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[Multiverse] Eiji

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[Multiverse] Eiji

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Eiji` on Tue Aug 22, 2006 12:41 am

Name: Eiji (Eiji Igami - Full name not known)
Age: *2,000 (Facial features match that of an individual in their early 30's)
Race: Human (Altered)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 265 lbs.

Physical Description: Eiji carries himself well, and is considered tall compared to most men. At first glance, one would consider to be of average build, as his body appears to be quite frail despite his height and weight. To an extent, this is true. Eiji is frail. However, his muscles are toned, as he keeps himself in good shape. The world has worn away at his body, most notably his hands and face. Changes in Climate throughout his travels have caused Eiji's face to appear rugged, despite his clean shaven appearance. His hands are worn, most likely from the various battles fought throughout his life. However, his worn facial features do not do well enough to mask that he is indeed, handsome. His bright facial expressions, friendly smiles and wide open hazel eyes are a stark contrast to the battered and broken aura he gives off. His soul, some would agree, inhabits the wrong body. Eiji's attire is quite simple: A thin, light blue dress shirt, wrinkled and untucked hangs loosely from his frame, sleeves usually rolled up. Hanging around his neck is a dark blue tie, never fully tightened, the tie has become a mock weapon for Eiji during the most desperate of times. Loosely fitted khaki or navy pants are almost always worn, as Eiji prefers to be as comfortable as possible during his travels. Thin, straw laced sandals complete the outfit. Eiji also carries with him a small, simple cloth bag that he keeps his other belongings in.

Personality Description: Always friendly and never uncaring, Eiji is a drifter in every sense of the word. He never stays in one place for long, feeling that his prescence may become a burden on those that he comes to care about. He believes that one should enjoy life to the fullest. Having held onto this mindset for so long, Eiji simply picks up and moves on when he feels that he has worn his welcome. Some believe that this way of living and overall attitude may be a product of some event earlier on in his life. Eiji is an honest individual, believing whole-heartedly in those around him, even during the darkest of times. He is always willing to offer a helping hand and will gladly lay his life on the line for any that he considers "friend".

Equipment: Opting to not carry a vast assortment of items and equipment on his journey, Eiji stores enough changes of clothes to last him throughout the week in a light colored cloth bag. He also carries with him a few packs of matches, and has also been known to take a bottle of Alcohol with him on his travels, though any that know him are aware that he does not drink. He also carries reading glasses with him, as well as a one good book to keep him company on his journey.

History: Believed to have once been called "The Laughing Samurai of Good Fortune", Eiji Igami traveled throughout his native Japan promoting Honor in society, using good deeds while placing trust in those around him to form a common bond with each and every person that he met. It was during these travels that Eiji met and fell in love with a young woman who's full name has seemingly disappeared from the Ancient texts. It was then that the wanderer settled down, deciding that he had found peace with himself, and that it was time to start a family. Shortly after the birth of his son, Kyosuke - Eiji was approached by the Shogunate to work for them as an Assassin. Believing such tasks to be against his own honor, he refused repeatedly. Leaving the Shogunate with no choice but to kidnap Eiji's family. Stubbornly, the Samurai opted to fight the government, resulting in the execution of his wife and his son at the hands of an old rival whom he had trained with long ago. With rage burning a powerful inferno in his heart, Eiji traveled across the country, searching far and wide for his rival, but to no avail, Eiji was unsuccessful in his attempts to locate the man that had taken the lives of his wife and child. Striking a deal with a treacherous fortune teller, Eiji learned the location of his bitter rival. Unbeknownst to him, to fortune teller had placed a curse on the Samurai, giving him the power he would require to defeat his foe, who had also tapped into Mystic forces to make himself much more formidable. In return for the power that the Fortune teller granted him, Eiji was cursed to live in a frail body for Eternity, never able to truly find a home, as bad luck would follow him wherever he would travel. Unknowing of this, Eiji found his rival and defeated him in the heat of combat, severing his head from his shoulders during a Thunderstorm. Despite his victory, the weight of loss never lifted itself from his shoulders, and Eiji has since traveled. He has given up the sword and the way of the Samurai, choosing instead to use the abilities given to him by the Fortune teller as a means of defending himself. He has taken a weakness and turned it into a strength. Whether or not Eiji will ever again find peace with himself remains to be seen, but until that day, he will forever remain a drifter.
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Re: [Multiverse] Eiji

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Jadeling Hawkins on Tue Oct 23, 2007 1:21 pm

He sounds like a really well developed character. Would you be at all interested in joining this rp? medieval-fantasy-need-players-t3101.html

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