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Ibiki smiled as he stepped into he drivers seat.

"We can't go right to the installation. Sadly my other self has other duties that must be attended to. So we'll have to go home first. As for you, you'll be a new body guard assigned to me. That way you'll have access to my house until I finish my duties."

Ibiki made a disgusted face as he spoke the last word. It was more than obvious that he hated the fact that he had to pick up Seto's duties when he was in control of the body.

"So when you're at the house, do what you wish, just don't break anything. Other than that, do what you wish."

It was another thirty or so minuets before Ibiki and Reno made it back to Seto's mansion.

"One more thing. Don't touch the wife. At all, or that'll be the last thing you ever do."

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Reno smiled at the last comment, ha looked the terran over. he had balls reno gave him that. Reno shook his head as they walked into the mansion still running over Ibiki's comment in his mind. "Don't touch the wife" Reno sighed why was it people always coveted thier wives over everything else. He felt a pang of sorrow and quickly shook it off this wasn't the time or place to dig up old memories. He scanned the first floor, making a note of everything. To the staff, he would just look like a new bodyguard should. Scanning the rooms and windows for any potential threat. But reno was actually looking for a way out, one could never be too careful. Just in the off chance he'd need to make a break, he was marking his exits. Reno looked at Ibiki thoughtfully, this terran really did not like how his government was acting. Reno followed Ibiki and almost knocked some one down as he turned a corner.

"Oh I'm terribly sorry."
Reno extended a hand to help her and lifted her to her feet. The maid smiled shyly and hurried off to finish her task. Reno glanced after her, "Not too bad" he thought maybe terrans weren't all that bad after all. He grinned as he stood up a little straighter. "They just need the right leadership is all."

Following ibiki up the stairs, Reno glanced at the mansion, it certainly was a very nice place. Ibiki showed Reno to an extravagant room, nodded politely and left. Reno looked around his room, and sat down on the bed, awaiting Ibiki's return.

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