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History: In the year 2007, long before inter-dimensional space-travel had been achieved, long before man knew how to generate a black hole without annihilating himself and the rest of Earth in the process, and long before the astronomers realized that moving the rest of civilization to Mars in order to avoid extinction would be one giant waste of time because most of the population had been more obsessed with saving what little was left of the atmosphere so they could get there in the first damn place.

This particular Earth’s history is for least part -- relatively short, holding little to no records of its culture, ethics, religions or ideals, nor does the planet itself thanks to its narrow miss at the hands of a race called the Val’gara – beings who lived within a pocket of space that had been cut off from the rest of the Multiverse.

It all started back in 1997 when astronomers working at Tuscon, Arizona Space-Observatory (T.A.S.O) spotted a large distortion of light in space. At first, scientists debated that it was probably just another black hole, however the lack of spiral-motion that light would normally follow on its way into the abyss, suggested that it wasn’t that at all. In fact, it was functioning in a manner more akin to a white hole: a reverse black hole that expels things rather than devours them. What it gave off was a green, gaseous substance followed by random spots where space just seemed to disappear and then reappear as if being swallowed up by something and then excreted outwards. Scientists later decided to dub this region of space as the ‘Aegean Falls’ for its tendril-like extensions that poured out of it in the shape of the Greek mythological Sea-Serpent known as the Hydra.

After three years of intense study and observation of the strange anomaly, a team of marine biologists coupled with astronomers were dispatched to Moss Landing, CA in order to find a much more accurate way of comparing the behavioral pattern of the Aegean Falls to what was going on in space. It was around 2003 that word of a 1x3 mile asteroid began to spread around, though more importantly, the fact that it had a tail composed of that very same green gas, undulating up and down as though it had been controlling its trajectory. This worried scientists; stirring up minor paranoia about the end of Earth, and how some aliens were supposedly plotting out Earth’s imminent destruction, though it was for the most part – kept under control.

A few more years had passed, and the asteroid had finally entered Earth’s atmosphere, where it crashed into the Pacific Ocean, hitting at just the right angle as to cause a few “minor” tremors; minor in the sense that the vibrations were great enough to be felt around the world, but enough to actually cause any significant damage. The madness didn’t end there however – it took one more year to locate the impact-site, three years of planning the expedition, coupled with convincing the U.S Government that they needed to study this object, despite the President’s incredible resolve to forget about this near apocalypse along the rest of the nation.

After intense debate, and constant nagging from top-secret officials, the team was finally able to amass a large enough sum of cash to make the trip. Unfortunately, though, only a few weeks before the expedition on March 2nd 2008 the asteroid suddenly came to life, shaking the ocean’s very foundation and causing a level 9 Earthquake that had literally caused a skyscraper to collapse. The ocean split apart as something big emerged from out of the water; something VERY big; amphibian wings that seemed to be combined with a dragon’s flapped, producing hurricane force winds. A gaping mouth that could swallow whole villages, and on its rigid gray hide teemed large crustaceans that were about the size of small vehicles began to drop down and assault Moss Landing.

As it turned out however, there was a skyscraper sized monstrosity, pitch-black with a draconic-humanoid appearance to it. They fought briefly, each inflicting grievous wounds upon the other before being separated by the United States armed forces. The oversized space-whale was later dubbed Dreadnaught for its method of combat that involved deploying both small and large creatures known as Drones, Wraiths, Demolishers, Devourers, Devastators and the TerraCrusher—all part of a much larger race as noted earlier called the Val’gara.

From that point on Dreadnaught pushed the rest of the way through and entered the Atlantic Ocean where it then resurfaced in Africa where it fought briefly with the Rock-Golem Agron. Its energy-infectious nature proved to be a life-saving factor during its previous battle with the Dreadnaught back in space, explaining why it had only resembled an asteroid at first, due to being covered in the golem’s rocky body like an elongated eggshell, rather than a whale. The Red Technocracy was successful in killing the Dreadnaught at the expense of using highly radioactive materials, and enduring massive friendly-fire casualties.

Now, Africa remains a barren wasteland, where remnants of those who used to live there scour the post-apocalyptic disaster zone. It remains something of an anarchist haven, where all the other continents opted more to quarantine it rather than to reform it--the radiation made such an effort not only impractically dangerous, but nearly impossible.

