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Elemental Kingdoms [The World of Saureen]

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Elemental Kingdoms [The World of Saureen]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Tue Apr 24, 2007 2:32 am


For eons the kingdom of fire has been on the verge of war with all of the nations. Fire burns in there soul and causes the people of the Fire Kingdom to become enraged quickly in a situation. It is best to avoid the Fire Kingdom for they are quick to imprison foreigners. Their weapons are usually doused in a compund that keeps the weapons burning for a duration of a fight.

The Nation of Water is a peaceful Kingdom. They live next to bodies of water such as Oceans and rivers. Most Villages and Cities of the water are located on islands in the middle of great Oceans. They usually find a way to avoid confrontations witht he other nations. They are quick to gradually invite anybody who wishes to come to the villages, if they can be found.

The Nation of light lives in brightly illuminated cities located in the middle of vast plains. They are home for Paladins and are a pleasent people. However their rules are slightly strict to keep peace among their streets. If you so happen to be from a warring country you will be held in captivity for several days to prove iif you are a threat or not.

The Nation of darkness is an unpredictable race that live in the ghostlands. They are a dark and foreboding race but dependent on the village is people with differant personalities to people, especially foreigners. Some of the villages are of dead people who wander around, they are mostly peaceful and will accept you if you accept them.

The Kingdom of Earth are a tough people who live in the mountains. A majority of their population is Gnomes and Dwarves who create weaponry at each enterance to the cities. The inhabitants of the Mountain cities have resistant skin to ward off the heat. However they do not fair well in cold conditions. Most gradually accept any visitor who will have a drink with them.

The People of the wind villages live in the sky among the clouds on small floating land masses. They are an isolated people whose islands are connected by stone bridges. They have ships to go to Saureen for resources such as food, water, and building materials. They mostly lie safe in the clouds but are easy to find for the float above the oceans. They are indifferant to visitors but will fight back if you try to make an army on their islands.

The people of the Energy Kingdom live among the mountains and are almost non-stop for 24-hours. Their cities are located atop of mountains. They are mostly a free people who do what they want and what they mostly want is to have fun. They are indifferant to visitors and insist that they start partying. They don't usually fight because most nations avoid confrontaion with them. They go and have fun witht he people of the Earth Kingdom when they can and the Earth kngdom have fun with them.

The Kingdom of Ice is a race that doesn't care. They are excellant hunters. They have cold hearts and dont usually wear anything to warm them. They dont care for wars but will strike back with tremedous ferocity. Their bodies adapt to the Icy wastleands that they live in so that their hunting capabilities are enhanced. Their skin is pale so they blend in with the snow better.

[align=center]Race List[/align]
High Elf
Dark Elf

Beast Tamer
Demon Hunter
Vampire Slayer

For decades the nations have been on the verge of war. The Kingdom of Fire had finally pushed the limit of the other nations and has caused an all-out war. The nations of Fire Darkness have allied against the other nations. Their nightmarish contraptions built for war.Their nations are large and big enough to fight the other nations. The Kings of Light, Water, and Earth held a meeting to ally and join forces against the destruction of the Fire Kingdom. The Ultimate war has begun and races are colliding. No race held to one kingdom, a hellish war on the battlegrounds, the outcome could be any nation ruling over the plaet.

No Flamming
No Spamming
No Godmoding
No Trolling
No playing kings or Queens
No character from another planet or time
No Killing another character without consent from all other constant poster in the Roleplay
Put your character profile in Profiles
Put Journals in Character Journals
No teleporting
no being a leader
spell correctly
posts have to be 2 paragraphs
no killing somebody in one hit
Have fun
No outsourcing characters from other Roleplays.
And those are the rules.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Tue Apr 24, 2007 3:31 am

As Qre-Z got up from the bed he groggily went over to a bucket that was sitting on a shelf. The Bucket was full of water to drink and then clean his face up. He took a couple of swallows from the cuket and then splashed some of it on his face. The water was warm as it always was. The heat that traveled from the rock walls always had penetrated the coolness of the water. He took up a small blade and shaved the light facial hair. He managed to not cut himself as he shaved the hair off of his face and he headed to an armor rack in his room. 2 armors set next to each other one was chainmail and the other was plate. He put on the chainmail and then put on the plate on top of it. Sitting on a shelf next to a door were leather gloves. He put them on and headed to his post.

Thirty minutes later he arrived at his post. There was a small meal sitting on a table next to the stone wall. The guard who was there before him had just left at that moment to go to bed. The sun was peeking over adjacent mountains and the guard that was supposed to be next to him arrived several minutes late. His armor was put on messily and he wiped some dust from his face.

""Did you go through the workshop again?""
Qre-Z said as he took a bit out of a coooked bird leg.

""Yeah, I don't know why I always think it's going to be a shortcut.""
His friend said.

His friend stood 5'8" tall and had the same muscular tone as Kinle did. He was older by 5 years though and had been at that post a while.

""I hope nothing attacks us today.""
Kinle said as he took another bite out of the leg.

""SHHH! You'll Jinx us!""
His friend responded as he took a peek over the stone wall

""Don't worry. We're in the middle of allied territor, nothing could get to us. Not even the Wind Kingdom.""
Kinle responded as he took a drink of water from a nearby mug.

