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Postby SpiritualOrb on Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:17 pm

DENIAL noun [dih-nahy-uh'l]
3. disbelief in the existence or reality of a thing.

Plot / Summary: Long ago the entire vampire community lived in absolutely secrecy from humans, living deep beneath the city Sighișoara, the birthplace of the first original vampire “Vlad the Impaler” Dracula himself. For centuries the vampires have been debating whether or not to reveal themselves to humanity, however with so much confusion between who was agreeing and disagreeing amongst vampire society, they divided into colonies and abandoned Sighișoara. Most of these multiple colonies consisted of family groups that has spread worldwide, all with their own beliefs and achievements, but many desire a world were vampires populate the earth with humanity simply becoming a blood supply and slaves. A secret war had began between humanity and the attacking vampire colonies, battling for supremacy over each other, ultimately the news of “vampire existence” eventually became public, but a majority of humans denied their existence.

With a desperate attempt to stop the terrorizing colonies and protect humanity, a small but devoted vampire group turns to genetic research and development for answers. They've made tons of interesting results and discoveries but isn't making any serious headway, but in 2058 witness the birth of an amazing specimen label as: “Smith 9,237,000 or Smi9.237(for short)”, a successful but a fragile cure for vampirism. To grant him protection from the attacking colonizes, Smith9.237 is given to the church as an orphan to be raised by a priest, since vampires are unable to set foot on holy ground, and to practice human religion due to it being “deadly” to them, it would be appropriate for Smi9.237 to be raised in a church. This lifestyle would also give him moral and meaning to his purpose later in life.

In 2098, in a world where the majority of humans are still in great denial of vampire existence. Smi9.237 is renamed; McCreedy, living in a futuristic, yet modern Quedlinburg, he is still unaware of his birthright. He serves the town as there catholic priest while he also nurses his elderly and senile mentor, retired priest; Father Gregor. On the night of his frothy-one birthday, McCreedy and the town of Quedlinburg would become a part of a murderous assault of rampaging vampires able to cross holy ground! This indicates that “God” has left this world, without his protective presence on all that is holy is lost – in theory “God left humanity to its own devices, but he would never forsaken them, that was one of his promises.”

Posted by: Prologue written by Lovely VonSchultz, Chapter 1: Hunger Pains written by SpiritualOrb
“Opening” Theme Song:


Was it beauty? The Vampires figured it could be called a miracle. Whatever it was, it would help them. It would help end the terrorism, the break in harmony of the world. Things had gotten terribly out of hand with her kind, and the only creature that could stop them, were their own kind. Was it a miracle? It certainly was perfect.

The lights gleamed on his wet body; a small child hooked to tubes of metal and plastic. Wires attached to his full head of hair. Isis’s arms were crossed as they cleaned him, as he squinted at those around him. They made no sound. A Vampire’s footfalls were soft and silent. He moved a step backwards, trying to gasp as they cut the cord.

Isis could only imagine what being born into this world was like. She’d been born twice. Once as human; once as Vampire. Neither could she remember. It was quite possible that none of the Vampires, working diligently around their creation, could remember their own birth. The scientist would make it very likely that this poor thing would never remember this place.

Her thin arms uncrossed from her chest when she saw the child-thing fall over and people began to rush about. He was drowning. Isis ran from the observation room and out into the mess of scientist, nurses, and doctors. His creator, the woman with gold eyes performed CPR. His skinny chest rose and fell with each breath she gave him. Isis moved people back, ordering them to remain calm. Smith turned him over with the first productive cough he emitted and from his mouth curled streams of red and pink liquid. His first few breaths left the entire facility silent. Then, carefully, movement created a steady hum of sound and no one was scared. Nurses worked attentively around him as they stabilized him.

“Christ…” Smith cursed, wiping her mouth and leaning back against her calves.

“What happened?” Isis questioned harshly. Smith’s eyes were brimming with fear. She knew what this creation meant. She and Isis shared information that only one other person knew. The mole. They knew of the traitor that would report this to Jacques, or had already done so.

“It’s the same as with any human birth.” Smith stood and wiped her hands with a towel given to her. “We just needed to get the shit out of his lungs.” Her smile was filled with sorrow. “Like smacking the air into him.” A nurse approached, reported his status and handed her the first vial of blood. For a moment, Isis's entire body tingled and she bit the inside of her lip. It had been weeks since she’d last eaten. Dr. Smith was watching her quietly. Everyone knew that she and Isis had spent sleepless days and nights working on this project. Dr. Smith's idea with Isis's drive to succeed was quite the pair. Smith slowly moved her hand. The vial dipped slowly into the pocket of her partner's black leather pants.