History addendum: Mobius OPs.
.......Area 51 Records: New Mexico Transfer Protocol
.......Section 13 Archives.
.......Subject: Mobius Corps
Mobius Corps is area 51’s first and foremost defense and Special Forces against the supernatural, paranormal, or extraterrestrial. Using forbidden or morally challenging technology, or even imperfect technology, Mobius has made its impact on the world by keeping it safe from threats they have never known. It is the most efficient Special Forces team that has never existed, and it combats threats that are more dangerous than any guerilla faction on Earth. This is something that transcends the threat that mankind brings upon himself; it is not man threatening man, but it is something else threatening the entirety of mankind. This is where Mobius corps step in, using our biologically enhanced super soldiers, tamed extraterrestrial, or scientific engineering, Mobius corps fights against the most dire of threats.

Log Updated: In light of Mobius Corps and the entire planets near-failure to save itself from the newly confronted Val’gara forces, Gravlari Solar System eaters, and fleet labeled “Dominus” Mobius Corps will reestablish itself on the rebuilt planet. In lieu of not only population decimation, but economic depravity, the government is now funded by Discorporate Coalition Productions, or the DCP which is led by Apollo Amon, until the government reestablishes itself, the DCP will hold economic sway on all Mobius corps activity.

Log Updated: Mobius Corps is now lead by twofold, Apollo Amon himself, and the new government of New Earth. Apollo Amon funds Mobius Corp operations personally while maintaining the secrecy that the old Area 51 Section XIII meant to supplant.

Mobius Corps Project XIII: Psi-disrupter/Emitter in light of the val’gara attacks Discorporate Coalition Productions has worked on a metaphysical defense system that is highly effective against the bio-organic race. The psi-emitter/disrupter works on multiple levels with multiple purposes, for one it works in disrupting the psychic bond that is formed between creatures that are capable of sharing minds or emitting psychic frequency, and for two the psi-emitter is also capable of emitting different types of psychic frequencies.

The first variant of the psi-emitter/disrupter other than just the disruption wavelength was a technopathic signal, which is still within the building process, this signal aides in the assembly of arms and technology without the use of machine using an intuitive aptitude processor. The wavelength is also capable of interfering, disassembling or frying mechanical, electronic, and some synthetic material without the aid of any sort of electromagnetic assistance.

The technopathic signal is the only near-complete variant of the psi-emitter/disrupter, but in the future they hope to create many more variants of this amazing tool. The tool is also Earth’s primary defense system, as it can create psychic frequencies that are even perceivable to the most resistant to psychic eminations.
The psi-emitter/disrupter’s frequency can be extended interdimensionally through the aid of special “amplifiers”, the amplifiers are large satellite-dishes that are highly attuned to the psychic frequencies specifically emitted by the psi-emitter, they reinforce the signal, then reemit it, acting as conduit for the psi-disrupter.
The New Creation Collider: As an off-branch of the original hadron collider, scientists of section X had actually succeeded in creating the even of a big bang. Unfortunately, the scientists were unable to contain it, and thus space collapses on itself before it can fully manifest, as such it has made their second project possible:

The Trans-warp Missile Salvos: Using new creation colliders as reactors, the missile salvos unload their payload directly into the newly created sub-universe. The sub-universe creates a semi-contained big-bang that creates, or accesses a parallel universe. This parallel universe is what the trans-warp bio-equipped missiles are launched through, and is what allows them to reach any recorded location within space.
Mobius Corps special forces log: Mobius corps has been a small under-wraps organization it is open to the gifted, to the cursed, and to the inhuman, even. The special forces is given to those who couldn’t have a life normally outside of area 51, extraterrestrials, the metaphysically attuned are all found here and are all offered a chance to serve not only their country, but their planet.
Critical Points

IC-Leader: Apollo Amon, a true rags-to-riches story, started out as an under-fed child in the middle east scrounging whatever means he could to survive he went through childhood with nothing more than a vision and hope. He accomplished his dream of riches. Upon economic devastation due to Dreadnaught, Apollo Amon’s Discorporate Productions stepped up as one of the largest economic giants in the world, providing jobs, funding government restabilization and restructuring the global economy. Apollo Amon has taken the seat as the leader of Earth in cause to unite them against the Val’gara, and any other threat to their harmony.

Mars Mining Base: In light of the war, scientists of Earth along with the researchers of Mobius Corps have begun mining over on the planet Mars in order to bring more building material back to our beautiful blue home. So far Industrial Cities encapsulated in large domes have also been erected as living-quarters. Along with this drill-stations have also been built in order to properly cultivate the red ball for future projects that will take place, once the planet is fully terra-formed.

The psi-emitter/disrupter is capable of channeling high levels of psionic frequencies into low-level sentient beings; most notably Agronians and Sarachians: elemental beasts that can directly absorb, and manipulate the minerals around them, using nothing more than sheer will-power.

