Doragon Konchū Gakusha- Formal Introductions

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Doragon Konchū Gakusha- Formal Introductions

Tips: 0.25 INK Postby Jachimo on Sun Feb 09, 2020 6:31 pm

A bug headed boy with large, bulbous eyes steps forward and salues. In a bizzare vibrating voice the boy says: “My name is Doragon Konchū Gakusha- Call me Dragon for short. My hero name is: Dragonfly”

The boy’s antennae twitch nervously as they twiddle above his head. He responds, putting a hand over his heart. “Despite my appearance, I am your average teenage male”

The boy narrowed his large fly-like eyes at the interviewer before continuing. “I have a sturdy build I’d say. Probably harnessed from practicing kendo at my families dojo.” Dragon turns around points to his back. “I have 4 long, blade-like wings sprout from my spine about 4ft across. With practice I usually keep these wings folded behind my back, but when nervous I tend to let them flutter rapidly.” With this the boy’s wings sputter dancing in different directions like a living helicopter. The boy turns and points to his head “My face is that of a giant fly head. Instead of a mouth I have a proboscis. These two large, translucent compound eyes allow me a near 360 degree view of the world at all times. I have a few stray black hairs a top my head and two long antennae which flex from time to time when I am excited or irritated.” The antennae stand rigidly as he gestures to them. The boy grabs his left arm and continues in his vibratory voice: “My skin is white, except for my fly-like head which has deep dark purple complexion.”

Dragon takes a strange raspy breath before continuing. “I wear normal student attire when at school. When at my family’s dojo I wear a traditional Japanese style of clothing, bōgu (sort of protective armor), and one shinai. This allows me to practice my kendo with others.” The boy gestures swinging a blade up and down with both hands.
“My future hero costume adapts the same clothing as I wear in my dojo, but with additional padding near legs and arms, and two scabbards that I wear on my back so I can withdraw two dense and dull titanium blades. With proper training I have perfected removing the blades without hitting my wings (which can be quite painful mind you).” He rubs his wings as he mentions this.

The boys mouth… er proboscis moves upward a slight yellowish substance oozes a bit before being sucked back in. The boy continues as if nothing had occurred. “I am a big admirer of samurai ideals (instilled in me by grandfather). I am always deep in thought waiting for my opponent to strike first. I am not usually impulsive and I don’t think of myself as a leader. I am also very shy around non-mutant type quirk users given my appearance. I have been alienated a good chunk of my life because of my unusual features. But that won’t discourage me from becoming an honorable hero. I am a big eater and I love sugary things (I can’t control myself!).” The yellowish ooze returns to drip from the boy’s proboscis saturating the ground below him before he once again sucks it back in. Taking his right hand he massages his tube like mouth and continues. “Due to my quirk, I have to usually mush or blend my food into a smoothie or paste so that my proboscis can actually consume it. My family actually served me baby food until I was 13. It’s pretty embarrassing....” The boy looks down with all 30,000 of his compound lenses stored in his large translucent eyes.

Dragon straightens up again. His eyes focused on the interviewer. “I am a rarity in my family. Born as the son of two japanese scientists who came from lengthy backgrounds of quirklessness. My parents were shocked from the moment I was born and had to deal with the challenge of figuring out how to raise their insect-like son. I have two siblings: an older brother (Shuuske) and an adorable younger sister (Hikari). My older brother often alienates me and refuses to do anything with me. My younger sister adores me.” Dragon looks upward his wings buzz quickly and give off a soft low hum. He continues, “She never views me as some sort of horrible beast and is never afraid to stick up for me when others make fun of my unusual appearance.” It is obvious that Dragon deeply cares for his younger sibling. His wings suddenly stop and fold behind his back. The boy crosses his arms before continuing.

“In addition, my grandfather plays an important role in my life. Despite my family living a modern lifestyle, we cherish certain japanese traditions. We own a family dojo for kendo which my grandfather runs. Everyone in the family practices kendo, our family motto is “kendo is life.” I’ve gotten pretty good practicing with my grandfather, but I am nowhere near the level of expertise that Shuuske demonstrates. We once took on each other in a match and my wings instinctively moved causing me to speed up and knock Shuuske out. Despite my apologies, Shuuske accused me of using my quirk to gain an advantage. It has soured our relationship even more to this day. Despite what happened, my grandfather still sees me as a skilled practitioner of the sword and has helped to create a unique style that utilizes my quirk to the best of my ability.”

Dragon tilts his head after the interviewer asks another question. His antennae flex stiffly in front of him.