Smith nodded, looking Isis in the eyes. A silent goodbye sounded through their minds. Vampires were about twice as fast as humans to gather and force into the facility. With the mole having been recently discovered, they knew that Jacques and his army was close at hand, ready to pounce and take what they'd spent decades creating. He knew the devastation it would cause for Vampires all over the world. They knew it had to be done.

Isis turned and walked toward the child, removing her white coat and wrapping his limp body up the scientist made her way toward an exit. She stopped for just a moment, looking back at Smith. There was a horrendous crash in the south wing. Everyone but Smith and Isis flinched. Jacques was here and the child was in danger. The future of the world was in danger.

“Dr. Smith! We have intruders at the south and east doors!” Something exploded at the door and the sound of bullets flying were all Isis heard as she made her way secretly out a door no one knew. She had the sample. She had the child. Now she had to release him, to keep him safe. To keep balance in the world. Unfortunately, this would not be the last time she ever saw him.

⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯ ⋯⋯

Chapter 1: Hunger Pains

“McCreedy! McCreedy wake up! Your having an asthma attack.”

The horrified breathless priest; McCreedy had been shaken awake by his elderly mentor; Gregor. Shaking his inhaler for him, his mentor handed him out the medical device. Taking the puffer between coughing that wracked his lungs, McCreedy placed the device between his teeth and breathe the dose of medication slowly into his airways, almost instantly the priest was relieved of his coughing fit, which had been triggered by a violent nightmare. While gathering his breath, McCreedy laid there entangled in his blankets and the vague images of a horrifying nightmare that had spoiled his sleep, it was always the same nightmare each time. In his bad dream, he experienced himself drowning as bubbles of red dripped at the corner of his mouth, people with bright yellow eyes were drawing his veins dry of blood with syringes, he was always unable to shout for help because he couldn't obtain enough air in his phlegm filled-lungs. Eventually Gregor would always wake McCreedy up.

“Don't be silly, its only a bad dream.” Gregor lightly squeezed the priest's forearm in a sign of comforting reassurance. “After you finish catching your breath, I want you to make us some breakfast, hurry up now boy.”

McCreedy watched elderly mentor leave his room from the corner his sleep filled eyes, he rolled from his tangled bedsheets and tried to forget his nightmare. He groaned while getting out of bed, already dressed in his robes. Wearing a mixture of anglican, cassock and collarino, a fully black single breasted ankle-length robe, fastened at the shoulders with hoodless garments made out of a lightweight fabric. He adjusting the trimmed black cape over his shoulders, for McCreedy had a bad habit of using his daytime robes as pajamas as well, he was always too exhausted to change out of them. Plucking his brown flat crowned gambler hat from his nightstand, he adjusting the brim before leaving his bedroom.

McCreedy and his mentor lived in the old Church, it laid on the outskirts of Quedlinburg near the country side and the bustling highway, it was one of the few 20th century buildings that remain standing outside the town. However the old Church was a crumbling structure with high maintenance and much needed repairs, it was getting to the point that the mayor of Quedlinburg was threatening to deem the Church unsafe and uninhabitable. However Father Gregor absolutely refused to allow his precious Church and his home to be demolished, he often reassurance the mayor that repairs to the building would be made when funds made themselves available, however with a uncertain economy things appeared downhill. But McCreedy would support his mentor and his Church however possible, after all without Gregor where would McCreedy be?

Entering the kitchen, Gregor was already buried behind an “outdated” coffee stained newspaper and was unaware of McCreedy's presences beside him. In the days of his youth, Gregor was an astonishing collector of “outdated” newspapers, going all across Quedlinburg to find them, he stuffed the papers in every nook and cranny he could possible find within the old Church. Often McCreedy would find himself toppling over these papers now in days as Gregor would just throw them on the floor as he pleased. Ironically the retired priest was once a rather plumped man, you couldn't possible believe it now because he was now very skinny. This worried McCreedy because he was hopeful that Gregor would stick around for another ten years or more, so to make sure that this happens McCreedy would end up giving Gregor more food each time they ate.

Flipping the last of the bacon, and readying the eggs, McCreedy looked over his shoulder at his mentor who just became aware of him and asked, “Want do you want to drink?”

“We need a fish for supper get one at the market, and eggs as well.” Gregor responded behind his yellow newspaper.

“Coffee it is then.” McCreedy said as he cracked the eggs onto the pan, Gregor was going senile in his old age, and with each passing week it was growing worse. Perhaps this had something to do with Gregor randomly throwing the newspapers on the floor.

