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An Earthly Descent

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

An Earthly Descent

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Cloud·Strife on Tue Apr 25, 2006 9:39 pm

Beads of sweat gathered across his forehead as the temperature rose. The atmospheric breakthrough shredded through the additional armor, acceptable, twas it's purpose. With alarms blaring throughout the panoramic cockpit, Cloud was thrust forwards against the harness of the cockpit seat. Recovering from nearly being thrown through the screens before him, he settled once more.

With the decreasing heat, signal enough, not to mention the visible signs of breakthrough, the downfall began. Gravity issuing it's ever present hold over anything within it's aerial reach, the Iness EX whirled into a downwards spiral as it's wings tightened inward. Sensors leaping to life, they scanned across the approaching landscape beneath him, surveying it's surroundings and plateau dimensions.

A targeting recticule appeared against the upper right most portion of the screen, flaring yellow as it blurred across the screen before him. "Initiating Scan..........Target: Former }{ells Gundams Elite, Kiyoshi Kazami.", the A.I. voice boomed over the invisible loudspeakers as his right hand idly tapped against the rest beneath it. "Target Found, initiating communication with }{G Comm."

This was the boring part, he always hated waiting. "No response, initiating descent." As the A.I. finished speaking, it ignited the rear verniers atop of Iness' back, tugging Cloud further back into his seat than originally planned. "Fucking hell man....", he spoke to himself as the Gs forced against his flesh, nearly enough to tear a normal man to pieces.

With the ground rising beneath him at such a quick speed, Cloud's eyes widened, realizing that it was becoming quite apparent that Iness might smash itself to pieces against the rocks. As his hands pushed forwards, attempting to break through the Gs to grab hold of the controls, Iness flipped itself about, aiming it's feet downwards and inverting it's Verniers to fire them downwards, ceasing it's speed.

Plagued by heaving breaths, accompanied by the blurring of his vision due to the watering of his eyes, Iness EX settled itself to the ground. Slouching in his seat, attempting to regain his posture, it has completely surpassed his knowledge of the Iness EX's position, staring it's deviously evil grimace towards the floating ship of the Einhart R&D.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Sat Apr 29, 2006 12:20 pm

After everyone had left his room, Kiyoshi laid in the hospital bed, staring long at the ceiling. At this moment nothing else really mattered to him. He found himself content. Then all of this changed. The sudden pressure on his mind snapped him out of his daze. Turning to look in the direction where he felt the presence, he could only assume one thing. Anubis had come back for more.

Pushing the sheet off of his body, he stepped out of bed. Picking up his sunglasses off of the nightstand, he put them over his eyes, and made his way towards the door. Yet, it did not open. He guessed that the sensor had been locked so that he could not leave the room. He was an injured patient after all. His fingers grasped around the outside edge of a small panel near the door. Pulling gently, the panel came off, revealing several wires. Using his knowledge of mechanical systems, he took two wires, and with a small spark, the door gave off a tiny ding, then the doors slid open.

If Anubis was back, he was the only one that could stand up against him. Though, the Epsilon was badly damaged, it would just have to do, or until he could make it back to Einhardt R&D and switch out with something else. First objective though, he had to find his shirt.

He looked up and down the hallway, he didn't know the layout of this ship, nor the security measures. It wasn't the fact that he wanted the shirt. It was what was in his pocket that was important to him. As he slowly stalked down the hallway, he regretted the fact that he was trying to leave. Here he had once again found the one person he cared about, by what seemed like chance, and now he was trying to sneak out and go fight his "brother".

He shuddered for a moment, not because of the cold. He couldn't believe he had actually, unknowingly accepted the fact that Anubis could be his "brother", or at least a derivative of the same project that created himself. That made it even more his responsibility to stop him.

Finding a terminal, he accessed the ships layout finding the laundry room, and made his way there. Peeking in the doorway, he saw that there were two crewmen in there. He walked up behind the nearest one, not making a sound. Tapping him on the shoulder, the man turned around and then looked in surprise, but was soon on the floor with a fist to the face from Kiyoshi. As the body dropped to the ground, the other crewman turned to see what happened, but soon was also out on the floor, by a kick to the face. "Forgive me," was all that Kiyoshi said as he walked towards a hangar that had his uniform's shirt hanging on it. Taking it down, he buttoned it up, but did not tuck it in. Reaching into the pocket he found the picture of him and Lori, and the rest of his friends. He let out a sigh of regret.

