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Dragon Age Templars

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Chantry Templars


The Templars are warriors and knights of the of the Chantry. They enforce the Will, laws, and commands of its high members and they serve the public as a secondary guardian against apostates and rouge mages. The majority of the public sees them as righteous men and women, and therefore they are held with high respect from society.

They are, however, not entirely pure. Being believers of the Chantry, a large majority of the Templars are from the human societies, causing discrimination between the races of the world, and even the most faithful man can be swayed by gold or false prophecies, meaning that even the Templar ranks are plagued by corruption, self-interest and at occasions, blind hatred.
The Templars all stand united beneath the Chantry of their nation and ultimately the Chantry of Orlais, however as the human race seeks conflict, even when united for a greater cause, ideologies and different interpretations of the Chant’s many prophecies causes factions to emerge and take up different paths for how the lands and people are to be ruled.

Here the most notable and known factions amongst the Templars will be mentioned and explained their history, views (both political and domestic), and how their members generally behave.

Faction Name
Official Name: The Enlightened Templars of the Scroll
Alias: Liberals

Brief History
The Enlightened Templars of the Scrolls were originally formed in the Anderfels Circle. They spread their ideas to other Circles as they grew more domestically powerful, hoping to spread their ideas of allowing both Templars and Mages to work together, while they managed to spread their ideology it didn’t seem to have as a powerful effect as it did in Anderfels.

Today these groups are known as ‘Liberals’ as they are approaching the traditional methods with more freedom in mind as well and their standing is a rather odd mixture. Some Templars find their way of dealing with methods odd and too alien for them to accept while others embrace the idea and tries to spread it.
They are especially popular amongst mages, and thus are held of higher esteem on the mages behalf.

Recruiting methods
There isn’t a firm set of recruiting method, it is mainly Templars with a visionary and open mind that joins this faction.

Views on other Mages/Circle They believe that mages ought to be allowed more freedom than other nations gives them. They acknowledge that mages can be dangerous if they can’t control their power, however they don’t wish to dictate over how they control their lives and what magic they can and can’t learn.

Views on other Races
Elves: They see them as equal to humans and treat them with respect. As a matter of fact, this is one of the factions which has a large number of elves within its ranks.
Qunari: They remain fairly neutral with these.
Dwarves: They have fairly good terms with the dwarves as they now their much valued craftsmanship that the dwarves can produce.

Average Behavior of Members
The average member of the The Enlightened Templars of the Scroll is well behaved. Being respectful towards other races and cultures.

Faction Name
Official: The Templars of the Golden Hand
Alias: (they have many alias)

Brief History
During the Three Exalted Marches against the Qunari a faction of Templars emerged, unlike any other factions they saw mages as being a much more essential to their ranks than some of their other cousin factions. They have, literally taught their Templars how they cooperated together with mages (especially mages with healing magic). At first they were seen as heretics, but certain members of the Chantry in Orlais saw it as a possible progress and demanded a case on the hunting of these Templars.
They are perhaps the only Templar faction that offers mages a way out of the Circle and without strict over watch from the Templars.

Recruiting methods
The Templars of the Golden Hand has a secret ritual, which tests a Templar’s moral, and how ‘pure’ they are. They accept both mages and Templars into their rank, putting them into teams where they are then taught how to work together, despite their differences.

Views on other Mages/Circle
They see mages as a great pairing partner for Templars as the two can cover the others weakness.

Views on other Races
Elves: They see them as equal to humans and treat them with respect.
Qunari: They have a rather negative view on the Aunari as they were the ones that their order was founded on fighting, however they would rather settle disputes over the diplomatic table than over the battlefield
Dwarves: They remain neutral with the dwarves.

Average Behavior of Members
The average behavior of these Templars is very diplomatic when it comes to meeting new people or talk to other races. They are also highly organized and work very well with mages.

Faction Name
Official Name: The Shields of the Faithful
Unofficial Designation: Moderates or the Spineless, depending on who you ask.

Brief History:

The moderates remain closest to the doctrines originally founded by the Chantry in the wake of Andraste's death. They are quick to remind the other factions that a Templar's duties do not begin and end with mages- the point is to protect the faithful.

These days, the moderates are the most numerous Templar faction, as generally even when a given individual does not belong to any particular group, they tend to be most in line with the Shields. Their approach has weathered the longest age, and they are quick to remind those who would change the system in any direction that it has worked, albeit imperfectly, for so long already.

Fundamentally pragmatic, moderates have traditionally been rather hesitant to cling to any belief absolutely, except for the most basic fundaments of the faith. It is this flexibility, many of them believe, that has allowed them to remain for so long.

Recruitment Methods:

Only about half of "moderate" Templars actually belong to the faction; most are just in fairly close ideological alignment with it. There are no recruitment methods as such, since it is more of a belief system than a political organization in most cases.

Views on mages and Circles:

The Shields tend to view mages with caution, though they do not approve of treating them as less than human, they also believe it very unwise to be overly trusting or familiar with them. They take their role as watchdogs very seriously, but they generally also try not to abuse the power it grants them. The average Shield would not hesitate to invoke the Rite of Annulment, but only in a case where nothing else was possible.

Views on other races:

The Shields do not have an official position on other races, though they absolutely forbid racial violence of any kind- for all who walk in the sight of the Maker are one.

Average Behavior:

Tends to vary among individuals, but is usually fairly inoffensive, though just like normal citizens, some Shields will be racist or intolerant, just as some will treat everyone with respect.

Faction Name
Officially: The TRUE Templars
Alias: Zealots or Fundamentalist.

Brief History
There has always been overly faithful Templars within the Chantry, however after the Exalted March against the elves, the true Templar order was formed. These Templars were founded on the principal of racial discrimination and a deep seeted hatred against mages.
They are not as popular as other Templar groups however they have managed to give themselves a powerful image; the human societies sees them as Templars who does whatever it takes to keep them safe and from harm.

Recruiting methods
The true Templars has a very harsh method of recruiting members. They accept anyone into their ranks, however anyone that becomes a member will be brainwashed till he/she sees elves and mages as the lowest of the lowest creatures that ever walked the earth.
The radical Templar order often target the younger recruits to become members as they put strong emphasis on the many Dalish-human clashes there has been and how whole villages has been laid to waste due to a single mage that couldn’t control his/hers own powers.

Views on other Mages/Circle
If any Templar of this insanely religious order ever came in control of a Circle, it would result in genocide. They view magic as a dangerous thing that should be destroyed. There has been disputes of healing magic, the more fundamental members says that it doesn’t make a difference while others thinks that it could be a useful thing.
It is a well-known fact amongst mages that these Templars makes their own trials when they catch apostates, either killing them at the spot or humiliating them before they kill them.

Views on other Races
Elves: They are the most despised race of all that the order has ever encountered.
Qunari: The order has never really been in contact with the Qunari, and the few Templars that did have contact with the qunari have…Well…Either ended up dead or parading the heads of their defeated foe through the streets.
Dwarves: They get along easier with dwarves as they appear more human than elves or quanries.

Average Behavior of Members
The average behavior of these so-called true Templars is rather extreme and radical. They have little to no respect for other cultures than that of the Chantry and while they obey the human laws, it isn’t unheard of that they have dragged mages or elves from the alienage into alleys and killed them.
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Could use some members for this RP, a fantasy, strategy RP.

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