Giving Gregor the larger potions of their morning breakfast, McCreedy felt like he had the smallest morsels on his plate and Gregor didn't even realize or compare the major differences on the two plates, he was more focused on eating. Bacon and eggs were horrifying expressive in this day and age, for a pound of bacon and a dozen eggs it close to thirty dollars on some occasions. But Gregor was a man of habit, even being as senile as he was now. For now they would have bacon and eggs for breakfast, for lunch they'll probably have bread and cheese, and for supper fish with spices and plain rice. On rare occasions they would have something different to eat, but that often required McCreedy heading to Quedlinburg and spending a fortunate on that food item rather then spending that money on the repairs needed for the old Church. So they had to carefully monitored their food supply which was very small, they couldn't afford to be snacking on there limited supply. McCreedy made little wages from his services as a priest, donations from the members of the old Church was few due to the economy. Most of the money that he made went towards food and common necessities that Gregor “needed”. When McCreedy wasn't servicing the church or practicing his religion, he was either nursing Gregor or out running to do errands for Gregor in Quedlinburg.

After they were finished breakfast, McCreedy was once again ordered by his elderly mentor to fetch a fish for supper, and more eggs for tomorrow's breakfast(even though they had an extra dozen eggs in the fridge). Making sure his mentor wouldn't be leaving the old Church grounds while McCreedy was out in Quedlinburg doing his list of errands, he made sure that Gregor was occupied for a long time. Pulling out a pile of old religious magazines from a plastic bin they kept in the kitchen, McCreedy placed them on the kitchen table and in front of bewildered Gregor. He didn't remember the magazines they kept in the plastic bin. “Can you managed to read most of these books while I'm gone?” McCreedy asked with a devilish smile.

“I must certainly can boy, I was once a reading champion in school back in my day – I think?” Gregor threw his newspaper aside(and onto the floor), and grabbed the magazine that was on top of the pile and began flipping threw the pages looking for something interesting to read. Now that his mentor was occupied, McCreedy left the old Church but not before making sure the entrance door and the fence gate was securely locked, he then began walking towards the markets of Quedlinburg, a gem in McCreedy's life.

The futuristic, yet modern Quedlinburg had drastically changed but yet some parts remained from the 20th century, narrow cobblestone streets still lined with a wide selection of half-timbered buildings. Amongst the ancient medieval architecture, technology choked the town, crowed with both people and hologramic advertisements, the town was quickly developing into a city. Beneath the beautiful the morning twilight, was an atmosphere filled with the blue glow of electronic lights. The blue advertisements reflect light off of anyone that past, McCreedy was no exception, he stared at the holograms until he stopped in front of one. Hungerly drooling over an advertisement that featured a delicious hamburger, french fires and sauce, but McCreedy recalled an undelightfully episode as a teenager sneaking off to waste his precious allowance on cheese burger one night, only to return to a angry Father Gregor which resulted in never getting an allowance again and being punished. Gregor absolutely hated fast food and he wanted McCreedy to do the same, for it turned people's eating patterns away from traditional foods, and it was horrendous on ones health which lead to obesity and ones well being. McCreedy stopped himself from staring like a drooling idiot and reminded himself of his mentor's strict teachings, despite how hunger he truly was.

It wasn't long before he made his way into the market that was held all day and night long, surrounded by colorful stalls, vendors and the smell of produce, McCreedy first headed to a place that sold specificity seafood before heading off to buy another dozen eggs. He eyed their selection of seafood beneath the makeshift structure, he eventually picked a reasonable sized fish suitable for two people. After examining the fish thoroughly the priest paid the vendor their money in return he was given a bag to carry his fish. McCreedy managed to make his way threw of the overcrowded market, pushing his if it was necessary, once out of the market he made his way to familiar corner shop. The convenience store owner knew McCreedy since Gregor brought him here merely as a child, the owner was friendly enough and gave McCreedy an amazing discount of eggs every time, the owner also often came to the old Church to pray and worship himself.

Before exiting the convenience store, McCreedy overhead the news on an old television screen that the store owner had on the counter, the news anchor spoke: “Vampire existence is very real, why does humanity continue to deny it, we'll have the answers later on tonight...” and the priest left the store with a grim reminder that made his stomach tight on edge, or perhaps it was just hungry pains? What ever it was it was a deep unpleasant feeling.

“Ending” Theme Song:
occ: Chapter 1: Hunger Pains, was originally suppose to be a lot longer, but I felt it would of dragged on far too long for your character(Lovely VonSchultz) to introduced into Chapter 1: Hunger Pains, so I've cut it in half to prove more interesting.
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Postby Lovely VonSchultz on Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:07 pm

Image Location: Outside City of Quedlinburg

The city had changed much in the last few decades. Littered streets, advertisements flashing against skin, dirty windows and dirty children. There was an ancient allure to it, however. The knowledge that this city wasn't giving up its past easily. Old buildings from a hundred years earlier still stood. Buildings that she knew well. Some that she wished had never changed. It was odd, walking through a city that used to be so miniscule in comparison to most. She could remember Cairo, Delphi, Tokyo... cities that had already fallen and been rebuilt thousands of times. Cities that forgot what had made them in the first place.