His next stop was the hangar. Even though there were several close calls to being seen, he had made it easily to the hangar. There the Epsilon looked horrible. It was badly damaged and on all fours like she was in horrible pain. Climbing into the cockpit, he strapped himself in. "Let's just hope you'll start..." he said softly.

Flipping a few switches, and trying to activate it, nothing seemed to happen. He could feel the presence coming closer, in anger he hit one of the control panels, the two screens to the side of him started up, displaying his surroundings. Kiyoshi blinked for a moment, but refocused quickly, closing the cockpit hatch, the third screen in front of him, was also working.

Working the controls gently, the mechanics of the Gundam began to moan and whine, painful noises, as it stood to it's feet. Finally, the blue eyes of the Gundam, flashed on. He walked the Epsilon over to where the manual hangar door release was, grasped it with the working left hand, spinning the mechanism around until the door was open enough for him to exit. Finally, he opened a comm. link up to the bridge.

I'm sorry. I have to leave again. I'll be alright, and I'll return soon.

He gave a reassuring smile, before he closed the comm. link. Stepping forward, he hoped the verniers would fire, now that they had had time to cool down. Stepping down on the pedals, the verniers ignited, but not as powerful as usual, but still enough to send the Epsilon out of the hangar of the ship.

His eyes targeted the incoming object as soon as he was in the sky, and even as the Epsilon dropped altitude, sparks flying out of crevices in the suits armor, he drew the beam saber, ready to fight.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Cloud·Strife on Mon May 01, 2006 8:18 pm

Even before the A.I. kicked to life, Cloud knew it's response, almost by heart, "Unknown mobile suit located, weapon drawn.....Standard beam saber.." Dipping his head forwards, he nodded, "Acknowledged, acctivate the exterior energy modules and begin the charging of the short term thrusters."

An offcast beam of light glinted against the various gundanium spikes protruding from the Iness, their farthest tips offering off a slight tinge of color opposite of it's basic black composite, a small hint of gold. Cautiously raising it's sensor's reach upwards, the A.I. locked onto the form of the 'Unknown suit'. With the guarranteed lock, the left shoulder of the Iness EX folded back, the fresh gundanium allowing the movement easily and quick, folding the arm to it's back.

The exterior of the Iness EX, all protrusions of gundanium spikes and extensions folding down against it's body as it's solid sleek form began to appear. Carefully placed bursts lifted the Iness careful from the ground, sending off gentle bursts of sand beneath his feet, the only hint of it's movement 'less a carefully trained eye watched.

In an instant, all four of the verniers atop of the back, accompanied as well with the two lining the thighs and those at the feet fired. With the massive propulsion, the earth beneath Iness' feet cratered beneath it's feet as it advanced with ungodly speed. It's form, almost blurring before any onlooker's eyes, advanced towards the foreign suit, the gundanium claws folding back atop of it's single exposed arm.

The sheer propulsion of the mobile suit tugged Cloud's form heavily against the cockpit seat as it neared the suit. With the extended arm turning, the blades curved upwards as it's aim towards the chest of the Epsilon advanced. The simple curviture of the blades easily penetrated the outer exterior of the suit's chest, it's added weight placing a hefty toll upon the engines. Canceling out the left most engines, and at such a sudden rate, the Iness turned, casting the Epsilon from the exposed blades to move towards the previous crater at such a massive speed that the sparks from it's former wounds refused to ignite.

Shifting to it's former mobile suit form, a single gundanium spike fired, the thruster at it's back, gifted as well with the sheer force of gravity, enough to send it's manueverable construction through the air. The spike, easily moving through the right shoulder of the Epsilon, not only forged it to the ground by the extended most tip melding to the earth by it's superheating, forming enough glass, as well as it's sudden spike protrusion from the shaft of gundanium, that it momentarily held the Epsilon to the ground.

Fingers gliding across the keyboard, the comm link opened with amazing speed via the A.I. Refusing to look upon the face of the pilot, Cloud kept his visuals of the cockpit off, giving only his words...."Make sure that Kiyoshi reports to the Gundam Hangar, he knows the way...."

As soon as his words left his lips, the gundanium shard released it's momentary electrical burst, sending enough energy through the Epsilon to fry all it's external sensors and visuals.

With it's assault at an end, the Iness Ex turned about, blasting off into the skies once more.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon May 01, 2006 9:08 pm

Akemi had watched what had taken place through a pair of binoculars. She could only let out a gasp of fear as the Iness EX made it's final blow and flew off into he sky.

Akemi - Oh my god! Hurry we got to get to Ethan!

