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OOC: I thought I would just make a roleplay about the evil dolphins. Please stay within the rules of the forum, otherwise I will have to notify a moderator about it.

IC: In the great ocean roam the dolphins, mostly swimming in packs based on cooperation and a hierarchy. Karger (eee ee ee aa) was holding an eye out for the packs next meal. Not all fish were edible and he had to watch out for clownfish, halibut or even sardells. There were so many that his eyes could not all the way follow. But a soon as he sighted food, he let out a squeel as a sign for the pack to come.
Everybody! Unless you have been in a roleplay with me in the past and were loyal to it, do not PM or text me about joining your RP.

I do NOT do Pokemon, Yugioh, WoW or any such RPs.

Please be aware of this.

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Re: Dolphins

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby dealing with it on Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:37 pm

Ancient scars covered Omega's pearly white skin. While the pod chased the food, he surveyed the surroundings. There will be plenty of remains to eat later: a battle between this and another pod would be catastrophically wasteful and dangerous. "Moloch, bless and protect this hunt" he squealed softly to himself. Then he flicked his torn fluke, he spiraled slowly around the hunters.

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