Isis could not forget the past. Sometimes, it was inevitable. Living for an eternity, a brain cannot make itself remember all. Perhaps that was why on some days the Doctor Incognito would snap at her closest comrades. Her forgetfulness angered her. How easily others forgot angered her. Isis was sure, that after years and years of changes and constants, that this would remain. An eternal pet peeve at people forgetting things.

But this place; this dilapidated, caving in cathedral; was not soon forgotten. It was here that Isis had left a piece of the present and an important thing for their future. In this church, that actually saddened her a bit, was the key to the end of their war. Isis wondered as she gazed up its withered and ivy covered front, how anyone could live here. Who worshiped in this place any longer? How could one worship now? Knowing that the Christian God they had served had turned His back on them. The doctor squeezed a fist that rest in the pocket of her long, black trench. That had been a day she would never forget. To feel holy presences sweep themselves from the earth. Angels' wings fluttered in her ears and she felt a great shaking in her legs and heart.

Their God was gone. The Vampires were more powerful now than ever before. No matter how hard a human being believed, their faith would no longer save them.

Isis wept that night. She cried for Mankind and she cried for her kind. It was the first time in over two hundred years that she'd cried. Her people, if they were even worthy of that title, would wage a war against humans so bloody that it would make the devil cringe. She could remember Jacques speaking of it. His voice dripped with murderous intent and a complete disregard for life. Who, of all people, should know that life is short? It should be cherished and cared for? Isis would think Vampires would appreciate the briefness of a human's existence. Instead, her Sire saw them only as food. They were insects to be crushed and harvested.

Thank God for Smith. Without her... Isis sighed, her gleaming silver eyes reflecting the sunlight that blinked off the horizon. She'd arrived wearing all black, covering her short, silky white hair with a scarf. It did well to hide most of her face too, exposing the translucent skin around her black lashes. Her steps were soft, gentler than most would expect from a Vampire with a purpose. She was followed by a thin man and a short, intense young woman. Both human, both close friends. Their steps led them inside the cathedral and Isis followed the sounds of the priest. Her hearing was impeccable and her nose picked up the faint smell of a breakfast cooked a few hours before. Their were only three heart beats in the broken down church. If that was the case, was the old priest dead? Or was he gone? She was almost frightened to find out (though none would know it).

The further back they traveled, the more stacks of newspapers Isis was fighting with. It was the knocking over of one that solicited an outraged response from the old priest she'd met so many years ago.

"Who are you? You're knocking over my papers!" Isis peered at her booted feet to see not only the stack she'd tumbled with on the ground, but others, well worn and walked all over for a few days or more. With a sigh, the doctor removed her scarf and curled it around her long neck. He was huffing and puffing and flailing his arms about, only to return to a seat behind a wall of newspaper. Isis noted the faint smell was bacon and eggs. The smell of food was no longer a thing of desire for her. She could not eat of the earth any longer and though it had taken her a long time to come to terms with it, she'd finally made her peace. Now it was more like information and recollection than a need to taste of it.

"Gregor." Her voice was silky, like her hair. It did not carry the cunning of a spider, but the sweetness of an old woman who'd lived out many years. With his name, he peered around the wall, seemingly unaware that he'd met her before. Isis could sense the senility, and prayed that he at least knew the whereabouts of her goal. The woman with her grunted. She was obviously laughing at something. With a quick look, she was silenced by her Vampiric friend.

"Holy Mother, protect me." Gregor's eyes were wide now, a sudden realization entering him. "How is it your in my church?" Isis licked her thin lips and moved a bit closer to the Father, who remained in his seat, a cup of coffee half drank, already cold. Isis did not want to tell him, to remind him if he already knew and had forgotten. She kept her mouth shut on this matter.

"Where's the boy?" Her voice was more snippy with this question. Reminiscing was not on the agenda. Since the disappearance of their God, things had begun to move quickly, and Isis needed to pick up the pace.

Gregor's face went from shock to confusion. She'd lost him. "What boy? There is no boy here! Get off my property!" He flung a newspaper at Isis but it missed her by a few feet and landed heavily on the ground. A sigh escaped her lips and she nodded to her companions. The nodded in return and made their way outside to keep watch.

"Gregor, I will ask one last time. I haven't the time nor the patience." Her eyes scanned his. He was practically empty inside. "Where is the boy that was given to you some forty years ago?" The old priest stared at her, frustrated and lost. Isis felt similar to that as she leaned over his cup of coffee and stack of magazines. When his stare became ever more blank, she irrationally slammed the palm of her hand on his table, causing a crack in the soft wood.

"Gregor, goddammit! I need that child! I need him now!" Her fingers whipped out and gripped his stubbly and wrinkled chin. "You are a good man, but if you think you're trying to save him, you are terribly wrong. This is the worst place to keep him safe!"
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