“Huh? Why do I want to be a hero you ask? Well, I guess I want to do something so that people can overlook my gruesome appearance and acknowledge me for the person I strive to become. I have been alienated most of my life because of my appearance. It’s not easy being a mutant-type quirk user where your body takes on a non-human form...”

“My quirk is dragonfly.” Dragon continues: “It’s a mutant-type quirk meaning it changes my physical appearance. So I have a similar appearance to a dragonfly, thus my name: Doragon or Dragon.”

Dragon gestures to his back once again. His wings buzz wildly once more on full display for the interview. “I have 4 sets of dragon like wings composed of bone and sinew, which have advanced mobility allowing me to take flight and buzz around. I have a top speed of 42 miles/hr. I am limited at the moment to only being able to fly myself to a max altitude of 13,000ft, but I have been able to take my younger sibling into the air with me a couple of times. I suppose I can only fly up two 25 lbs more than my actual weight which slows me down and limits how high I can go.”

Dragon’s wings fold behind his back as his right hand points to his antennae “My head is a bit unusual as I have already mentioned. These are antennae, they kind of act like my nose, but they are also able to sense motion and wind changes allowing me to react quickly. They tend to twitch on their own, I’m told it’s a very distracting habit I have. They also can’t smell very far like regular human noses. In order to smell something, it has to be within 2 ft of me.” The two stick-like appendages slide across each other like a chef sharpening his blades. Dragon’s hand next drops to the two large bulbous eyes atop his head.

“My compound eyes allow me to see nearly up to 360 degrees. This is great when I practice kendo with multiple opponents as I can react quickly to incoming attacks. However, because of my eyes large bulbous nature they are also more susceptible to flares and the elements. I can get blinded pretty easily which is why I wear a protective head covering like in kendo.” He tries to cover his eyes, demonstrating his predicament to the interviewer. His hand drops to his long tube-like mouth.

“Last but not least, my proboscis. I kinda talked about it earlier, but I don’t eat food the same way as everyone else. I have to mash it down and slurp it up like a smoothie almost. I really like sugary foods, so I can get distracted sometimes if I detect something sweet. One last feature of my proboscis is that I can send out a ball of mucus from my proboscis. It’s pretty disgusting and I don’t like using it that often.” Dragon’s proboscis scrunches up and a snorting sound can be heard before a giant small glob of yellow ooze is shot outward on a nearby wall. It slides slowly towards the floor as Dragon wipes away residue from the end of his proboscis.

“I have pretty normal human physiology for the most part and I use my wings and skills in kendo to subdue enemies. My eyes and antennae make it hard for people to sneak up on me, but I have my share of weaknesses. I am easily dazed by flames and heavy smoke. I am also sluggish during subzero temperatures. My eyes being so large are susceptible to blinding attacks and my wings though as strong as human bone can still be broken. Oh, by the way, you might be wondering about my ears.”

Dragon places both hands on either side of his head feeling their way around the grotesque purple mound.

“That’s right, I don’t have any. I actually am deaf, but I can sense the vibrations through my antennae and hairs so that I can tell when someone’s talking and I’ve trained myself to read lips.” He places an okay symbol with his left hand in front of him.

Dragon’s antennae twitch nervously once again and his wings flutter rapidly once more before he answers. “I am pretty shy and not able to approach people easily. I am not much of a leader either. But when a task needs doing I follow directions expertly. I tend to get along better with other mutant-type quirk users. When I’m by myself, I love the freedom to fly around with my wings or swing the blade a couple of times. I am not too big on computers or technology for that matter.”

His wings suddenly stop and fold abruptly behind his back and his antennae stand rigid once more. He responds with a slight elevated pitch to his vibratory voice. “I hold discipline in high regard and I am not one to disobey orders or rules. This was instilled by my grandfather’s training. I am ready for the rigors of Paragon Academy!"

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Re: Doragon Konchū Gakusha- Formal Introductions

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Sun Feb 09, 2020 6:59 pm

Issachar nodded to the new arrival as he hurried through, gesturing for him to join him in the Multiverse. He hadn't been through this way in some time, but he knew others would soon follow.

"Welcome to the party!" he shouted, echoing through the forum halls.
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Re: Doragon Konchū Gakusha- Formal Introductions

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby ChaoticMarin on Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:34 am

My Hero Acadamia is pretty huge these days, isn't it? I wouldn't be surprised if there's a dedicated roleplay for it too, though I'm not aware of such a roleplay currently. I'd almost be tempted to make one if I were a little less foreign to the series. Regardless, welcome to the forums!
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