Eight of Me(Open)

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Eight of Me(Open)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby thelittleplum on Thu Nov 27, 2014 8:54 pm

Hunter eyes fluttered open and he groaned. He felt like crap. His stomach felt as if it was a stone and his head was killing him. He quickly sat up on the wooden park bench he was on. Hunter leaned his head over the back of the bench just before he vomited. It took a few minutes before he finally stopped vomiting. ‘Ugh, gross,’ he thought. Hunter looked down at his body. He had no shirt on. Though he was wearing a pair of ripped dark blue jeans on with tan boots. ‘I must have been Brad…just great,’ he mused. Hunter took a deep breath before he got off the bench, left the park, and walked into a convenient store across the street.

“I’m sorry sir, no shirt no service,” the cashier said. Hunter blushed and swallowed nervously. Suddenly he gagged, as he tasted bile and food chucks in his throat.

“I-I just need tissue and something to drink please,” Hunter replied. The cashier sighed as she took pity on the man. He was gorgeous, which helped her bend the rule of the store and he looked like crap. His eyes were bloodshot and he had dark purple circles under his eyes.

“Be quick,” the cashier said. Hunter nodded and quickly beeline for a box of tissue and a bottle of water. He headed back to the counter and crossed his arms over his chest. She looked over his muscular upper body as she scanned each item. Hunter looked at his frost blue eyes when she finished.

“Five fifty nine,” she stated. Hunter nodded as he slid his hand into his back left pocket. He pulled out the ten dollar big and handed it to her. ‘I am glad I have money, but why is there so much? Did Brad do stripping again? There are a lot of ones…’ he mused. He took his change placed the bills in his wallet. He threw the change in the tip jar. The cashier smiled at him.

“Thank you…my name is Alice,” she said seductively. Hunter smiled awkwardly at her. Why did he have to flirt with her? Why couldn’t a guy every flirt with him?

“Umm, welcome. It’s nice to meet you Alice,” he said as he grabbed his bag and quickly left the store. He took the tissue box out and opened it. After he took a tissue and blew his nose. He got goose bumps of disgust as chucks of food came out of his nose. Once his nostrils were clear he cleared his throat. He took another tissue out and spit the remaining chucks out of his throat. Hunter put his tissue box bag in the plastic bag and pulled his water out. He threw the dirty tissues away in a trash at a street corner. Suddenly Hunter stared at the ground as he opened the bottle and took a sip. ‘I really need to get a shirt…everyone keeps looking at me,’ he thought. He quickly walked up a few blocked and entered a small thrift shop called ‘The Shack’. He smiled at Max, his friend, who was organizing the clothes.

“Hello? Brad?” Max questioned, a bit unsure of whom he was speaking to. Hunter shook his head and sighed.

“No, it’s me Hunter. I was Brad last night,” he replied as he looked through a clothes rack. He pulled out a short sleeve red shirt with a small pocket on the left breast. After he went to the register and waited for Max to get behind the counter.

“That is five dollars,” Max said as he smiled at his friend. Hunter pulled his wallet again and gave him five dollars. He closed his wallet and put it away once again. After he took the tag off his shirt and threw it in the small trashcan next to the counter. He pulled on the shirt and looked at Max once again.

“How does it look?” he asked.

“It looks good on you,” Max paused as he took his friend’s hand, “Are you okay?” Hunter sighed softly and nodded.

“I’ll be fine. I am just going to go home and change my normal clothes,” he paused and took in a deep breath, “I’ll text you later.” Max nodded and watched as his friend left the shop.

Once outside Hunter only had to walk a few blocks and turn left and then right before he got to his crappy brick apartment. He patted himself down and sighed in relief when he pulled his key out of his front left jean pocket. He opened the door of the building and quietly went up the stairs. He stopped at the fourth floor and slowly opened the door to his floor. Hunter opened the door to apartment four zero one. He locked the door behind him.

He stripped out of his clothing as he headed towards his room. She placed her clothes in his white hamper before he entered the bathroom. Hunter turned the hot water on as he began stood under the showerhead. A few minutes later he opened the bottle of his cherry vanilla liquid soap. He poured the soap onto his bath sponge and began to scrub his body down. ‘I’ll wash my hair too…I’ll use my coconut organic shampoo and conditioner,’ he thought to himself.

Half an hour later he stepped out of his apartment feeling ready to conqueror the day. Hunter’s short curly coal black hair glistened with water in the hallway’s fluorescence light. Hunter had a long sleeve white button up dress shirt, black slacks, a black bow tie with white stripes, black slacks, and black dress shoes with a small heel. Hunter was five feet and seven inches tall so he didn’t mind the extra inch of height. His brother always made fun of him for his height. He took a deep breath before he descended down the stairs and headed outside. Once outside he waited at a street corner and flagged a taxi down. He entered the taxi and leaned against the backseat.

“Where are you going?” asked the driver.

“Blake Avenue,” he replied. The driver nodded and drove. Once he got to the street Hunter told him where to stop. He paid the driver the number price he knew by now with his normal five dollars tip for the half hour drive. He quickly exited the taxi as he went to the shop at the corner of the street. The shop had a bright pink sign with black and white stripe letter in cursive that read: “Lilly’s Animal Wonderland”. He unlocked the shop and entered before he locked the door again. He then put his keys in his pocket and pulled his somewhat large touch phone out. ‘Eleven thirty, I have half an hour to get ready open up,’ he mused. He pulled on his knee length apron that matched the shop’s sign with the words across her chest.

Once he punched in on one of the cash register he took the broom out of the shop’s closet, which was located on the center of the wall behind the cash register counter. He detached the dustpan and placed it on the counter before he began to sweep. Twenty-nine minute later he had finish cleaning the shop up. A minute later he unlocked the shop’s door, turned the open sign lights on, and got behind the cashier register.

As he waited for customers he pulled out the shop’s laptop from a drawer in the counter. He turned the Mac on and logged into the site’s website as an employee. Hunter softly began to hum Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as he clicked on the first pending online order. He took a metal list of all the items in the order. Next he opened a drawer from the counter and pulled out a medium “make it yourself” box out; it also matched the shop’s sign. He made the box before he walked around the store to collect the items.

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