EIDOLON //Powers//

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EIDOLON //Powers//

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This thread is where a regularly updated list of powers and their corresponding characters will be posted. NPCs and the deceased will be included on the list. No two characters may have the same power, deceased or no, which is why this list is important information to keep track of. Players do not choose powers, powers are assigned to characters through a 6 point system using the random button on the superpower wiki. Powers will be ranked 1-5 based on the power's raw destructive capacity, your character will get multiple powers that add up to a total of 6, unless they are assigned a level 5 power, in which case that power is the only one they will have. Example: Character draws a level 1 power, and then level 2, and then 3, all of which add up to a point total of 6. The higher up the scale of powers you go the fewer people are in that category. That is to say, there are many people who have level 1 powers, whereas level 5 power holders in the world can be counted on one hand. The language I use to refer to these powers may sound like there is an established public reaction to powers, however this is only a guess and an attempt to convey the effect of the powers to you. There is no established public reaction to powers at the beginning of this rp because we have yet to start it. *Special note: you may choose your own powers if you wish, but you will be limited to a power level total of 3.

Level 1 powers: These powers are highly useful and interesting, but aren't destructive in nature. Of course how the power is used is always up to the player, however the power itself does not cause destruction or harm. These powers may be considered useless/weak/silly by the public and other higher superpowered beings.

Level 2 powers: These powers are able to directly cause harm, but don't have a very strong bite. They will give you a hand in a combat situation with humans that don't have powers, but might not do so well directly against a higher level.

Level 3 powers: These powers will get you noticed. If you use them the public will actively love or hate you, but you will be in public eye regardless. Level three power holders are often assigned cool names by the public to know them by. In this category different forms of manipulation start to show up. This is the catagory that starts separating the humans from the supers, humans are just fragile in a level 3's hands, and unless they have some serious fire power and training (and you lack it) they don't stand a chance against you.

Level 4 powers: These heavyweights only number in the few hundreds worldwide. No matter which side you're on you'll find it difficult to get any peace, everyone will want you for their cause. Your powers will seem like the stuff of legend and myth to mere humans.

Level 5 powers: I couldn't tell you if you are lucky or unfortunate to be in the level 5 category. On one hand you are a god/goddess among men, but on the other hand your life now revolves around this awesome power that can level a city if you are not careful. Will you dominate this power or will the power dominate you? Level 5 power holders are few and far between.
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Re: EIDOLON //Powers//

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By Name

Rose Davis

Alice Kang

Idris Demirci

Miranda Goth

Zachary Jenkins
Mari wrote:Maser Breath - 4
Adhesion - 2

Warren March

Leticia Esteva-Nuñez

Otto Fischer

Sebastian Prince

Rayne Heartstock

Violet Valentine
Mari wrote:Weather Manipulation - 5

Nico Grant

Jolinda Casper
Mari wrote:Telepathic Mimicry - Variable

Jack Cassius

Jude Alexander

Asteria Rios

By Power

Level 1 Powers

Level 2 Powers

Level 3 Powers

Level 4 Powers

Level 5 Powers

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