Earth Standard with it. (SW, B5, FS crossover)

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Earth Standard with it. (SW, B5, FS crossover)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Mon Apr 09, 2007 7:38 pm

A game setting designed by SaintIan. As presented:
Earth Standard Time (love it or leave it):

It’s early 2259. The Earth Alliance, mostly recovered from a brutal ass-kicking “victory� over the ancient, mysterious Minbari Federation, has sent exploration ships out in every direction. In early April, they found someone.

But Ian, it CLEARLY said “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!�

1) Time and space are relative.

2) Lucas is a fucking idiot. Shut up.

We are at the point of convergence between three major storylines. The Empire and “rebel scum� haven’t been able to explore anything outside of new ways to kill each other. The Peacekeepers and Scarrans, ditto. Space being what it is, big, the time and effort put into long-range exploration often doesn’t pay off. And it’s dangerous, so most major powers don’t waste the time now. They’re content with their own little slice of the galaxy.

And then there’s the Empire, which is content with their own giant slice, and yours, and your neighbor’s.

We are a mixture of military, paramilitary and civilian specialists. We have the following and more:

Minbari religious caste scientist

racist, overweight, beer-swilling homophobe redneck

abusive, quick-tempered, remorseless peacekeeper commando

smartass Sebacean tech who doesn’t know how nor when to STFU

slightly unstable / hormonal teenager with a lightsaber

holier-than-thou uppity bitch with a lightsaber

giant fucking hump of muscle, bone and scale that resembles a mating between Godzilla and a Clydesdale

a seemingly-useless frigid bitch (literally)

a completely useless Vorlon that inhabits random rooms of the ship, responds to questions with utterly incomprehensible (or at best, pointless and futile) answers, occasionally beats the everloving shit out of a crewmember for no clear-cut reason, and generally pisses us off

We have every major race of the Babylon 5 universe, Sebaceans, Scarrans, and then most of the races of the Star Wars universe. And no, there are no fucking Ewoks and no fucking space Jamaicans.

Our job, aside from to try to kill each other and ourselves at every available, conceivable occasion, is to act as a “loosely-monitored� arm of New Republic (rebel scum, 20+ years later) Intelligence. We have non-standard ships, weapons…all test platforms for the newest, shiniest, neatest, most expensive and most likely to blow up in our face gadgets, guns and the like. We watch for the unusual, investigate when possible, report back to NRI when not. All that’s speculated is that someone new (or someone very, very old) is on the scene. “Things� are happening, and the usual suspects (Empire, et al) are not the impetus behind these events.

It’s now late 2260. The Earth Alliance has collapsed into martial law, and allied with the Centauri, have declared war on the New Republic (with very good reason, on the surface). We haven’t felt the effects of that yet, as they’re located a solid 30,000 light-years away. The Narn Regime no longer exists, pummeled into the dust by the Centauri. The Minbari are doing what they do best: fence-sitting and praying. The Empire, led by Timothy Zahn’s Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn (no, he’s not dead, those books ended stupidly) are watching, waiting to see if there really is something to the rumors…so they can enslave, imprison or kill it. The Peacekeepers and Scarrans are skirmishing, but only a little. They have nothing better to do, located in the farthest expanses of the galaxy.

Ain’t it great? The game makes about as much sense as all of this I wrote.

For now.

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