Approximately 3,000 employees sit in watch-towers, as well as patrol the mining-grounds, observing Agronian and Sarachi behavioral patterns to properly determine how effective the psi-emissions are. They monitor how fast the creatures can dig, and over the course of a few years have grown rather close to the beasts

As such they are the perfect test-subjects for the device: Sarach, being the submissive creature that it is, is naturally loyal to whoever befriends it; however the downside to it, is that it will go out of its way to to annihilate anything it deems as a threat, which is where it unleashes its true power. With the psi-emitter disrupter, this problem no longer exists.

The psi-emitter/disrupter channels a rather pleasant frequency into the mind of the serpent, thereby gaining its attention, and another to gain its trust and loyalty. Once that is achieved, instructions can be given to begin the mining process, which for Sarach mostly consists of digging tunnels, or blasting away large columns of red-rock that would otherwise impede progress.

For the shape-shifter Agron, it's more a matter of trust than anything else. Whereas Sarach will blindly follow orders without question; Agron possesses a much higher level of sentience than Sarach, and is therefore, more mature, as well as possessing the capacity to think for itself. This isn't to say that it's unwilling to help, but simply that it needs the proper motivation to carry out whatever tasks are assigned to it.

Being the nomadic creature that it is, Agron enjoys travel: why else would its species be so far spread across the multiverse? As such they always feel the need to properly terraform whatever planet they come across; for in their eyes it is a living, breathing entity just like itself. That, and they are very social and won't hesitate to lend a helping hand be it by request or volunteering.

The psi-emitter/disrupter is therefore used as a means of speaking to Agron, telling it what exactly they want done to the planet and how to do it. The tasks that the shape-shifter are assigned to are far more wide-spread and include landscaping, excavation, and even the occasional construction-work. It requires much practice to master at first due to the complexities that go into performing such a task. However, it generally takes only a week to get everything down.
Defenses: The Asteroid Belt has been weaponized, and now acts as a primary defense against any intruders who seek to destroy what Mobius Corps have worked so hard to create.

A massive psi-emitter/disrupter sattelite sits directly in front of the asteroid belt, projecting psionic frequencies, that scan entire ships. During the scan, the brains of every man, woman, child, and machine alike are analyzed to make sure that everyone onboard is exactly who they say they are. If a hostile is found, they will be arrested immediately and subjected to interrogation, as well as a variety of gruesome acts of torture, should it be deemed necessary.

If an entire ship of hostiles, or a whole fleet of make themselves known, then there are plenty of standard weapons mounted to the perimeter-asteroids that will rain down Hell upon whatever ships are stupid enough to try and blast their way through.

Should they manage to make it inside the asteroid-field, they are subject to an anti-warp field and are thus -- trapped among the worst of the worst: Agronians and Sarachi that simply could not be controlled, now act as a MASSIVE physical defense.

Capital City: Formerly known as Washington D.C. It is now the leading producer of immense economic growth, thanks in-part to Mr. Amon. Countries around the world have also been lending their support by establishing a network of financial connections that will help to ensure economic equality throughout the entire planet. This was a project that the U.N had been working on in hopes of bringing the Global Economy into a state of stability, and now it finally has accomplished that goal.

Capital City is now known as the most expansive city on the planet, and is split into several sections that comprise the state-sized city.

Washington D.C.: Before Capital City was Capital City, it was Washington D.C. What was once D.C. is now simply the “old district” of Capital City. What industrial plants were located within D.C. are revamped and reopened. D.C. has gone over some drastic changes, and what was once K street and bustling political spots has now given away to suburbs, apartment complexes and the corner street diners that complement. D.C. was a large city to begin with, now it is simply a large city within a massive one.

Heimway: Named after Heimrich “Spuupo” Spopovich, the famous athlete and pro wrestler. Spopovich was one of the biggest athletes of the century. Signing many contracts within his career, Spopovich settled for retirement and opened a single casino post apocalypse. His casino was a wild hit native to Capital City, from there he would open resorts, amusement parks and create virtually an entire city composed of amusement: one that even outsold Las Vegas. While Heimway is the get-away place, it is also the most crime-troubled district of Capital City. Sophisticated crime syndicates run the wanton thug-gangs that roam the less-renovated sections of the city, and while Spopovich’s finest pressure the district, there isn’t enough law enforcement to stop such organized and powerful crime syndicates.

Milkweed: Currently the newest addition of the city. Milkweed was built atop vast grasslands of commonly found “milkweed” plants; there was an expansive political debate whether the rich habitat for animal life should be razed in order to nurture the young – but successful city economy. Environmentalists pressured the prior government with protests in order to preserve nature. Once Apollo Amon rose to power, however, he cleared the area for marketing and much needed industrial space – opening the job market for citizens. In an attempt to appease the environmentalists with political sway, Apollo Amon sectioned off a part of the grasslands to keep in its former glory. EP (or environmental protection) associates are one of the very few that have authorization to enter this sectioned off park. It is rumored that there is some sort of secret plant of base underneath milkweed but nothing more than speculation is available.

