure, and this has been known to lure them out of hiding. Dragons are also very strong and tough to take down, and while they are slow, they are fast when in the sky. Another interesting fact about Dragon Youkai is that they can control and manipulate the bodies energy, also known as 'Chi Energy', although this only applies to their Human forms.

The Kraken: Gigantic squid-like creatures who are very rare to see. However, they have been known for destroying ships with ease with their tentacles, and are very fast. Because they are gigantic, it takes multiple attacks from multiple weapons to strike them down. They also can blend in with the water when they need to, although when they strike they are easily noticed because of their size.

Kasha: A Kasha is a fairly powerful Youkai, capable of raising corpses from the dead, and taking weak humans to their death by jumping over them in their Cat forms. Like the Nekomata, they usually start out as cats, but instead of simply growing a tail every now and then, they gain the ability to transform freely between Human and feline forms. The Human form they adopt usually keeps the feline features, such as the tail(s) and the cat ears, but the fur and the whiskers usually disappear as well. They have the natural ability to summon back the dead, in both corpse and spirit form, by leaping over their graves and their bodies in their feline form. They have extra sharp claws and fangs, and superior speed in both forms. Overall, they utilise deception and speedy attacks to overwhelm opponents, and when they close in, their claws and teeth are more than capable of shredding anyone poor enough to cross them.

Lunar Rabbits and Earth Rabbits: Rabbits that have harnessed the energies of the universe and become humans. They have immense power contained in their bodies, and therefore have specific outlets for this power. Lunar Rabbits are more proficient with mental attacks, utilized by locking their opponents into eye contact or physical contact, depending on where their power resonates from. Earth Rabbits are powerful physical fighters, being fast, strong, and uncannily tricky, they are a massive annoyance for roamign Exorcists. The Rabbits tend to keep to themselves and only pull off harmless pranks, but they are easily fairly dangerous if provoked or threatened enough. They usually appear as humans with bunny ears and, rarely, rabbit tails.


There may or may not be more rogue Demons, but it is probably highly unlikely that there are any.


This category is for the Demons that are active in either two categories, or none. Take 'Demon Marionettes, to the rather oddly named 'Gigglepuss', these guys sure are an awkward bunch, being either in service to someone else, or a completely lost cause created by some idiotic child in hopes of getting revenge. So, here we go, into the (even weirder) parts of the 'Other section!:

Demon Marrionettes / Puppets: Life-sized puppets who have been turned demonic. Demon puppets are cunning, fast, and have a variety of weapons on them. They are known for using strategy, lying in wait until an opponent gets close to strike, or being able to dodge/block attacks. Demon Puppets have been known for using swords, daggers, and even shotguns at times. Although the puppets have one major flaw about them, they are very easy to destroy.

Gigglepuss': Heh... Heheheh.... Okay, time to get seriou- GAHAHAHAH! Okay... I'm good. *Ahem*. Gigglepuss are... heh, odd, to say the least. They seem to have the body of a hippopotamus, the front right leg of a lion, the front left leg of a chicken, the right hind leg of a fish and the hind left leg of a human. Their faces are usually that of a monkey, and they have billions upon billions of sharp incisors inside their mouths. They have a tail tht seems to be that of a snakes, but it ends in a banana.... Wait, SERIOUSLY!? Keh...heheheh... *Cough* I can't help it, man! They attack by watching their opponenets laugh, and while they're distracted, they.... dig into them with their claws and talons, tearing their guts out and sometimes even hitting their victims with them. Worst of all, they secrete a toxin that prevents unconsciousness of death, and this torture is carried out until the Gigglepuss is bored or hungry...... The heck is with that name then!? (This... what have I done?)

Yukkuri Heads: Yukuri heads are stupid, and are well known for this fact. Their memories last maybe about an hour, and you can even feed them their families and they'll forget about them sooner or later. They are just what their name says. Giant, mutated heads of famous Videogame Characters. They have no natural defences, although they can just cry like a baby, which usually actually leads to people hurting them instead of leaving them alone, although this has a reverse effect on some people, and they end up caring for them. They can take indefinite amounts of punishment as long as they can survive it and heal, and their insides are filled with all different things. They are extremely scary when angered, and also extremely dangerous. They can fire massive lazer beams out of their mouths, suck entire buildings into themselves like Kirby does, they can spawn smaller version of them and can also grow numerous dangerous objects that they can use to impale, stab, burn, electrocute, etc, their foes.

