Dust Origins: Patrick Clay

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Dust Origins: Patrick Clay

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Patrick stood outside the girl’s bathroom of the John Golden Theatre. Diane has gotten better at holding her bladder through the musicals that he dragged her to every anniversary but she always zoomed out of the theatre faster than light itself when intermission came. This time, however the musical he chose was “The Last Five Years” and there was no intermission to be had. Patrick was more than prepared for one and a half hours of straight up melt your face belting right out of Jason Robert Brown’s incredible mind. Diane on the other hand was trying to get her pee sack prepared for it. Shit, Patrick might piss himself from all the pent up excitement.

He looked around at the couples entering, hand by hand. Some couples looked nice with suits and ties and nice dresses while others looked well…not so nice. These were the moments that he wished he lived in the times where people dressed up when going to the theatre. He noticed his reflection in the mirror across from him. That was when he decided that it was a good decision to wear his navy blue suit. He looked like he was posing for a photo out of a men’s fashion magazine with his suit jacket flung over one shoulder. “The government says they have a handle on the Delsis spread,” Patrick overhead a young woman say. “The government says a lot of shit these days, Laura,” her boyfriend spoke frankly. “They’ve contained it to Europe and Northern Africa. We’ll be fine,” Patrick turned his head slightly so he could see the couple speaking. “I hope you are right, Laura. Because if you aren’t that disease just might kill us all.”

Patrick tried to shake his head from their conversation and stole another glance at the mirror across the room. “Couldn’t say I’ve looked better,” he smiled quietly to himself and continued waiting for his beautiful fiancé to finish buttering her muffins or whatever women called peeing these days.

This was their seventh year anniversary which meant this would be their 14th musical they’ve watched together on Broadway. Patrick has seen a few more with his buds when Diane was too preoccupied with other things. He couldn’t believe they’ve been together for so long. It was quite obvious that she was the one for him. He and Diane have been dating ever since his junior year of high school and he proposed only 3 months ago. The wedding was set for later in the year.

“You look ridiculous, Pat,” Diane giggled past him, taunting him with her little black dress that was a little sexy. She wiggled her hips as seductively as she could as she walked towards the bar. “Hey, I look amazing!” Patrick scurried after her, both of them getting to the bar simultaneously.

“Fireball Whisky on the rocks.” They both spoke in unison.

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