Akemi, Mariko, and Chikaka, a well as several technicians, a team of medics, and Dr. Lanyon took several jeeps to the area where the Epsilon laid as nothing more than a pile of wreckage. Kiyoshi sat stunned in the what remained of his cockpit. That voice. It had to have been him, but the last he saw of Cloud was a man who had turned his vision from war, from the fight all together. Retreating to the safety of a church in Texas. What had made him return to this lifestyle. There was no point in trying to open the cockpit the normal way. Reaching up, he pulled a small lever, blowing the hatch of the cockpit open. Stepping out, his blue hair blew in the wind. The jeeps screeched to a halt, scatter dust and debris. Akemi, Chikaka, and Mariko jumped out of their jeep running towards him.

Mariko -
Lieutenant are you alright!?

His mind was elsewhere at the moment, as he jumped down onto the dirt ground below him. The medics came over, but Kiyoshi just held out his hand and walked past them. He could feel Akemi's watchful eyes on him.

Akemi noticed that Lieutenant Ethan Teir, was different. He held himself differently, yet still hiding his eyes from the world.

Akemi -
What happened on that ship Lieutenant Teir, and who was that that attacked you just now?

He didn't respond at first, for a moment he forgot that he had to live a double life.

On that ship...I found what I was looking for. The mobile suit...

Dr. Lanyon: Was what appeared to be a new Iness Hell model. More advanced than the original. Though, I don't think it is the original one. It was lost after the War of AC 199, when Kiyoshi Kazami died in it.

Kiyoshi turned his attention to Dr. Lanyon, who gave him a mysterious smile.

Chikaka - Is Ethan okay?

I'm fine. Lanyon...I need a mobile suit.

Dr. Lanyon walked over to the remains of the Epsilon.

Dr. Lanyon - Yes, it appears you do. The Epsilon is obviously not salvageable. Though, we can finally begin the plan to mass produce it, now that we can collect the battle data from it. Until then, I'm sure we can paint one of our Gun-Ace's in your custom colors again, though there is something I need to discuss with you. In private.

Kiyoshi gave a slight nod as the two of them got on one of the jeeps and drove off. Akemi watched for several long moments, still wondering what had happened.


Back in the Lanyon's office on Base 03 of Einhardt R&D. Kiyoshi was shown the list of demands that the colonies were making.

Dr. Lanyon -
It's absurd. The colonies have gotten themselves in these situations, it had nothing to do with the Earth. If this goes through, well...the Colonies will obviously have a decisive advantage. The Earth isn't even united anymore for christ sakes. We need someone to represent us, all of us.

Kiyoshi looked puzzled for a moment, but Lanyon didn't notice.

What does this have to do with me?

Dr. Lanyon - When I say all of us, I don't mean just the Earth...Kiyoshi Kazami. Yes, I've known your secret for a long time. Even before I transferred here. I was in charge of finding out who you were when you first applied. Took a lot of digging, but let's just say I'm an archaeologist at heart. When you led the Trinity Alliance three years ago, you represented an ideal of peace for both the Earth and the Colonies, not this War mongering. I want you to represent that again.

Kiyoshi was quiet for a moment, slowly he stood to his feet.

I've realized that I may have to become who I once was, again for war. First, however, I have to go to Arizona. That's where the pilot of that mobile suit that destroyed the Epsilon is going.

Dr. Lanyon nodded.

Dr. Lanyon - We've already got a Gun-Ace painted your custom blue and ready to go. We can only offer a transport truck to get you there though.

Kiyoshi nodded as he turned to the door, he stopped for a moment.

Keep all of this between you and me, okay. For now I have to be Leutinant Ethan Teir. If things do progress, and I have to return to being a leader. I may have to call upon you to supply us.

Dr. Lanyon smiled.

Dr. Lanyon - I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll send war to have your Gun-Ace loaded up and ready to go.

Kiyoshi gave another nod and then left the office. By the time he got to the hangar, a large truck already had the Gun-Ace loaded and covered with a tarp. Akemi was standing near it.

Akemi - Your leaving again?

I have to.

Akemi - I don't see why, your just a test pilot, aren't you.

I told you, I have to be more than that now.

Akemi gave out a sight as she stood out of his way. Kiyoshi climbed into the cab of the truck and started it up.

Akemi -
Be careful, Lieutenant. We'll be working on the mass production Epsilon, it should be ready by the time you get back.

Looking forward to it.

With that, Ethan closed the door and pressed on the gas. Time for the long drive to Arizona.

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