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[Multiverse] Digit, Seton, and Swift

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[Multiverse] Digit, Seton, and Swift

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby digit_masperia on Tue May 16, 2006 6:21 pm

(Woo-Hoo, I guess I'll be the first to put up my characters profiles. I'll include all three)
[b]Name: Digit Masperia [Original Idea]
Age: 29
Gender: Male
About: Growing up with his father in the military, he was always brought up strict. Of course, he had his good day's, but nearly all of his childhood memories include doing chores and training, just so he could meet his father's expectations. Then the war of GC started.

His entire family had been disrupted after his father was killed there. His mother wept and his sister died from the famine that hit the country. All that was left behind was his father's black jacket.

He decided to take things into his own hands. With his fathers jacket and little else, he would soon become a hero for turning the tide of war.
Name: Seton Hill [updated]
Age: 15
At a young age, Seton was known for his smarts. Socially awkward and normally outcasted, he was set to do things in his own room for many long years. Little did his helpless parents know that what they had was one of the greatest minds of the century, and quit frankly, they thought he was mentally ill. He was in fact different in the sense that he had a strane case of Asperger's Syndrome. His mind constantly worked overtime, and he invented many devices. Even with no prior knowledge, he was able to make a 3 inch screen buzz to life, and project a hologram on the pavement...just to show his friends. Now 15 years old, he was found out by some of the higher ups in society. One man, a soldier, realized his potential, and courteously took him in under his wing. Seton presently works at Seton Enterprises, a company made where he develops a few ideas and brinsg them to life, and then mass markets them to the general public. But because of the soldier that took him in, he is best with devices of war. Rapid fire machine weapons are his specialty, he considers, and also, of course, rocket science.
Name: Swift Mali-Kun [The Maester Mali-Kun]
Age: 19
Gender: Male
About: known not only as a powerful warrior, but the best thinker and most logical around. His wits are only matched by his speed however, which is faster than most people.

Intense physical and mental training made him who he is. He forgot his name early on, whenever he figured there was no need for one. When he was 18, on his birthday, he beat down a strong opponent, but because of a busted jaw, his opponent refered him as Maester instead of Master, and thus, the name stuck. Swift stuck, well, just because he was so damn fast. He is always looking for a stronger opponent, and always for fun, never for money.
I am Digit. I am a Forum Junkie. Hear me roar.

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