The Hub: The hub is the new downtown area of Capital City. The Hub contains the necessities such as the city hall, courthouse and prison. Downtown Capital City is comprised of towering skyscrapers and a net of taxicabs and traffic down below. The tallest of buildings in the downtown area of the headquarters for Discorporate Productions – as if all the other business headquarters around it weren’t tall enough.

City Defenses: There is a psi-emitter/disrupter within milkweeds top secret research center, but in addition to the standard police squad of Capital City, there are factions of Mobius corps that are often hidden within the shadows of the city. In addition to a disrupter, there is a warp nexus that is located within Milkweed in the subterranean research center; railguns are aligned to the warp nexus for high-speed warp missile launching. The railguns and warp nexus only hold a fraction of the effectiveness as the warp missile salvos located in New Roswell.

Capital City, much like many societies all across the globe is segregated. The largest parties that play a part is the scientific and religious factions, which are constantly at political war with each other behind the scenes. The religious faction argues that the events of he val’gara is an omen of Armageddon, while the scientific faction argues it is simply the finding of hostile alien life. Apollo Amon works to keep both factions satisfied.

New Roswell: The Critical location that no one knows about. New Roswell is held under tighter secrecy and security than the original Roswell, New Mexico, prior to it’s destruction. Located within the Anarctic circle, the New Roswell Military base is located a quarter mile underground. A large portion of the South Pole is excavated allowing the base to be hidden underneath the terrain. Within this central command for all top-secret military bases and laboratories the most confidential experiments are held, including the special ops team Mobius corps.

With the destruction of Roswell, New Mexico by the hands of a Val’gara attack. Apollo Amon’s new regime opted to move the military base to the most remote location on the planet, where no permanent population could be sustained. In the vast whiteness of Anartica, the base of New Roswell sits solidly in the Earth’s crust, far beneath the surface. This base is heavily guarded, and fortified to deter planet-wide attacks, and is covered to deter infiltration tactics.

Covered by football field’s worth of carbon-laced steel in thickness, and plated with trauma proof heat-resistant titanium, there is a thin layer of carbon nanotube that bonds the majority of the alloy together. This is notwithstanding the fact that the military base is nearly 10 miles underground. There is no real entrance to the base, unless you count missile outlets, which only lead to secured silos or sealed-off storage and machinery bay where robotics are controlled remotely by associates who would be nowhere even in the viscinity. The only way to enter the base without use of dramatic force would be through warp or phasing. The coordinates of the base are only known by a handful, and those that have clearance to warp ANYTHING to the base are even fewer.

The warp bay is the real entrance to the base, where living breathing humans are transported by teleportation. Armed guards are stationed completely across the entirety of the base, running a full patrol on any areas of the base where there are living humans stationed. In addition to being armed with a slough of contractors from Discorporate Productions, the Mobius Corps headquarters is stationed here.

The defenses for planet-wide attacks on the base are many-fold. They hold a perfected warp nexus that allows them to fire rail-propelled warp issue missiles, allowing them to teleport a warhead right into the interior of your ship. In addition to the warp nexus, there is a perfected version of a full psi-emitter/disrupter.
This psi-emitter/disrupter is approximately the size of a small building, with satellite dishes atop of it. Upon activation, it can emit a powerful signal that is capable of disrupting psychic interface up to the distance of the moon, depending on what setting it is on. There are multiple modes for the psi-disrupter, and a technopathic signal that has been developed that allows them to disassemble an entire starship with a simple wavelength they can remotely control. Additionally, the psi emitter/disrupter is capable of assembling technology, capturing data and reverse engineering enemy technology, that’s right, it can take apart your gun and rebuild it, and it can read your mind.

Located outside the stratosphere in the planet’s orbit there are hundreds upon thousands of satellites. All of the satellites are equipped with specific amplifier technologies that are used for various purposes, from improving the quality of civilian television to letting you call your grandma to wish her a happy 90th birthday in crystal clear quality. All these amplifiers, however, can be manipulated at New Roswell and turned to attune to the psi-emitter/disrupter, allowing the signal to be strengthened multiple times over, allowing it to exceed the psi-disrupters maximum distance.

In light of the Val’gara attack, these satellites have been upgraded to defend the planet, armed with both railguns for projectile attacks and solar-rechargeable plasma cannons


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