Buffalo Butlers: Buffalo Men are men with Buffalo Heads, incredibly strong and fast, and almost always wearing fancy suits, they are usually the cannon fodder of higher up Demons, since they're smarter and more powerful than the usual lackeys, ranking at at least C Ranks each.

Shikigami (Familiars): Shikigami are varied, since they can be almost any type of Youkai or other Demon, although they've sworn to protect and serve their masters until they draw their final breath. Kitsune are a favourite, although there are other types of Demons that can be used, as Deon's 'Sisters' prove.

Goat Man and Bunny Boy: A dubious duo of a Buffalo Butler and a Lunar Rabbit, they are usually the perps of grizzly murders up in destute woodland areas, and since nobody ever lives to describe them, there's no more information.

The Butchers: The Butchers are massive Demons, usually having possessed a Human form and become bulked-up and fattened by the raw flesh they eat, they are characterised by their massive meat cleavers and their skill at preparing food, which is a nearly unusable skill since they just swallow it all whole anyways. They always have a bloody apron on and something covering their faces, so they're usually anonymous, but they are extremely dangerous, and smart enough to drug their intended victims.


Now we have one last topic to cover, and it is to be done at a later date. We now have:

Half Demons:


Those are all that the WDL have recorded at the current time, and this besitary shall be updated with time, as more Youkai and Demons emerge. Now, onto the third part of this topic.

The Top Most Wanted Demons!:

This is a compiled list of the Demons that the Warriors of the Divine Light want, or need, to capture, or seem to want or need to capture anyways. You may or may not recognise names on this list, but be warned, If you are ever introduced to someone on here, be very careful.
"Chillax Zody, Scheming Zody, Asshole Satori Zody, Srsbsns Zody, Gentleman Zody, GM Zody, TSUNTSUN Zody, Yandere Zody, Kuudere Zody, Immoral Zody, Zodiac, SCIENCE! Zody, Regular Zody, Seductive Zody, Kawaii Desu Neko Zody so far.

Why the hell are there so many Zody's?!"

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Re: Demons: Rankings, Types, and the most Wanted

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((OOC: Well, damn. Looks like my Edit Buttons have vanished. >_> Anyways, I'll be continuing this Thread in this Post, and probably another one if RPG decides to troll me again. Dammit!))

Now, right from where we left off! Half Demons!:

Half Demons, an oddity in the Underworld, a mix of Human and Demon, or even Human and Yukuri Head. Oh god, what have they done? They can either be inheritants of the blood of a Demon, or they have gained Demonhood through black magic and become powerful. Usually, they are looked upon as a grave sin and destroyed on sight, but there are glaring exceptions to this rule, such as the Devils' own Children. Now, if these Children awaken their powers, they will give of a sort of 'beacon' which is trackable by stronger Demons, although if the children become aware of this 'beacon', they can disable it if they wish to. The WDL has also created numerous devices which can also track these signals, and they will lose them once the Child turns the beacon off.

The WDL hasn't got much more information on them for now, but they may get more later.


Now, the next part; Demon Weapons!:

There are many types of Demon weapons, ranging from guns, to blades, to scythes. All of these have the soul of something inside them, allowing them to connect to their master better and even speak, utilise battle tactics and become a rebound that stops their user from falling into madness or insanity. Not much is known about Demon Weapons, although there have been numerous ones sighted, and even named, by the WDL. They are very rare, and especially dangerous if their properties are activated. Some like Excalibur are extremely dangerous, but have one gleaming weakness. The list goes here:

Mokou, the Phoenix Blade: Mokou is currently in the possession of the dangerously powerful Phoenikoi, Deon Morris. She is characterised as being brash, rude and aloof to those she deems stupid or weak of mind, but she won't hesitate to urge her master to help them if they're lost or in trouble. Not much else is known about her, but her abilities are on par with Excalibur, although even she pales in comparison.

The Cursed Scythe: The Cursed Scythe has no name, but rumor has it that the soul of an extremely powerful witch had cursed the Scythe, trapping her soul into it and becoming one with it, shedding curse and dismay upon the weak willed who wielded it. Unfortunately, the WDL wasn't able to gain the Scythe or destroy it, as the Phoenikoi seemed to be gathering Demon Weapons for some unknown purpose. The Scythe is also in his possession. It is said that when one wields it, they become a puppet of Madness itself, although this is supposed to be nothing but a rumor.

