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Earth Sphere Tonight - Einhardt R&D Attacked!

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Earth Sphere Tonight - Einhardt R&D Attacked!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Jan 11, 2006 12:06 am

OOC: I hope I'm not over stepping any bounds by doing this. Just needed some way to fully announce that the new mobile suits would be in play now, so I thought this would be an entertaining way to do it.


Dave Wholey and Diane Lindberg sit in large white chairs in front an in studio audience. Earth Sphere Tonight is a new program to discuss current events, with what studio executives hope are like-able hosts. Dave Wholey has short black hair wearing a dark suit, with a bright vibrant colored tie. Diane is in a shimmering blue dress.

Dave - Well I'd like to welcome you all to our first broadcast, and boy do we have a lot to talk about tonight.

Diane - That's right, Dave. We have an exclusive interview with the new head of the Einhardt Research and Development Labs, as well as a statement from an Ace Pilot.

The crowd claps.

Dave - Einhardt R&D was attacked by an old Gundam today.

Diane - Yes, the damage was quite extensive from the reports.

Dave - That's right, Diane. Someone apparently stole the Deathscythe X, formerly used by the deceased leader of the }{ell's Gundams, Kaden.

Diane - Oh my.

Footage begins to play showing the DSX and a new Gundam, Epsilon battling (

Diane - Luckily though, they had that Ace Pilot to defend them against such an enemy. But they won't have it easy soon. Einhardt R&D are rolling out their new mobile suits, today!

Dave - And with that, let's go to footage of the interview taken earlier today...

The image goes to Einhardt R&D Base 03. Doctor Andrew Lanson stands with Dave Wholey. Behind them are the three new mobile suits that Einhardt R&D has developed. The Gun-Marine, Gun-Ace, and Windam.

Dave - Hello, Dr. Andrew Lanson.

Lanson - Yes, hello.

Dave - I'm wondering how does it feel to come into your new position as head of Einhardt R&D so quickly?

Lanson - Well it is a terrible loss that Dr. Myers died during the attack earlier, but I will continue his work to bring forth the next generation of mobile weapons.

Dave - Yes, and those three mobile suits are examples of that work?

Lanson - Yes they are. The Gun-Marine, Gun-Ace, and Windam have been created to replace the outdated mobile suits originally designed by the old OZ organization, oh so many years ago.

Dave - They are very impressive, do you think they will catch on?

Lanson - For the price they offer advancements over say a simple Leo or Aries. I do believe they will be the new mainstay of any forces.

Dave - Were these mobile suits used to protect the base during the attack you previously mentioned.

Lanson - No, our prototype Gundam unit did, however. The Gun-Marine's secured the base soon after the battle was over.

Dave - That's good. Well it was good chatting with you, Doctor.

Lanson - Yes, you too.

It cuts back to Dave and Diane sitting in their chairs in the studio.

Diane - Dr. Lanson also had this to say during a press conference which happened after the interview.

It cuts to Dr. Lanson standing behind a podium with the Gun-Marine, Gun-Ace, and Windam behind him again.

Lanson - Even though we have suffered a great loss here today, that will not slow us down! I am proud to introduce the Gun-Marine, Gun-Ace, and Windam mobile suits! With these it is my hope that future conflicts of this nature can be avoided. These mobile suits are now officially on the market for any and all organizations to replace their outdated mobile suit forces.

Lanson seems to look out at the crowd and then perk up as he sees someone.

Lanson - Ah yes! Ms. Akemi and Lieutenant Teir! I'm glad to see you finally arrive.

He begins to wave his arms, signaling someone in the audience to come up on stage. A young woman with long auburn colored hair walks onto the stage quickly, with a man wearing dark sunglasses, with dark blue-ish black hair, reluctantly coming on stage behind her.

Lanson - These two are important individuals here at Einhardt R&D! Ms. Akemi here developed most of the designs that you see behind us, and Lieutenant Ethan Teir has tested all three to their very limits. He is also the brave pilot who defended our base with our prototype Gundam unit!

It cut back to Dave and Diane with an image of Lieutenant Ethan Teir on a screen behind them.

Dave - Lieutenant Teir seemed to not want to be there at all.

Diane - Yes, and it seems he has the dark mysterious figure going on with those sunglasses.

Dave - Well it was a very bright day in the Nevada desert. Perhaps he just wanted to shield his eyes?

Diane - I guess that's true.

Dave - Anyway, Lieutenant Teir was then asked to comment on the events of the day, and he had this to say.

It cuts back to Ethan Teir standing on the stage in front of the podium.

News Reporter - Yes, do you believe that this is a further attack made by the Vanguard Prime or the rest of the Trinity Alliance?

Ethan - I do not think that they were involved in any possible way.

News Reporter - The Caligo Umbra, supposedly underwent some kind of operation in Asia, are you sure it's not some kind of cover up?

Ethan - The Caligo Umbra were involved in their own personal mission, as far as I know. Again, I do not believe the Trinity Alliance was involved.

News Reporter - Then who do you believe it was?

The Lieutenant went quiet, almost as to search for the right words to say, finally speaking again.

Ethan - My own personal beliefs is that an organization of possible Super Soldiers are committing atrocities across the Earth Sphere.

A quick hushed silence fell over the audience, until the reporter spoke up.

News Reporter - You must be joking. The last known super soldier died in the War of AC 199. Unless you are saying that Kiyoshi Kazami is seeking some personal revenge...

Ethan - Kiyoshi Kazami is dead. The reports say so. However, if he was alive, I do believe that he would be upset with the way that his ideals have carried out over the last three years.

The image faded away to Dave and Diane again.

Diane - More super soldiers!

Dave - Yes, the entire Super Soldier project is a very little known war time experiment that we will be covering more in depth later on. We do know of two Super Soldiers however.

Diane - Cloud Strife, the original leader of the }{ell's Gundams, and Kiyoshi Kazami, who was the one who lead them during the War of AC 199, after Kaden died.

Dave - Yes, but until we have more information, we can't report much on this matter.

Diane - I hope you all enjoyed our little broadcast, we will be covering more up to date news as soon as we can!

Dave and Diane - Goodnight, Earth Sphere!

The lights slowly dimmed as the broadcast ended.

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