Does anyone else re-edit/recut their music?

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Does anyone else re-edit/recut their music?

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MayContainPlagiarism on Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:38 pm

I have Audacity on my computer for the sole reason that I really enjoy some songs, just not at all in the order, style, speed, tempo, pitch, or what have you that they were released in. For example, I think the first performance of the chorus in "Wayward Son" and the final should have been switched. I think it flows better, and manages to begin and end the song in a more somber tone that I think makes the experience holistic and consistent. For whatever reason, the original order of the song sounds like a rough draft.
I also tend to cut out long guitar riffs, silences, or pauses. I like my music very lyric-heavy, and while the occasional power ballad merits a beautiful guitar solo, I prefer them succinct. In the various glitch subgenres, I like to add half-second pauses or cut tenth-seconds out to create extra skips and off beats.
Very rarely I'll hear a piece of synthesized music and think "I hate this other EDM track's lyrics, but there's a great part right in the middle that would work here" or in songs that start with long, slow, sad, or powerful lyrics sans instruments, I'll add in an appropriate solo piano piece.

Am I a crazy person? I'd never tell the artists that created what few songs I enjoy that they're in any way wrong for releasing their content how they did, but I certainly think it creates a better and more personal connection. I'm not an acoustically, rhythmically, vocally, or instrumentally talented individual; this self-proclaimed "Music proofreading" is as close as I get to those skills and I think it really makes some songs go the extra mile.
Do you feel like you're a bad writer? PM me, and let's talk about it. :)

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