Baphomet, the Draining Blade: Not much is known about this blade aside from it's name and it's wielder, who goes by the name of Eppenos. The blade steals the souls and power of the Fire Demons it defeats, getting perpetually stronger and stronger with each kill, and this has a reflection on it's wielder, who is now ranked very highly on the 'Most Wanted' List. Not so much the wielder, but the weapon, that is the problem.

Excalibur, Sword of the Divine: Excalibur is the only demon sword that the WDL is not wanting to destroy, since it belonged to the late Ex-Archknight, Arthur. It is now in the possession of Archknight Angel D'Brightaine, and is wholy devoted to him and his desires, one of which doesn't bode well for demons across the world, and the Devil's Children are high on his list. Excalibur is able to drain power from it's foes with such speed that C Rank Demons and under won't be able to fight within minutes, but the one flaw that this blade has is when it is seperated from it's master, the powers cease and the drainage reverses, giving back power to Angel's opponents.

Eclipse, Sword of Nightmares: Eclipse. A nightmarish sword that is capable of dragging the being touching it into a nightmare. Not much else is known about this blade.

Since this is the last bit of information in this thread, for now, at least, I'll make this one fairly large. Now, we're onto the 'Most Wanted' List!:

(Note: Not all of these are based on power levels, such as the Children, although the Top 5 are.) ((WIP))

50 -Drayne
49 - Blaze
48 - Valient
47 - Choronus
46 - Goat Man and Bunny Boy
45 - MegaYukkuri
44 - Mister Mangela
43 -
42 -
41 -
40 - Chill
39 -
38 -
37 -
36 -
35 -
34 - Kibo (?)
33 - Devin Namach
32 - The Wandering Blade
31 - The Monster Train - X
30 - The Stygian Triplets
29 - Ashley Clade
28 - Chang T. Wilson
27 - Photos of Light
26 - Lunatic Red Eyes and Invisible Full Moon
25 - Rin ?
24 - Bastillion
23 - Golem
22 - Brenhin
21 - Bellfoar the Boom Racer
20 - 'Quake'
19 - Master Nekomata
18 - Loki Belphegor
17 - The Nuclear Yatagarasu
16 - The Agent
15 - The Seven Sisters of Purgatory
14 - Itzhet
13 - Kahlman the Graceful
12 - Ronove
11 - Sebastian 'Inferno'
10 - Yami the Sinister
9 - Eppenos of Flames & Baphomet
8 - Medusa
7 - Frank Enrique Steinbolt (Frankenstein)
6 - Balarus of Kallos
5 - The Nue
4 - Deon Morris & his Weapons
3 - Rhanksar and his Warlords
2 - The 'Eye'
1 - The Devil

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Re: Demons: Rankings, Types, and the most Wanted

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'Most Wanted' List (V.2)

50 - Drayne
49 - The Monster Train - X
48 - Blaze
47 - Valient
46 - Choronus
45 - Goat Man and Bunny Boy
44 - MegaYukkuri
43 - Mister Mangela
42 - Anders A. Agni
41 - Keilani Dreahen
40 - Chang T. Wilson
39 - Devin Namach
38 - Mireya Nightless
37 - Chill (Rob)
36 - Devant
35 - Alvanso
34 - The Jello Demon
33 - Kibo (?)
32 - The Wandering Blade
31 - The Stygian Triplets
30 - Brenhin
29 - Photos of Light
28 - Rin
27 - Lunatic Red Eyes and Invisible Full Moon
26 - Ashley Clade
25 - Bastillion
24 - Golem
23 - Master Nekomata
22 - Bellfoar the Boom Racer
21 - 'S'
20 - 'Quake'
19 - Sebastian Thomas
18 - Loki Belphegor
17 - The Agent
16 - The Nuclear Yatagarasu
15 - The Seven Sisters of Purgatory
14 - Itzhet
13 - Kahlman the Graceful
12 - Ronove
11 - "Revolutionary Leader of Hell"
10 - Yami the Sinister
9 - Eppenos of Flames & Baphomet
8 - Medusa
7 - Frankenstein
6 - Balarus of Kallos
5 - The Nue
4 - Ω
3 - Rhanksar and his Warlords
2 - The 'Eye'
1 - The Devil

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