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Donny vs. Top 3

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Donny vs. Top 3

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Donny on Wed Jan 24, 2007 8:45 pm

Miyumi wanted me to post it on the forum so she can read it when she has time, since it has some sort of significance to one of her characters.


Donny cracks his knuckles as he stares at Joel, trying to take in all the information that he can. He notes Joel’s current energy signal, how much it rises when he makes quick movements, how much Donny anticipates Joel can perform physically, and every other possible note he could take in these five minutes. Donny performs some basic kicks and punches into the air, nothing too flashy—as to not give his fighting style away. Joel is indeed taller than Donny, standing at a height of 5’10�, where as Donny is 5’6�.

Amer steps into the center of the city square, motioning both fighters to come in. Once in the middle, a barrier drops down from about 50ft. up in the air, making a dome around the center of the city square.

“Alright, men. Joel vs. Donny. The way this is going to go is magic, ki, alchemy. All allowed. There will be NO deaths, if one kills the other, they will befall a death sentence. You will fight until one gives up, passes out, or the judge ring the bell. If one is somehow thrown out of the barrier—they will most likely not live through it, so don’t attempt to do such things. Alright, as soon as you hear the bell—you may begin. Take positions.� Amer moves, stepping through the barrier into the city. The shield was as if it wasn’t there—completely invisible; it didn’t even give an energy signal. The bell is sounded, letting the fighters know that the fight begins.

Donny kicks off first, Joel waiting just until Donny is in melee range to move. Just as Donny is in range, Joel kicks out with his right fist extended to force his fist into Donny’s nose. Donny spins around it, moving up on Joel’s side—only to be knocked back as Joel turns with his knee. Joel begins to charge a sort of magical attack, very quickly conjuring a fireball in his left hand before releasing it. Donny moves up and over it, allowing it to hit the barrier and cause an explosion. Dust rises up into the air, covering Donny’s advancement towards Joel. Donny moves in from the left side, slamming his right fist into Joel’s left cheek. Joel is sent flying, followed by Donny’s swift approach. Joel slams into the barrier with his feet, kicking off of it to meet Donny’s fist with his own, an explosion occurring as they collided. Donny brings his hand back into his chest, wiping it on his skin before Joel brings his fist into Donny’s gut. Donny then takes a variety of harsh kicks and punches before managing to pull away, Donny breathing heavily.

“Fuck… You’re good.� Donny breaths heavily, blood trickling down his mouth and other parts of his face and body. Joel’s hits even hit harshly enough to cut into Donny’s skin, and the magic mixed in helped burn Donny’s skin in addition to just a bruise or cut.

“Heh, you too, kid.� Joel replies before closing the distance between the two in under a second. Donny, taken by surprise, only manages to avoid by dropping down to his left. He takes his left palm, slapping Joel hard on the right side of his head, taking him down with Donny. Donny then quickly pins him down by his wrists before head butting Joel. Donny slides over Joel, taking his hands up, unleashing a barrage of punches down into Joel’s face. He gets up, picking Joel up, who was still squirming around quite a bit. He then tosses Joel to the wall. Donny charges his energy for a second before unleashing a seemingly unending mass of ki balls towards Joel. After about 10 seconds of forcing massive amounts of ki balls towards Joel, Donny stops, waiting for the dust to rise. The dust rises—Donny finding Joel to be standing limped over. Joel attempts to make one final rush towards Donny, both meeting each other halfway—Both Donny and Joel somewhat limping towards each other. Donny slaps away Joel’s oncoming fist, and counters with a swift sidekick to the left side of Joel’s head, sending him down on the ground—sliding headfirst away from Donny. Joel’s body drops (losing consciousness) along with the magical barrier. Amer walks over to Donny, patting him on the back before raising his right arm into the air.

“DONNY…IS DECLARED WINNER!� Amer’s voice booms as some of the Drendenians tend to Joel. Donny stands in his victory position in a bloody mess, though not as bad as Joel. Joel put up a good fight—but Donny overcame the obstacle.

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