""I don't think they'll ever wanna attack us. They just sit up there.""
His friend said as he looked up at the hovering islands.

""I think we're supposed to be expecting them later today for supplies.""
Kinle said as he walked over to the stone wall. He looked over and then sat back down to finish his meal.
""The worst thing that will happen to us is boredom.""

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FireCat on Wed May 02, 2007 10:46 am

I saw the two guards before they saw me, which was how I wanted it to be. I had come a very long way and had met with many obstacles. Now that my first destination had finally been reached I was very nervous. I never thought I would even make it this far. But they must be warned. I had to tell them what I knew. Were they, themselves to be trusted though. Only time would tell.

Watching them a bit longer I saw the one as he ate his meal hungrily and tease his companion with an easy air. It was obvious that they were friends. Not seeing anything sinister in their demeanor I gathered what little courage I had left and stepped out into their line of sight.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Raigi on Thu May 10, 2007 12:30 am

It was a bright and warm day, the sun sat high in the sky warming the plains that the catlike humanoid was traveling over. His hood was up, protecting him from the direct sunlight but it didn't matter because a constant breeze was keeping him quite cool as he made his way toward the mountains. His deep purple eyes gazed to the land before him, the high mounds of rock and dirt almost intimidating in their size. Normally an inhabiant of the water kingdom he was a bit wary of how warm it was going to be but he knew he could adapt. Quietly Raigi continued his journey until finally he reached the foot of the mountain range.

Holding no real alliance to any one kingdom he didn't suspect that the earth kingdom would be hostile to his arrival. With a bounce in his step and a smile on his face he trudged the rocky roads until finally he reached the grand gates of the kingdom of earth. He was awestruck at first by the sheer size of the massive metal structure that was their main gate, this city was a fortress in itself and to someone as young he seemed impervious to attack. "Finally took me so long." He said with a relieved sigh.

He entered the main gates without another thought, greeting the guards with a friendly "Hello" as he passed by. However, a complete stranger just strolling in, obviously not from that place could've been taken the wrong way. Raigi's innocence kept him from thinking that he'd be stopped at all from entering, but given his cheerful demeanor it probably wouldn't be looked upon badly as he made his way through the streets. He passed by several vendors, selling various items before he finally came across his destination, The Miners Retreat inn. "Well, I'll get sword tempered tomorrow I guess, I'm hungry!" He said to himself with a wide grin.

Excitedly he made his way into the inn and took a seat at one of the tables. He pulled down his hood because it was a little warm, his fuzzy face an oddity in such a warm place. He didn't seem too shy though because when the waitress made her way over he was prompt to order a sizeable steak and some kaklberry juice, a very sweet juice from a purple berry that he fancied. With a contented sigh he leaned back against the seat of his booth and waited patiently for his food to arrive, examining the people around him with a level of curiosity.

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Re: Elemental Kingdoms [The World of Saureen]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Sun Sep 16, 2007 2:04 am

Qre-Z sighed as he watched the young man go on through. He did not have a dark aura, nor did he act like he was forcing himself to act kind and innocent. It was kind of unsettling but the person did not have any bad aura hanging around him. Qre-Z sighed as he stood and patted his partner on the shoulder, signalling for him to go and sit down while Qre-Z took guard.

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Re: Elemental Kingdoms [The World of Saureen]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby tigerz-peace on Sun Sep 16, 2007 6:07 am

Earth. Human. Pyromancer.

Atarte Sat in a shadowy corner of the inn, watching the new arrival. No one had entered the Inn after the man, and the door had only opend to allow people to leave. Her features were cast into darkness from the shadows, only her lower face in light, and the whites of her eyes glowed softly with an eerie light as she watched the man ordering his meal from Lilith, one of the bar maids, and Astarte's crimson lips curved into a smile as she watched this man with such a cheerful demeanor; a laugh having to be forced back in her throat. It wasn't strange for this woman to sit in the same corner each day, hidden by shadows, watching those who would enter the inn - especially the new faces. There was no hint of sinister aura around her as she did this, just mere curiousity and boredom from the lack of happenings around her. New faces intrigued her, they were something different.

As Lilith walked past her table on her way to give the man his order, she placed a tall glass of wed wine on her table, and Astarte reached out a small smooth hand to take the mug of beer she already had half finished. The mugs rim reached her lips as she parted them and let the unique taste trickle down her throat, her eyes never leaving the man.. She figured he must be one of water people... His appearance showed it, and the way his eyes shined ever so slightly, proving he was heating up a bit. Astarte had a thing for picking out the smllest detail, being able to tell how a people felt by merely looking in their eyes. She may be human, but she was no idiot. Being a pyromancer she had learnt to pick out the details... Lilith walked past again, taking her empty bag, and her hand roamed around the table, finding her glass of red wine easily, and she tipped it up, taking a sip. It wasnt unnusual for her to have 10 mugs of beer and 15 glasses of wine a day when she was at the inn, and strangely enough she always kept her composure..
There's Something About...
Tamara Hale... And It Reeks Of


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